A Review On The Sony Corporation Information Technology Essay

This research proposal is based on the manner of using the research methods in to the probe of the bing channels to better and if the organisation is traveling to implement a new recognized communicating channel so place the pros and cons and the points which are to be improved should be focused on. In this research selected Multinational organisation is SONY Corporation

Evaluation of the research attack should be done as of illustration wise 5 recognized bing and can implement channels as Email, province light phone, Skype and community chat, Member portal web log and internal message system.

Harmonizing to that 5 Recognized channels research is as fallows.

theory of corporate Communication

Internal Communication Channels

Internal Communication Channels

efficiency and effectual of Assorted Communication Channels

advantages and disadvantages of different types of Communication Channels

SONY Corporation

Sony is an electronic giant in the universe of media. Sony is one of taking industries in fabrication, picture games, information engineering, communicating and electronic merchandises in the universe. Sony maintains the fluctuation in their production line and they have broad scope of production from simple electronic equipment to professional high tech merchandises. And besides they have now moved to the LCD and LED TVs that the most popular in the universe.

When people here about SONY the first thing comes head is the quality of the Sony Products. The quality of their merchandise, ever maintain SONY in top among the rivals. The secret of success in SONY is invention in electronic goods.

Proper communicating channel is really of import for this company because it is transnational company and they have separate concern units and proper communicating between each concern unit, among the concern units and within concern unit are ever giving higher Efficiency and effectivity.

Research purpose

The consequence should be based on the measuring on the above rating consequence.

Based on the public presentation measurement of the location so place harmonizing to the channel public presentation and its suitableness of the relevant channel.

Security: this gives on the end product of Exiting security degrees and its public presentation and user based and company based a new security demand degree.

Technology: this is on the engineering compatibilities of the company and employee, and the channels degree of Technology which is in being and the ways of updating this in the mode of engineering mensurating in this.

Compatibility: this is the best portion of identify the betterment degree. This is cover the Sony Company procedure compatibility and the as above identify factors wise compatibility in the degree channels, If is non a degree of expected compatibility we can handle as bettering it.

Investing cost: this is the most of import because eventually as the betterment cost is really high in channels need to see with Allocated company budgetary wise

And other factor demand to be investigate in the Channel distinctions and it ‘s manner of work out like, merely voice transferring, Voice with picture transferring, Document transferring, All the Video, Audio and Document transferring.

And the Uniqueness of the channel is of import.

( Beginning: Saunders M. , Lewis P. and Thornhill A. ( 2003 ) Research Method for Business Students. 3rd Ed, Pearson instruction, Essex, England, pp90-103 )

Research Objectives OR Research Questions OR Hypothesis

Harmonizing to the research subject, the inquiries based can be understood by utilizing the conjectural trial on the highlighted Question. All the parts of the inquiries are needed to be understood harmonizing to the broad range of the research subject. Basically a major subject can be broken down into a Basic degree of understanding ; there by inquiry can be easy understood.

Example of subject interruptions down

Topic & lt ; ADBD & gt ; ( when the full word, can non be understood )

Sub Topic & lt ; AD & gt ; & lt ; BD & gt ; ( divergence can understandable to some degree like “ two missive ” )

Basic degree & lt ; A & gt ; & lt ; D & gt ; & lt ; B & gt ; & lt ; D & gt ; ( can read that missive, but can be read to the full missive part because it ‘s non a word )

Based on the above method we get to look into the research subject as below

Research subject: how the channels of communicating with employees might be improved in the Sony Corporation?

Identify the research Component based on research subject

& lt ; Communications channels & gt ; & lt ; Employee & gt ; & lt ; betterment & gt ; & lt ; Sony Corporation & gt ;

Finally the research is focused on aims:

Identify the communicating channels and pros and cons with Sony Corporation?

Identify Requirement of Sony Corporation related in communicating and importunacy

Evaluate Employee demand of associating communicating in Sony Corporation

Investigate and place the schemes how bing communicating channel is improved?

Sony Corporation


Communication channels


QS? ( Figure 1.0 Showing Research subject and related investigate constituent )





Research Scope- ( Boundaries of Research in which you will make your work )

In the undertaking range should be based on the Goals and the aim of the research

Main end is find the manner of bettering communicating channel harmonizing to the Employee demand and Sony company demand.

Based on it we have to scope out the undertaking as fallows,

Identify the Communication channels can be used

This range is covering type of communicating channels, organisation construction and communicating constructions, Security of channels, Cost of can pass in the communicating, Expected degree of the betterment

Identify the demand of the Employees

Information portion on the Employees, Sony Corporation construction and Employee communicating demand, Expected security degrees, Expected degrees of communications, Identify the linguistic communication distinction and degree of their apprehension on common linguistic communication, Identify employee type, communicating and information types

Identify the Company demand to make the operation

Company stature, type of information on sharing, company criterions, security degrees, company civilization local and international, concern procedure and its betterment

Finally decision of based on research consequence on the manner of bettering harmonizing to place above demand


Introduction to Literature Review

The literature reappraisal in this research plays a figure of functions and figure of maps.

Supply a theoretical background of the survey

This stage describes the theories and the methods of the reappraisal in the research. This research is chiefly focal points on two methods. One is the Survey methodological analysis as based on the collection of information from employee in the Different concern units in different states. And the other methods are the experimental method which is used to analyse the public presentation of the channel ( Ethridge, 2004 )

What is already defined and which parts have to be start on the beginning

Already done portion in the channels public presentation mensurating portion.this supports to the service supplier ‘s side.When taking in to consideration of two states we have to make up one’s mind on the given facts and the peculiar state of affairs.

To enable your context anal on the research this besides will assist to better:

Based on the bing system the research is analyzed, like Sony Corporation bing communicating mechanism and its public presentation wise. In the comparing of this based on the Requirement and issues as faced in the communicating wise versa in the employees.

Knowledge based on the research country

Knowledge should be an of import factor in the research within the communication channels and its proficient affairs should be done in the One of the selected service supplier ‘s company professionals. And the information aggregations are making in the squad of already allocated in the research squad.

Better the methodological analysis

In the engineering, it is an of import factor of the research. This should be a considerable in the research end product, It because the betterment petition is concentrating on the engineering betterment every bit good.

Contextualize the findings.

Finding contextualizing it shall execute in statistical mode, and so eventually in to the research paper. This is of import.

Bing need to clear up the research job, Based on the maps implementing the map of the literature reappraisal. It is based on the undermentioned facets:

Theory of corporate Communication

International Communication Channels

Internal Communication Channels

Efficiency and effectual of Assorted Communication Channels

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of Communication Channel

( Beginning: Study the Research methodological analysis, [ online ] , Available from:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.statpac.com/research-papers/research-process.htm

[ Accessed on 29th December 2010 ] )

2.2 Review of Relevant Theories and Literature

2.2.1Communication Channelss

Communication channel can be divided in to two different classs those are,

Physical channel

Mechanical channel

Physical Media

The significance of physical channel is, the individual who is speaking can be seen and can be heard by others. It is dwelling of hearing, seeing, organic structure linguistic communications, feelings and etc. This channel can be two manner channel or multiple channels. Example for the channel in company ( Boone, 2000 )

Large employee meetings

Departmental Meetings

Management meetings

Viral communicating

Mechanical Channel

Mechanical channel can be described as written or electronic channels. This type of channel can be used to presenting the big image with deeper information. And besides mechanical channels are really fast relatively physical channel. Example for the mechanical channel ( Boone, 2000 )

Electronic mail

Letterss intelligence letters

Private letters

Notice Board letters


Newspaper and magazines


Social Network

2.2.2 Communication Process and channels in Sony Corporation

Sony is ever promoting their employees to show their sentiments, so they consider proper communicating procedure between direction and employees as a company value. With their recent alteration of construction, they used employee engagement with their sentiments. Sony ever communicates closely with employees to verify to their thoughts for structural reforms. Sony need proper communicating channels, because their operating in assorted state in worldwide and they have to esteem assorted civilization and attitudes.

Sony is giving high precedence to communicating between direction and single employees, company CEO is sing Sony sites all over the universe and communicates straight with employees. Senior direction of Sony Group communicates with employees utilizing assorted communicating channels as illustrations posting massage on Sony web site, utilizing electronic mail and etc. its facilitate to sharing information among the Sony Group.

Sony in China is actively involve with promote communicating with their employees and they have good relationship with direction and labours. Assorted communicating channels are used to keep effectual communicating procedure among the employees and direction, keeping meetings utilizing company cyberspaces, distribution employee questionnaires, and Distributing internal newssheets, to guarantee the information is distributed among the all degree of employees.

( Beginning: Corporate Social Responsibility, [ online ] , Available from:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/employees/working/index.html

[ Accessed on 29th December 2010 ] )

Chapter 3: Methodology

Research Methods

Two methodological analysiss are being used in this research, choosing a communicating channel and its pros and cons utilizing Experimental methods. And the other point is the Identifying of the Employees ‘ demand and company demand utilizing server research methodological analysis, Based on the range as above reference implement the research methodological analysis. In this research chief scheme is distribution pre pared questionnaires among the employees and rating that consequences and other option is critically reappraisal of literature reappraisal.

Implement in select the communicating channel utilizing experimental methods focal point on,

Fix the communicating program based on organisation construction and communicating construction

Select an media

Setup security degree of information

Analyses the cost

Efficiency and dependability

User friendliness

Identify the Employee demand focal point on the waiter methodological analysis. This study acquiring to look into as,

Type of sharing information ( Employee type and information type )

Expected security degree

Manageability of the channel like user friendliness

Degree of linguistic communication eloquence

Identify the company Requirement of focal point on the study research methodological analysis. This study is traveling to look into as,

Expected security degree of information

Identify company construction and civilization

Business procedure and communicating channels relationships

Can puting of bettering the Cost

This Research methodological analysis traveling to puting in three dimensions manner in the acquiring Final end product of research subject. ( Figure 1.0 shows its three constituents. Based on this we are traveling to look into way utilizing above research methodological analysis. )

( Figure 3.1 show a apply research methodological analysis and result )

Communication channel

Employee demand

Company demand

Analysis on research Expected outcome based on studies and experimental methods end product of the research informations,

Reliability and public presentation






Summary of Statistics ( Give the manner demand to be bettering in to communication channel )

Research Approach

Used to Experimental methods to measure a communicating channel. Ex-husband: Sample analysis: ( Making some proving based on attrition: information capacity 100MB, Distance London to New York ( 1000 kilometer )


Performance/ velocity





Electronic mail

Satellite Telephone

Skype and community chat

Member portal/Blog


Ex-husband: Employee demand study Sample analysis take 100 employees as samples.


Type of shearing information /capacity

Expected Security

User friendliness

Technology acquaintance

Language acquaintance

Electronic mail

Satellite Telephone

Skype and community chat

Member portal/Blog


Ex-husband: sample analysis of company demand study informations aggregation

Condition of this analysis:

Company stature and compatibility: Sing the company construction is Hierarchical

All the communicating betterment should be below budget on 3000 Dollars based on analysis the cost degree.


Expected Security

Company construction & A ; supportability

Business Process & A ; Channel compatibility

Can puting cost for betterment

Electronic mail

Satellite Telephone

Skype and community chat

Member portal/Blog


Research Scheme

Chiefly we use to proficient memorial based on the Limited capacity and transportation clip based. And all the informations taken based on the sample mensurating capacity wise. There are four chief stairss can be identified in this research method and those are:

Choose the channel as above reference

Choose the individuals to inquire questions

Fix the inquiries

Critical reappraisal cardinal point of literature reappraisal

Sampling Techniques

As define methods based informations should be taken in to the analysis portion. This should be taken as based on 5considerztion of bettering manner.

Reliability and public presentation




Compatibility ( Company and concern procedure )


Used to chart to statistical analysis

Example: ( Figure: 3.2 Linear analysis demoing more fluctuations points in to the Channels with mensurating Dimensions )

Types and Beginnings of Datas

Sing to roll up the study informations on the undertaking can be cod utilizing the organisation employee. But the Technical Experimental information in traveling to be in cost effectual in some proving environment.according to this demand to be sing the manner of cut down the cost of roll uping informations.

Ex-husband: Trial in the implementing in satellite communicating channel execution in two states. This should be non traveling to experiment based on relevant service supplier information so analysis the channel harmonizing to research conditions.

Employee study Data.

Records of service suppliers

Background reading inside informations of service suppliers

Data Collection Tools

Here we use Experimental research methodological analysis and study methodological analysis, Harmonizing to this methodological analysis. Here are the informations analysis methods.

Data readying: this stage cover the readying on the informations harmonizing to the research question and undertakings. Necessitate to be apply as below

Datas cleansing

Datas stretching

Outlier intervention

Missing informations capturing

Exploratory analysis: readying informations should be analysis in this method.

Scatter secret plans

Variable transmutation

Decision trees used to analysis

Datas mold: Fix the theoretical account informations to suiting the some research parts.

Model adjustment


Model Validation: if prepare theoretical account should be validate utilizing this methodological analysis stage.

In sample analysis

Out of sample standards analysis

Prediction and simulation: utilizing as above theoretical accounts and analysis method of informations predict the Quantitatively the anticipation and imitate it utilizing

Datas prediction

And specify scenarios to be

Optimization: Quantitative analysis demand to be keeping the optimisation of sample informations. And analysis research informations

Linear scheduling

Geometric scheduling

Data type:

Survey input informations

New Requirement informations to boot have to be execution

Technical Experimental inside informations

Data analysis methods

All the research information analysis is based on Qualitative and quantitative wise. And besides the concluding out put is based on the statistical analysis and the comparing of the information that is collected.

Techniques of Data Analysis

Chiefly as our research considerable factor wise we will analyse the Pros and cons of the used communicating channels and the point should be improved in each channel.

Presentation of Datas

The information is presented manually on paper and the electronic version being word papers. Thus Inclusion of all the concluding statistical consequence is based on the research information analysis utilizing the experimental methods. Presentation is chiefly focused on the end product as a consequence of the research, Can be included in to the Diagram and ocular facets to acquire an thought.

Research restrictions

1. Less clip handiness

2. Sony Corporation is a Multinational company, so it is dispersed worldwide and it narrow down the range for the research intentionally is really hard with fiscal and logistical constrains

3. Trouble of garnering accurate Primary informations from employees

4. Trouble of roll uping adequate secondary informations related to Sony Corporation communicating channels

5. Sample size non plenty to generalise the consequences

6. The Parameterized mechanism will be used to measure the consequence. It will be limit to happen exact figure, as an illustration if serviceability is mean we are giving to 50 to 60 % but its exact values is will be differ.

7. Company is non allowed to give some information to outside, and they have some restriction to carry on study and its required particular authorization.

Ethical deductions of this Research

Ethical issues should be considered in the probe /Survey on the employees ‘ demands. Because some employees do non like t some channels of communicating.since they do non give any proper information to us. When taking the international sphere in to consideration we should take two employees from two different states, and so we should compare and contrast their similitude, Attitude and acquaintance of engineering and Language degree. These facts should be taken in to the consideration and be used for rating and the channels to be used.

Research Agenda

This program should be in the initial phase of program that the starting day of the month which depends on after the budget is allocated. But all the research activities should complete within a span of 3 months. Therefore finishes the concluding rating on all the research informations.

( Figure 3.2: Undertaking program )


As we understand now, this research based on rating of the betterment of the employee ‘s communicating. The organisation should be improved the necessary channels in order to the methods of communicating. This study has recognized some scopes that should be deliberated in order to better this facet. The background and the Introduction for this subject is at that place upon the purpose are identified. The singularity of the channel is which is identified as the purpose. The premises or hypothesis which evaluates the research subject support to place the aims of research, there are two methodological analysiss can utilize to happen the channels that organisation and its employees willing to utilize. Finally this study discussed ethical issues. The facts that this research has revealed, that the concluding determination on penchants of employees, their attitudes and use and how they familiar with methods of utilizing channel of communicating.