Access Throughout The World Information Technology Essay

In this chapter, the writer researches upon the engineerings required in order to develop the proposed E-commerce web site. Basically, the writer researches upon what are E-commerce and why do people utilize them.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is on-line commercialism, which include purchasing, merchandising, trading, or interchanging merchandises, services and besides information throughout the cyberspace. The method of E-commerce has become highly of import presents as set uping an online web site means to set up a presence in the online community. E-commerce is non merely accessible from personal computing machines ( Personal computer ) , but besides personal digital helper ( PDA ) and besides nomadic phones have the engineering to entree this engineering. With the usage of such appliances to utilize E-commerce, it will let the companies to maintain in touch with their clients at any clip of the twenty-four hours in any portion of the universe.

Benefits of E-Commerce

Expanding in market

E-commerce allows a company to spread out its concern non merely locally, but besides around the universe, as the cyberspace is a topographic point where most concerns bloom. A company will besides be able to happen upon rival pricing, houses and so on, to happen out some concern scheme which can be applied to the company ‘s ain concern.

Business is ever unfastened

E-commerce can be operated all twenty-four hours without the proprietor turning on the concern and waiting for clients to come to his shop, as the order can be done electronically 24 hours a twenty-four hours, 7 yearss a hebdomad, and 365 yearss a twelvemonth.

Entree throughout the universe

With the cyberspace linked throughout the universe, a concern will be able to acquire clients non merely from local markets, but besides planetary markets, which will increase the figure of clients. Basically, a company has no boundaries when it comes to distance.


Communication between a company and the client can be close blink of an eye and besides non burying that the distant is non a factor when it comes to online communicating. There will be no waiting clip when it comes to presenting catalogs or bills online to the client.

Lower cost to keep

With the use of lone online informations storage, it decreases the use of capital in order to purchase stationary and besides paper. It besides saves storage topographic point. A company will be able to cover with clients from one terminal of the continent to the other terminal with merely a few chinks. It is much cheaper than to go to the client ‘s continent and run intoing up with the client for a trade.

Improved Security

Particular security protocols have been introduced in recent old ages doing e-commerce and unafraid shopping all the same. Consumers still need to be cautiousness whenever come ining these web sites. It is better to lodge with companies which use hypertext transfer protocol which is a more unafraid website option.

Price Comparison

In the purchaser ‘s point of position, the consumer is able to compare monetary values between few different companies. Searching is merely a click off as users can merely look into a certain similar merchandise from multiple web site and determines the best monetary value from the selected merchandise. Companies besides can take advantage to this, as they can compare the monetary values of merchandises with their client and formulate ways in order on how to acquire more clients.


The writer has done an in-depth research base on the undertaking ‘s nonsubjective. The writer surveies on how E-Commerce helps the company upon the creative activity of the proposed web site.

Chapter 2: Background Study and Interview


Throughout this chapter, the writer overviews the current system used by Home Bakery. Through this literature reappraisal, the writer is able to understand on how the current system plants.

Company Background

Home Bakery was established January 2002 on selling place baked cookies. The company is leaded by Ms. Linda Lee. The demand for the cookies has been increasing since so. Home Bakery has its ain edifice at Klang.

Presently the system which is used by the company is to the full comprised of informations which is stored utilizing ink and paper. The proposed system will assist the company, non merely by assisting kind out the client ‘s information, but besides maintain the system more organized.

Users will be able to look into upon the web site for merchandises which are available to be sold and do the purchase on manus. Using this system, the users will be able to take what merchandise they want to utilize, how many boxes of merchandise they want to buy, and besides where the point to be delivered. This saves clip, as the company would non hold to travel and happen some bill sing the client and look into upon where the point to be delivered. Users will be able to choose point utilizing the shopping cart, and modify on whether to purchase the selected point or non.

Users can besides reach the company straight to buy merchandises from the system. The merchandise can be delivered or collected, depending on the user ‘s choice. The company presently does non hold an online web site which will let them to sell their merchandises online. User information is stored for mentions.

The proposed system is developed in such a manner that it will give more efficiency and besides effectivity. First of all, stored informations can be re-accessed. Second, it eases the company and besides the client, as the client can take to either interact with the system or interact with the company.


An interview is a meeting of face to confront between two people ; in this instance, it would be the writer and a individual in charge. An interview is conducted in order to acquire more information based on the current system position. In this undertaking, the writer would hold to happen out on how the current system looked like and happen out more information based on the current system. The writer decided to carry on an interview with the director of the company. After carry oning the interview, the writer had found out more about the current system and happen out ways to heighten the current system.

Sample interview Questions

Is Home Bakery merely located in Malaysia? How many subdivisions are at that place in this province?

( To happen out information based on the company )

What do you believe of the current ordination system? Any development since the start of the concern?

( To happen out more about the current system of the company )

Is there any web sites that this company have?

( To happen out about any web sites that was developed )

What do you believe the web site needs to hold?

( To happen out about sentiment base on the director ‘s point of position )

How will the proposed system help the company ‘s concern?

( To happen out about the sentiment of the director on the system )

How do you desire client to do payment?

( To happen out on how the company want to decide the payment minutess )

In your sentiment, can you give us some suggestion in order to heighten the current system?

( Gather thoughts on how they want the new system to be like )


In this chapter, the writer learns more about the current system position and finds out on constrains on what the current system has. The writer is able to happen out on solutions in order to work out the jobs faced. The writer besides learns upon the sentiment of the director of the company and the type of system the company wants to implement.

Chapter 3: Evaluation of Existing E-Commerce Web sites


In this chapter, the writer has reviewed a few E-Commerce web sites in order to acquire an thought on the characteristics and interfaces which will assist in constructing the proposed web sites.

Existing E-Commerce Web sites

Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online Store

Figure 1.1: Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online Store Home page

The store is located in Simpson Lane, Clinton MD, which is in the United States. The store offers multiple types of bars for sale. Different types of bars for different occasions are available for the user to take from.

Figure 1.2: Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online Store Product page

The figure above shows the page for the Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online merchandise page, which is simple and there is a image to let the user to see a prevue of the merchandises. Users will be able to take the merchandise by snaping on the selected image.

Figure 1.3: Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online Store chosen merchandise page

Upon snaping on a merchandise, for illustration a happy birthday bar, the user will be leaded to another page, which fundamentally asks the user on the size of the bar, the age of the individual, the gender of the individual, the lettering on the bar and besides other information. After corroborating the inside informations, the user will be sent to the shopping cart page.

Figure 1.4: Tiffany ‘s Bakery Online Store shopping cart page

The shopping cart created is slightly basic, with a remove map, update on measure, and besides an car coding totaling system for each order taken.

Collin Street Bakery

Figure 2.1: Collin Street Bakery place page

Collin Street Bakery has several subdivisions around the United States, three in Texas, and one Costa Rican Ananas comosus farm. This company sells a assortment of points, from bars to cookies and besides confects and gift sets.

Figure 2.2: Collin Street Bakery merchandise page

This is a sample from the broad assortment scope of merchandises that is offered in the shop. Upon chink and choosing of a merchandise, the client will be led to the merchandise telling page.

Figure 2.3: Collin Street Bakery telling page

In this page, the user is allowed to put the measure, a individual to transport excessively and besides other information that are displayed sing bringing services and payment. Upon taking the merchandise, and snaping the attention deficit disorder to bag button, it will convey the client to the shopping cart page.

Figure 2.4: Collin Street Bakery shopping cart

After choosing a certain point, the user can alter the measure of the selected point, take them from the shopping cart and besides checkout the point for payment. The update bag button is used if the page is n’t refreshed to holding the merchandise which was chosen by the user but non displayed in the bag.

Levain Bakery

Figure 3.1: Levain Bakery home page

Levain Bakery has 2 subdivisions, both at New York. The store sells few different types of cocoa cookies.

Figure 3.2: Levain Bakery merchandise page

Users will be able to choose from a scope of cookies available for sale on the left corner of the web. Snaping each nexus will take the user to another side, which will demo descriptions on what the cookies are.

Figure 3.3: Levain Bakery Shopping cart

After taking a certain merchandise, and adding the merchandise into tho shopping cart, users will be able to look into their chosen merchandises on the shopping cart, where the user will be able to update the sum, or take the selected point. There is besides on-line payment available at the web site.


In this chapter, the writer analyzes on few different E-Commerce web sites with multiple maps. With these thoughts, it will assist in developing the proposed web sites with extra characteristics.

Chapter 4: Web Development Tools and Technology


In this chapter, the writer researches upon the development tools which is traveling to be used to develop the proposed system. The web development tool which is chosen is Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008, and the web development engineering used is

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition

Microsoft Visual Web Developer is a freeware web development engineering which is developed by Microsoft. The express edition, based on Microsoft is said to be used by other than professional package developer, chiefly pupils. The plan is developed so that it is easy to utilize and besides easy to larn. The package chief map is to make ASP.NET web sites and has a What You See Is What You Get ( WYSIWYG ) interface. The package besides supports other web engineerings, such as CSS, JavaScript and besides XML. Visual Studio 2008 supports both category library and Web Application undertakings, where it was non supported in the 2005 Version.

( Microsoft Corporation, 2008 )

Ocular Basic

Ocular Basic ( VB ) is an event-driven scheduling linguistic communication from Microsoft. VB is considered an easy to utilize and larn programming linguistic communication due to graphical development characteristics. Ocular Basic allows the rapid application development ( RAD ) of graphical user interface applications. Other scripting linguistic communications, such as VBA and VBScript have some similar sentence structure, but perform otherwise. The designated replacement was Ocular Basic.NET, but now it is merely known as Ocular Basic. Ocular Basic.NET is an object oriented scheduling linguistic communication which is implemented on Microsoft.NET Framework.

( Microsoft Corporation, 2009 )


In this chapter, the writer is able to understand on what development tools and engineering which are traveling to be used in his web site. With the extra cognition, the writer is able to understand how the tools and engineering plants.