Affecting Makerting Performance Of Proton Car In Malaysia Marketing Essay

This essay analyzes the celebrated motor maker and its scheme, how they operate their scheme to heighten the market portion in Malayan market. The selected company is Proton Holdings Berhad. Well selling scheme will supply company with tools to turn to strategic selling jobs and develop an effectual selling scheme. The focal point is on the strategic determinations that organisations make to present value to clients and win in the market. With the development of the motor industry, more and more foreign motor makers enter the Malaysia market, in such competitory environment, as a well-known trade name in local market, Proton need to happen out the effectual solution to concrete its market portion, although in local market, Proton is a successful company in motor industry.

This paper is to analyze the explorative nature and seek to find the Proton ‘s effectual scheme to heighten its market portion in the Malayan car industry market. The aims of this survey are listed as follows:

1 ) . To place the market state of affairs of car industry in Malaysia.

2 ) . To place the Proton ‘s schemes in Malayan market, which put into implemented.

3 ) . To place if the Proton ‘s schemes can heighten its market portion efficaciously due to the public presentation in Malayan market.

Proton Holdings ( Proton ) designs and produces autos for diverse consumer markets. The portfolio of Proton theoretical accounts includes the Waja, the Gen.2, the Arena/Jumbuck, the Savvy, and the Satria Neo. The company chiefly operates in the UK, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australasia. At first, it is a Malayan auto maker initiated in 1983 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. The chief works is located in Shah Alam and employs approximately 11,000 people. Malaysia ‘s 2nd Proton works is in Tanjung Malim, Perak. The architectural design on the edifice frontage depicts an image of a chump wing. Proton Plant and its associated installations, and its supporting industries, occupies 30 % of Proton City. Based on engineering and parts from Mitsubishi, production of the first theoretical account, the Saga, began in 1985. Until the terminal of the 1990s, the auto ‘s logo featured the crest from Malaysia ‘s coat of weaponries, having a crescent and a fourteen-pointed star. Proton now uses a logo having a conventionalized tiger caput. Initially the constituents of the auto were wholly made of parts manufactured by Mistsubishi but easy local Malayan parts are being used as engineering is transferred and skill is gained. Besides, with the acquisition of Lotus engineerings in 1996 from Bugatti, Proton has gained an extra beginning of technologically disputing parts.

By 2002 Proton held a market portion of over 60 per cent in Malaysia, which was reduced to 40 per centum by 2004 and is expected to cut down farther in 2008 when AFTA mandates cut down import duties to a upper limit of 5 % . Proton has operations in the United Kingdom and Australia and is sharply marketing their autos in several other states. In December 2004, Proton purchased a bulk portion in MV Agusta of Italy. MV Agusta is the maker of MV Agusta, Husqvarna, and Cagiva bikes. The company recorded grosss of MYR7, 796.9 million ( about $ 2,115.2 million ) during the fiscal twelvemonth ended March 2006 ( FY2006 ) , a lessening of 8.1 % over 2005. The net net income was MYR4, 908.7 million ( about $ 1,331.7 million ) in 2006, a lessening of 0.2 % from 2005.

2.0 Literature Reappraisals:

This reappraisal consists of five subdivisions. The first subdivision explores the selling construct and its cardinal constituents. The following subdivision presents information of the different period life of merchandise. Section three based on PEST theoretical account, subdivision four examines the SWOT theory and the concluding subdivision provides an overview of Porter ‘s five forces theory.

Selling was one time defined by Alderson ( 1957 ) as an exchange procedure between company and consumer ( Cited from Brassington and Pettitt, p.5 ) . This definition gives no mention to the facets of selling that occur before merchandises or services are even produced or the station exchanged behaviour of both company and consumer or even an simple facet of commercial life: competition, Jobber, ( 2000 ) .

Successful selling is far from simple. Brassington and Pettitt ( 2003, p.3 ) province selling does, in fact, cover a really broad scope of perfectly indispensable concern activities that bring you the merchandises you do desire, when you want them, but at monetary values you can afford, and with all the information you need to do informed and hearty consumer picks. In order to analyse the selling activities of houses within an industry, it is necessary to first define and explicate some of the critical selling constructs and their importance to the organisations.

As stipulated by C.Glenn Walters ( 1974 ) , a consumer is an person who purchases, or can afford to buy, touchable merchandises and services ( by and large not touchable ) offered to fulfill personal or equals demands, wants, or desires. It can be derived that by virtuousness every one becomes a consumer. Consumers demands and wants do non stop at what the company has to offer, the demands procedure grows each minute and all the company needs to make is to understand the demands and so cater to those demands.

Consumer behaviour is closely linked with how an single perceives himself and his interactions with the environment environing him. Consumers use both the mental and physical procedure necessary for determination devising in the market place which consequences in a direct bearing on the purchase of goods and services.

It has been stipulated that people enter into purchasing activities for many intents other than merely merely ingestion. Buyers by and large have one end in head, to fulfill their desires or demands by geting the goods or services. The issues faced by consumers during procedure of merchandise acquisition include ; acquisition of goods for day-to-day ingestion or for the intent of comfort and luxury. Solutions to these jobs are critical to the being of most and the economic well being of all and are non taken lightly. Consumers must do specific determinations in order to acquire necessary merchandises to prolong the criterion of life is mostly dependent on how good these determinations are made.

The PEST analysis is a model used in the appraisal of the external environment in which a company operates or intends to run ; it therefore provides a satellite position. But unlike the P5F theoretical account it addresses the external environment in a degage manner, i.e without straight touching the industry in which a company operates and hence is intended as an assessment tool.

The PEST theoretical account is based on the premise that certain external and indirect fortunes that characterize an industry are able to act upon its capacity to bring forth value. Consequently companies and/or competiveness are indirectly affected. The four factors contemplated in the PEST theoretical account are: Political, Economic, Social and Technological. They may be included at different degrees of analysis of an organisation e.g. strategic, selling, merchandise development, etc. but they can non be manipulated or changed in anyhow by the company. The lone thing that a house can make is to measure the factors and perchance prevent or react to them in the most appropriate manner. The success of the PEST theoretical account has led to several extensions4 or re-interpretations e.g. STEEPLE ( Social/demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical factors ) , SLEPT ( PEST plus legal ) (, 2004 ) or PESTEL ( Political, Economic, Social/demographic, Technological, Environmental, Legislation ) .

SWOT Analysis is widely used in the concern universe but non exposed to many employees. It is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. As you can see, the SWOT consists of four factors each clearly has its ain individuality and intent. SWOT is normally classified an External and Internal Factors. For the External factors, it consists of the Opportunities and Threats, whereas the Internal Factors are Strengths and Weaknesses. SWOT Analysis as it may sometimes being called can be performed in a assortment of application or state of affairs. It can be used as a state of affairs analysis as an input into a strategic planning procedure at corporate of company degree. It can besides use to measure the state of affairs in footings of its capablenesss. We use SWOT as a state of affairs analysis tool.

In common pattern, SWOT Analysis is performed during the Strategic Planning or Business budget session usually done at the terminal of a fiscal twelvemonth. But to execute a SWOT should non be limited to a annually matter. You may execute an SWOT Analysis whenever it is needed to assist you to place causes of a non-conformance and you needed a new solution or scheme. In most instances, leaders of an organisation perform a SWOT Analysis. However, it should non be limited to this group of people. In fact, anyone who has an involvement and trained can execute a SWOT Analysis for the state of affairs they are in. I have many state of affairss where caputs of a section perform a SWOT Analysis for their ain operation issues because they want to develop solutions based on facts. As it can be seen by now, informations assemblage is an indispensable portion of SWOT Analysis. Hence, the information collected is likely to be more factual. Any solution derived from SWOT will be more realistic and dependable. As informations aggregation is one of the cardinal activities in SWOT analysis, it should let adequate clip to convey back the information. 1-3 month before a SWOT. Analysis session is conducted. Once the information is collected, it should be grouped into the four factors. This can be done separately or in a squad. In drumhead, with some basic apprehension of SWOT Analysis, the solution derived from it can be value add to the organisation.

This theoretical account ( see figure 1 ) , as declared by its Godhead, was able, at that clip, to make full a nothingness, in the direction field matching to the development of a new subject, Competitive Strategy. One fatal attractive force of the Porter ‘s five force theoretical account was that it eventually allowed companies to measure at the same time the industry in which it was viing therefore indirectly understanding its rivals, and later decides and implements a competitory scheme.

The Porter ‘s five force theoretical account besides helps develop a competitory company place along side equal schemes to make value and hence surpass its challengers: in kernel it provides the chopper position of the industry environment in which the company operates and competes. The five forces of the Porter theoretical account are summarized as follows:

Menace of new entrants: this is the relaxation with which a new company could come in the industry therefore impacting the profitableness of the industry and the competitory place of the endeavor. This force should qualitatively and, ideally, quantatively mensurate the position of Barriers of Entry particularly those factors that make it dearly-won for companies to come in the industry ( Hill et al. 2001 ) . Examples of important entryway barriers are: Brand Loyalty ; Absolute cost advantages ; Economies of graduated table ; Switching costs ; Government Regulation.

Competition among established companies ( Grant, pp.78-80, 2002 ) : This force evaluates the overall fight of the industry. It takes into consideration the position of the participants, their size and how the industry ‘s features foster or deter the creative activity of competition. The drivers of this force can be identified as follows: Concentration ; Industry growing and demand ; Product/service distinction ; Ratio of fixed costs to variable costs ; High issue barriers ; Diversity of Competitors ; High strategic bets

Suppliers are nowadays really much integrated in industry particularly when corporations, multinationals etc have strategic supplier understandings in topographic point. Nevertheless providers can condition industry and company public presentation, particularly those that supply natural stuffs or cardinal parts, and are hence considered rather justly as a cardinal component in the Porter ‘s five force theoretical account.

Menace of Substitutes ( Cullen, pp.162-181, 2001 ) : The cloning of merchandises and the possibility that substitutes flood the market is a existent menace to an industry, particularly if the replacements are of better quality and lower monetary value. This is particularly true for merchandises that compete on monetary value and have limited distinction. In the context of this paper one considers this 5th force peculiarly true for the concluding phases of the PLC i.e. company exposure additions in the adulthood and diminution phases of merchandise life rhythm.

A research doctrine is a belief about the manner in which informations about a phenomenon should be gathered, analyzed and used. At the beginning of any type of research, it is of import for the research worker to find the most appropriate methodological analysis to transport out the survey.

For any essay, the informations grounds and analysis dramas important function. With sufficient informations support, the issues will be easy shown to the people every bit good as the advisor can happen out the solution for the issues. For this instance, some of the informations beginnings come from the primary research, which gathered from the employees of the Proton Company. Meanwhile, Proton is a local company, so it would be convenience for the pupils to see and gather information. As we know, as a celebrated local motor company, it will hold a batch of profiles sing the car market research in local market which gathered from the study of the car buyers or occupants. However, company usually will maintain all this research as a secret profiles. So, in this study, some of the informations are sourcing from 2nd manus, such as information published by Proton Company or some website, magazines, although these informations wo n’t be really accurate to back up the subject, these informations besides could be considered when analysing the issues of the Proton. Besides, Proton is a listed company, from its web site, we can happen out the fiscal study that accurate shown the finance state of affairs, organize the study of recent old ages, we besides can happen out the issues of the company to judge its schemes.

Because this pupil did non verify the quality or truth of the information provided. All informations are self-reported, and no cheques were done against independent appraisals or audited fiscal statements, except the fiscal study of Proton could be consider dependable. As we know, research method includes the quantitative research and quality research ; base on the different state of affairs, the study could be different. Some of required quantitative researches like the satisfaction for Proton car, and some will bespeak the quality research, for illustration, the client behaviour in taking auto. And for this study, the mention stuffs besides one of the restraints, non all the stuffs is existent reflect on Numberss. In a limited clip, the pupil ca n’t hold sufficient research on all related paperss, so at that place will hold some obstructions while making this study.

Of class, there will hold a batch of unknown factors for the research. For illustration, the deficiency of response and support from some unknown respondents will do the job for this study. The information presented in this study supply a good indicant of the size and public presentation of the car industry. However, given the information restrictions, they should non be taken as wholly accurate or representative of the full sector.

Since we should research the Proton Company ‘s state of affairs, we had to analyse the whole car industry environment and Auto industry in Malaysia. This analysis could assist to research the public presentation of Proton in local market. In macro environment of Malaysia, it will concern about the political relations, economic sciences, societal, engineering and so on. So, here this pupil will take the PEST theoretical account to analyse the whole environment of Malaysia.

Malaysia formed 31 August 1957 ; Federation of Malaysia formed 9 July 1963 ; nominally headed by the paramount swayer and a bicameral Parliament consisting of a nonelective upper house and an elected lower house ; Peninsular Malaysian states – familial swayers in all but Melaka, Penang, Sabah, and Sarawak, where governors are appointed by the Malayan Government ; powers of province authoritiess are limited by the federal fundamental law ; under footings of the federation, Sabah and Sarawak retain certain constitutional privileges ( e.g. , the right to keep their ain in-migration controls ) ; Sabah – holds 20 seats in House of Representatives, with foreign personal businesss, defense mechanism, internal security, and other powers delegated to federal authorities ; Sarawak – holds 28 seats in House of Representatives, with foreign personal businesss, defense mechanism, internal security, and other powers delegated to federal authorities.

Relationss across the Malacca sound are turning progressively frayed after the latest studies of improper usage of authorization by Malaysia ‘s voluntary security force, RELA. RELA has been widely condemned by human rights groups, but forms an built-in portion of Malaysia ‘s attempts to clamp down on illegal immigrants. The Home Affairs Ministry is presently seeking to give RELA more power, in direct struggle with advice from human rights watchdogs who feel that the group should be disbanded. Malaysia ‘s policy on in-migration, particularly its encouragement of RELA, is endangering to chill already tense regional dealingss. ( Beginning: )

Malaysia made a speedy economic recovery in 1999 from its worst recession since independency in 1957. GDP grew 5 % , reacting to a dynamic export sector, which grew over 10 % and financial stimulation from higher authorities disbursement. The big export excess has enabled the state to construct up its already significant fiscal militias, to $ 31 billion at yearend 1999. This stable macroeconomic environment, in which both rising prices and unemployment base at 3 % or lupus erythematosus, has made possible the relaxation of most of the capital controls imposed by the authorities in 1998 to counter the impact of the Asiatic fiscal crisis. Government and private predictors expect Malaysia to go on this tendency in 2000, foretelling GDP to turn another 5 % to 6 % . While Malaysia ‘s immediate economic skyline expressions bright, its long-run chances are clouded by the deficiency of reforms in the corporate sector, peculiarly those covering with fight and high corporate debt. However, the planetary economic lag has led to a diminution in demand for Malaysia ‘s exports and this in bend has led to a crisp diminution in Malaysia ‘s economic growing. The Malayan economic system is sing a important recession and the economic system is expected to contract by 3.5 % in 2009 and so turn at a modest 1.5 % in 2010.

Malaysia ‘s economic system is still one of the most unfastened and investor-friendly in South East Asia. Its good established fabrication base, excellent substructure and economic stableness will go on to be a draw for investors. That said, marks of failing are get downing to demo. Foreign investing declined by 1.6 % in 2006 to US $ 3.9bn, the 2nd consecutive twelvemonth of contraction. The concern is that the outgrowth of low-wage economic systems such as China and India has shunted Malaysia off the planetary investing radio detection and ranging. ( Beginning: Economic of Malaysia Magazine )

4.1.3. Analysis of Social Factors

In Ethnic, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic state made up of several different races, the major one being Malays and other smaller autochthonal groups takes 58 % , Chinese 26 % , Indian 7 % , others 9 % . While racial stableness remains a trademark of Malaysia ‘s success as a state, the apparently turning polarisation among the three major races is a turning concern. ( Beginning: Cultural groups in Malaysia )

In Religions, Malaysia is a richly diverse organic structure of more than 25 million people. All of the universe ‘s major faiths have significant representation at that place, the chief disciples of each mostly reflecting the multiethnic character of the population. The assortment of faiths found in Malaysia is a direct contemplation of the diverseness of races populating at that place. Although Islam is the province faith of Malaysia, freedom of faith is guaranteed. The Malays are about all Muslims. The Chinese embracing an eclectic brew of Taoism, Buddhism and ascendant worship, though some are Christians. Although Christianity has made no great inroads into Peninsular Malaysia it has had a much greater impact upon East Malaysia, where many autochthonal people have converted to Christianity, although others still follow their animist traditions.

In Languages, the official linguistic communication of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu, while English is a common communicate linguistic communication in any societal topographic point, besides the Chinese idioms ( Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow ) , Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai are used sometimes. In add-on, in East Malaysia several autochthonal linguistic communications are spoken, the largest of which are Iban and Kadazan.

4.1.4. Analysis of Technology Factors

Malaysia is fixing to be portion of the Information Age in the new millenary by transforming itself towards a knowledge-based economic system. Acknowledging that information engineering ( IT ) and multimedia will be the future enabling tool to increase the efficiency, productiveness and fight of the economic system, assorted enterprises were taken to advance the usage and development of IT during the reappraisal period. The National Information Technology Agenda ( NITA ) was formulated in 1996 to supply the model for a co-ordinated and incorporate attack in developing the three strategic elements consisting human resource, info construction and IT-based applications. To supply the accelerator for the enlargement of IT and multimedia industries, the Multimedia Super Corridor ( MSC ) was launched.

During the staying Plan period, attempts will be intensified to beef up the foundation for constructing a knowledge-based society and economic system in order to incorporate into the planetary electronic economic system. In this respect, the IT substructure will be expanded and upgraded and a figure of national IT-related programmes and undertakings implemented to speed up the wider usage of IT in the assorted sectors of the economic system. This will enable Malaysia to prolong its fight every bit good as attract new investings and make economic chances in IT related industries and services.

Technology development can be measured in footings of the forces engagement in Research and Development ( R & A ; D ) or the development allotment and outgo for R & A ; D. During 1985-1995 there were 500 R & A ; D scientists and applied scientists per million populations in Malaysia as presented in Figure 2. This has placed the state in the 3rd bottom place compared to 11 other states most of which are developed.

4.1.5. Decision of Malaysia External Environment




Different jurisprudence in each provinces, local protection, benefits for Proton


Turning, advantages for car industry


Assorted faith and civilizations



Base on the above tabular arraies, we can see the External environment for Proton is Malaysia have tonss of advantages, tonss of factors like policy will benefits for the growth of Proton, But the articulation of free understanding will do the intense of car market. In following subdivision, we will analyse the Malaysia car industry to place how Proton go more competitively.

4.2 Auto Industry Analysis in Malaysia

Through the Malaysia car industry state of affairs, we can easy happen out the issues cause the job for Proton and how to heighten its schemes more expeditiously. The Porter ‘s five forces will be used to analyse the car industry in Malaysia.

4.2.1 Malaysia Auto Industry Overview

The auto market in Malaysia, unlike that in other parts of the ASEAN part, is skewed in favour of rider autos. LCVs history for merely a little proportion of light vehicle demand ( around 20 % in 2008 and 2009 ) . This is in contrast to the state of affairs in Thailand and Indonesia, where the proportion of LCVs is much higher. In these markets, the vehicle revenue enhancement system favours LCVs and hence suppresses demand for rider autos. In 2008, vehicle demand increased to 549,316 units, up by 12.7 % from 487,394 units in 2007. Despite year-on-year beads during the last months, the 2008 one-year gross revenues degree was the second-highest achieved for the industry, merely about 2,000 units abruptly of the all-time record-high 551,527 units, set in 2005. Performance drivers include strong economic growing, attractive funding strategies for car purchasers, and fuel cost aid payouts. In add-on, the debut of new, well-performing theoretical accounts, in peculiar Proton ‘s all-new Saga and Persona, boosted the industry. Vehicle gross revenues will return to growing in 2010, with gross revenues predicted to excel the 500,000 units grade. Malaysia ‘s prejudice toward little autos makes it good suited to exports of Thai Eco-cars. The little auto sections will therefore go much more competitory from 2010, back uping growing in gross revenues in the average term. In 2014, vehicle gross revenues are predicted to lift to 643,000 units. ( Beginning: Malayan Auto Industry Outlook )

4.2.2 The Threats of New Entrants

The barriers to come in the automotive industry are significant, Especially for Malaysia car market. For a new company, the startup capital required to set up fabrication capacity to accomplish minimal efficient graduated table is prohibitory. An automotive fabrication installation is rather specialised and in the event of failure could non be easy retooled. The Malayan Automotive Policy has been the cardinal factor in doing the national car industry a success. New policies were implemented to protect the national car industry. The protection by the authorities enabled the national autos dominate the local car market. The monetary value of the first national auto was 20 to 30 per cent cheaper than similar capacity autos manufactured by other assembly programs. In 1987, the 1,300cc Proton Saga was priced at RM21, 000 ; while similar autos in the 1,300cc autos ranged from RM28, 000 to RM29, 000. Proton ‘s market portion increased steadily from 47 per cent in 1986 to 65 per cent in 1987 and 73 per cent in 1988 ( Jomo K.S. , 2003 ) . In 1995, the national autos accounted for 78.7 per cent of the entire rider auto market in Malaysia, with Proton accounting 61.3 per cent and Perodua 17.4 per cent severally.

Besides, the high import and excise responsibilities were imposed on CBU vehicles, with the purpose to diminish the figure of imported CBU autos. Thus, some of the CBU vehicle monetary values skyrocketed to about 300 per cent, which was non within the buying power of most Malaysians. Import and excise responsibilities were besides imposed on wholly knocked down ( CKD ) units, which were assembled locally. The import and excise responsibilities on CBUs and CKDs prior to 1st January 2004 are shown in Figure 3 and 4.

4.2.3 The Menace of Substitute Merchandises

The menace of replacements to the automotive industry is reasonably mild. Numerous other signifiers of transit are available, but none offer the public-service corporation, convenience, independency, and value afforded by cars. The shift costs associated with utilizing a different manner of transit, such as train, may be high in footings of personal clip, convenience, and public-service corporation like baggage capacity, but non needfully monetarily for illustration, unit of ammunition trip train menu on some topographic points would most probably be less expensive than the cost of fuel consumed on a similar unit of ammunition trip, day-to-day parking, auto insurance, and care. The exclusion to this statement occurs in the planetary urban countries with high population densenesss. In these countries, the replacements available like walking, mass theodolite, bikes, etc. can be less dearly-won than cars and therefore alternate manners of transit are frequently preferred. Fortunately, in Malaysia, the gasoline monetary value is relatively lower than tonss of states, so the menaces of replacement is non that strong to the whole car market, travel out with car still is the manner people preferred normally. However, the energy will run out Oklahoman or subsequently, the consciousness should be considered for the hereafter development.

Besides, there are built-in implicit in societal and cultural attitudes that keep people from having cars in some parts of the universe. Many states are non as spread out or every bit nomadic as the U.S. ; they are constrained either by geographics, race, category, or faith and the demand for personal transit is non as great, yet. Particularly in Malaysia, the faith and societal civilizations are relatively complex. However, the selling weaponries of the planetary automotive makers are surely working really difficult to alter this paradigm, and with unprecedented production volumes universe broad, all marks indicate that they are wining. Most people with the ability and means to have a vehicle, who live in a society with the necessary substructure like roads and fueling Stationss, will make so.

4.2.4 The Bargaining Power of Suppliers

In the relationship between the automotive industry and its providers, the power axis is well tipped in the industry ‘s favour. The automotive industry is comprised of powerful purchasers who are by and large able to order their footings to their providers. The Malaysia provider power is lower than most other states, because the supply concatenation direction is slow since the work efficiency and net work state of affairs. For illustration, from the Figure 5, we can see from 1985-1996, the provider signifier Proton are increasing from 17 to 140, more and more providers means the competition for the providers will go competitively in the car industry. So the power of provider is going weaker and weaker.

4.2.5 The Bargaining Power of Buyers

Small figure of purchasers, purchases of big volumes, prevalence of alternate options, and monetary value sensitive clients were some of the factors that determined the extent of influence of the purchasers in any industry. In Malaysia, with the development of car industry, more and more foreign trade name motors enter this market, so the pick for local market go diversely. More Malayan consumers are willing to take foreign trade name because of the quality and comfy, fuel efficiency. Most of local makers ‘ are based on the engineering of foreign car shapers. So, this will do the possible undependability of the local car industry.

4.2.6 Competitive Rivalry within an Industry

Despite the high concentration ratios seen in the Malayan market, which typically signify that a lesser grade of competition is seen in the industry, competition in the Malaysia and the planetary automotive industry is intense. Clearly, the concentration ratios do non state the whole narrative. The automotive industry in the Malaysia is no longer the resort area of the Big-2 Proton and Perodua ; planetary companies compete in the Malayan market, while Malaya companies have globalized themselves. In the 1980s, the Nipponese auto shapers Honda and Toyota entered a reasonably disciplined Malaysia market and have been really focussed in turning their portions of the market. The great diverseness of challengers in footings of civilizations and associated doctrines has intensified competition in the industry. Market growing is slow in the established markets of the Malaysia and Asian, and companies must contend ferociously to eke out additions or prevent losingss in market portion. However, growing is potentially immense in the quickly industrializing states of China and India ; in these flourishing markets, companies could take advantage of the chances to harvest fine-looking wagess. The grade of competition in the automotive industry is further heightened by high fixed costs associated with fabrication autos and trucks and the low shift costs for consumers when purchasing different makes and theoretical accounts.

4.2.7 Decision for Malayan Auto Industry

From the tabular array of analysis consequence of five forces in Malayan car industry, we can see the state of affairs of Malaysia car industry. The whole industry of Malaysia is under a higher place. In such instances, Proton should pay more attending to its market schemes in advancing its market portion in local market.




Rivalry of competition


Menaces of new entrants


Menaces of Substitutes


Supplier power


Buyer Power


4.3 Proton SWOT Analysis

The followers will analyse the Proton Company itself by utilizing SWOT theoretical account, this analysis will useful to place the schemes of Proton carried out.

4.3.1 Strengths Analysis

As a Government Linked Company, Proton is secured in term of fiscal capablenesss. More over, as the 1st national automotive maker they have more that 20 old ages of experience and backed by the more than 1000 sellers and intensive distributed the service and distribution mercantile establishment. As fiscal twelvemonth ender 31st March 2006 indicated, the net value of plus is more than RM 5 billion while the liabilities is merely approximately RM 2 billion. Proton had embarked on a undertaking with the Lotus Group to develop a intercrossed vehicle capable of running on either electricity or gasolene and others particular undertakings that are concentrating on engineering development. This plan aims to promote the engineering to a degree that is on par with their planetary rivals by making an alternate vehicle for the hereafter which provides clients with better fuel economic system, decreased emanations and sturdy public presentation.

Besides, one of the most of import strengths of Proton is the support of Government of Malaysia and forbearance of Malaysian. Proton is able to sell low quality autos at a premium, because Proton is protected by the authorities in which the authorities is holding some involvements in it and if Proton fails, the authorities can any clip usage other beginnings of monies to bail out Proton. Proton has flexible fabrication capableness to consolidate all theoretical accounts. In add-on to successes in merchandise portfolio, Proton has besides made applaudable advancement to convey about other operational betterments. The focal point on cost direction resulted in cost nest eggs for new theoretical accounts, which were so passed on to the clients through competitory pricing. Emphasis on the lift of the automotive eco-system saw the strengthing of the seller base and trader web. These rationalisation enterprises enabled Proton together with sellers and traders to present improved quality of service and be more competitory.

4.3.2 Failings Analysis

Proton is still importing parts and constituents from abroad, peculiarly parts and constituents related to engines, transmittals and fasteners. This is because Proton has to secure these parts from its ain joint venture spouses in Japan and these parts are patented points of parent houses in Japan ( Mitsubishi ) . The national industry is in diminution, with Proton losing market leading for the first clip. Quality used to be Proton ‘s biggest failing. Existing quality issue is impacting trade name image caused by active service units. For illustration, political intervention by Tun Porsche on seller choice, assignment of top direction and design. Plant use depression can besides inability to retain and cultivate endowment, inability to present REAL new theoretical accounts, cannibalising of their makes through a screwed up model line-up, no economic systems of graduated table, inability to perforate export markets, inability to fulfill clients ‘ demands, typical dreamy spoon-fed Malangsial GLC with overdone importance of itself, no sense urgency, corporate administration and complete numbness of developments in the car industry. Fundss shrinking and past philandering, pilferage consequences in Proton ‘s inability to present new theoretical accounts.

4.3.3 Opportunities Analysis

Proton is a authorities subordinate ; authorities owns 43 % of Proton ‘s portions. Faced with worsening domestic gross revenues and uncertainness sing a strategic partnership, Malaysia ‘s Proton has set its sights overseas. The company is measuring a program to construct a production program in Egypt, which would move as a gateway to Africa and West Asia and hike the car manufacturer ‘s exports. With the articulation of AFTA, the free trade in the ASEAN part can be an advantage to present Proton ‘s merchandises throughout the part in a lower monetary value than its challengers.

Since the Malaysia is a quickly developing market, there several chances for any company to make good. Proton is really good positioned to take advantage of this growing based on its local policy and inexpensive monetary value. If Proton can success in dominate the Malayan market, it will assist Proton ‘s expand scheme globally. Proton need to reconstruct its client assurance by develop new vehicle manner and theoretical accounts, this demand will ne’er be satisfied, so Proton should follow the measure of universe wheels, to develop the most popular automotive for the market. As we know, what is in today will be out tomorrow.

4.3.4 Menaces Analysis

Basically from every corner, Proton faces the menaces form Perodua in domestic market, from foreign rivals, and since Malaysia joined the AFTA, more and more foreign auto shapers are involved in this market. Like Toyota as the taking company in the car industry in the worldwide. Nipponese auto will go a large menace to Proton, because the quality and engineering are advanced. In the luxury auto market, the BMW and Benz will rule the market with its ace quality and repute. While in the lower category market, Chinese auto already enter this market, with its low monetary value become the menaces to the Proton in local market, Like Chery. Besides, Competitor ‘s sharply pull offing cost decrease & A ; future invention on intercrossed tech. although the Malaysia has abundant of oil resources ; the intercrossed engineering is become more and more popular in the car industry. From the Figure 6, we can see the menaces from the exterior and indoors. More and more foreign autos are sold in the local market to vie with Proton, Proton will confront the menaces both side.

4.4 The Analysis of Consumer Behavior for Proton

This subdivision will establish on the research on Proton selling research on its consumer behaviour in taking auto in the Malaysia market. In this Chapter, this pupil will make some research base on the questionnaires.

4.4.1 The Importance of Consumer Behavior to Proton

Car market in Malaysia particularly Proton is confronting a shriveling market demand, high stock list degree due to overcapacity, uninterrupted recognition squeezing, worsening buying power of consumers and therefore a hereafter that is full of uncertainness.

The market tendencies have changed ; the consumers have moved their way to purchase non-national autos. From the informations provided by Malayan Automotive Association ( MAA ) , market portion for Proton has declined drastically, this scenario showed that consumer pick has changed and moved towards non-national autos even though on the route ( O.T.R ) monetary values of non-national autos are higher than those of national autos in the same three-dimensional capacity and besides the size of the vehicles. For that ground, from a consumer ‘s position, national car-Proton has a lower quality merchandise. Consumers today are more educated than on the procedure of buying a auto and use a broad scope of resources. Economic growing in the past old ages had increased consumer ‘s buying power and their consciousness on quality, which hence influences their buying forms. This indicates that the consumers are smarter when they purchase autos and would take the best autos available that would maximise their public-service corporation.

4.4.2 Percentage of Each theoretical accounts of Proton in Malaysia

Based on Figure 7, it was reported that bulk of the respondents ( 52 % ) ain Proton Iswara, while 28 % of the respondents ain Proton Wira and 13 % of the respondents ain Proton Waja. The consequences besides indicated that Proton Savvy is non popular among the respondents as merely 7 % of the respondents ain Proton Savvy. This is peculiarly due to the ground that Proton Savvy is still new in the market, and therefore received less attending from the market. Another ground may due to the design of Proton Savvy which is less attractive on the first feeling among the consumer.

4.4.3 Data Collection for Proton Marketing Research

This research aimed the groups the Malayan people, through the questionnaires ( see appendices ) including the original Malaysians, Indian-Malaysians, Chinese-Malaysian, and used the study method to garner the information, through telephone, Mail, face-to- face and online, inside informations as follows:

( I ) Age group: that is 25 to 35 ; 35 to 45 ; 45 to 55 ; 55 to 60 ; and above 60 old ages old ) .

( two ) Income group: that is RM: 300,000 or below ; RM: 300,000 to RM: 500,000 ; RM: 500,000 to RM: 800,000 ; RM: 800,000 to RM: 1,000,000 ; and above RM: 1,000,000. ( Annual wage as ciphering units )

( three ) Gender group: male and female.

( four ) Occupation group: societal workers, house-wife, senior directors and so on.

Consumer purchase determination has been conceptualized with a set of internal and external variable associations that reflect the composite and abstract structural features of the consumer, the merchandise, and the environment. The consequences have shown important factors which influence consumer determination devising towards auto purchase and characteristics.

From the research of above chart we knew:

( I ) Age group: in each group the Numberss of respondents were 20 ( 25 to 35 ) , 40 ( 35 to 45 ) , 80 ( 45 to 55 ) , 35 ( 55 to 65 ) , 28 ( above 60 old ages old ) .

( two ) Income group: in each group the Numberss of respondents were 40 ( RM: 300,000 or below ) ; 35 ( RM: 300,000 to RM: 500,000 ) ; 70 ( RM: 500,000 to RM: 800,000 ) ; 25 ( RM: 800,000 to RM: 1,000,000 ) ; 10 ( above RM: 1,000,000 ) .

( three ) Gender group: in each group the Numberss of respondents most of responses from males.

( four ) Occupation group: in each group the Numberss of respondents were 70 ( Professional Managers ) ; 30 ( house-wife ) ; 25 ( Other societal workers ) .

4.4.4 Important determiners of the consumer pick for autos in Malaya

Cardinal Factors that influence Consumer Choice for Cars


Important ( % )

Not of import ( % )




Merchandise characteristics






Environmental influence






Personal factor



( Beginnings: Survey informations of Proton Marketing Research )

Besides, this research through the questionnaires ( see Appendix ) , we can reason the consequences Based on above Table 2, it is clearly stated that the most powerful factor that influences consumer pick for auto is the consumer ‘s position towards the sales representative ‘s attitude. For illustration, the first feeling of a sales representative and the manner he or she communicates to the consumer is really of import in converting the consumer to buy something.

The 2nd factor which is the merchandise characteristic besides plays another of import function. For illustration, as a consumer, after he or she is convinced by the sales representative, the following thing that will start up in the consumer ‘s head is the merchandise characteristic such as what are the particular facets and characteristics that the auto has, the HP, the being of airbags and etc. , and these characteristics will act upon them in their determination to buy. In add-on, the consumer ‘s position towards the salesroom ‘s properties is the 3rd factor. For illustration, it is of import to hold merchandise show in the salesroom in order for consumers to see all the characteristics inside the auto by themselves. The trial thrust service provided is besides another property in act uponing the consumer buying power. When the consumer has a opportunity to prove thrust a vehicle, it will automatically allow the consumer experience the passion when he or she drives the auto and whether he or she likes the auto and will see to buy.

There are besides some other less important factors which could besides act upon consumer ‘s pick on auto buying power such as environmental influence, advertizement and personal factor. Environmental influence such as political relations, influence by household and equals will besides impact the consumer ‘s pick for buying a auto. For illustration, sometimes a consumer purchase a auto non merely because he or she likes the auto but it is because all his or her household members and friends are driving that peculiar type of auto. So he or she will be pressured into believing that it is good and dependable. From the tabular array, it shows us that Advertisement in newspapers ; Television and wireless drama less important functions in act uponing consumer ‘s pick on auto buying. In another words, consumer will still buy a auto even if there is no advertizement being advertised in documents.

The last and least important factor that influences consumer ‘s pick on auto buying power is personal factors such as fiscal issues, ain penchants and etc. For illustration, a consumer wants or prefers to buy a non national auto at first. But, due to some fiscal job, he or she may hold to alter his or her head and decides on purchasing a national auto.

4.4.5 Summary for Consumer Behavior in Choosing Car

The findings from this research show that all the related influencing factors were of import to act upon consumer purchasing determination and have some positive deductions to automotive industry. This research can supply some utile counsel to marketer or auto shaper to specify the perceptual experiences, attitudes and desired benefits most likely to act upon the consumer ‘s pick of peculiar trade names of auto. The deductions to the seller from this research did stress that demand to place the cardinal issues determining a consumer ‘s attitude so adjust their selling determinations ( e.g. , publicizing ) in an attempt to alter the attitude. For companies viing against strong challengers to whom loyal consumers exhibit a positive attitude, an of import scheme is to work and see why consumers feel positive toward the rival and so seek to upstage the rival on related issues. Example, Proton ‘s clients feel positive towards Proton merchandise due to economic system fuel ingestion and the monetary value is comparatively competitory. In order to be viing with Proton, Naza Company can plan a fuel economic system theoretical account in order to carry through the market demand.

4.5 Proton Company Strategies

Base on the above analysis ; unite the state of affairs of whole industry, Proton act tonss of schemes, the analysis of these schemes can see if it is effectual to heighten its market portion.

4.5.1 Product Development and Image

In the earlier, In order to come up with new merchandises, that achieve the mark of development in velocity, cost effectual, merchandise entreaty, and better drive and handling, Proton moves to bring forth its own-design auto and has invested a batch in R & A ; D capablenesss to make its ain merchandise brand- the Waja ( GX ) theoretical account. It was the First Proton Model to be mostly designed and engineered in-house. In order to heighten its trade name image, coincides with the Waja ‘s reaching, Proton introduces new marquee individuality of gold tiger chevrons alternatively of crescent logo placed in the old theoretical accounts. This is a portion of a broader attempt to beef up the trade name locally and abroad. Then with the development of Proton, it published many new theoretical accounts, like Savvy, Iswara, Satria Neo, Wira, Gen.2, Perdana, Now the Proton has own upgrade version of Saga, Persona and MPV to vie with local trade name and foreign trade name vehicles. ( Show on Figure 8 ) One important milepost for both PROTON and the industry was the launch of Malaysia ‘s first home-grown MPV, the Exora. With its first-class merchandise characteristics, the Exora has garnered a extremely favorable response from clients with engagements holding reached 14,400 units as of terminal June 2009. To day of the month, the revamped Saga remains the Company ‘s best-seller, as evidenced by engagements of more than 120,000 units since its launch in January 2008. The debuts of the invigorated Satria Neo, now sportier and with a CamPro CPS engine to hike, and the Persona SE, which has a more elegant and typical design were besides well-received among the niche market sections.

4.5.2 Improve Research and Development

To heighten their design capableness, Proton now have invested in a much faster and cost-efficient option with the coming of Rapid Prototyping, a comparatively new category of computerized engineering used for constructing physical paradigm parts and tools. Rapid Prototyping enables Proton to construct paradigm parts and tools straight from 3D CAD informations using state-of-the-art Stereo lithography and Laminated Object Manufacturing machines. This is an of import measure in the procedure, merely because a rendition of a solid theoretical account communicates information 10 times more easy than technology drawings. In a short period of clip and with first-class item, finish and truth, Rapid Prototyping is able to supply solution for new design construct. Proton invested more than US $ 100 million in a modern R & A ; D installation, having the most advanced rapid paradigm centre in South East Asia, the lone climatic chamber trial lab in ASEAN and the lone rider safety sled in Asia outside Japan and Korea. Proton can besides manage short-term productions of plastic and metal paradigm parts with the modern engineering such as the Homologation and Testing Department ensures domestically manufactured autos meet international criterions before they are exported and sold.

4.5.3 Strategic Alliance

Network schemes confederation is really of import to get new engineering, selling and resources skill and betterment. Proton made a major measure in upgrading its technology capablenesss with the acquisition of Lotus Group International Limited, a British automotive technology company and industry of luxury athleticss auto in October 1996. ( See Figure 9 ) With this acquisition, Proton additions a great technology expertness, which will heighten them to improvize and come up with new theoretical accounts that are globally competitory and advanced.

4.5.4 Quality Improvement Enterprises

Quality is a push that Proton strives to better upon and it is a challenge. Proton focal point in every country of quality betterment: produce better merchandises, implement more rigorous systems and subjects to stay by the processs, better the fabrication and technology procedures, pattern customer-focused service at salesrooms and workshops, and widen the pattern to sellers and traders. In August 2007, Proton emerged with the greatest betterment in client satisfaction harmonizing to the J D Power Asia Pacific 2007 Malaysia Consumer Satisfaction Index ( CSI ) Study. ( See Figure 10 )

4.5.5 Supply Chain Management

1 ) . The Standard demands imposed on providers

Once Proton has identified the criterions and public presentation for providers ‘ production or services, it will choose possible providers from possible campaigner houses. In the Malayan car industry context, this procedure is known as provider assignment and development.

2 ) . The long-run relationship

Proton has been working towards a long-run close relationship with its providers. For illustration, today the same provider as ten old ages ago supplies its tyres, ( DIMB and Goodyear ( M ) Bhd. ) . The same thing is true of its brakes and clasp pedals, ( supplied by Tracoma Sdn.Bhd. ) . In footings of intimacy, every month there is a visit by Proton staff, which is a societal and working visit, which would include works and production auditing, besides supplying information on alterations of theoretical accounts and bringing agendas.

4.6 Marketing Performance of Proton

Base on the Figure 11, from 2005-2006, the local strong protect policy helped Proton to prehend the local market in a great figure. With the articulation of AFTA, and competition from 2007-2009, the per centums of market portion drops batch. However, for the fiscal twelvemonth ended 31 March 2009, Proton recorded a loss after revenue enhancement of RM301.8 million albeit on the dorsum of improved gross of RM6.5 billion. This diminution was mostly due to the one-off exceeding proviso for the damage of belongings, works and equipment and stock list write-down for certain theoretical accounts impacted by worsening demand. The markedly improved market status during the first half of the twelvemonth under reappraisal saw an betterment in footings of gross revenues and gross for Proton. With gross revenues addition of 9 % , our gross was positively impacted with an addition of 15 % compared to 2008.

5.0 Summary and Presentation of Results

Base on the Para 4.0, the informations presentation shown from the analysis of Proton ‘s scheme is effectual during the 2007 to 2009. The Proton better its merchandise signifier waja expanded to Savvy, Iswara, Satria Neo, Wira, Gen.2, Perdana, Now the Proton has own upgrade version of Saga, Persona and MPV. This merchandises scheme expeditiously improves the failing of Proton, deficiency of new theoretical accounts, fring assurance in the local market. Besides Proton continues to put in research and development every bit good as extended market studies to guarantee that we keep on delivering merchandises that are relevant. For an industry the maintaining investing on research and development is necessary scheme to guarantee the ascent of merchandises in new characteristics, engineering and comfort. And the merchandise quality is the first factors for consumer choosing. The Proton quality scheme is successful in bettering the assurance of clients in the local market. The nucleus elements of merchandise is the quality, with the developing the economic sciences and society, more and more populaces are more refering about the quality ; no 1 wants to mend their cars after buying from the company. Particularly in the Malaysia, after the articulation of AFTA more and more United statess made and Germany made autos enter this market, their autos are good known as its strong quality and repute. So for proton the quality should better all the clip. Equally good as the strategic confederation is an effectual 1 for proton to achieve new engineering and spread out its theoretical accounts to the local and worldwide. This type of scheme is more and more popular in the concern environment today, it will convey many benefits for Proton Company to develop its merchandise and spread out its market. Besides it will advance the Proton ‘s repute in a big scope, for illustration, the amalgamation of Lenovo to IBM better the trade name of Lenovo in China, more and more people pay attending to their local company with celebrated trade name image. In the last, the supply concatenation direction besides affects the market portion of Proton auto. With efficient supply concatenation direction, the proton can present their goods instantly, and set up the production direction. So, all the schemes implemented by the Proton in the local market are successful in heightening its market portion.

Proton Schemes

Developing new merchandise and Image

Improve research and development

Strategic confederation

Quality betterment enterprises

Supply concatenation direction

Savvy, Iswara, Satria Neo, Wira, Gen.2, Perdana and so on

Proton invested more than US $ 100 million in a modern R & A ; D installation

acquisition of Lotus Group International Limited

In August 2007, Proton emerged with the greatest betterment in client satisfaction

The Standard demands imposed on providers ;

The long-run relationship

Selling Performance

From 2007-2009, the Proton maintain in an increasing gross inactive. For illustration, in 2099, with gross revenues addition of 9 % , our gross was positively impacted with an addition of 15 % compared to 2008.

6.0 Discussion

The consequences from Para 5.0 lined with Para 3.0, the research are based on the primary informations and secondary informations resources, although the research analysis is base on those informations, there besides some facets are non sufficient for this analysis. However, the research aims are all matched during the whole paragraph. Objective1 ) . To place the market state of affairs of car industry in Malaysia, the Para 4.2 described the whole state of affairs of Malaysia car industry. 2 ) . To place the Proton ‘s schemes in Malayan market, which put into implemented, the Para 4.5 describe the schemes used by the Proton in Malaysia. 3 ) . To place if the Proton ‘s schemes can heighten its market portion efficaciously due to the public presentation in Malayan market, the Para 4.6 and Para 5.0 analysis can demo the Proton ‘s scheme are successes in heightening the market portion in the local market. However, any schemes are non perfect, more or less it will hold some jobs when transporting out, so the following subdivision in Para 8.0 will give some recommendation for bettering the company ‘s behaviour.

7.0 Decision

As a decision, the job of Proton has caused by internal and external factors. The internal factor refers to the insufficient of new auto theoretical account which mean they are low in creativeness and advanced in planing auto. Furthermore, Proton besides deficiency of auto expert to supply proficient support in fabrication autos. Additional, due to the intense competition nowadays has become an external factor to Proton. For illustration, Perodua had designed bang-up new theoretical account such as Myvi has successfully establishing the auto and taken a batch of market portion from Proton. Hence, Proton needs the technology cognize how of a truly universe category maker. It needs the merchandise scope and grapevine of a car manufacturer with planetary economic systems scale. In needs the trade name power and repute of a serious auto company to draw the Proton trade name name out of the fetid axillas of local shame.

8.0 Recommendations

From the analysis above, following are some suggestions for changing:

First, Proton should construct compelling, high-quality autos and trucks for clients. Each maker should maintain the assurance of their clients ; do them believe Proton can offer the best merchandises for them. As we know Proton is a immense international company with tonss of strengths inside and good repute outside. So, maintaining the Proton manner for conveying best to their clients will convey bright hereafter.

Second, Proton should work with concern spouses to reconstitute the concern and organize it supply Chain. Proton demand to make some alterations to its traders. The efficiency supply Chain will assist Proton to heighten its market portion. All these success actions are of import stairss to bettering Proton ‘s viability.

Third, Proton should cut downing the fuel ingestion and emanations by conveying advanced engineering vehicles to market. With the development and globalisation worldwide, fuel-efficient auto go more and more popular, Proton need to alter its scheme to convey intercrossed auto to against its rivals.

So, with a batch of efficient alterations, the company can set its concern, both in the Malayan and around the universe, on sound, sustainable and competitory termss.

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