Best Home Appliances In South Asia Marketing Essay

Super Asia is involved in the production of the best place contraptions in South Asia. Reflected the acknowledgment of its accomplishments in the high-quality merchandises in the signifier of ISO 9002 certification. Spread a good success narrative for more than 25 old ages old when he produced the first Super Asia rinsing machine from Pakistan. Later Super Asia that produce warmers, air ice chests room, gas and electricity. Bearing in head the demands of the buying power of all sections Super Asia has introduced rinsing machines to run into their demands. Super Asia has the award for the production of fictile rinsing machine organic structure for the first clip in Pakistan. Another trademark of high quality merchandises and supplying rinsing duplicating work through engineering and side Plaster Center. Super Asia non merely has a broad scope of room air ice chests in the plastic organic structure, but in different sizes and values aˆ‹aˆ‹as good.

Super Asia in order to keep its domination in the production of merchandises of public involvement and introduced hot and cold, and merely cold H2O dispenser. It was an instant success because of its effectivity and design at an low-cost monetary value among consumers. Similarly, the full scope of Super Asia fans is at an international degree. There are different sizes, and colourss in the Ceiling, Pedestal, Bracket and exhaust fans. Research based merchandises of Super Asia has high quality over similar merchandises in the unfastened market. The end is, nevertheless, to supply consumers with merchandises of international quality at low-cost monetary values and this can be the justice of the fact that it is being exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from the past old ages and their demand is increasing twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. Super Asia success narrative is because of Chairman Haji Muhammad Yusuf, pull offing manager, Haji Muhammad Afzal patron production facets of the works. He has a critical attack towards merchandises and monetary values offered by its rivals.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf, main executive of Super Asia plays a prima function in the selling facets of the merchandises. He is to the full cognizant of the modern tendencies in the international markets. It will non be out of topographic point to advert the services of Mr. Faisal, Mr. Abdul Razzaq, Mr. Sohail Yousaf and Mr. Umar Ashraf ; they look after different sections in Super Asia. These four immature chaps with their higher instruction and booming on the experience of their seniors have produced first-class consequences. Apart from looking after the personal businesss of mill, president Haji Muhammad Yousaf is every bit paying his attending towards spiritual personal businesss and societal work. He has constructed a Mosque and Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital is another illustration, where free medical intervention is being provided to factory workers, and the needy of nearby vicinities.

History of Industry in Pakistan:

Home contraptions are the necessities for life, without place contraptions it is really hard to pass our lives. It was the clip when people did non hold the lavation machines, fans, air ice chests, air conditioners, microwave ovens, H2O ice chests and warmers but clip makes the innovations and necessities make the innovations. Now at this clip it is really hard to pass the life without these contraptions. A batch of companies are fabricating these place contraptions in the Pakistan like Stylo, Toyo, Asia, Nas Gas, Super Asia and a big figure of local companies.

At the start, some people who start this concern, take a start with merely one merchandise and easy get down the production of other merchandises. Most of the companies were covering merely with one merchandise like some with washing machines, some with fans, some with hot and cold ice chests and geysers in Pakistan. All these necessities are more of import for the usage. The industry is going more broad twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

When the manufacturers see that the alien companies are capturing the market and the merchandise line of these companies is big, the local companies decided to increase their merchandise line. Pakistani companies start to bring forth the whole line of place contraptions in their companies and easy better their image in the heads of the clients. There are few metropoliss in Pakistan like Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi and Gujarat which are carry throughing the demands of place contraptions in the market of Pakistan.

History of Organization:

It goes all the manner back to 1968, when Mr. Mian Muhammad Din, the laminitis of Super Asia, has offered its first merchandises, rinsing machine, with fabrication installations on a little graduated table for the local community of Gujranwala, Punjab metropolis. It took more than ten old ages of difficult work to construct a trade name name, Super Asia, which has become a symbol of quality and invention, lastingness and economic system. Today, the companies have more than a twelve different merchandises functioning many sectors of society. It spread a good success narrative for more than 25 old ages old when he produced the first Super Asia rinsing machine from Pakistan. Later Super Asia produces different contraptions in order to keep its domination in the production of public involvement. Similarly, the full scope of Super Asia fans is at an international degree. There are different sizes, and colourss in the ceiling, base, bracket and exhaust fans.

The chronology of events in Super Asia is as follows:

1975: Washing Machine

1980: Room Air Coolers

1985: Gas & A ; Electric Water Heaters in,

1995: Water Dispensers

1998: Fans

2003: Motorcycles and Insulation & A ; Packing Material units

2004: Microwave Ovens and Air Conditioners

2006: Automotive Partss

2008: Three-wheel CNG auto-rickshaw

2009: Hardees International Burger Chain

2010: Gas Stove and Cooker Hood

Information about the Organization:

Every successful company and organisation defines vision, mission and makes schemes and regulations to accomplish these missions and visions. To accomplish these visions and missions organisations and companies have to accomplish the aims so that they can accomplish long-run visions and missions. Super Asia besides has set its vision and mission.


“ To be the market leader in every of our merchandises,

Nationally and regionally ”

Our foremost is to believe large, and I put the velocity and remade. Since 1972, being the market leader in rinsing machines, we have concrete programs to retroflex the best patterns we have in all of our offerings, throughout the part. It is the vision that every employee in the organisation is clear about.


“ To win the extreme satisfaction, trust and trueness

Of our valued clients ”

Super Asia uses the best prevalent means to win and keep the trust and trueness of its client ‘s satisfaction. Quality, bringing and invention are cardinal elements in our doctrine. Stakeholders at all degrees strive to keep the position of the company, to supply the best. Continues to fight with committedness is a technique to accomplish this undertaking.


Super Asia offers plentifulness of place contraptions to its valuable clients. Super Asia is a taking fabrication company in Pakistan and competes with foreign companies with his arm of quality and client satisfaction. Super Asia is the largest manufacturer of family contraptions in Gujranwala, and provides prima housewares. It provides with a batch of place contraptions that are viing with all the foreign merchandises because of its all right quality, criterions and client satisfaction. The following are merchandises that offer Super Asia in place contraptions merchandises:

Washing Machine:

Pakistan ‘s 1st of all time fictile lavation machine

Save detergent & A ; clip due to utilize of astonishing dual action

Washes more apparels due to big wash bath

Washer & A ; drier in one

Extremist clean wash

Low energy ingestion

Prime quality electrical steel sheet


Specially designed blades

Adjustable angles

3-speed on/off switch

High class Cu wire

Remote control option

Powder coated guard

Better air throws

Durable and permanent

Microwave oven:

Glass turnable

Painted steel pit

Cooking terminal signal

Push button door

Defrost scene

Child safety lock

Quick cookery

Air Conditioner:

Mounted new series wall

Power of Cooling

Maximal efficiency, public presentation and dependability

Easy Cleaned Panel

Stylish Design

Room Air Cooler:

For the first clip in Pakistan enter pumping H2O cogent evidence

An efficient and energy saver chilling system

Complete plastic organic structure

Very cold air and good public presentation

Consumes less light

2 manner car air swing screens more country

Ideal for stores, little shops

Most suited for big unfastened, halls and sofas

Ensures long permanent public presentation due to utilize of good quality stuff

Water Dispenser:

New attractive design

Low energy ingestion

Easy Installation

Hot & A ; Clod Water

Fresh & A ; healthy H2O

Convenience of acquiring hot & A ; cold H2O 24 hours a twenty-four hours

Electric Water Cooler:

Complete plastic forepart.

Wholly tested

New Striking Design

Stainless steel organic structure

Seasonal effects and rust cogent evidence

Easy to put in

Equally suited for all seasons and all topographic points

Gas Water Heater:

Very low ingestion of energy

No opportunity of H2O escape.

Finished with imported pulverization coating

Available in assorted colourss and sizes

Low ingestion of gas through control of automatic thermoregulator

Color does non grate for old ages

Rust immune steel sheet

Organizational Structure:

Super Asia is a market leader in the lavation machine, room air ice chest and Gas H2O warmer, even today, because of the many trade names of domestic and foreign investors in the Pakistani market Appliances. Following is the organogram of the company.


Chief Executive

General Manager

General Manager

Pull offing Director

General Manager

General Manager

Director Production

Director Finance

Director HR

Director Marketing

Production Department:

The primary function of the production is to change over the inputs to end products. Outputs refer to the concluding merchandise or service and inputs are the stuffs needed to fabricate goods and merchandises. When this procedure is completed they are able to accomplish client satisfaction by bring forthing merchandises that are ready to be used for this intent and tantrum.

Super Asia production section is divided into five sub-departments:

The production and planning section will put criterions and ends for each subdivision of the production procedure. The measure and quality of the merchandises coming off the production line closely monitored.

Procurement direction of the company will be responsible for the proviso of stuffs and equipment needed to keep the production procedure swimmingly. A critical facet of this function and guaranting entree stocks at the right clip and the right quality.

The shops are responsible for hive awaying all the necessary tools and trim parts, natural stuffs and equipment needed to serve the fabrication procedure. Where beginnings could non be relied upon, and reserves need to be kept and used computing machine systems, stock list control helps maintain stocks minimal degree but necessary.

The proficient support section responsible for the design of new merchandises or hunt alterations to bing 1s, and cost estimation for the production of different measures and utilizing different methods. Will besides be responsible for the design and testing of new merchandises and processes types of merchandises, along with the development of theoretical accounts down to the concluding merchandise.

The plant section will be concerned with the industry of merchandises. This will include the care of the production line and other necessary fixs. The plants section may besides hold duty for quality control and review.

Tool Shop:

Mr. Khalid Khan is the incharge of tool store. There are new development and care of different parts of place contraptions merchandises like rinsing machine, room air ice chest, fans, bikes. There are 32 workers working in division like dice casting, smoothing, cutting, boring, and welding. There are two lifts for transporting heavy machines and stuff to the exact place. The rewards of workers are demanded harmonizing to their work, and wages are fixed for lasting workers. There are besides some workers who work for the day-to-day footing system.

Modeling Shop:

Mr. Fareed Tabasum is the incharge of modeling store. There are heavy machinery in this section which are import from foreign and run on gas, electricity and Diesel. The fictile merchandises of rinsing machine, room air ice chest are manufactured here. 25000 rinsing machine organic structures, 18000 room air ice chest organic structures, are manufactured here. There are 190 workers in which 120 work twenty-four hours clip and 70 plants for dark. All production is decided by production director. Defective stuff is reprocessed. There is besides one power accountant works to command power of this section. In this section they made the different plastic parts of the rinsing machines, fans and other merchandises they got a monthly program of their working in the section. And harmonizing to this they have to provide the parts to the concerned sections.

Sheet Shop:

Mr. Ikram is incharge of sheet store. In sheet store there is a film editing of sheets by the machines which are controlled by senior workers and some are assistants with them. After the cutting the sheets they sent frontward to the concerned section. There are different machines which are used to give crook, curve and manner to the organic structure. There are 25 workers working in this section

Assembly Shop:

Mr. Arif is the incharge of assembly section. In assembly section, there is piecing of rinsing machine, room air ice chest, H2O ice chest and geyser. 1000 rinsing machine, 800 room air ice chest, 20 H2O ice chests are assembled on day-to-day footing. 3 shops are attached with assembly section in which parts of contraptions are stored. In this section there are 270 workers, some workers are lasting and some are on day-to-day rewards these workers are divided into different group.

Each group has to assigned different types of machine and room ice chest theoretical accounts and they in a group have to piece them all the parts of a machine they get from the shop. After piecing and packing the machines they sent them to godown. The payment is made merely when the complete machine will be arrived in godown. The payment will non be made if they even made 100 machines but they are still in the assembly section. So for the payment complete machine should be in godown.

Fan Shop:

A Mr. Gazzanfar is the incharge of fan store. In 1999 Mr. Pervez Musharraf was the main invitee at the gap ceremonial of the fan store. In this subdivision there are 5 sub sections which are fabricating different types of along with 2 shops, one of the natural stuffs and other one for finished goods.

There are besides different types of fans like

aˆ?Ceiling fan

aˆ? Bracket fan

aˆ? Exhaust fan

aˆ? Pedestal fan

aˆ? Table fan

Sub Department:

aˆ? Management Division

aˆ? Production Department

aˆ? Assembly Department

aˆ? Print Department

aˆ? Quality Control Department

These sub sections are inter linked with each other.

3 individuals in direction to execute all working of fan store.

Mr. Gazzanfar ( Incharge )

Mr. Shamim Haider ( Foremen )

Mr. Asif Ahmed ( Supervisor ) .

They follow ISO criterions. They are utilizing Microsoft Excel for histories. They manage all the production, that from where they collect natural stuff, how much production they made, how they assemble the fan. For the production they get natural stuff from chief shop. They purchase natural stuff from local seller. Thus direction decided the entire production harmonizing to the demand. On day-to-day footing they manufactured approximative 1400 ceiling fans 800 pedestal fan and 400 bracket fan.

In Print section they use two type of print method. One is pulverization coating and the other one is spray pigment.

In quality control session, there is cheque and balance of each fan for the needed steps, so after these faulty fans are returned to production and non-defective fans are sent for the wadding as finished goods.

Store Department:

Mr. Mukhtar is the incharge of shop section. This is a chief shop where the buying points are stored and they are transferred to other sections when they need for production. There are two types of working to pull off this shop foremost by manually and 2nd by computerized. Different types of verifiers are used in shop such as goods having card ( goods received locally ) , store card ( appraisal of stored points ) , material issue requisition ( material issued to sections ) . All the things are on record by doing these verifiers. There is a hebdomadal meeting of shop incharge with managers to describe with all conditions. Particular Software is used for keeping all the working of shop named as Microsoft Dynamics AX. This package makes the on the job really easy and efficient. I besides made verifiers of different points by manually and computerized.

Servicess Departments:

Mr. Waqas Ayub is the incharge of services section. He deals with the after-sales service. Super Asia has the largest after gross revenues service web throughout the state to supply with all best of its services. They take attention of clients so that they should non confront any sort of jobs.

After-sales service squad consists of applied scientists and extremely qualified staff with a great professional attack as a consequence of this ground client feel assurance, one time is retained their hardware. Super Asia after-sales service besides provides installations for clients raise their units from abode to the service centre and delivered within 48 hours. They verify and control ailments of clients. They offer three different types of guarantees. They have 25 employees working for services. They have different symbols on each of the parts and they are hidden merely employees by machine vision. They control all the subdivisions from Gujranwala Head Office.

Purchase section:

Mr. Ansar Ahmad is the director of purchase section. He has 2 helper directors and 4 field male childs. Mr. Ansar straight reports to the 3 managers Mr. Faisal, Mr. Umar and Mr. Afzal. They got a monthly production program from gross revenues and selling section that program goes to the production section ; they told to the shop that we need natural stuff so the shop section look into the natural stuff and if they have a deficit of stuff they so told to the purchase section. So now purchase section have to purchase the needed stuff locally and besides largely they import the natural stuff from China and other states. Locally they have 3 to 4 sellers of each point.

When the footings and conditions like monetary value, rate, class and quality have been decided they refer the parts to the quality section for look intoing and public presentation of parts they purchase the stuff. Mr. Ansar deals with the new seller party but the helper director trades with the regular parties. They made payment by hard currency, chaque and by wage order. The purchases largely on recognition footing. All the payments made by the history office on 25th of each month by the petition of purchase section. Mr. Ansar besides gets a day-to-day program of different things and the field boy trades with that things and that is largely purchased on hard currency.

Export Department:

Mr. Zaheer is the export director and trades with the all sorts of exports. He has been here since 12 old ages. Super Asia exports their goods to Sudan, Africa and Gulf states. Export merchandises are following


Washing Machines

Room Air Cooler

Auto Rickshaw


Sometimes they export goods by parts like car jinrikishas but largely assembled like rinsing machine or room air ice chest. There is no usage responsibility they have to be paid. There are no guarantees in export states but they merely provide parts to the traders as required. So the traders cover itself with the client related to claims. Their extremely profitable merchandises are fans and room air ice chest largely in Gulf and Africa part. As the order is concerned they get ordered harmonizing to the season. The communicating scheme is through cyberspace and telephone. Export selling is besides trades by export director. There are two types of marketing one is through e-marketing, ads on web sites, electronic mails and telephones. The 2nd 1 they arrange exhibition on different states to acquire the portion of market. They do exhibits in Gulf and Africa part but now they are be aftering to set up the exhibition in China besides. Mr. Zaheer Ahmad straight reports to the manager Mr. Afzal Akram.

In certification they have made the undermentioned

Commercial Invoice

Packing List


Clearance of Custom

Clearance of Port

Issue of Bill of Ladling

After the above paperss are arranged so the certification procedure completes. Equally for as the testing of paperss is concerned the chamber of commercialism have to look into the paperss and give a clearance, because of this they get the discount on different merchandises like on fan they get 1.72 % discount and on rinsing machine 1.41 % discount. For the whole procedure they used Karachi sea port for the clearance of cargo.

The chief rival in international market is China. Super Asia can non vie Chinas decently but in Room air ice chest Super Asia have an border on China because they did non made the room air ice chest alternatively they made large ice chest used in large mills and sheds.

All the payments have to be made by the history section on the petition of export director. Every state have its ain different enfranchisement ( safety steps ) required and they have complete all the enfranchisement. For illustration in Kuwait there is KASO. In Africa there is SABS and so on. Because these are electrical merchandises so that ‘s the chief ground they required safety steps.

Import Department:

Mr. Sharjeel Aslam is the director of imports office since last 15 old ages. Super Asia imports 50 % of natural stuff and assembled goods from China and besides from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. They import about all the natural stuff of rinsing machines and other merchandises from China and other states, like Cu wire, plastic Danu, ball bearing cogwheel and timer etc. They besides import entire assembled goods from China like AC, Microwave, Instant H2O geyser and Water dispenser. In here they merely change the packaging and publish the logo of the company. Besides motor motorcycles parts are import and merely assembled here, merely few of parts purchased locally and some made in the company.

The usage responsibility on each of the merchandise is different. Sale Tax rate is 16 % . And Income revenue enhancement rate is 5 % . They have a Free Trade Agreement ( FTA ) certificate so it waves off the responsibility by 3 to 4 % . If they import entire assembled goods so its responsibility is high. For illustration in H2O dispenser they have to pay 25 % and if they import in parts and assembled here so the responsibility will be 15 % . In Korea ( FTA ) raw material responsibility is 10 % . And in China FTA natural stuff responsibility is 6.5 % and so on for other states.

In trade like AC, Water dispense and Instant H2O geyser they have 3 to 4 parties. Before doing the understanding they check their monetary value, manner and theoretical account and so they select the party for trade. But in natural stuff they do non hold a specific party like in instance of AC and other merchandises they purchased natural stuff from unfastened market where they can acquire low monetary value and better quality parts. They besides have to advert the class and quality on each of the merchandise.

In certification procedure they negotiate with the party related to its merchandise and the footings and conditions made which include monetary value, rate, quality and manner of transmition. Then the company issue Performa bill, so they open Letter of Credit ( LC ) in the bank, and the procedure of certification will be complete. Mr. Sharjeel Aslam straight reports to the manager Mr. Afzal Akram. When the shop section needs anything for production they inform the import office 90 yearss earlier, because the shipment procedure takes 60 to 72 yearss. All the payments made by the histories section as the petition of Mr. Sharjeel Aslam.

Human Resource Management:

Mr. Abdul Hafeez is the HR director in the Super Asia. Super Asia is an ownership house so there is non much complicated and complex HRM system. There are 1800 to 1900 employees working in the Super Asia.

In the HRM section:

Mr. Zubair ( Country Manager )

Mr. Abdul Hafeez ( HR Manager Gujranwala )

Mr. Bilal Danish ( HR Assistant Manager )

Mr. Umar Akram ( HR coordinator )

They examine merely three things that are following

Hiring and riddance

Performance of the employees

Employees ‘ benefits

Besides in Super Asia there are some extra sections run by the HR director these are canteen, security, and infirmary and edifice care. They besides have to look after them and the incharge of these sections besides studies to the HR director.

MR. Hafeez explained me about the whole process of employee hiring, public presentation and their benefits. As for the intent of hiring of the campaigners they have a one proper system to which they foremost decide demand of employees for a peculiar occupation, so they made a occupation description so after that they have an APPROVAL FORM. Approval signifier is fundamentally use for the hiring of the new employees in the company. This signifier is approved by the HR director Mr. Hafeez so the new campaigners for the needed occupation apply. The HR helper director Mr. Bilal Danish has to analyze the paperss of the campaigners as their making, experience and their background position. They took the interview of the campaigners harmonizing to the nature of the occupations.

After choosing the campaigner they have an ENROLLMENT FORM. That signifier contains the entire information of the employees. Then this signifier sends to the TIME OFFICE, where they have to observe the day of the month of connection of the employee, they besides assigned a peculiar codification for the employee in the clip office. The wage of the employee is decided by the incharge of that peculiar section. After that process is done so the whole record related to the employee enters in to the computing machine package along with the codification.

As for the public presentation of the employees the HR director has to demand for the public presentation study of that peculiar employee to the director of that section. The section director have to look into the public presentation of the employees and have to do an study and direct to the HR director where they farther analysis the public presentation of the employee and harmonizing to this study they make determinations about the increasing of wage and some other employee benefits they have to give to the employee. The public presentation of the employees is checkered twice in a twelvemonth.


In Super Asia there are different types of benefits provided to their employees including

Old Age Benefits ( Pension Fund )

Social Security Card ( prepared after three months from the day of the month of fall ining )

Housing installation to employees

Transportation installation to employees

Provides auto to senior director of the company

Pay wages twice a month to employees

Histories and Finance:

Mr. Shahid Iqbal Channa is the Chief Financial Officer of Super Asia. He is working in Super Asia in the past 16 old ages. Shahid Iqbal is responsible to pull off the full fiscal personal businesss. All minutess associating to hard currency or bank responsible for pull offing the fiscal personal businesss of that caput of the Finance section. The followers is the hierarchy of the histories and finance section

Mr. Shahid Iqbal ( Finance Manager )

Mr. Mubashar Yasin ( Assistant Manager )

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa ( Accounts Manager )

Mr. Zain Butt ( Assistant Manager )

Mr. Bilal Arif ( Data entry Operator )

General Manger

Finance Manager

Histories Manager

Mr. Shahid Iqbal has to make the undermentioned undertakings while executing his occupation.

The readying of fiscal statements, such as net income and loss.

Histories and balance sheets.

Consult fiscal affairs with the General Manager.

Approve mill disbursals.

Blessing of the wage to labor.

Acquisition of fund ( i.e. elevation of financess )

Allotment of fund ( i.e. investing determination )

Fund Assessment ( i.e. rating of fiscal activities )

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa has to execute the undermentioned things and all things below have been approved by the helper accounts director.

Publishing chaque for mill personal businesss ( disbursals )

Arrange monthly payments from sellers through company history.

Make enquiries about on-line grosss / sedimentations.

Filling of Directors files and finance related files.

Casual poster of verifiers.

Arranging Bankss and journal verifiers, and handed over to the teller at the terminal of the twenty-four hours.

Drafting letters and acquire it typed into the computing machine.

Assisting Manager Finance, for allotment of day-to-day disbursals, undertaking payments and publishing the chaques consequently.

Publishing chaques on the histories of the company and self-accounts.

The informations entry operator does the undermentioned things during his occupation.

Posting of grosss and payment verifiers.

Posting of bank diary verifiers.

Maintain all subdivisions petty hard currency.

Posting it to relevant subdivisions legers.

Gross saless and Selling:

Mr. Mustajab Hussain was pull offing the selling section. Haji Muhammad Ashraf Chief Executive of the company has played a prima function in the selling facets of the merchandises, and he was to the full cognizant of the international modern selling tendencies. Mr. Sohail Yusuf is the Director of Gross saless and Marketing section. The squad consists of helpers and salesmen and operates under the selling director. Gross saless section besides see under selling section so that it is besides covering with issues related gross revenues by selling director and manager. Salesmans have to analyse the market by study and happen their place in the market.

Marketing Director

Selling Director



Salesman of the company would hold to capture market traders, besides responsible for the recovery of payments. First they take orders and so these bids are delivered to the production section. Production section provide the points of order after the bringing of goods the salesmen go for the recovery of the payment. The chief undertaking of the salesman is to acquire clients in the new market.


In my concluding study I did two types of analysis of Super Asia. First is SWOT analysis which includes the strengths, failing, chances and menaces faced by Super Asia. Second is PEST analysis which is approximately political, economic, societal and technological alterations.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT stands for strengths and chances, failings and menaces. By analysing the strengths of the company and the manner how get over from the failings and place chances that can profit the company to forestall menaces to the company. And will be examined separately strengths, failings, chances and menaces faced by Super Asia.


Company was built in good religion in the Pakistan market.

The company is holding big portion of market portion all over the state in the washing machine industry.

Super Asia is a well-known trade name name and is really celebrated in the place contraption industry.

The company deals in all sorts of place contraptions, such as rinsing machine, spinsters, and air conditioners, fans, warmers, H2O dispensers, room air ice chests, micro-cook oven, cooking scope.

Super Asia is besides a strategic spouse for Procter & A ; Gamble

Super Asia exports its merchandises to assorted parts around the universe such as markets chiefly Africa and the Middle East and Asia.

Company is holding a figure of employees who are committed to the old trueness with the company.

Super Asia retains employees by offering benefits such as aging benefits, disablement benefits and sickness benefits, and medical installations in the infirmary and the company paid in progress etc.

There are a big figure of theoretical accounts available in each of the company ‘s merchandises.

The company has won the esteemed award for the period 2004-2005 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry presented by General Pervez Musharraf to the Chief Executive Officer of Super Asia.

The company has won the Merit Cup 2005-2006 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry gave by Shaukat Aziz ( Prime Minister at the clip ) to the Director General for Super Asia.


The company has to confront a large competition because of unskilled labor and technological alterations.

Ad budget is a really short in Super Asia relative to other trade names in the market.

Not most of the administrative staff is good educated.

There is besides a really weak point in the direction of excess labour. There are a big figure of workers in direction.

Management staffs wages are really low due to the knowing and experient do non come to work in the company.

The direction staff do non hold direct nexus with their traders

Ailments section does non supply appropriate services to clients of the company.

Company has non put appropriate promotional schemes for international markets.

Traders of company ailments for the low net income border in merchandises.


Due to the authorities ‘s policy of low export responsibilities, Super Asia has chances to increase its exports.

Due to the strong fiscal place of the company, direction can utilize the latest engineering in their merchandises.

Company can utilize the trade name name in the international market to increase gross revenues of Fans.

The company is financially really strong, so it can utilize the electronic media and print to increase their gross revenues.

Company should look in International Industrial Exhibition. It ‘s a great chance for the company to make trade name consciousness in the planetary markets.


Chinese engineering is a really large menace to Super Asia.

Other rivals of Super Asia offer the same merchandises at comparatively lower monetary values.

There are a big figure of new companies set to increase competition in the market.

STYLO Washing Machine Company invests heavy budget in advancing their merchandises.

Current energy crisis and electricity is a really large obstruction to the company ‘s fabrication unit. Due to miss of electricity the company may non be able to run into the demand.

PEST Analysis:

Plague analysis stands for “ Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis ” PEST analysis are used to depict a model for analysing these macro environmental factors.

A PEST analysis fits into an environmental scan as shown in diagram.

Environmental Scan

Macro Environment

Micro Environment

Pest Analysis

Political factors:

Super Asia offers its employees with societal security benefits under the supervising of the Social Security Act which are old age benefit, retirement benefit, pension and disablement benefit.

The company owns the hallmark and trade name name that gives the company the sole right by authorities policies on the usage and enters into contracts and minutess through its trade name registrar.

The company is committed to follow the safety ordinances of workers as provided for under the jurisprudence of the safety of workers.

All relevant revenue enhancement policies are being followed by Super Asia chiefly for imports of the merchandises

Economic factors:

Super Asia has of import portion in the economic system of state.

Cost of production includes pay wages, and workers to staff, buying, installations, and internal and external conveyance.

The company gives different types of merchandises for classs of clients. For illustration, good quality merchandises and a spot expensive for a higher grade and cheaper merchandises to the lower category clients.

Merchandise monetary values of Super Asia are higher than its rival ‘s merchandises but still have a Super Asia ‘s largest market portion because of the quality of its merchandises.

Exchange rate of the company is high because of the clients that have the assurance in Super Asia.

Social factors:

Wagess and wages of workers and direction are non satisfactory and hence the factor income distribution is non satisfactory.

Super Asia has award of being the first local company merely to take attention of place contraption concatenation international cricket.

The company giving a medical installation in the signifier of “ Mian Mohammad Din Memorial Trust Hospital.

The company provides assorted types of place contraptions that help in bettering the life style of the people.

Company is to supply theoretical accounts in a assortment of costumes that can be used otherwise in different topographic points.

Technological factors:

Company is holding big figure of computerized machine that helps in cut downing the cost of the work and the clip.

Due to technological betterments many of the points are available at its good quality.

Manufacturing section has besides different types of dyes for bring forthing different theoretical accounts or forms of merchandises.

Tool store besides working inside the mill premises, which manufactures tools that will be used in its ain production.

The company provided computing machines for employees to pass on letter paper costs and salvage clip.

Different package is being used in different sections for managing and commanding on the Histories and Stores.

Marketing Analysis:

In my concluding undertaking, I have included selling analysis, in this analysis I examined that which selling schemes Super Asia is presently utilizing to maximise the gross revenues of the company, and 2nd analysis is the merchandise life rhythm. Product life rhythm shows all phases of the gross revenues of its production to the diminution of the merchandise. Every merchandise when produced is passed through the different phases of merchandise life rhythm, and sometimes gross revenues is traveling to increase and sometimes begins to worsen. Sometimes gross revenues are in the place of prosperity and sometimes these are traveling to worsen.

Here I am making these analysis related to the gross revenues of Super Asia.

Marketing Schemes:

The function of marketing activities sum up the chief activities involved in pull offing selling scheme and selling mix. The company hopes to accomplish these profitable relationships through strategic direction which includes market cleavage, aiming and the placement. Super Asia chooses which consumers it will help and in what manner. It defines the entire market place, and so distributes it into smaller sections, and emphases on assisting and make fulling consumers in these sections. Two things come under the caput of selling schemes:

Customer-Oriented Marketing Scheme

Marketing Mix

Customer-Oriented Marketing Scheme:

In today ‘s competitory market, the demands of companies focused on the client. They must win clients from rivals, keep them and so turn them by supplying greater value. But before you can fulfill clients, we must foremost understand their demands and desires. Therefore sound selling requires a careful analysis of the client.

Super Asia knows that it can non be profitable to all consumers in the specified market, at slightest non all consumers in the same manner there are many types of consumers with different types of demands. Utmost concerns are in a state of affairs to help some sections are better than others. So Ace Asia has to split the entire market, and take the best schemes to acquire the maximal net income. This procedure includes three stairss:

Market Cleavage

Target Selling

Market Positioning

Market Cleavage:

Dividing the market into distinguishable groups of purchasers who have different demands, and features, or behaviour which may necessitate separate merchandises and the selling mix. Super Asia offers the same selling mix for different clients to a big extent, and market cleavage makes it possible to set the selling mix for an exact mark market, and better carry through the wants of clients. Not all necessities of selling mix are basically changed from one section to the following. For illustration, in some instances merely the publicities competitions differ.

A cleavage of market should be:


Manageable by communicating and distribution webs

Different in its reaction to a selling mix

Tough ( Not altering excessively rapidly )

Important sufficiency to be commercial

Super Asia has segmented by several beginnings, and industrial markets are segmented somewhat different from consumer markets. A beginning for cleavage is a factor that varies between groups within a market, but that is dependable indoors groups. Super Asia has segmented the market place on the mentioned bases:

Geographic Cleavage:

Geographically Super Asia segmented the universe market place as that, the company normally emphases on the Pakistani market for its merchandises. Pakistani market is the mark market of Super Asia. They mark the divisions of the whole universe market and so make up one’s mind to emphasis on one section which is the Pakistani market place.

Demographic Cleavage:

Super Asia distributes the market for different merchandises on altered manner. There are proportion of divisions of market place on the beginnings of human ecology like on the nucleuss of sex, phase, schooling, profession, wage and domestic position. Super Asia has to choose the changed sections for their dissimilar merchandises. On behalf of every merchandise of the concern about is changed section.

Psychographic Cleavage:

On the bases of psychological science the company has complete the section on the bases of modus operandi, values and daring. There is changed degree of goods for different place populaces. This division based on the modus operandi and family position.

Behavioral Cleavage:

This section of the company is based on the usage degree, merchandise dependability, monetary value compassion and public assistances of the merchandise.

Target Selling:

Target selling contains interrupting a market into sections and so involved your selling battles on one or more indispensable sections. Target selling can be of import to a little concern success. The attractive force of mark market is that it makes the publicity, rating and bringing of your merchandises and services easier and more efficient. Target selling offers a focal point to all of your selling activities. When Super Asia has different the market fragments, it can come in one or more sections of a given market.

There are different market section for the different merchandises of Super Asia, and the company mark individually on the different section of the different merchandises. Here I am sing the mark market for different merchandises of the concern.

Washing Machine, and Microwave Oven:

Super Asia can do the advertisement scheme for full of the market, but in the commercial and advertisement schemes the company focuses on the homemakers and adult females. So in these units the mark market of the corporation is the homemakers. And there are different reproductions of these merchandises for the different rank people and holding changed modus operandis. The company makes the advertisement scheme for the full market of Pakistan.

Air Conditioner, Fans, Geysers and Air Coolers:

In this series of the SBUs the company mark market are dealingss of different place and life style. Here the company makes the advertisement schemes for whole of the household because these merchandises are used by whole of the household members. Largely the advertisement schemes for these merchandises are made for the metropolis countries.

Market placement:

Arranging for a merchandise to busy a clear, typical and desirable topographic point relation to the viing merchandises in the heads of the mark consumers. Positioning is the site of centripetal observation. It ‘s merchandise or service that fits into the market. Effective placement puts you in the first line in the heads of possible clients. Positioning is a powerful tool that allows you to make an image. The image is the outward representation for being who you want to be, make what you want to make. Positioning can take you to self-fulfillment.

This is why it is really of import for Super Asia to change over their passion in the place of the market. If the company does non specify its merchandises or services, and rival will make so on your behalf. So the company ‘s place in the market evolves from features of their merchandise.

The primary necessities of positioning for Super Asia are:


The values of the concern are slightly high due to which the people are accommodating to purchase the challengers ‘ merchandises. It is indispensable for having the placement in the ideas of the clients to repair the inferior monetary values of the merchandises than challenger ‘s merchandises.


Quality of the merchandises jobs a batch. If your merchandise is make fulling the client high quality so it is likely to obtain the greater gross revenues. Some of the Super Asia ‘s goods are deserving wise really good due to which they make a batch of the income for the house. The value of Washing Machines of Super Asia is really filling to the consumers due to which this SBU acquire really immense income for the house.


They offer consumer installations due to which the clients of place usage purchasing their merchandises. The house offer after sale services which is a chief issue of the immense gross revenues of Super Asia.


The merchandises of the company are offered all over the state because merchandises should be offered to all the clients. Around 1500 Sellerss of the company all over the province giving the merchandises of Super Asia ‘s to the clients.


The attractive packaging of the merchandises involvements the clients to purchase the merchandises. Here the house is besides solid as their packaging is really all right.

Marketing mix:

Marketing mix is aˆ‹aˆ‹a mixture of selling utensils that are used to carry through consumers and the house ‘s purposes. And clients often call the selling mix. Super Asia ‘s selling mix besides depends on these processs. Your proposal is organized by the undermentioned variables frequently referred to as the four Ps in selling:


Monetary value

Topographic point



Monetary value

Topographic point





The merchandise is animal merchandise or service presented to the clients. In the event of animal merchandise, it besides mentions to any services or services that are portion of the part. Merchandise judgements include the characteristics, such as significance, presences, packaging, service and warrant etc.

All the merchandises of Super Asia are the bodily merchandises, the house does non treaty any service, but offer the after gross revenues service healing services and place supply services etc. the merchandises consequences include the undermentioned characteristics:





Brand Name



Super Asia have comprised all these characteristics in their merchandises, such as there is a batch of diverseness in each merchandise of the house, some of the merchandises are choice reasonable really good, design and packaging of the merchandises are really beautiful and have different mentum. The hallmark name of Super Asia is known to about every individual in the state and the company besides offers after sale services, free healing services and place bringing services.

Monetary value:

Monetary value is the sum of money consumer has to pay to obtain the merchandise. Pricing determination should take into history net income borders and the likely pricing responses of the rivals. Pricing non merely include the pricing list, but besides price reductions, funding and other options such as renting. In the valuing scheme Super Asia have included undermentioned things:

List Monetary value



Payment Time period

Recognition Footings

Super Asia has supplying a list monetary value of all its merchandises to all of its Sellerss and asked them to supply the tax write-offs to all the consumers. The house gives altered types of the payments to all of its Sellerss and clients likewise, awards, price reductions systems etc. The company besides dealingss with its traders on the recognition bases.

Topographic point:

Topographic point contains steadfast actions that make the merchandise gettable to the mark clients. Topographic point consequences are those related with the webs of bringing that serve as the agency for acquiring the merchandise to the mark consumers. The bringing system achieves transactional, logistical and enabling intents. Distributions determinations contain market attending, web member choice, logistics and degrees of service. Following things have comprised by Super Asia in the Places schemes:






Transportation system

Super Asia uses its personal conveyance for the bringing of the merchandises to topographic point of peddling. And these points of selling are friendly to all the clients. Like Gujranwala there is proper electronics and place contraptions market which is at the mensurable abode. In other metropoliss these points of peddling are easy amicable to all the consumers. And the house provides a big record to all its Sellerss so that clients can non confront the problem of un-availability.


Promotion means events that connect the qualities of the merchandise and convince mark clients to purchase it. Promotions determinations are those linked to join forcesing and selling to possible clients. Since these monetary values can be big in sum to the merchandise monetary value, a break-even scrutiny should be done when doing lift determinations, it is valuable to cognize the value of client in order to command whether excess consumers are value the monetary value of acquiring them. Super Asia has taken the subsequent stairss for the advertisement schemes:


Personal Selling

Gross saless Promotion

Public Relation

The budget for advertizement is low for the house merchandises which is great danger for the house due to which the challengers are acquiring the benefit. Super Asia besides does the advertisement in some public well-being plants. Business is financing to many NGOs and benefit disposals.

Research Questionnaire:

During my internship period in Super Asia I had done the quantitative research on Super Asia rinsing machine. I made a questionnaire in which I added some inquiry for the comparing of other trade names. After make fulling out the questionnaire from the traders of Super Asia I made a decision study. Following is the questionnaire and the decision study.


This questionnaire is meant for informations aggregation for a research about rinsing machine of Super Asia. I request you to reply the undermentioned inquiry. The picks are given below. You can reply them by tick. You are welcome to given remarks on it every bit good.




Contact No:

How long you have been covering with Super Asia rinsing machine?

2-4 old ages 4-6 old ages 6-8 old ages More than 8 old ages

25 % 12.5 % 25 % 37.5 %

How make you province your experience with Super Asia rinsing machine in comparing with Dawlance and Haier?

Excellent Good Fair Bad

37.5 % 37.5 % 25 % 0 %

How make you happen our merchandise ( rinsing machine ) in footings of public presentation?

Excellent Good Fair Bad

50 % 25 % 25 % 0 %

Do you believe the monetary value of Super Asia rinsing machine is satisfactory as with Dawlance and Haier?

Yes No

75 % 25 %

Do you believe the Style, Design as merchandise visual aspect is attractive to capture client attending?

Yes No Not plenty

12.5 % 25 % 62.5 %

Would you wish to see any alteration or betterment in rinsing machine?

Yes No

75 % 25 %

What do you believe that Super Asia rinsing machine is dependable?

Yes No

100 % 0 %

Is rinsing machine carry throughing all those demands as they said?

Yes No Not plenty

87.5 % 0 % 12.5 %

Is the monetary value of rinsing machine as per with the quality delivered?

Yes No

75 % 25 %

Would you like to buy our merchandise in future as more to Dawlance and Haier?

Yes No

100 % 0 %

How much the gross revenues volume of Super Asia rinsing machine as to other trade name?

More Less Equal

87.5 % 0 % 12.5 %

Which trade name is strong rival of Super Asia in rinsing machine?

Dawlance LG Haier

12.5 % 0 % 87.5 %

Ace Asia take new and alone stairss to tout their sale of rinsing machine?

Yes No Not now

62.5 % 37.5 % 0 %

How confident are you that Super Asia will derive extra market portion in industry in coming twelvemonth?

Confident Very Confident Somewhat confident

37.5 % 37.5 % 25 %

Should Super Asia present eco-friendly rinsing machine such as Haier introduced?

Yes No

87.5 % 12.5 %

Is Ace Asia provides after sale services?

Yes No

87.5 % 12.5 %

Decision on Super Asia rinsing machine:

In response of the undertaking you gave us. We make an appropriate research and comparing questionnaire. In which we make the comparing of Super Asia rinsing machine with other trade names. In questionnaire we mentioned 16 inquiries. These inquiries are more appropriate and best to happen the right market place of Super Asia rinsing machine.

We gave the questionnaires to different traders and from that we get consequences about rinsing machine. On the bases of these consequences we conclude that

The quality of merchandise is small bit decreased such from 2011.

The services in which after sale services has been cut downing.

The benefits and price reductions Super Asia non much supply to traders.

Some said that the monetary value of Super Asia rinsing machine is more than the other trade names.

The merchandise is dependable.


Following are the points on which Super Asia must be focus, these are




Product life rhythm:

A merchandise life rhythm can be divided into the several phases characterized by the gross generated by the merchandise. If the gross curve is aforethought merchandise appear with the transition of clip, it may take one of the many different signifiers and illustration is shown below:


Development phase:

Life rhythm construct applies to the trade name or merchandise class. Its continuance may be every bit short as a few months for a craze or a century or more of the merchandise classs. Product development is the incubation phase merchandise life rhythm. There are no gross revenues and the company is fixing to offer the merchandise. Merchandise advancement through its life rhythm, alterations in the market mix and are normally obtained in order to accommodate to emerging challenges and chances.

Introduction Phase:

When the merchandise is introduced, its gross revenues will be low until clients even become cognizant of the merchandise and its benefits. Some companies may denote their merchandises before presenting it, but such proclamation besides watchful rivals and take the component of surprise. Super Asia besides uses this scheme that they announce the merchandise before the debut and their position about this thing is that clients become cognizant of the merchandise before its debut in the market. Normally high advertisement costs during this stage in order to increase client consciousness of the merchandise rapidly and aim to the early adoptive parents. When Super Asia was introduced bikes they advertise a batch. These high costs coupled with a diminution in gross revenues volume normally make the debut phase for a period of negative net incomes.

Growth Phase:

ItA is the phase of the merchandise life rhythm in which merchandise gross revenues start mounting quickly. It is a period of rapid growing, gross revenues and gross increased more, clients become cognizant of the merchandise and its utility and is aiming extra sections in the market. Once the merchandise has been proven a success and clients being inquiring for it, gross revenues will increase farther as more retail merchants become interested in transporting it. Marketing squad may spread out distribution at this phase. Motorcycles and ovens in Super Asia are at this phase because gross revenues are increasing. When rivals enter the market, and frequently during the latter portion of the growing stage, there may be monetary value competition and increased advertisement costs in order to convert consumers that the merchandise of the company is better than that the competition.

Maturity phase:

Phase in the merchandise life rhythm in gross revenues growing slowed or stabilized, it is the most profitable phase while gross revenues continue to increase at this phase, and they do so at a slower gait. Because strong trade name consciousness, publicizing outgo will be reduced. Competition may ensue in lessening market portion and monetary values. Super Asia machines and spinsters are at the phase of adulthood and gain a batch of net incomes for the company and cost of advertisement is besides really low. Competing merchandises may be really similar at this phase it more hard to distinguish the merchandise. There are a batch of companies in the market, both domestic and foreign. Company seting the attempt in encouraging rivals ‘ clients to exchange and increasing the usage of clients in change overing non users into clients. Gross saless publicity may be an attempt to promote retail merchants to give more infinite to the merchandise shelf on viing merchandises.

Decline phase:

Product life rhythm in which market becomes saturated and the merchandise ‘s gross revenues falls. Product becomes out-of-date or technological alterations the gustatory sensation of the clients. If the merchandise has developed trade name trueness, profitableness can be maintained for a longer period. Such as rinsing machines in Asia super makes net incomes for a longer period. Unit cost may increase with the diminution in the volume of production and no net incomes in the terminal can be made. During diminution phase, the company by and large has three options:

Keep the merchandise in hopes that rivals will go out, cut down costs and happen new utilizations of for the merchandise

Harvest it, cut down doing support and do coasting along until no net income can be made.

Discontinue the merchandise when no more net income can be made or there is successor merchandise.

Competitive Scheme:

Super Asia more accent on competitory scheme they use cost leading and distinction scheme, so this is because they are more aggressive in the market. They provide free services including after gross revenues service and claim services, place bringing fix and care. They besides upgrade engineering in merchandises, and supply alone merchandises new and different from rivals. Super Asia want to acquire a place in the market by altering their merchandises, new designs and new theoretical accounts by adding new engineering, by giving new attractive packaging. Super Asia to acquire more by altering their advertisement schemes.

They straight relate with the traders even have to give them fillips, price reductions and fillips to bargainers and assorted services for the comfort of the client convenience because their rivals do non give such benefits to traders as Super Asia do. They target the market sector by making psychographic. In this portion it targets the upper category because they have a high quality and criterions that create a strong image in the head of the client. Because in this section their rivals usually do non function the demands of clients. The chief rivals of Super Asia are following.

aˆ? Dawlance

aˆ? Haier

aˆ? Jumbo place Appliances

aˆ? PEL

aˆ? East

Experience ( Duties / Responsibilities ) :

During the internship period in the Super Asia my adviser besides assigned me some of the responsibilities and duties that I have to execute and I have to finish the undertakings given by my adviser with full my attending and duties. I spend most of my clip on selling, histories office and human resources section. In this study I am giving some inside informations of these responsibilities and duties:

My primary responsibility is to help my adviser Mr. Abdul Hafeez who was the director of Human Resource section.

Sometimes my advisor gave me undertakings to do the wages of admin staff.

I besides made the occupation description of informations entry operator.

Mr. Mustajab Hussain caput of selling section gave me the undertaking of making a market study on the gross revenues of rinsing machines and did the occupation with full of my attending.

Ask to fix the decision on that research and I completed and present it.

Besides consults with me about the latest selling and gross revenues schemes and asked me to modify these schemes.

In histories office Mr. Shahid Iqbal gave me to make undertakings to do a partial rapprochement statements.

There was another undertaking to make a complete rapprochement of bank histories in the modus operandi.

During the internship, I visited some of the Bankss with an officer of the company.

During my visits I deal with the bank ‘s employees to follow different undertakings.

To lodge cheques and hard currency

To retreat hard currency

To roll up bank statements

To reassign the sum

For payment orders

For demand bill of exchanges

To halt bank the payment of lost chaqu