Cisco Solutions And Current Market Trends Information Technology Essay

As we discussed earlier softswitches are a cardinal portion of following coevals webs, it defines a construct of dividing web hardware signifier web package. It is one of cardinal device in modern telecommunication webs which connects phone lines to one another typically via cyberspace, it is performed utilizing package running on a computing machine, which was earlier done by mechanical, electromagnetic or digital switches.

Cisco has provided assorted NGN solutions which are enabled by different softswitches and media gateways offered by Cisco, for illustration Cisco BTS 10200 and Cisco PGW 2200 are two softswitches which provide media gateway control maps and interworking between following coevals webs ( NGN ) . These control maps may include control intelligence which provides establishing, maintaining, routing or ending phone calls.

Another Solution for NGN provided by Cisco is Cisco IP Transfer Point ( ITP ) , it is a complete solution which transports SS7 and SS7-over-IP ( SS7oIP ) traffic over conventional clip division multiplex webs or on following coevals SS7oIP webs. In the undermentioned subdivisions we will depict these solutions in item.

Cisco BTS 10200

With the addition in usage of cyberspace and package based engineering telecommunication research workers felt the importance of package based engineering for telecommunication webs. They understood the importance of package based webs over conventional clip division multiplexed webs for voice calls. To replace these TDM switches / webs Cisco came up with softswitches like BTS 10200. These softswitches provides high quality voice traffic and with a control agent present gives the control intelligence characteristic like routing, set uping, keeping or ending the voice calls. It does non merely supply services for voice calls It besides provides a interface to meet voice and informations webs to supply voice and informations services at the same time and other applications like incorporate messaging and voice mail.

Softswitches has replaced really big TDM webs and with the usage of this Cisco BTS 10200 it is really easy for the service suppliers, in footings of services it guarantee bearer grade dependability, rapid service deployment, and flexibleness in services besides in add-on to operational point of position service suppliers have a scalability to million of users and cost economy can be achieved through efficient operations and investing optimisation.

Cisco BTS 10200 is the category independent softswitches, it can used with either category 4 category 5 web, hence supports local and theodolite applications and supports Signing System 7 Primary Rate Interface / TDM ( SS7 PRI/TDM offload.

CISCO BTS 10200 enables speedy deployment of services and there is no demand for seting cost and clip in up step of each conveyance component. Itr centralizes the maps like call control intelligence and service applications form conveyance web. Alternatively of lone telecommunications services other multiple multimedia or corporate services can be offered utilizing BTS 10200 for illustration VPN, Internet entree and Web hosting. Such rich services non merely derive the client assurance but besides enhances the client trueness to the service supplier which consequences in more on-line clip for the user.

CISCO BTS 10200 Architecture and Components

CISCO BTS 10200 provides IP and ATM based connexion to PSTN utilizing different protocols such as SS7, SIP, H.323, MGCP. It ‘s package works on unfastened UNIX based platform which gives call control and other services. A CISCO BTS 10200 softswitch comprises of three elements as described below

Name agent constituent of BTS 10200 provides the maps of call direction and mediagateway accountant. Each softswitch has multiple call agents so that capacity and redundancy demands can be handled.

The 2nd constituent component direction system works as mediaton device between Network mangemnt system and different call agents. EMS provides the installations like charge, provisioning, coverage and disposal.

The characteristic waiter suppliers an unfastened beginning and flexible model so that new and advanced characteristics can be introduced into the web which allow service suppliers to utilize merchandises of different sellers. It besides procedure characteristics like call forwarding and name waiting.

Figure 6.1 Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch Elementss

Cisco Broadband Local Integrated Services Solutions ( BLISS )

Cisco BTS 10200 gives foundation to assorted voice solutions provided by Cisco systems which besides includes Broadband Local Integrated Services Solutions ( BLISS ) . BLISS provides solutions for Metro Ethernet, T1/E1 lines, overseas telegram, for radio and wired webs it provides Voice Infrastructure and Applications ( VIA ) .

CISCO BLISS enables the service suppliers to provides multiple services over a common entree web, therefore spread outing their market potency. Cisco Bliss gives service suppliers an unfastened manus to supply multiple service like informations, voice and picture to stop clients utilizing the same entree web. These entree webs can be Metro Ethernet, T1/E1 lines or overseas telegram. A web confriguration of Cisco BLISS is shown in Figure 6.2


It enables the service suppliers informations, voice and picture on simple Ethernet substructure nowadays in user premises. It provides a guaranteed 10-100 Mbps connexion to every user back uping informations services like cyberspace, Virtual Private Networks VPN, voice service like basic telephone and picture services like streaming broadcast medium, or picture conferencing. This solution is best suited for residential countries and small-medium size endeavors.

CISCO BLISS for T1/E1 Lines

CISCO BLISS for T1/E1 lines conveyances informations and voice over T1/E1 substructure. On bing T1/E1 lines by utilizing Cisco BLISS, service suppliers can offer a figure of package based services which may include high velocity file sharing or long distance voice calls. By offering such multiple sevices a service supplier can gain big net incomes by offering small- medium sized clients a better telecommunication services.

Figure 6.2 Cisco BLISS web constellation

Cisco BLISS for Cisco VIA Solution

In Cisco VIA solution by enabling voice traffic over an IP web, CISCO BLISS allows services like organisation, theodolite and expiration as shown in Figure 6.3. It has a architecture with unfastened criterions, which allows rapid deployment of new services while guaranting the interoperability among divergent webs. In combination with other Cisco devices like routers, media gateways, LAN switches and Cisco BTS 10200 softswitch, CISCO BLISS provides a VIA solution to divide carrier control call control and other characteristic maps, to supply a complete unfastened criterion system.

Figure 6.3 Cisco VIA solution web constellation

This substructure shown in Figure 6.3 allows service suppliers to present new net income generating services over package based webs. This voice solution helps in charge for the service suppliers every bit good it can supply high quality dependable services to clients.

Cisco BLISS benefits:

Single Network, Single Protocol and multiple services like informations, voice and picture

Coast economy because of individual package base web.

Open criterion architecture for flexible and high public presentation web services.

Fast deployment of advanced and demanding services like voice messaging and service

Cisco PGW 2200 Protocol Gateway

CISCO PGW 2200 is a multi-protocol enabled high quality softswitch which provides media gateways control maps and networking among following coevals webs ( NGN ) and IP webs i.e. IP- IP, IP – Public Switched Telephone Networks ( PSTN ) and connectivity between PSTN – PSTN. To link these webs two standardize services, Session Initiation Protocol ( SIP ) and intelligent web ( IN ) is used. The CISCO PGW 2200 supports both SIP and H.323 and a figure of other PSTN protocols.

Cisco PGW 2200 has a flexible database tabular array, command bids and against bole groups it has a scope of properties. It can route calls based on E164 telephone figure or by a SIP user and sphere name and provides a powerful and generic routing capableness. By utilizing application waiters or internal analysis database analysis and routing can be carried out. With user degree transparence and topology concealment PGW 2200 is able to work in proxy manner or Back to Back user agent ( B2BUA ) manner. PGW can work as I individual device solution as it can independently take routing and analysis determinations. It can be deployed with big service suppliers webs because of it 64-bit database. PGW 2200 can command media gateways such as Cisco MGX household, Cisco Universal gateways and Integrated Service routers.

Manners of Operation

PGW 2200 can be configured to run in two manners

Signing manner

In this manner, it works as SS7 signaling convertor, it provides SS7 interconnectivity for Cisco AS5000 Series universal gateways to offload PSTN calls and dial traffic into IP webs. It besides provides figure alteration, testing and standardization.

Name Control manner

In this manner it works as a media gateway accountant, it provides routing and signaling interworking for PSTN and IP based webs, it besides provides centralised analysis of Numberss.

Cisco PGW 2200 Applications

PGW 220 allows the creative activity of SIP based distributed webs, working as basic constituent in nucleus IP multimedia system IMS. PGW 2200 is an efficient softswitch and because of it ‘s multiple functions it can work with nomadic and PSTN under new European signifier of following coevals web i.e TISPAN model.

Fixed Mobile Covergence

As we observed there is a proved inter opereability among different webs, application waiters, media gateways and PGW 2200. It allows us to utilize it for assortment of applications like fixed web convergence. In this application sever can be used with the soft switch to supply maps such as “ forking ” of call for call re-attempt or name rerouting

National and International Transit

Service suppliers can take advantage of interconnectivity between PSTN and PGW 2200 and they can transport traffic over optimum paths utilizing least cost way and clip of hold routing capablenesss. The onboard database substructure besides provides Local Number Portability ( LNP ) .

Key Features of PGW 2200

PGW 220 carries enhanced SIP support, it supports interoperability with different SIP entities and assorted webs

PGW 2200 has multiprotocol support, it allows for call handling and other auxiliary services for any to any protocol and is non limited to merely SIP-SIP.

Pure IP Based Network, this IP based architecture provides redundancy and scalability across the sites.

On board real-time database, it allows PGW 2200 to be the individual device solution offering all type of routing and testing

PGW offers endeavor and call centre capableness

Cisco IP Transfer Point