Contrast Between Bluetooth And Wi Fi Protocols Information Technology Essay

This is one of the most popular subjects amongst all others, which have been prepared, until now. This diary discusses in brief about Bluetooth and the Wireless Fidelity ( Wi-Fi ) . It besides discusses about the differences between the two technological finds, in footings of their characteristics, utilizations, web proviso and the quality of the web provided. It eventually derives, the hereafter of these both protocols, but besides mentions the fact that, there is no existent competition between these two, as they have their ain utilizations, aboard, their disadvantages.


1.1 Introduction

The term Bluetooth, has derived from the tenth century Danish male monarch, Harald Blatand or Harold Bluetooth. The male monarch was celebrated for unifying the warring cabals under one streamer, during his reign, in the parts of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This is rather similar to the Bluetooth engineering, in footings of co-operating the assorted webs between, several devices, such as, computing machines, nomadic phones and any other automotive devices. ( 1 )

Bluetooth engineering is required for little assortment of features such as, short wireless scope between nomadic phones, Personal computers, and other electronic and calculating devices. Bluetooth is the inspiration of SIG ( Particular Interest Group ) . The Bluetooth SIG is one of the best fabrication groups, as it consists of the best in telecommunication and calculating concern, which are running behind the development in engineering and showing it to market topographic point. Overall, more than 1000 companies like Toshiba, IBM and many others, are following the Bluetooth understanding. These are besides the members of the Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth radio engineering is the short scope pass oning engineering. Bluetooth connects the Piconet to back up big webs, and can work in short distances, with devices such as, cellular phone, laptops and PDAs. The chief intent is to replace the overseas telegrams and link the available fixed portable devices. Bluetooth is the manner to link webs and reassign any type of files or information within the scope, between the devices like Personal computers, laptops, and cell phones. Hence, Bluetooth is non a broad country web ( WAN ) . It is a personal country web ( PAN ) , which can be used within the web scope. The cardinal characteristics of Bluetooth are ‘low power, low cost and do non necessitate raging wires ‘ – Glassvisage. ( 2 ) ( 3 )

1.3 Use

The followers are the utilizations of Bluetooth:

As a wire-free headset for a nomadic phone.

In reassigning files to and from a nomadic phone.

In endorsing up a PDA or a nomadic to a Personal computer.

As a GPS device for satellite pilotage on a nomadic phone, PDA or laptop. ( 4 )


2.1 Introduction

The name Wi-Fi is a short signifier for Wireless Fidelity given by the Wi-Fi Alliance, once known as WECA ( Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance ) . The group ensures compatibility between hardware devices that use the criterion 802.11 set. ( 5 )

In 1985, the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) , which is an American Telecom Regulator, wanted to open several sets of radio spectrum, which could be used without the demand for the licence from the authorities. Radio moving ridges, which are used to heat nutrient in Microwave ovens, were made available for communications purpose every bit good on a status that any devices utilizing the refuse bands at 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz would hold to maneuver around intervention from other equipment. Several sellers inspired by the success of Ethernet, thought that the radio besides made some sense.

In 1988, NCR Corporation which wanted to hook up wireless hard currency registries asked Victor Hayes, one of its applied scientists to look into get downing the new criterion.

Mr. Hayes along with Bruce Tuch of Bell Labs approached Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ) , where a commission called ‘802.11 ‘ was set up with Mr. Hayes as the president and the procedure of presenting radio began.

The new criterion was published in 1997 and applied scientists began working on paradigm equipment ensuing in the development of two discrepancies 802.11 B ( which operates in 2.4 GHz ) in December 1999 and 802.11 a ( which operates in 5.8 GHz ) in January 2000.

In order to get the better of the compatibility jobs of these discrepancies, six companies such as the Intersil, Nokia, 3com, Aironet, Symbol and Lucent got together to make Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance ( WECA ) . Since the names WECA compatible or IEEE 802.11 B compliant were tough to articulate, the names such as ‘Flankspeed ‘ and ‘Dragonfly ‘ were suggested by the stigmatization advisers, but the name “ Wi-Fi ” was finalized. ( 6 )

2.2 Technology

The 802.11 criterion has the low degrees of theA OSI ( unfastened system interconnectedness ) modelA for a wireless connexion that uses electromagnetic moving ridges. In other words, it has two beds:

TheA physical bed ( in abruptly the “ PHY ” bed ) , which offers three types of information encryption. The map of the physical bed is to modulate the wireless moving ridges and characterize signals for informations transmittal.

TheA informations nexus bed, comprised of two sub-layers: A Logical Link ControlA ( orA LLC ) andA Media Access ControlA ( orA MAC ) . The map of the informations nexus bed is to move as interface between the machine coach and the physical bed. ( 5 )

Wi-Fi utilizations wireless webs for the transmittal of informations between the users and those webs are made up of cells that provide coverage across the web. The more the figure of cells, the stronger is the coverage on the wireless network.A

Since the wireless engineering is a complete bundle trade, it offers a safe and consistent connectivity. 2.4GHz and 5GHz Radio sets depend on the radio hardware, such as the Ethernet protocol and CSMA ( bearer sense multiple entree ) . The most popular Wi-Fi engineering, such as, the 802.11b, operates on the scope of 2.40 GHz up to 2.4835 GHz band.A This provides a comprehensive platform for runing Bluetooth scheme, cellular phones, and other scientific equipments. A

The 802.11a engineering has a scope of 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz and provides up to 54 Mbps in speed.A IEEE 802.11e engineering takes a just lead by supplying first-class streaming quality of picture, sound, voice channels etc. An adapter card is indispensable to link a Wi-Fi web. ( 7 )

2.3 Use

Wi-Fi activated devices such as a computing machine, nomadic phone, PDA or MP3 participant can link to the Internet, when within the scope of a radio web connected to the Internet.

Wi-Fi can do entree to the populace, available at Wi-Fi hot spots supplying web either free of charge or to endorsers of assorted suppliers.

Governments, who wish to supply services or even to advance concern in a given country, sometimes supply free Wi-Fi entree hence ; cyberspace can be browsed every bit good.

Wi-Fi besides allows connectivity in peer-to-peer manner, which helps devices to link straight with each other. This connectivity manner can turn out utile in consumer electronics and applications like gambling.

Wi-Fi hot spot Lashkar-e-Taibas Mobile computing machines connect to the Internet from any way, and digital cameras can reassign images and pictures wirelessly.

Since Wi-Fi allows LANs without telegraphing, it is used in historical memorials and outdoor infinites where telegraphing can non be done. ( 8 ) ( 9 )


Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi engineerings use radio frequence ( RF ) and make webs Wireless Personal Area Network ( WPAN ) and Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ) severally for the transmittal of informations.

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi occupy a subdivision of the 2.4 GHz ISM set i.e. 83 MHz broad.

Bluetooth makes usage of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum ( FHSS ) and is permitted to leap 79 different 1 MHz broad channels in the set but Wi-Fi makes usage of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum ( DSSS ) and its bearer does non alter frequence and remains changeless on one channel i.e. 22 MHz broad.

A collaborative coexistence mechanism is defined as a mechanism where the wireless personal country web ( WPAN ) and the wireless local country web ( WLAN ) communicate to minimise common intervention utilizing the techniques TDMA ( Time Division Multiple Access ) and MEHTA ( Hebrew word for music director ) . Hence a Bluetooth device and a Wi-Fi device can be located in the same device such as, Laptops.

A non-collaborative coexistence mechanism is a mechanism where there is no manner for the WPAN and WLAN to pass on. And the non-collaborative techniques which are under probe now are Adaptive Packet Selection and Scheduling which is a Bluetooth Media Access Control and Adaptive Frequency Hopping which alters the regular hopping sequence to avoid channels with the most intervention. ( 10 )

Virtually there is no apparatus required to set up a Bluetooth web but a LAN requires some constellation to set up its web before allowing the sharing of files and resources.

The signal generated by the Bluetooth is weaker than that of the Wi-Fi because of the ground it works with battery operated devices which are less powerful.

The Wi-Fi LAN arrangers are comparatively more powerful and capable of making informations transmittal rates than those of the Bluetooth arrangers, the transmittal rates in the Wi-Fi go up to 54 Mbps.

The Bluetooth engineering allows computing machines and assorted other electronic equipment, to pass on with each other, while on the other manus, Wi-Fi engineering allows merely computing machines to pass on with each other or with the Internet.

The Bluetooth devices communicate one-on-one with each other without any instrument required while on the other manus the Wi-Fi devices communicate with any other device by agencies of a radio router which gives the way.

The Bluetooth engineering has a unit criterion as proposed by the Particular Interest Group ( SIG ) and non the multiple criterions as in instance of Wi-Fi such as IEEE 802.11 a, IEEE 802.11 B and IEEE 802.11 g.

Both the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi engineerings follow specific protocols and criterions to do it easy for the makers for planing and marketing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi merchandises that support the same criterions. The latest criterion in Bluetooth is 2.0 while the latest criterion in Wi-Fi is 802.11 n. Hence the purchaser of web capable devices must be certain that they support the coveted criterion and version. ( 11 ) ( 12 )

The scope of Wi-Fi is really high about 300 pess from the node of the radio networking node while on the other manus Bluetooth has a short scope of around 30 pess.

The informations transportation rate for Bluetooth is much higher than that of Wi-Fi, informations can be transferred up to the velocity of 800 kbps and since Wi-Fi has the job of losing informations it has lower velocities.

Wi-Fi is an older engineering i.e. it has been in usage for thirster as compared to the comparatively new engineering of Bluetooth. All the computing machines that are manufactured these yearss come with the radio LAN card inbuilt in them. ( 13 )


Today many people in the electronic Industry see that the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are contending for the spotlight but they are different in footings of power ingestion, cost, and scope and usage environment. Hence each has its ain topographic point in the Industry.

Since both the engineerings operate in the 2.4 GHz frequence set there is serious inquiry in the heads of many people that whether the FCC is traveling to let the use of both these engineerings in the same device. And to reply that both the WLAN and WPAN working groups have come together on a common platform to do both these engineerings live together and be together and work complimentarily doing usage of different coexistent techniques. ( Jim Lansford. , 2002 )

Though Wi-Fi is an older engineering but yet both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi engineerings are immature and they are non in regular use by the people every bit much as autos and motorcycles. They need clip to turn and will coexist in the hereafter so that more successfully the work is done.

5.1 Decision

Both the engineerings have their pros and cons. For Example if the intent of informations transmittal is dependent on power ingestion and cost so Bluetooth can be used more expeditiously for smaller devices to replace overseas telegrams than Wi-Fi and if the intent of informations transmittal is dependent on scope of transportation so Wi-Fi can be used more expeditiously than Bluetooth since Wi-Fi screens long scopes. Since the FCC is be aftering to acquire these two engineerings coexist it is good for the users so that he can avail whichever engineering he requires as per the state of affairs which available to him in the same device. As both these engineerings are wireless they are easy portable and have no bound to which they can be put to utilize in a clip interval. Because both these engineerings have their hereafter bright and have their ain topographic point in the universe and there is no cat battle between the two, each engineering has its ain supporters and users and each engineering is at that place to remain in this advanced universe.