Current Security System In University Of Malaya Information Technology Essay

Campus Security is traditionally defined as one of the most permeant jobs that a campus or university must turn to. There is seldom has a campus issue, job, or challenge that requires the enlisting of everyone in the university to work out.

Security Management is about protection of a edifice and other assets of the edifice. Security direction is encompasses a field of direction related to plus direction, physical security and human resource safety maps. It entails the designation of an organisation ‘s information assets and the development, certification and execution of policies, criterions, processs and guidelines.

Security is an indispensable issue for every administration i.e. authorities, private, commercial or educational establishment. Therefore, university security forces such as campus security officers and campus security guard demand to hold a strong apprehension of campus security.

There are many of import duties are being brought out in running a university. One of the most of import is proper security direction. Campus security is necessary in order to maintain employees and their properties safe.

All pupils and university community members are encouraged to be to the full cognizant of the safety issues on campus and to take action to forestall and to describe illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal consciousness and using personal safety patterns are the foundation of a safe community.

Pursuant to the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, university proctors condemnable activity and publishes the security study, keeping a three-year statistical history on the campus, on the accessory campus, and at off-campus installations used. University besides distributes information about the study to pupils and employees. A transcript of this study is besides available to prospective pupils and employees upon petition.

Assorted policies and processs associating to campus security are needed and it expressly militias the right to modify or follow extra policies or processs at any clip without notice. Such alterations may look in consecutive issues of the security study. ( Saint Paul College, 2009 )

1.1 Statement of Research Problems

For universities, it is ever a challenge in equilibrating the desire to welcome the populace to campus events with the demand to protect the safety of the university community. It is exposed to physical hazards and exposures every bit good as the hooliganism because there are many people pass in and out to the campus include the pupils who stay off-campus.

University community such as pupils and staff every bit good as workers who work in the campus country ever experience unsecure or insecure when the security system can non make to the extent of protection. Unsecure environment will impact the pupils & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ faculty members. However, harmonizing to the statistics, the people attitude ever makes sense that & amp ; acirc ; ˆ?it will ne’er go on here. & A ; acirc ; ˆA?

Therefore, due to the deficiency of consciousness on the security among the pupils, staffs and visitants of the university, this research survey is to acquire a better apprehension on the security direction and to cognize how of import are the security direction.

Besides that, this research will place the pupils & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ satisfaction toward security direction of University of Malaya.

1.2 Aims of the Study

To find the current security system in University of Malaya ( UM ) .

To place the degree of satisfaction among pupils towards current security system in UM.

To reason and do appropriate recommendations to better on the current security system.

1.3 Background of the Study

The security is ever an issues concerned by community. In the campus, even there is a security system, many pupils may still non fulfill with the current security system in the universities because many larceny instances still happen, make loss on the pupils and staffs.

Therefore, a good and efficient security direction of a university is of import so that to guarantee all facets and assets of the edifice are kept safe and defended from danger or hurt or loss. Security covers all the devices, engineerings and specializer stuffs for margin, external and internal protection. This covers everything from detectors and closed-circuit telecasting to barriers, illuming and entree controls.

1.4 Significance of the Study

This survey will demo an overview of Security Management system to those security decision makers and other security forces every bit good as the staff and pupils about protecting campus assets.

Through this research, people will more understand the current security system in University of Malaya and therefore the decision makers and security forces could more concern on the current security system job so that will gives consciousness to them so that safety of pupils and the campus more secure. By pull offing good in campus security, non merely the university community will experience more secure, the visitants will besides bask the benefits because the chance to face jobs will be lower. The pupils besides can bask the safe and unafraid academic environment.

1.5 Scope of Study

This survey will look on the security direction in University of Malaya. The country of survey will concentrate on whole University of Malaya and besides Security Office of University of Malaya. The mark section of this research will chiefly concentrate on the pupils of University of Malaya so that to accomplish the aim of the survey.

1.6 Research Methodology

In transporting out this survey, apprehension of the definition of security and Security Management of campuses and universities will be carried out from secondary informations such as magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, journal articles and abstracts every bit good as the information chiefly collected from cyberspace. Besides that, the current security system of University of Malaya can besides be studied.

In add-on, questionnaire studies informations will be collected from pupils so that can cognize the satisfaction degree on security in University of Malaya among them.

The information aggregation and information gathered will be put into chart in the most proper manner. Therefore, every information and information gathered will be analyzed before the survey can make the decision.

1.7 Structure of the Study

This chapter provides a concise debut to the subject of this survey. It includes statement of research jobs, aims of the survey, background, significance of the survey, range of survey, research methodological analysis and the construction of the survey.

In the Chapter 2, the Literature Review, supply information to better understanding on the security direction of university including the function of security and types of security. Besides that, this chapter will besides analyze the importance of the security policy and the devices used in execution of campus security.

Chapter 3 is the Case Study which will analyze on the current security system and direction in University of Malaya. All information and certifications that related to the Security Office and the security of University of Malaya will be studied. This chapter will besides analyze the instance survey which looks on types of security system such as the traffic control, CCTV, entree control, publishing of vehicle spine and particular squad every bit good as function of security guards.

Chapter 4 is the Findingss and Analysis of the research methodological analysis. Before proceed with analysis, research methodological analysis will be briefly explained. The quantitative research will provides the tabular matter of the measure study through questionnaire study. The consequence will establish on the analysis of the informations collected every bit good as observation.

Last, Chapter 5 is the Conclusion and Recommendation. The decision of the survey will be derived from the findings and analysis done in old chapter. After of all, the suggestion and recommendation sing betterment of security system will be made.