Defining Human Rights Oshos Vision Philosophy Essay

While talking on The Declaration of Human Rights, Osho has exposed it as a political device to keep adult male in his current province of physical and psychological bondage, and to guarantee that he remains nescient of his true potency for godliness. ( 1 )

Harmonizing to Osho, we are populating in a society which is hypocrite. The politicians, the people in power have done everything to forestall human development. They have left no rock unturned to impede the human growing. And the best manner they could make it is to convert adult male, “ You are already civilized. ” “ You are already a human being ” ( 2 ) . So all transmutation is merely unneeded. It is merely non required.

Osho says that the really fact that in three thousand old ages, five 1000 wars have been fought merely proves that adult male is still non civilized.

So Declaration of Human Rights is nil but lip service and the people have been deceived. “ You are being told things, and you accept them without even looking all around to see whether those things coincide with the world or non. “ ( 3 )


-His first expostulation to this declaration is that rights can non be talked about unless the responsibilities are defined. Duties come foremost. “ Without responsibilities rights can merely be talked about, but you wo n’t hold them in your custodies. “ ( 4 )

-Whereas neglect and disdain for human rights have resulted in brutal Acts of the Apostless which have outraged the scruples of world, and the coming of a universe in which human existences shall bask freedom of address and belief and freedom from fright and privation has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people, ( 5 )

Harmonizing to Osho, this right has two deductions

that the humanity is civilized ( this has merely been accepted by the people who have made this declaration )

That the humanity has scruples.

Which harmonizing to Osho are both prevarications because humanity is still non civilized and it has no scruples. Peoples fight, kill each other in the name of faith, in the name of God and Osho does n’t see anyplace anybody experiencing bad our outraged about it.

He says “ if people are outraged things will change- because who is making them? We are making them. “ ( 6 )

The sentence in the beginning of the declaration is merely a prevarication harmonizing to Osho. It says “ Barbarous Acts of the Apostless aˆ¦ . “ Harmonizing to Osho “ In thousand old ages we have non been able to make so many brutal activities as we have done merely within 50 old ages. We are going more and more brutal – of class with a manner and method ” ( 7 ) Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the biggest illustrations. And so the declaration says that because of these brutal Acts of the Apostless, the alleged civilised people feel a asshole of scruples. And Conscience is something really unusual they are speaking about because harmonizing to Osho no human being is of all time born with scruples. Its something which arises merely after speculation. Harmonizing to Osho “ I do n’t believe any of the politicians who made this declaration have any experience of what scruples is. It comes merely after a long, long pilgrim’s journey inwards. You are given everything by birth. You are given by birth merely the necessary things for endurance ; everything else is given merely as a seed. If you are deliberately interested in germinating your consciousness to its highest extremum, so it is up to you ”

Article ONE

All human existences are born free and equal in self-respect and rights. They are endowed with ground and scruples and should move towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ( 8 )

Harmonizing to Osho the really thought is absolute bunk. “ If all human existences are born free, go forth a kid in freedom: he will decease within twenty four hours. Man ‘s kid is the most incapacitated kid in the whole world- what freedom can he hold? He can non walk, he can non speak, he can non flyaˆ¦ ” ( 9 ) So all human existences by birth are incapacitated and dependent. The declaration says you are born free but everyone knows from his or her experience no 1 is of all time free. “ The hubby is at that place, the married woman is non free. The married woman is at that place, the hubby is non free. ” ( 10 ) . So these human rights have done nil else than conditioning the humanity. You are born free, so there is no demand to contend for freedom. This manner East has been far more true harmonizing to Osho. “ It says you are born in bondage, non that you are born free. Your organic structure is in prison and your head and your encephalons are prisons ” ( 11 ) . Harmonizing to Osho no human being is every Born with the traits of freedom or consciousness. These have to be discovered. These qualities are concealed and hibernating. They have to be made dynamic. But to state people that they are born free- equal in self-respect and rights is no less than perpetrating a offense.

No human being is equal. Each single harmonizing to Osho is born alone. “ Every human being is a class unto himself. “ ( 12 ) Singularity of an person has to be recognized, has to be respected and without that no Human Rights can of all time be given. “ Unless we recognize the singularity of each person there are non traveling to be any Human Rights, and there is non traveling to be a civilised world-human, loving, and joying. “ ( 13 ) Harmonizing to Osho the thought of equality is “ the most destructive thought that has penetrated into the human head ” ( 14 )

“ They are endowed with ground and scruples and should move towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ”

Now are these are pure premises without any cogency in Osho ‘s vision. “ All human existences are non born with ground, are non endowed with ground. “ ( 15 )

Harmonizing to Osho we are populating in a superstitious universe where Christians believe that Jesus was born to a virgin female parent. So how can one state that human existences are rational existences. “ But to state that adult male is endowed with ground by birth. It does n’t look so. Looking at the universe, it does n’t look that it is a rational universe. We have n’t been populating harmonizing to ground ; we have been populating harmonizing to all sorts of irrational things. “ ( 16 )


Harmonizing to Osho, scruples is something that arises merely after deep speculation and ne’er before it and there can be no scruples without consciousness.

Article TWO

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set Forth in this Declaration, without differentiation of any sort, such as race, coloring material, sex, linguistic communication, faith, political or other sentiment, national or societal beginning, belongings, birth or other position. Furthermore, no differentiation shall be made on the footing of the political, jurisdictional or international position of the state or district to which a individual belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other restriction of sovereignty. ( 17 )

This article harmonizing to Osho is pure bullshit.When Osho entered America he had to declare under curse that he was non an anarchist whereas anarchism in itself is a political political orientation. Harmonizing to Osho, everyplace there is favoritism. In America he stayed in six gaols and in all those gaols, there was non even a individual white adult male. There were merely inkinesss. So how can the UN Declaration of Human Rights say that there is no favoritism.


Everyone has the right to life, autonomy and security of individual.

In this really article, Osho says that decease should hold been included. In his words “ Because birth is non in your hands- you are born without your consent-now merely decease is at that place. And you have the pick: either to decease without your consent or to decease with a self-respect of a human being, with your consent. ( 18 )


No one shall be subjected to arbitrary apprehension, detainment or expatriate.

Osho tells that he himself was arrested in America without any apprehension warrant. He was put in detainment in England non even for an arbitrary ground.


Everyone has the right to freedom of idea, scruples and faith ; this right includes freedom to alter his faith or belief, and freedom, either entirely or in community with others and in public or private, to attest his faith or belief in instruction, pattern, worship and observation.

Osho says: “ Freedom of idea and look ” – I have ne’er done anything except to show my ideas. If that is a human right, so no authorities has anything against me. “ ( ) Whereas his books were put on black list by the so Pope so that no Catholic could read them.


Everyone has the right to freedom of sentiment and look ; this right includes freedom to keep sentiments without intervention and to seek, have and leave information and thoughts through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This harmonizing to Osho is non right. The intelligence media in India was pressurized by the Indian parliament non to give infinite to his thoughts. The American authorities had pressurized the Indian authorities that no intelligence media from the West should be allowed to take his interviews. The parliaments of all the European states had passed declarations that he should non be allowed to come in their states even as a tourer.


Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to societal security and is entitled to realisation, through national attempt and international co-operation and in conformity with the organisation and resources of each State, of the economic, societal and cultural rights indispensable for his self-respect and the free development of his personality.

Osho does n’t see that anyone is of all time allowed to hold freedom to develop his or her personality. Then the people who wrote this right were non even cognizant of what personality is ; they do n’t even cognize that personality is false portion of one ‘s being and it has non be developed at all. Harmonizing to him “ Your world is your individualism, which has to be discovered. “ ( ) In Osho ‘s sentiment Personality is an ugly word which means a mask. And we do n’t desire people to hold masks. Peoples should be natural, self-generated, themselves. ( )


All kids, whether born in or out of marriage, shall bask the same societal protection.

Now this harmonizing to Osho is non true at all and if at all it is true so matrimony looses all its significance but no organic structure has the bravery to state that. And the fact is nowhere kids born outside matrimony are respected. They are instead condemned in every manner possible.


Osho ‘s declaration of Human Rights consists of 10 cardinal things.


Man has the right to life, wellness and to turn. Every human being is born with a possible and has every right to recognize it, to research it.

For Osho, right to life besides means that there are no wars any longer and that no 1 should be forced to fall in ground forcess and everyone should hold the right to decline to contend.

Harmonizing to Osho, in order to do this right a world, it is must that we as human existences must hold regard for life ; have fear for life. Unless adult male himself becomes cognizant of his force towards birds and animate beings, he can non be truly watchful about his ain right to life. Animals and birds are killed merely for game. He says “ When you kill, its a game and when they kill, it becomes a catastrophe. ” The whole of humanity is non-vegetarian. Unless fear for life is at that place, adult male can non recognize the end of acquiring his cardinal right of life.

In Osho ‘s words, right to life being one of the cardinal rights declared by the UN, has been misused by people by Mother Teresa and others by prophesying people against the birth control methods and abortion because they go against life. Harmonizing to him, birth control methods do non travel against the human rights. He says unless the population is controlled, we can non halt people from deceasing of hungriness and famishment and of class these jobs would farther do wars.

Osho says that the birth control methods merely do non allow the kid to be formed in the female parent ‘s uterus, so the inquiry of human rights merely does n’t originate at all. Harmonizing to him, a kid should non be recognized as a human being unless he is born and at that place excessively, he has some reserves. If a kid is born disabled and merely because it happens to be the inquiry of right to life, it would be truly stupid to allow that hapless psyche suffer for fifty-sixty old ages or even more. If the parents are willing, the kid should be put to ageless slumber.


Osho says that love should be accepted as the most cardinal rights of human existences but matrimony has wholly destroyed it which harmonizing to him is a really inexpensive replacement for love. In his sentiment, everyone should hold the freedom to take his or her spouse and alter the spouse whenever it is felt. Love harmonizing to him is a private matter. Government has no concern in it ; jurisprudence has nil to make with it. If two people want to populate together, they do n’t necessitate any permission from any authorities, any jurisprudence, any priest, any faith or any God. And the twenty-four hours they feel they want to divide, once more they have the absolute freedom to make so. Harmonizing to Osho, love should be the lone manner for work forces and adult females to populate together. No other ritual is required.

As for the kids, they can be taken attention of by the society. Osho says that kids are non parents ‘ belongings. They belong to the whole humanity. Every society should take attention of the kids. Once it happens, matrimony will go disused. Harmonizing to Osho, its matrimony which is destructing the basic right to love.


Harmonizing to Osho, after a certain age if person feels that he or she has lived plenty and merely does n’t desire to go on life ; he or she should hold every right to decease.

Osho says that in every infirmary there should be a particular ward where such people who want to go forth the universe can acquire themselves admitted a month in progress ; where they can loosen up and bask the things they have been losing all their lives- the music, the literature etc. There they can be taught how to loosen up. Harmonizing to Osho, decease can be made a jubilation but one merely has to larn the art of welcoming it.


Children should be kept off from all sorts of conditioning. They should non be taught any faith, doctrine or divinity because all these instructions destroy his freedom of hunt. Harmonizing to Osho- Belief is pure toxicant. True cognition or true wisdom is something which comes through experience. Truth is the most valuable thing and it has to be first manus.