Definition Of Operational Risk Management Information Technology Essay

The interview inquiries came up from the job definition and from the findings in the theoretical model. The purpose for the specified inquiries was to supply maximal possible input to the stated job definition. Questions are presented in Appendix 1.

Definition of operational hazard direction

The intent for inquiring inquiries related to operational hazard is to acquire an apprehension for the different spheres of hazard, which are considered as operational hazard. The purpose for inquiring specified inquiries is to happen out whether information hazard is a portion of operational hazard or it is counted as a hazard factor of its ain.

Definition of information hazard direction

When analyzing the literature, we got assorted ill-defined definitions related to information hazard direction. To do our apprehension and knowledge better we asked for definitions of information hazard direction to the respondents.


In order to better our understanding about information hazard direction, we thought it is important to set inquiries which are concerned about how the work in the sphere of hazard was formed and structured.

Hazard and Management

The intent to inquire inquiries related to put on the line and direction was to happen out the menaces that form a hazard for a fiscal organisation. In order to reason that how the different fiscal organisations perceive information hazard, we wanted to cognize the character of those menaces and hazards ; whether those hazards and menaces were of proficient character or organisational character. To inquire certain inquiries about hazard and direction of hazard, we might convey out the facts if the respondents specified information hazard in one mode, but in world perceived it in another mode.


Harmonizing to the fact that information and cognition spheres are developing with the transition of clip that is why we felt it interesting to set the inquiries refering how the information hazards have changed their signifiers and how information hazards will alter its signifier with regard to development.

Awareness, committedness and engagement

The intent for inquiring these inquiries was to calculate out that how much top direction is committed and involved in information hazard direction. We were besides interested to calculate out that is at that place any difference between consciousness and engagement of top direction and other employees.

4.2 Findingss

4.2.1 NCCPL

Respondent: Anosha Aitzed, Information Security Group Head, NCCPL, Pakistan. ( For farther facts about the company see appendix II ) . Operational hazard direction

Harmonizing to NCCPL, operational hazard is defined on the same footing as it is defined in Basel II ( see Appendix 4 ) which is ; operational hazard is the hazard of losingss which comes as a consequence from hapless or failed internal procedures, people and systems, or external events. Legal hazard, procedure hazard, information engineering security, event hazard and conformity hazard are chief countries which are included in operational hazard. Generally, operational hazards are divided into event hazards and procedure hazards. Harmonizing to respondent, it is difficult to rank the different countries of operational hazards in an organisation. Harmonizing to Anosha, she is information security group caput at NCCPL and her squad duty is to pull off the operational and any types of information security hazards in the organisation.

Information Risk Management

Harmonizing to NCCPL, information hazard direction is all about to pull off and jump the hazards in information confidentiality, handiness, hallmark, non-repudiation and truth.


Harmonizing to Anosha, in NCCPL there is non a separate section for the direction of operational hazards. Operational hazard direction comes under the section of information hazard direction which is called Information Security Group ( ISG ) .

Hazard and Management

To supply the confidentiality in NCCPL, the organisation has implemented an information particular model which uses the instructions related to who is allowed to come in into the system and who is non. Harmonizing to her, information hazard direction is covering three countries which are physical, administrative and proficient but the chief focal point is on proficient hazard direction country. Anosha farther said that information hazard direction is a proficient support function concentrating on hardware goods and package.

Harmonizing to respondent, in NCCPL there is a section for information hazard direction which is called Information Security Group ( ISG ) . Each employee of the organisation holds the duty of describing incidents related to Information Technology to a member or group caput of ISG.

ISG caput shall foremost verify whether the reported incident is occurred or non and is merely to be treated under incident handling policy. Equally shortly as the incident is verified ISG head/member shall advise the incident to director IT operations. An Employee must non unwrap the incident to other employee or any other 3rd party such like clients or sellers.

Anosha said our hazard direction system is working decently because we defined and enforced different policies for smooth running of our day-to-day operations, such as entree control policies, email use policies, system usage policies, internet use policies, password direction policies and we are satisfied by its public presentation.

4.2.2 CDC

Respondent: Waseem Haider, Manager Operation, CDC, Pakistan. ( For farther facts about the company see appendix III ) . Operational hazard direction

Our representative at CDC, briefly define operational hazards as there are several dimensions of operational hazards such as market hazard, recognition hazard, political hazards and opposition hazard.

Harmonizing to waseem, what types of countries are included in the operational hazard is hard to reply ; he prefers to analyze the type of menaces that included in operational hazards. Those menaces cause the hazards and hazards can be defined in loosely mode such as internal and external hazards.

Harmonizing to respondent all the operational hazards countries personal hazards, IT systems and external hazards are of import to pull off and all have significance for the smooth running of company operations. Further he mentioned that, as he is Manger operations and his duty is to pull off resources and take attention day-to-day everyday operations. He is merely responsible for personal degree hazards in his company and the staying hazards such like system degree, unauthorised usage or virus onslaught, they merely informed IT staff about these hazards and Manager IT operations are responsible for those jobs. Information hazard direction

Information security includes system security, logical and physical security harmonizing to CDC. Information within a company can be found everyplace like ; shelves, computing machine system in achieve and shortss etc.