E Learning System As Web Services Information Technology Essay

As we all know that cyberspace has revolutionized the facet of populating life. It has made a important part towards our promotion be it technologically or financially. Education has been one of those sectors that have been deeply influenced by cyberspace.

Distance instruction has ever been an built-in portion of instruction throughout the universe. The usage of cyberspace in this, has taken distance instruction a measure farther. This study contains research and execution of one such e-learning system.

We will be traveling through the different engineerings and the architecture that has been used in the development of this undertaking. We would besides be looking into the UML representation of this undertaking therefore covering a figure of facets of the Project Development rhythm.

The coaction of Web-services and e-learning is what we are seeking to accomplish through this faculty. This thought has been presented in a paper “ E-learning as a Web Service ” by Gottfried Vossen and Peter Westerkamp in the twelvemonth 2003 at the Seventh International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium.


Perfection was a war cry I had in my head when I started working on this study. However people by and large agree that adult male can merely near keen flawlessness but can ne’er really accomplish it. My purpose throughout the clip when working on this study was that if non flawlessness, I should endeavor for achieving excellence and to accomplish that I have given my uttermost to show it as a truly constructive piece of research.

I would be privileged to pay my respects and thanks to my supervisor Malte Harder for his support, counsel and encouragement throughout the digest of the study and hence I have been able to finish my needed undertaking. I would wish to thank Nasser Abouzakir for his aid whenever required.

I would besides wish to thank the lab staff who has been supportive at all times whenever I enquired about the coveted information.

With the cooperation of all I have been able to fix and show my study. And I would wish to advert that due to the thorough research and analysis and its practical deductions required by the undertaking, after all this work I strongly feel that this undertaking has broaden my understanding about the chosen subject and have been of a batch of larning and involvement.

Anwar Khan.

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Introduction to the Undertaking

1.1 Introduction

Over the old ages it has been seen that the universe has made steady advancement with the aid of engineering. The clip when you had to line up up to do a call from a payphone, was fast transformed by the cell phone engineering, leting the user to do and have calls from any topographic point, any clip and at his/her discretion. Technology has ever been at the head for the advancement of humanity.

Technology has played an of import function in our lives, particularly in the lives of pupils, doing it possible for them to see the existent universe, without really holding to take the heat. The betterment due to engineering is chiefly because of the universe broad web. This is being taken a measure further with the debut and changeless development of E-learning.

Distance instruction has ever played a critical function in the development of undeveloped parts of the universe and besides in the lives of people who are non in the place of covering the distance. As engineering evolved, the distances between people and resources have diminished.

One of the most influenced sectors in that clip was the instruction sector. The whole construct of instruction was redefined by the debut of E-learning. E-learning can be defined as, an instruction comprising of all types of electronically aided acquisition. A far better and a comprehensive definition can be stated as “ the acquisition of cognition and skill utilizing electronic engineerings such as computer- and Internet-based courseware and local and broad country webs ” .

There are legion advantages of E-learning over traditional acquisition and other conventional larning methods. To call a few, it ‘s cheaper, it ‘s accessible, gives more options to the audience and can be a more suited method for topographic points of lesser development. These advantages merely overmaster the small disadvantages that are present

There are other methods for E-learning every bit good.

Aysnchronous Computer based Training.

Synchronous Computer based Training.

1.Asynchronous CBT farther includes the following two types:

CBT ( Computer based Training )

WBT ( Web Based Training )

Here the stuff for analyzing is distributed on media such as Compact Discs, PDF files or may be Web based engineerings, such as forums, or electronic mails.

2.Synchronous Computer based Training.

It involves coaction of assorted engineerings to fullfill partial or complete synchronism in the bringing of survey stuff, and leaving the instruction. Technologies such as VoIP, Web conferencing, practical schoolrooms, instant messaging etc, aid in the development of the E-learning system.

Now traveling in front with engineering it seems relevent that more and more people and organisations would wish to utilize this construct for obivious grounds. The inquiry here is how convinient would it be for all the interested parties to develop and deploy their ain systems.

1.2 Motivation

Traveling through different paperss and resources over the cyberspace, I came across the undermentioned observations:

The Department of Education, in US has found that, studdents in higher instruction in on-line classs fare better than those in the face-to-face classs.

It was reported by Professor Jerald Schutte, that pupils in his practical category performed 20 % better than the pupils in his tradiational category.

Over 4.6 million pupils were taking at least one on-line class during the autumn 2008 term ; a 17 per centum addition over the figure reported the old twelvemonth.

The 17 per centum growing rate for online registrations far exceeds the 1.2 per centum growing of the overall higher instruction pupil population.

More than one in four college and university pupils now take at least one class online.

When traveling through the engineerings that are used in the manner of leaving instruction in this type of instruction I came across some of the followers:

Electronic Portfolios ( ePortfolios )

Electronic Performance Support System ( EPSS )

Personal digital helpers ( PDAs )

MP3 Players

Compact disc read-only memory

Web sites

Web 2.0 tools

Discussion and bulletin boards

Collaborative package

electronic mail

Web logs



Computer aided proving and appraisal

Educational life, simulation, and games

Learning Management Systems ( LMS )


While take parting in e-learning pupils use assorted engineerings and enviroments, like Virtual Classrooms and or combinations of the above. But when we are speaking about Online Education, there is a whole different avenue that comes across.

When we are speaking about e-learning it happens that we consider a remarkable organisation that will be carry oning the class. The fact that collaborative preparation is taking topographic point and is a more productive attempt has to be considered.

This coaction has been made possible due to a figure of different technological advancemnets such as web 2.0, SOA. The Service based architecture makes it possible for the bequest applications to be ported on the cyberspace firmly and faithfully. This makes it possible for the the development of such applications that are accessible through any geographic location.

1.3 Research Question

What are the architectures of bequest applications.

What is distributed calculating.

How internet enables distributed calculating.

What is SOA. ( Service Oriented Architecture ) .

What are e-learning Systems.

Use of Webservices ( SOA ) for e-learning.

1.4 Main/Core aims of research.

The chief aim of this undertaking is to hold a elaborate apprehension of SOA, and its executions and the survey of E-learning.

The primary nonsubjective involves developing a system that makes meeting of these two possible. The system should be able to supply the services for other applications or other systems that may inquire for it. Integrating the two for a successful execution is what the undertaking would be expected to make.

System Description and Analysis/Evaluation

The system will be implemented utilizing the Microsoft.Net 3.5 model and will be coded utilizing ASP.Net and VB.Net, which happens to be a object-oriented scheduling linguistic communication. The system has been integrated with database from Microsoft, MS SQL Server 2008. Most of the database minutess will be following a server side scripting. This will assist in keeping the public presentation of the system. The development of the system is divided into the undermentioned three stages

Layout stage


Web services

Layout Phase:

This stage involved a batch of research on the current systems and besides in planing the current system. The system constructs and characteristics were chalked out in this stage. The stage involved a heavy usage of HTML, and tools like Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose, E-draw and Adobe flash were used. The system involved the usage of CSS.

HTML, the Universal markup linguistic communication, was used to plan the construction of the system. It provides ways to depict how the text based contents of the system would look. For illustration hyperlinks, paragraphs etc.

The images were really rare, and if any were designed utilizing Adobe Photoshop, the system has been developed such that there is minimal use of artworks. This would assist in the system being a really lightweight system in footings of on-screen artworks rendition and would be possible to see it even in topographic points with a dial-up connexion.

CSS, Cascaded Style Sheet, was used to keep a similar design format throughout the system. This helps in planing the system without holding to wholly re-code for the GUI.

Database Phase:

This is a stage that is connected to all the other parts of the system and it has to be integrated with the system from the really get downing. The system design will depend on how the database has been developed. SQL waiter was chosen as it provides easier native support to Visual Studio. The SQL Server was besides chosen for another ground, its native support to XML informations.

Web Services Phase:

Web services would be used throughout the system. As a fact the whole system has been developed maintaining in head that the system would be making most of its minutess as web services. Web services are fundamentally web methods of the maps of the system that allow the system in working with other system on the cyberspace as if you were working with other systems in a LAN. The system uses XML to convey informations to and from assorted beginnings.

System Stakeholders:





System Architectural Design:

Assorted systems have been developed in the past, many with client waiter and others with centralised waiter attacks. These two methods are fundamentally nil but a transmutation of the pupil teacher attack. They fundamentally represent an analogy for a content writer and content users, with the instructor being the content writer and the pupils being the users.

The system will besides be able to seamlessly integrate and portion the three major dimensions involved in the Learning system.

Learning Confederates.

Learning Content.

Learning Servicess.

In order to be able to be able to implement the system and be able to utilize the same, the 3 grade architecture will assist in implementing the same.

The architecture been developed in 3 beds, which are,

Presentation Layer

Business logic Layer

Data entree Layer

Presentation Layer:

This bed involved in planing the GUI for the system, like puting the Text boxes and other user controls.

Business Logic Layer:

It is fundamentally an intermediate bed between the presentation bed and the informations entree bed that helps in informations exchange between the two.

Data entree Layer:

The bed interacts with the database, all the stored processs and the system queries that are sent to it are handled by this bed. This bed will acquire the information from the concern logic bed and pull strings the database in the system and frailty versa.

System Components:

Online tests



Discussion forums





Virtual category suites

SCORM packager

Resources director

Undertaking Architecture


E-learning as web service is web based application. This undertaking aims to develop flexible system package that provides E-learning installations through a web service platform with its common description, publication, and retrieval functionalities.

Business Domain Online acquisition.

Application Type Standalone Application

Software Architecture This is a web based application

Architectural Goals & A ; Constraints

The chief aim of this Detailed Design Document is to give the developer clear thought about the Architecture of E-learning as web service which is being developed as a web based application. As mentioned earlier, it inside informations out all the categories and methods to be used from each while coding for each system characteristic.


E-learning as web service is developed utilizing ASP.NET.

Edraw Max 5.0 for Sequence Diagram Creation.

Visio was besides used for developing the database mold.

Rational rose for Class Diagram Creation

Conceptual / Functional Architecture

Functionally, it is divided into assorted faculties as follows,

User direction

Content Authoring

Contented Configuration

Learning Object Management

Content Updating

Learner Registration

Learner profiling and Tracking

Examination ( Learner )

Help service

All these faculties interact with each other internally as per demands. User should follow prescribed flow to interact with the different Module.

Logical Architecture

Any operating system

Controller Tier – ASP.NET to treat the petitions received from the user

Business Tier – ASP.NET to put to death concern regulations as per the petition.

Physical Architecture

E-learning as web service will be deployed with undermentioned substructure.

The web based application so this package reside on a cardinal waiter instead than being installed on the desktop system and is accessed over a web and any one entree this application from anyplace in the universe at any clip.

Architecture Representation Standards

Use instance paperss are the basal mention. Use instance papers explain functional demands from end user point of position. Each usage instance papers is provided with a usage instance diagram and activity diagram. Simple block diagrams are used to supply Logical, procedure and deployment positions.

Development position


Iraqi intelligence service

Web Servicess

E-learning system

( Database )


( xml ) Dubnium

System Development View Diagram

The diagram above shows how the system architecture would really be conceptually.




The intent of this SRS is to supply clear thought about how to implement “ E-learning as a Web Service ” . This papers is to give clear thought about how each system characteristic will be design and implemented. The papers besides contains information sing flow of E-learning system.


This papers covers the architectural ends, use-cases, logical positions and data-flow diagrams for the execution.

For single characteristic of the system, it lists the characteristics of ASP.Net involved in it and the methods being used. This papers besides provides UI Screen shootings and screen hierarchy in order to give the thought about how user can voyage around the application characteristics. No alternate design is provided in this papers.

Definitions and Acronyms

The followers are the footings, acronyms and abbreviations used in this papers




Software Requirements Specifications Document


User Interface

Tool ( s ) Used

The undermentioned tool ( s ) are used in bring forthing the inside informations of this papers:

Rational Rose: to fix UML Diagrams.

MS Visio: For Data mold.

MS Word: to fix Deployment & A ; functional diagrams.