Edge Company Project Proposal Information Technology Essay

The company finishes clients ain rug with an edging of their pick. There are several picks of coating and within in each coating a battalion of coloring material picks. The production procedure is undertaken in a big workshop located in the Home Counties.

The company can move in an consultative function from the experience gained in the rug industry over the past 30 old ages.

Edge Company ‘s purpose is to do thoughts go on, to make a merchandise that their client will be proud to set their name to. Edge Company will assist their clients achieve what they want for their ain clients and company.

Undertaking Objective

The intent of this undertaking is to plan an organized and systematic entity relationship diagram ( ERD ) for the company Edge Company. An ERD will be designed to better the running and the construction of the concern.

The undertaking is to be completed by 08/05/2013.


This will be a three month undertaking managed by one undertaking director. The undertaking will be done ex-gratia.

Edge Company will necessitate a complex multipage diagram, structuring the concern with elaborate accounts and information. Edge Company is a little private limited concern and merely requests a individual entity relationship diagram and the certification.

Given the deadlines, budgets and the work required by the company, the undertaking will be able to be completed successfully in a realistic timeframe.

Implications & A ; Risks

There are a figure of deductions and hazards that may originate and do the undertaking to neglect such as:

Long or unrealistic deadlines

Poor communicating

Sudden alterations in the undertaking

Incomplete planning

Software unable to work

Methodologies & A ; Strategy

The methodological analysiss for this undertaking will be split into five different subdivisions:

Initiation of the undertaking

To guarantee that the undertaking will be successful in run intoing the companies demands, all necessary key undertaking controls should be recognised before the undertaking begins. This includes research on the client ‘s company, recognizing their demands, puting purposes and aims and gauging costs. It will besides include deductions and hazards and taking the right software/resources needed to get down the procedure of the undertaking.

The planning and design of the ERD

A Gantt Chart will be created to be after clip and resources sufficiently to gauge the sum of work needed for the undertaking. The Gantt Chart will besides pull off any hazards that occur when finalizing the undertaking.

A Work-Based-Structure ( WBS ) will be produced, interrupting down the undertaking into smaller componants. This will place the undertaking ‘s work elements which will assist organize the procedure.

Undertaking planning besides includes, placing the deliverables and restraints. A hazard appraisal will be created to guarantee that all possible hazards will be recognised before the making of the ERD and solutions will be assigned to each one.

When planing the ERD, relevant information about the company will be gathered to guarantee the diagram is up-to-date and right.

The correct package will be used when making the ERD to guarantee that the layout will be clear and simple to understand by the client.


The procedures used to carry through the undertaking ‘s aim will affect utilizing the right resources and adhering to the purposes of the undertaking.

Monitoring and Controling

Throughout the procedure of the undertaking, each measure will be monitored and controlled.

Closing the undertaking

The undertaking will be reviewed, evaluated and closed one time the aims have be met. Reports will be produced based on day-to-day logs, hazard appraisals, quality logs and lessons learned logs that will hold been controlled and completed through the procedure of the undertaking.

Controls: Time, Cost, Quality, Resources

Time: A timespan of 59 yearss has been set in order to successfully finish the undertaking.

Cost: There will be no budget recorded as the undertaking will be ex-gratia.

Quality: The quality will be relied on the planning, monitoring and controlling of the undertaking.

Resources: The correct package will be used during the procedure of the undertaking.

– Microsoft Project – Gantt Chart

Microsoft PowerPoint – Work Based Structure

SmartDraw – Developing the ERD

Microsoft Word – Recording all certification


There are a figure of to efficaciously remain in contact with the client.

1. Electronic mails

2. Telephone Calls

3. Face-to-face meeting

Agenda of Delivery

Undertaking Name

Start Date

Due Date


Person Responsible

Undertaking Proposal



7 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Research Company Information



21 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Plan the ERD



7 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Develop Final ERD



7 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Review ERD



3 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Project Report



7 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Brooding Report



7 Dayss

Jemima Woods-Hoy

Entire Amount of Days

59 Dayss

Performance Measurement

Edge Company will be able to analyze and describe information sing the public presentation of the ERD. Once the undertaking has been closed, the client will be given a trial program to assist step and supervise the public presentation and to describe back whether the aim has been achieved successfully with the correct specified demands given.