Effective Knowledge Management To The Organization Information Technology Essay

In this instance will present about definition of Knowledge and Knowledge Management and some benefits it conveying for organization/company to acquire successful. Nowadays, KM will assist organization/company have the discovery in concern. KM were have 15 old ages ago, but today, it be used population, so in Vietnam, have some company/organization used it but non much like other states, so they will see and believing how it become a of import thing in concern at that clip.


Most of all organizations/companies on over the universe today, from biggest to smallest are besides apply and utilizing the cognition direction in procedure manage. The concern is strong developing, the organization/company ever happen the new manner, new product/service to do the focal point of client, they ever change, ever find the chances to vie with the other rivals. Those are factors come from the outside, now, they can command those factors in their organization/company that is the cognition direction ( KM ) . KM is a factor to develop the procedure to bettering, seeking, making the new thing from the beginnings knowledge in their organization/company. KM helps them get away the tarriance, blind back street in concern and more of import, it help them non lost the necessary Grey affair of organization/company. One organization/company knows to pull off cognition will hold the manner to alter, ne’er halt learn the new things ; learn from the weak points of their rivals. KM has excessively many benefits but organizations/companies ne’er successful 100 per centum. Because the information, the informations receive are same but the procedure transportation and go the cognition is different in every organization/company, therefore we can use one theoretical account of KM but everyone have the effectual differences.

I believe you want to cognize KM is what particular thing so the organizations/companies truly need. Below are the benefits the KM brings to the organizations/companies:

My believing about cognition and knowledge direction of an organisation

Knowledge is what one individual knows and understands. Knowledge includes information, paperss, accomplishments learned of an organisation or a personal through the existent plants or to be trained through one individual or one organisation. After received beginning information, every people will hold some procedure ways so same the information but we can hold much cognition be created.

Knowledge direction ( KM ) is the procedure making, sharing, having, salvaging, developing, utilizing and do cognition in organisation become the affair values. One of act in KM is personal cognition bend into organisation ‘s cognition, its helps everyone can research, happening, feat and utilize it to function for the development of organisation or a company. Besides that, KM besides have intending ne’er halt receive from the outside environment, can make, larning from spouse, providers, clients and rival through constructing a organize theoretical account ever learn. The intent of KM is developing the creative activity of company, create dynamic staff, duty in occupation and the acquisition spirit. If you want KM, you should hold beginning labour force to make, besides that beginning, you should hold the fiscal beginning, engineering beginning, environment concern beginning. These beginnings do to three factors of KM: procedure, human and engineering.

Knowledge direction has two types: explicit and tacit

– Explicit cognition is knowledge be cleared like everything we can see and read like text edition you read every twenty-four hours on category, magazine you see at place, music listen from the cafe or someplace you go, picture you see. It ‘s easy to have so no demand transportation.

– Tacit cognition is knowledge be acquired from really experiences, this cognition frequently hide in each personal and truly hard cryptography and transportation, include: beliefs, value, experience, accomplishment. Like how can you larn the accomplishment to drive a minibike, cipher ca n’t learn you, they merely building you to maintaining equilibrium and when you drive the minibike, you received the cognition.

Some competitory advantages are created by KM in the organization/company and the ways KM brings competitory advantages to the company.

When the information engineering developed so the KM besides develops follow its and they will assist together in every organisation. Majority companies have successful so they know and catch the chances faster, seasonably and treating the beginnings information about market, merchandise, marketaˆ¦Transferring the beginnings information to go the cognition of organisation go faster, have more chances than rivals to take the market. Constructing a papers system correspond to acquire the cognition of everyone in an organisation, because the cognition of one individual non easy to portion to other individual to allow they cognize and understand by the manner show out the ground: cognition through write study, write papers and exchange themaˆ¦an organisation will better the general cognition in the system papers. Continuous updates new information and learn from work did, experiences or the loss of other organisations. Reject processes non necessary in procedure manage ; arrange Acts of the Apostless sensible, demo out favor in organisation to increase maintaining staff. Construct up the relationships of all people in organisation, a strong organisation when everyone know unite, assisting together. Merely when do it so the beginnings knowledge strong develop and hold more created. Helping everybody in organisation to reach every job, the beginnings information and the solutions of that organisation. Sharing cognition of everybody in each organisation is a occupation necessary in procedure to fall in jobs may be go on in organisation. Make increasing the preciseness and pull off the information, experiences, the procedure to make work of each portion and portion of work in an organisation. Make diminishing the hard, to keep the work more stabilize and reassign fastly when person do non work.

KM has many benefits and it will assist much for the directors in organization/company

My sentiment, the directors should continuous using, advanced the cognition of organization/company, this thing will assist the directors create the different thing in the competitions.

The first, develop exchange, sharing and making the cognition among the group to hold many beginnings the cognition better, more create. Because, we can see, today the companies is holding inclination unite together to viing. To bring forth any merchandise, we need tonss of combination of Fieldss such as: proficient industry, design, capital, marketingaˆ¦ The staff frequently merely make them occupation, they do n’t understand more, non hold skill about other Fieldss. So, the directors should develop the squad work by sharing, exchange thought, discourse the cognition among the members in group is truly of import.

The 2nd, I know this on the cyberspace and my experience, I merely see the organizations/companies create a group to work out a job in a short clip and dissolve after did a hard undertaking. At that clip, the cognition has to be received will non unite together, the creative activity, invention non survival. One of these staff non working for this organization/company it mean that cognition will come out with that staff. Therefore, the cognition direction is really of import for the directors because if they do n’t cognize how to use the cognition for his organisation to convey the successful, they can non competitory with other organization/company.

The 3rd, the directors can confront to confront with the suddenly differences about competition, do the strong alteration of the period engineering information, the universe concern is holding different so you certain have some hard, you will ever alter your system concern to survival on the market. To make that, the directors can non make it entirely, he want the combination of every staff in organisation, the rich cognition and create, this thing force the organisations should to provide for staff the information rapidly and precisely so they can acquire out some solutions helpful to assist you.

Finally, in the concern universe have many competitions in presents, you can non state: “ I have a best merchandise or my service is figure 1 ” , this thing is non needfully assist you successful. To hold a product/service good, you need have the combinations of many subdivisions from research market, research merchandise, design, selling, fiscal to the differences in procedure concern, you need receive and acquire out information rapidly and pull off the cognition clear so assist your organisation come to success.

The leading and managerial accomplishments are used through KM in the company and how can it brings successful to organization/company?

Attention to homo ‘s factor. Worlds can make new cognition and merely the people with the ability to use that cognition continue to make more new cognition. Organization should hold policies to enroll immature staff, to make conditions for people have many experiences to work with new people, organisation should hold appropriateA intervention government. Many leaders ever think the value of company is a large edifice or large mill but they do n’t cognize the cognition of staff is of import for company. Knowledge in this instance is larning, understanding, proficient personal, experience and partnering. If you are a leader, you should cognize how to maintain of import staff. The merchandises they made so good managed inherited and developed but that is non the most of import plus, the most of import they bring when go forthing is cognition, this truly hard to alter the other individual on it. We need emphasisA on developing andA cognition transportation, sharing isA indispensable inA preparation activities. Peoples have experience shouldA be encouraged toA Lashkar-e-Taiba they know they have responsibilitiesA in sharingA and usher withA the people haveA less experience. Just the leader recognize cognition is an plus of company, that leader have consciousness protect, preserve, put them go a larger plus. Percept is besides holding in company civilization, each member of organisation. Because KM is non a undertaking, that is a cumulative procedure of many individual in that organisation.

Some illustrations of every phase of KM Life Cycle in the organization/company

Knowledge direction has a batch of rhythm, but the Wiig KM rhythm is the most of import and it be used disseminated in most of companies. It ‘s easy to utilize, conveying the high manage effectual for company. The Wiig KM rhythm dressed ore about three conditions, these conditions need have in an organisation, make concern to successful such as: must hold concern like products/services and clients ; resources like people, installations and capital ; and the ability to move. Wiig KM Cycle including 4 phases: physique cognition, hold cognition, pool cognition, and usage cognition. Building knowledge aid exchange thought to happen the demand of client, research market. I think when star do construct the cognition, we have obtain, analyze, reconstruct, codify and form cognition. Like Coop-mart, they have excessively many staff ; they ever have a large information and information to reassign the cognition so that helps Coop-mart ever have a new manner to catch the chances they feel the client demand. Keeping cognition, it will hold in every staff, from book and intelligence. Coop-mart can keeping of valuable in their papers or study and they can happen and utilize it in the hereafter. Pooling cognition, it is the random cognition or the hidden from the interior of organization/company. Possibly Coop-mart have some staff does non necessary cognition and how to cognize to work out a peculiar job can reach other in the organisation, the one to be solve similar jobs. I think Coop-mart more successful than the other rivals ; they ever have more merchandises and more knock services. They know to utilize the cognition direction in internal and they possibly non hold large rival now.


After analyze and explain by some illustrations, we can cognize and understand about KM and the consequence it conveying to organization/company. KM will assist them acquire the consequence in a long clip if they know the manner to use, utilizing and pull off it in internal. KM has many sentiments, theoretical accounts and applications to an organization/company can pull off the cognition, but the last marks of the cognition direction are the creative activity, save, develop and portion, utilize it maximal and effectual from cognition direction will assist organization/company come nearer the successful, non rearward among other rivals.