Environmental And Ethical Issues At Wirral Borough Council Management Essay


This study is traveling to look how Wirral Borough Council and one of its Facilities Wirral Tennis & A ; Sports Centre Deals with Environmental and Ethical Issues of Management.

Wirral Council have a committedness to accreditate all Departments to ISO 14001 a.s.a.p. ( presently Technical Services are merely one ) . This will guarantee that everyone works within the model of an Environmental Management System.

Main focal point for Sports and Recreation is to cut down energy usage and the impacts of our energy ingestion in line with the Councils Energy and Water Conservation Policy every bit good as minimising garbage waste and guaranting responsible disposal paths for all segrated waste and maximise recycling. To do more efficient usage of resources, hence cut downing ingestion and waste.

To cut down the environmental impacts of the Authority ‘s waste production.

To raise the environmental consciousness and duty amongst all the Councils staff AND KEY CONTRACTORS / SUPPLIERS

Procurement policy – providers and contractors – merely trade with like minded companies.

Quote process for buying management.A Wirral Council is a major consumer of goods and services and recognises that their choice will hold an impact on the environment and homo development both locally and globally. Our purpose is to reflect our committedness to sustainable development and equality through the goods and services we purchase. A written process sets out the method by which Wirral Council will pull off its buying to better the environmental certificates of the goods purchased. This is the first phase in a sustainable buying programme and the process will germinate to reflect that procedure.

Wirral Borough councils Environmental Policy Appendix 1

Procurement System


Procurement is the procedure of pull offing the proviso of supplies, services and works crossing the life rhythm of the plus or service contract.A ‘Life rhythm ‘ is defined as being from the initial definition of the concern need through to the terminal of the utile life of the plus or service contract.A

The term ‘procurement ‘ screens broader issues than that of buying, purchasing or commissioning.A It includes procuring services and merchandises that best run into the demands of users and the local community.A This scheme provides a common model within which Council procurance is managed.

The procedure involves options assessment and the critical “ brand or purchase ” determination which will find whether the Council provides the services ‘in house ‘ or from an external supplier or through a joint public/private partnership arrangement.A

In the current fiscal twelvemonth ( 2009/10 ) the Council will secure goods, plants and services to the value of about ?180m.A

In the context of a procurance procedure, obtaining “ Best Value ” means taking the supplier that offers “ the optimal combination of whole life costs and benefits to run into the Council ‘s demands ” .A Best Value is non needfully the lowest initial monetary value option as it requires an appraisal of the on-going revenue/resource costs every bit good as initial capital ‘investment’.A A The drive force has in the past been focused on economy.A Whilst this remains an indispensable ingredient, it is besides of import that procurement determinations are taken in the visible radiation of the broader aims which the Council is seeking to achieve.A

Procurement is of import because failure to buy goods, services and works cost efficaciously can set the accomplishment of cardinal aims and services at hazard. A

Value for money in procurance can be achieved by: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A Reducing the cost of buying and the clip it takes – the processing overhead.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Geting better value for money for the goods and services purchased and improved quality of services ; A

( three ) A A A A A A Improving undertaking, contract and plus management.A

This scheme provides a common model within which all procurances by the Council are to be managed. A A A A A A A A A


Our procurance aims are designed to guarantee that procurance supports and contributes to the realization of the Council ‘s purposes and cardinal aims, we will make this by: A

( I ) A A A A A A A Ensuring that all procurance patterns are legal, ethical, and transparent and conform to local, national and European ordinances, and adhere to the rules of openness and accountability.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Delivering significantly better quality populace services that meet the demands of all local citizens through sustainable partnerships that we forge with a scope of public, private, societal endeavor and voluntary sector administrations at local, sub regional, regional, national and European degrees.

A ( three ) A A A A A A Contributing to the Council ‘s nest eggs marks by continually disputing our procurance agreements and seeking chances to cut down monetary values, improve quality, maximise efficiency and achieve greater results for the occupants Wirral in support of the Council ‘s three twelvemonth Efficiency Plan.A

( four ) A A A A A A Operating a assorted economic system of service proviso with ready entree to a diverse, competitory scope of providers supplying quality services, including little houses, societal endeavors, minority concerns and voluntary and community sector groups, and wherever possible encourage local sourcing and local employment.A

( V ) A A A A A A A Realising societal, environmental and community benefits through our procurance activities, by developing socially responsible specifications, constructing societal, environmental and community benefits into the rating procedure where appropriate and legal to make so, and working with providers and contractors post contract award to research chances for conveying such benefits to the local community, including the debut of the Construction Employment Integrator.A

( six ) A A A A A A Demonstrating betterment in the equality of chance and the publicity of good relationships between people within a diverse community in all procurance activity.A

( seven ) A A A A A Achieving an efficient and effectual procure to pay procedure, which minimises manual input, provides robust information on which procurance determinations can be made, and harnesses the latest A e-procurement solutions to maximize benefit to the Council.A

( eight ) A A A A Ensuring that all possible hazards are identified within procurance procedures and suitably managed.A

( nine ) A A A A A A Ensuring that all procurance considers the environment and, where appropriate, includes rating theoretical accounts that take into history the Council ‘s sustainable aims. A A

( ten ) A A A A A A A Achieving uninterrupted betterment from all classs of procurement outgo, by holding a ‘living ‘ Procurement Strategy and guaranting that all procurance activity is undertaken by informed, professional procurance staff.A


Procurement must be seen in the context of the Council ‘s overall aims to accomplish Best Value.A It is inevitable that for a public organic structure, effectual procurance must be measured as much by the societal results and community benefits that result as by the fiscal gains.A Balancing these dimensions is at the bosom of effectual best value procurement.A In line with the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government this local scheme outlines how we will accomplish our aims by runing a assorted economic system of service provision.A This will include little local concerns, minority houses and the voluntary and community sector groups and utilize advanced ways to secure, work in partnership with others and pull off services that will: A

( I ) Better achieve the Council ‘s objectives.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Deliver systematically high quality services that meet users ‘ needs.A

( three ) A A A A A A Provide nest eggs, better value for money and uninterrupted betterment thereby bettering the cost effectivity of the Council, in support of the Governments Comprehensive Spending Review 07 and the Council ‘s three twelvemonth Efficiency Plan.A

( four ) A A A A A A Build societal coherence and promote equality of chance for service users, concerns and Council staff.A

( V ) A A A A A A A Be sustainable for the communities and countries serviced and profit local citizens.A

( six ) A A A A A A Support bringing of the Council ‘s e-Government agenda.A

Enable the Council to pull off and measure hazards in the market topographic point.

The relationship between the Council ‘s Corporate Objectives and the Procurement Objectives is illustrated Appendix 2

Environmental/Sustainability considerations A

The Council will advance sustainable development through its procurance procedures. A In peculiar we will seek to: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A Eliminate waste and maximise resource efficiency. A

( two ) A A A A A A A Make usage of goods and services which are least harmful to the environment and human development. A

( three ) A A A A A A Adopt and advance best practice.A

Through the execution and development of our procurance policy for sustainable development we will: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A Consider costs over the life-cycle of contracts or merchandises instead than merely the initial monetary value thereby taking history of issues such as lastingness, economic system and disposal in our appraisal of value for money.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Include environmental considerations in the appraisal and award of contracts.A

( three ) A A A A A A Review specifications for contracts, with the purpose of cut downing environmental impacts.A

( four ) A A A A A A Work with providers and contractors to promote the development and testing of environmentally preferred merchandise and service options.A

( V ) A A A A A A A Encourage providers and contractors to better their environmental public presentation A

With regard to the procurance of merchandises we will: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A Buy ‘Fair Trade ‘ goods that meet our needs.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Buy recycled goods that meet our needs.A

( three ) A A A A A A Ban the usage of specified environmentally detrimental merchandises through the care of a ‘prohibited merchandise list ‘ . A

We recognise that apprehension of both sustainable development and public procurance best pattern is invariably changing.A Accordingly we will work to raise and keep consciousness about environment and development issues in relation to procurement through preparation, visits, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, merchandise carnivals and merchandise tests. A

Equal Opportunities and Valuing DiversityA

The Council has made a corporate committedness to the undermentioned equality aims within its Equality and Diversity Policy: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A To extinguish improper discrimination.A

A A A A A ( two ) A A A A A A A To advance Equality of Opportunity.A

( three ) A A A A A A To advance good dealingss between people in a diverse community. A

The Policy ‘s rule purpose is to do certain that public money is non spent on patterns that lead to improper favoritism, but is used alternatively to back up and promote equal chances and good community relations.A

The Council spends public money every twelvemonth on contracts with private and voluntary administrations for plants, goods and services.A It is indispensable that we guarantee this investing is consistent with our wider equality duties. A

To this terminal the Council will utilize all the powers available to it, including the commissariats of the Local Government Act 1988, the Transportation of Undertakings – Protection of Employment Regulations ( TUPE ) 1981, the Race Relations Act 1976 ( Amended 2000 ) , the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Code of Practice on Workforce Matters in Local Council Service Contracts to guarantee that equalities issues are addressed in the procurance of goods, plants and services.A The Council will aim three principle countries: A

( I ) A A A A A A A A Employment – the employment policies, processs and pattern of administrations that hold contracts.A

( two ) A A A A A A A Service Delivery – guaranting the development of the proviso of services that are every bit accessible and guarantee audience with users where appropriate.A

( three ) A A A A A A Monitoring the impact of undertaking from an equalities perspective.A


Wirral Tennis & A ; Sports Centre

Scope of Audit

The environmental facets and impacts of the edifices, constructions and operations at the Tennis Centre, plus an appraisal of conformity with any relevant statute law.


The audit took topographic point during the forenoon of 9th June 2010. Information was gathered by:

Mike Henderson ( Centre Manager ) ,

Research of certification

Observations during Audited account


The Tennis Centre is situated in Bidston and comprises athleticss halls, fittingness suite, cafe areas/kitchen, general office installations, altering country and lavatories, assorted works suites and shops, out-of-door athleticss pitches and tennis tribunals Astro Turf football pitches. Grass football pitches.

Observations and Findingss.


Environmental issues are discussed at squad briefings as and when they arise.

There is no active on-site Green Team, nor is there any connexion to the corporate squad. There is no Health & A ; Safety rep on site but the rep from Grange Road West takes issues to meetings as required.

Plans detailing the drainage layout for the Site were non available.

There have been no environmental incidents or ailments sing the site although there is an issue with a public way surrounding the site ( taking from Tesco shop to Hoylake Road ) as the litter accumulated has a damaging consequence on the country environing the Centre. The staff on site clear this country in order to keep the agreeableness of the site and to forestall harm to autos from broken glass. Waste Control had cleared the country when asked but this is on an ad-hoc footing.

Staff preparation records are kept in the director ‘s office and were inspected during the audit. Information is forwarded to the Hamilton Building for recording of preparation but updates are non on a regular basis received on site. Consequently the truth of the preparation registry depends on manual inputting of informations and would profit from centralised systematic updates.

The site is non capable to visits from any regulative bureau.

Energy Use

The beginnings of energy on site are gas and electricity.

An Eco lighting system had been installed on site but it was found that this shortened the life of the ballast in the tubes – accordingly a re-lamping exercising in November cost ?7000 in entire. A strategy to put in zoned illuming in the athleticss hall had been investigated but deferred because of the jobs with the Eco-lights and the possibility of farther care disbursal.

Sound sensitive activators are fitted in the lavatories and fittingness suites.

All Staff are really energy witting – seting visible radiations out in all countries when non in usage – at the same clip non compromising Health and Safety issues.

A installation energy efficiency chart is on show energy efficiency A Being the most efficient and G being the least The Tennis Centre scored B which is really good given the age of the site. Appendix 3

All countries had a installation charter which identified the temperature you should anticipate within this country Appendix 4

Waste Management/ Recycling

The site was surveyed by Terry Hendy on the 3rd April 2010 and a Recycling Service is provided via Biffa Waist. This includes the aggregation of paper, composition board, toner cartridges, foil ( if required ) tins and fluorescent tubings collected on a biweekly footing.


Not all paper purchased for run offing and supplied by the buying pool was the recycled “ Evolve “ type.

Environmental standards are non presently taken into history in the choice of contractors.

Chemical Storage Areas

There are no chemicals/oil/petrol stored on site. There is a works room lodging a tractor which Grounds Maintenance are responsible for -they supply gasoline and do non hive away on site.

Within the chief edifice there is a coop used for hive awaying cleaning materials/ germicides which is besides used to hive away drinks/ nutrient with no clear separation between the two.

A COSHH registry is kept in the director ‘s office which is current and up to day of the month.

Staff Kitchen

There was grounds that all cleansing stuffs were stored safely and were portion of the official providers list and COSHH registered

Public Counter and Kitchen

The cookery of nutrient for public ingestion is now merely undertaken as and when necessary i.e. school vacations, big tourneies etc.

Used cookery oil is stored in bluish membranophones and removed from the site by outside caterers which is so recycled.

Plant Room – Heating and Water Boilers Air emanation trial

Trevor Jackson Technical Support Services ( TSS ) confirmed that up until now no trials have been completed as the incorrect flukes were installed. These have now been replaced and when the boilers are serviced / maintained so trials will be completed.

Expired Flukes

There were expired flukes in one of the shop houses and Trevor Jackson TSS confirmed that the flukes are non thrown off as it is possible for them to be adapted and reused at other sites


Care is carried out on an one-year footing by TSS and records are kept by them

Hazards Identified

There were no uncontrolled important environmental hazards identified.


There were no non-conformances identified during this audit


Although there were no non-conformances identified I believe that the undermentioned points should be implemented

Agreements should be made with Gas Container Services Nottingham to take the four Whitbread Gas containers from site

See the feasibleness of an agreement with Waste Control to regularly clean up the external tracts.

The COSH registry should be updated every bit shortly as possible.

Training and accomplishments audit be updated and checked on an one-year footing.

Environmental issues should be included in squad briefings as a regular docket point and consideration is given to a voluntary fall ining the Green Team to stand for the Centre.

The coop lodging food/drinks and cleaning stuffs should be reorganised to guarantee clear limit between the two.

Merely recycled paper to be purchased in the hereafter to conform to corporate policy.


During the audit it was noted that the site was good maintained and managed, with all staff paying a great trade of attending to the visual aspect of both the interior and outside of the edifices and environing country.



Procurement System




Environmental/Sustainability considerations A

Equal Opportunities and Valuing DiversityA


Wirral Tennis & A ; Sports Centre

Scope of Audit



Observations and Findingss.


Energy Use

Waste Management/ Recycling


Chemical Storage Areas

Staff Kitchen

Public Counter and Kitchen

Plant Room – Heating and Water Boilers Air emanation trial

Expired Flukes


Hazards Identified





Appendix 1 Environmental Policy

Appendix 2 The relationship between the Council ‘s Corporate Objectives and the Procurement Aims

Appendix3 Energy Efficiency Chart

Appendix4 Facility Charter