Examination of McDonald’s Marketing


McDonalds is one of the most elephantine Burger trade names in the planetary fast nutrient concatenation which is presented in about 120 states ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) . However, McDonald still has to dispute with a figure of jobs arisen in non merely place market but besides planetary market ( CBS Chicago, 2014 ) . Based on its study of concluding one-fourth last twelvemonth, there was a immense figure of its clients buying McDonalds’ merchandises has been decreased. Particularly in the U.S market in 2013, the company has lost more than 1.6 per centum of its clients compared to the same minute with old old ages ( CBS Chicago, 2014 ) .

Question 1:

McDonalds has lost its client attractive force in place market, nevertheless, its repute is still popular in emerging markets due to the deficiency of trust on their local trade names ( Doctoroff, 2014 ) . Understanding this chance, McDonald has made a determination of spread outing its concern to the planetary market ( Rudarakanchana, 2013 ) . Though McDonalds segmented its concern in a figure of parts, the quality of its merchandises and services has been claimed that:

“McDonald’s was built on a strong foundation of a nucleus bill of fare that we took around the universe but we need to do certain we are more locally relevant, ”( Grant, 2006 ) .

In peculiar, the quality of its merchandises will be locally delivered that is different with other parts by using‘polycentric orientation’which related to‘localized approach’( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) . This reply will utilize four chief facets of marketing mix to analyze how McDonalds run its concern locally in its cleavages.

  • Merchandise:

When McDonalds entered the India market, it coped with the jobs of beefs merchandises in there because the most Indian people follow the Hinduism avoid utilizing meat from beef or cow ( Rowley, 2012 ) . Hence, McAloo Tikki which is a beef-free Burger has been provided in the India market and rapidly became the most favorite merchandises in India McDonalds ( Hickman, 2013 ) . In add-on, in the France, McDonalds has besides produced the McCamembert for the local market which utilizing the Camembert cheese the popular cheese trade name in France ( Tepper, 2013 ) . Furthermore, McArabia burger merchandise, which uses poulet sandwiched between a long staff of life, has been presented in the Middle East market ( Hickman, 2013 ) .

  • Topographic point:

McDonalds’ enlargement scheme has been executed with a immense figure of about 40 1000s shops in over 110 states ( McDonalds, 2014 ) . Taking advantages from this win and its experience in place market, the corporation planned to maintain increasing the figure of over 400 drive-thru shops to vie with other challengers in planetary market ( Vignali, 2001 ) . For illustration, McDonalds in the UK has opened its shops in diversified topographic points but still focused on high traffic locations such as in shopping promenades, near amusement countries or at airdromes and train Stationss ( McDonalds, 2014 ) . It happened as the same as in India McDonalds where has more than 200 eating houses in the concluding one-fourth of 2010. McDonalds established besides about 2000 mercantile establishments in China and about 1000 eating houses in France ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

  • Monetary value:

The monetary value for a McDonalds’ Burger, in peculiar the Big Mac, was created based on the mean rewards of clients in the market. The higher minimal rewards is, the higher monetary value of a Big Mac will be charged ( The Economist, 2014 ) . The Figure 1 will show the differences of monetary values of Big Mac that McDonalds charges in some popular markets.

The income rank of India has been considered as a lower in the in-between category with the minimal pay from USD 5 to USD 6 per twenty-four hours ( Office of Labour Department, 2014 ) . Hence, the monetary value of USD 1.54 for a Big Mac of McDonalds is much cheaper compared to the monetary value in the UK market with the monetary value for a Big Mac Burger is charged USD 4.63, about equal monetary value in the US place market.

  • Promotion:

First, understanding the wonts of watching commercial on telecasting in China, McDonalds in China programs to pull its clients through print media ( Vignali, 2008 ) . In add-on, ‘Green’ publicity has been executed in India with the claim of no beef merchandises delivered ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) . Second, sponsorship activities have been implemented in a figure of athleticss. For illustration, in the USA, McDonalds maintains close relationship with the most favorite hoops conference NBA to pull the consciousness of its audience on McDonalds’ trade name ( Vignali, 2008 ) . Brand name of the McDonalds was besides changed in order to be suited to the market. For illustration, in Australia, Macca’s was known as McDonalds in there ( The Telegraph, 2013 ) . Third, gross revenues publicity has been besides delivered to McDonalds’ clients. For illustration,“Another burger each weekend”publicity was conducted in Czech market which provided different gustatory sensations of Burgers ( Keegan and Green, 2013, pp. 55 )

Question 2:

For a elephantine service-orientated corporation as McDonalds, there will be a figure of arisen jobs related to environmental facets that influence the internationalization of its trade name. This paper will analyze these impacts by utilizing the PEST model which will be briefly presented in Figure 2.





  • Conflicts between national authorities and Beijing’s authorities in footings of McDonalds publicity program
  • Legislators and critics disheartenments in footings of McDonalds’ impacts on Gallic nutrient civilization


  • China is one of the rapidest-developing market
  • Currency instability


  • Indian clients are interested in McDonalds
  • Indian prevents utilizing beefs merchandises
  • Gallic complains about World Cup sponsorship of McDonalds


  • Planing mercantile establishments by utilizing more glass window and air chilling systems in India
  • Using electronic devices to supply better services
  • Making Order Application
  • Political factor:

In order to carry on a immense investing on publicity scheme in China, McDonalds has spent more than USD 1 billion on constructing a large shopping promenade in the center of Beijing where is considered as a crowded country. However, though holding understandings from Beijing authorities, this undertaking of McDonalds was still postponed by the state authorities of China ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

In France, refering the negative impacts of McDonalds into traditional life style of Gallic people, there was a batch of legislators and critics has been in dissensions with go oning to let McDonalds’ mercantile establishments to be established more ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

  • Economicfactor:

Due to the 100 clip of development in footings of repast industry in India, McDonalds has considered this statistic as one of possible alterations to spread out its concern in this market. Hence, the company opened a figure of mercantile establishments chiefly in countries where have high client traffic ( McDonalds, 2014 ) .

Since McDonalds has realized the potency of fast nutrient industry in China, it has planned to come in this market and achieved considerable results in footings of net incomes and client attendings. Hence, China was considered by McDonalds as the rapidest-developing market that stimulates the company to maintain spread outing in there ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

However, currency instability was besides recognized as one of serious menaces for McDonalds in footings of economical factor. Due to its chief proportion of net incomes generated from external American market, there may do a important menaces to McDonalds’ net income if exchange rates are non changeless. For illustration, in 2012, about 0.5 per centum of company’s gross has been decreased because of this issue of exchange rates ( Gasparro, 2012 ) .

  • Social factor:

The client outlook for the fast nutrient industry was increased strongly in India when McDonalds entered this market in 1996. After a figure of being presented here, the sum of money for buying fast nutrient merchandises has been increased strongly and will be expected to be increased up to 1.5 clip in 2016 compared to the statistic in 2013 ( Nayak, 2013 ) .

However, there still has a figure of considerations towards this factors. For illustration, most Indian people follow the Hinduism which indicated that beefs and merchandises from beefs will non able to be used in at that place. Therefore, McDonalds has had to plan a different bill of fare for its clients in this market ( Hickman, 2013 ) . In add-on, the presence of its trade name in World Cup 1998 in France was received a batch of unfavorable judgments in footings of wellness issues from Gallic people.

  • Technological factor:

Understanding the fast invention of engineering that affects well towards concern scheme, McDonalds has spent much attempts on be aftering to use high-technological devices in presenting its services ( Patton, 2013 ) . In order to do its client comfortable and be relax when utilizing McDonalds’ services, iPod and telecasting were provided to clients to utilize. In add-on, in India, glass window and air chilling systems have been used to assist McDonalds’ mercantile establishments in this market satisfy Indian clients ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

Question 3:

Assuming that McDonalds has decided to spread out its concern into Vietnam fast nutrient market, the undermentioned measure is really indispensable for the corporation to get down be aftering a scheme to present its merchandises in this market. This portion will utilize the international market entry scheme which will be outlined in Figure 3 to supply recommendations for McDonalds.

  • Indirect exportation:

This determination of market entry was considered as the safest manner for the McDonalds. When this type of scheme is chosen, the company will non take part to export its merchandise oversea and it besides non take part in marketing scheme in the mark market ( Lambin, Chumpitaz and Schuiling, 2007 ) . For illustration, McDonalds may merchandise its merchandises with a local company and let to sell these merchandises into Vietnam market. Hence, this local company will take duty for the gross revenues of these merchandises. However, with the weak connexions between McDonalds and its merchandises, the company may be unsuccessful to pull the immense consciousness from mark clients ( Lambin, Chumpitaz and Schuiling, 2007 ) .

  • Direct exportation:

In contrast with the indirect exportation determination, with the direct exportation scheme, McDonalds will straight take part to export its merchandises to a Vietnamese company to sell it in this market. The advantage of this action is that the company can guarantee its selling scheme in the targeted market ( Lymbersky, 2008 ) . Hence, though McDonalds has to pass a batch of attempts on warranting the market before doing determination, it will hold more power on pull offing its gross revenues and selling activities in the foreign market ( Lymbersky, 2008 ) .

  • Direct investing:

The popular activity related to this direct investing scheme is to join forces with a local company in the mark market, peculiarly Vietnam market, in order to make a joint venture signifier. The advantage of this activity is that McDonalds is non the lone 1 who has to endure hazards from come ining new markets, particularly in footings of net incomes. It besides has a opportunity to get more information of the market from its spouse. However, managerial issues can be arisen when working with the local company due to the unsimilarity between two civilizations ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

  • Indirect investing:

Related to this type of scheme, licensing and franchising are considered as two popular methods which are used to be after to come in a new market ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) .

Licensing.Similar to direct investing determination, licensing will be used for the long-run intent which provides less hazards to the company, in this instance is McDonalds. The local company in the targeted market will be empowered to utilize the repute of McDonalds to administer merchandises in its market ( Lymbersky, 2008 ) . Because of utilizing image of popular merchandises, it will make an chance for the local distributer to pull a immense figure of clients for these merchandises that related to increase gross revenues gross ( Lambin, Chumpitaz and Schuiling, 2007 ) . Hence, McDonalds in this instance may take net income benefits from this method. However, it is besides considered as a hazard for McDonalds due to the deficiency of power on commanding the delivered selling scheme of the distributers into the market ( Lambin, Chumpitaz and Schuiling, 2007 ) .

Franchising.Franchising dramas as one of recommendations for puting indirectly to come in the new market. This method is the understanding between the franchiser, in this instance is McDonalds, and the franchisee who will be empowered by McDonalds to sell its merchandises in the targeted market ( Jobber and Fahy, 2009 ) . Though it seems to be similar to licensing, there is a difference that the franchise will run its concern as the same as the concern in the host state ( Keegan and Green, 2013 ) . For illustration, there will be an mercantile establishment of McDonalds in Vietnam which has the same design of mercantile establishments and present the same services with McDonalds in the US. This type of market entry scheme has been besides used by McDonalds in overall markets that it entered ( McDonalds, 2014 ) . The chief advantage of this determination is that McDonalds, who plays as the franchiser function, can use its planetary selling scheme to its mercantile establishment in Vietnam. Furthermore, it is easy for McDonalds for commanding the quality of delivered merchandises, the quality of recruited staffs in the Vietnamese mercantile establishment to guarantee the similarity between its mercantile establishments in place market and in Vietnam. Hence, it could be seen that Vietnamese clients can hold a opportunity to see the merchandises and services as the same as it is delivered in the U.S ( Lymbersky, 2008 ) .

Taking advantages from the success in footings of franchising scheme in the universe market and the popularity of its repute, it could be recommended that franchising should be adapted in the Vietnamese market.

Question 4:

Based on the planetary enlargement scheme of McDonalds, ‘Plan to Win’ was designed in order to make a standard selling program which will be adapted in any market in general ( McDonalds, 2014 ) . However, for a peculiar market as Vietnam fast nutrient market, there still has to concern in a figure of factors initiatively that influence the scheme of marketing to make competitory advantage. Porter’s five forces theoretical account ( Porter, 2008 ) will be used to explicate in item.

Menace of New Entrants.With the positive GDP growing of the economic system started from 2004, Vietnam was reported as one of the fastest and the most stable economic system in Asia. In add-on, in 2007, Vietnam has been conceded as one of official members of WTO and the authorities of this state has renovated its Torahs and ordinances which provided unfastened chances for transnational companies like McDonalds to come in Vietnamese market. ( KPMG, 2012 ) .

Menace of Power of Suppliers.Though there is a batch of possible local providers for nutrient ingredients and equipment for fast nutrient services, merely few current foreign trade names in Vietnam accepted to take part with them due to dissensions ( Vietnamnet Bridge, 2014 ) . Hence, there has a opportunity for McDonalds to happen its providers in the local market to cut down the cost from importing oversea if the company happen solutions for this issue.

Menace of Power of Buyers.Due to the addition of immature population and the high proportion of in-between income clients in Vietnam, the demand for reputable trade names, peculiarly in fast nutrient eating houses, has been raise quickly ( Azzaro, 2012 ) . Hence, it partially reduces force per unit areas for McDonalds come ining the new Vietnam fast nutrient market.

Menace of Substitute Products.In instance of bear downing the monetary value of McDonalds’ merchandises every bit similar as them in some Asiatic market, McDonalds may hold to endure the loss of clients to replace merchandises. For illustration, steam sticky rice, pho or noodles are popular traditional fast nutrient in Vietnam which can be considered as replacement merchandises for Burgers of McDonalds ( Vietnamnet Bridge, 2014 ) .

Menace of Rivals.McDonalds could be considered as a late fast nutrient giant in Vietnamese fast nutrient market because there was a figure of giants, for illustration, KFC, Lotteria, Starbucks, Subway or Burger King have earlier entered the market than McDonalds ( Vu, 2014 ) .

Understanding these five forces can assist McDonalds to make its ain competitory advantage over its current challengers in Vietnam fast nutrient industry. Presented as a late rival in this market, in order to vie with its rivals, it could be recommended that disbursement important attempts on put to deathing its selling program is really of import though “Plan to Win” planetary schemes has been provided with clear selling mix. As the same as obtaining qualitative and quantitative consequences by making an effectual selling program, there are three marketing put to deathing tools which are popular to be applied to implement its programs ( Pride and Ferrell, 2008 ) .

Customer Relationship Management.Though researching on customer’s demands before come ining the market is necessary, keeping the relationship between McDonalds and its clients is besides of import. ( Pride and Ferrell, 2008 ) . Hence, McDonalds should roll up information or feedbacks of clients who used its merchandises and sort this information to heighten the better services to the clients. Since possible clients are satisfied, it is less challenge for the company to make selling programs to keep the relationship with its clients in long term ( Pride and Ferrell, 2008 ) .

Internal Marketing.Customers are non merely known as people who use merchandises or services but besides known as the human resources who straight participate in presenting merchandises and services of a company. This is considered as internal clients ( Saxena, 2009 ) . Therefore, the company should delegate clear occupation undertakings and suited wages systems for employees that fulfil their outlooks to assist them perpetrate to lend to the success of the company ( Pride and Ferrell, 2008 ) .

Entire Quality Management.Due to the low-cost merchandises scheme, McDonalds has to pass a considerable attempt to efficaciously command the quality of its merchandises and services. It is non merely related to guarantee the client relationship care but besides its suppliers’ relationships in order to increase its market portions and cut down the costs of production ( McDonalds, 2014 ) . Therefore, the company can fulfill its clients by presenting cheaper merchandises but still guaranting its high quality.


This paper has attempted to analyze McDonalds’ enlargement scheme and provided justification and put to deathing field for come ining Vietnam fast nutrient market. With the positive researched information of fast nutrient market in Vietnam, it could be believed that McDonalds will be successful to pull the clients and vie other challengers to go market leader in at that place. However, accommodations for this selling program will be required due to the alteration of environmental factors in the market.

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