Exploring the Creative Product Promotion tactics

The eight rubrics which can be found in the tabular array of contents form a sum-up of 33 subjects. All of them will be explained every bit accurate as clip had allowed the author. As can be concluded from the rubric, this paper circles around publicity and how organisations use that to profit their concern. You must read this paper as if you were a consumer, concern and a impersonal entity in the concern environment.

The merchandise scope of a company consists of all the points it sells. These can change from merchandises of the same platform to merchandises used on others. E.g. EA makes videogames which they divide into platforms, like the Nintendo Wii, the Sony Playstation 3, the Windows operating system and even Apple ‘s consoles. Product development means bettering a merchandise and EA does that by adding new engineering throughout the development of the series they make. Whenever they become useable, they are put into the game. E.g. the popular three dimensional facet which is added to their games.

Product & amp ; market tests are at that place to give the client and/or consumer a gustatory sensation of the company ‘s merchandise ( s ) . Electronic Humanistic disciplines releases demo ‘s ( video games ) now and so to excite desire. When people like the demo, they ‘ll likely purchase the full version. The tests have a 2nd map ; To see if let go ofing a merchandise is profitable. Defects can be edited before the existent ( official ) release.

Quality stands for how good a merchandise is and measure for an sum. Ea ‘s ever been known to supply gamers with qualitatively good merchandises. Timing can be indispensable when establishing a promotional run as it may be demanded merely at certain times. EA has declared the 8th to the 14th of November to be “ Bioware hebdomad ” . ( An constitution of theirs is called Bioware. ) In this hebdomad they offer a 30 % price reduction. A company ‘s manner or image is ( about ) ever looked at when one buys something. When you see the EA logo, you know it is n’t merely a run-of-the-mine game.

Merchandise characteristics and fluctuations are alone merchandising propositions. They offer what the competition does non. EA allows people to buy games through ideal. Because no recognition cards are needed, it ‘s more convenient to purchase from their store alternatively of a rival ‘s that merely accepts Visa or MasterCard. Besides, EA has the advantage of downloadable games. No phonograph record are needed.

Let ‘s state you purchased a videogame, but it does n’t look to work decently. An associated service is the company ‘s help desk. You call them and they will seek to repair your job. If the game still is n’t working decently, you may either hold them pick it up for Restoration or present it to a certain point with the same consequence. ( carry-in / pick-up-and-return. ) The benefits must be known by the client in order to back up gross revenues and net incomes.

Monetary value

Three factors impacting the charged monetary value are ; The costs to do the merchandise, rivals that offer about the same merchandise and the current demand for it. Electronic Arts its employees see to it that their merchandises are every bit original as possible. Copy-cats pose no menace as they can non bring forth games with the same quality as EA does. They merely lack the fiscal resources. And if a large company offers a slightly similar merchandise it wo n’t take to awful gross revenues either because EA makes series of games that follow each other up. The consumer holds on to the plot line made by EA and if even that is similar EA may action the other company, if non the other manner around.

The competitor-based pricing logically focuses on the competition. Demand pricing varies with the client ‘s altering precedences. Skim pricing means puting a instead high monetary value for your merchandise to derive as much net income as possible where after it ‘ll be lowered to do it more accessible. Penetration pricing is the exact antonym. It drives demands up at first by bear downing a comparatively low monetary value. Later on, monetary values are increased. Like most concerns, EA uses the skim-strategy. When something ‘s been successfully sold and an enlargement battalion is offered, people will decidedly buy it.

Pricing is of import because it involves any concern ‘ chief aim. Which is either to do the highest sum of net income possible or be a profitable concern by at least interrupting even. Apart from that, a low priced merchandise might be perceived by clients as inexpensive and low-quality. If monetary values are set excessively high people might non purchase it any longer. EA is known for doing good games, so they can bear down a premium monetary value. In return the client expects a great videogame. When the demand for a merchandise bead, EA notices that and responds to it by take downing the monetary value of one or more specific game ( s ) . Balancing all price-related elements is critical. hypertext transfer protocol: //wp.appadvice.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/ea_games1.jpg

Topographic point

Customers buy from retail merchants. Retailers have the pick to purchase their stock either from a sweeping or from the maker. Buying straight from the maker has the advantage of bulk-order nest eggs. Wholesales purchase in big Numberss, which provides them with the bulk-order nest eggs. They so resell smaller parts of their stock to retail merchants. The longer the concatenation the higher the monetary value a client wage. EA has sells to wholesales, but they do the merchandising themselves to. Via their web site you can download your purchased games from EA. This is low-priced and profitable.

Except the described signifiers above, there are other ways for direct merchandising ; Mail, Response advertisement, Telemarketing, Mail order catalogues and Internet selling. These are destined for specific audiences, instead than a mass of random people. Since direct merchandising addresses relevant people, the opportunities of success are much higher than they would hold been otherwise. EA will most likely mark people between the age of 16 and 25 because they are the chief users of EA ‘s merchandises. Establishing an expensive run towards the aged is merely obviously stupid because it wo n’t of all time be successful.

An intermediary is implicated in promoting, administering and selling a company ‘s merchandises and services to consumers. Resellers are a type of intermediary found among the likes of jobbers, agents and retail merchants. Another type of mediator is the physical distributing 1. This type is implicated in traveling goods from manufacturers to their finishs. Normally business-to-business organisations use the ‘push method ‘ while business-to-consumer companies use the ‘pull method ‘ . Pushing is more or less tantamount to coercing. Pulling agencies enticing ( the client ) . Occasionally an organisation implements both methods into their scheme. However, EA serves as its ain intermediary and by making so they save a batch of money and cut down the clip it takes for a merchandise to be in the shelves.


A merchandise ‘s packaging should be appealing to the client ‘s oculus, direct a valued message to them, pop out of the shelves, match the existent merchandise ( inside it ) , protect that merchandise ( against dazes, heat, H2O etc. ) and most of all tantrum in with the other constituents of the selling mix. All these elements must be considered before planing a bundle or it might non be every bit effectual as it could hold been.

Expression at the three games below. All were made by EA and have been made attractive. In the first 1 they ‘ve displayed a beautiful auto that ‘s rushing apparently fast. The 2nd 1 shows a futuristic robot-like arm and the 3rd one shows existent association football participants. It might non look that of import, but seek visualising a shop where games were kept safe in a plane colored box. Would you even see looking at what ‘s in them? hypertext transfer protocol: //t2.gstatic.com/images? q=tbn: YEiu55Ty46y48M: hypertext transfer protocol: //img713.imageshack.us/img713/558/fifay.jpg & A ; t=1http: //efitsoftware.com/uploads/posts/2010-07/1278143752_12489d622ae0fa21a8d40a85bdc24a048.jpeghttp: //media.giantbomb.com/uploads/1/19680/1363095-battlefield_2142_box_art_super.jpg


Customers need to hold entree to a company ‘s service point. These service points can be accessed in-store, by phone or even by electronic mail. Any ailment or demand for replies sing the concern ‘ merchandises should be met and handled fleetly here. To recognize this procedure, you need appropriate people.

To procure that people are appropriate for the undertaking, they are trained. The result ; Salespeople. They form the ‘in-store service point ‘ , nevertheless EA has no shops except for the one online.

A company is constructing an image, if non already acquired. This image must/should be reflected by its employees, as they represent the company. Naturally, they wo n’t stand for much if a concern keeps altering its image.

Gross saless Procedures

It is of import for companies to make a positive image and if they already have, maintain it. Negative images show themselves non merely in the client ‘s head, but in the concern ‘ income as good. A positive image, on the other manus, can ensue into rhythmic purchases. If one has had a positive experience with a specific company so he or she is most likely to do the following purchase from that same company. Whatever image you have as a concern, it spreads. If the image is good, your gross revenues will increase, if non it ‘ll diminish alternatively.

At the minute EA has an overall positive image. Some “ rock-ribbed gamers ” nevertheless have claimed that EA has ruined games that where ab initio developed by other companies. On assorted web sites they express their letdown of the games “ non experiencing the same anymore ” . An illustration is the Command & A ; Conquer series that EA took over. Still, a bulk favors EA ‘s games over the original developers ‘ ( Westwood/Petroglyph ) . Despite these critics EA is making good in the gross revenues section.

Physical grounds

Colorss and sounds can put a specific temper which might act upon clients to the company ‘s benefit. Actually, that ‘s what image, visible radiation, the used linguistic communication and the tone of employees ‘ voices do excessively. They are all little parts of a widely used scheme. It is in fact manipulating, but legal. Making person experience comfortable prevents him or her from go forthing the store. He or she spends more clip in the store and is exposed to the company its manipulative tactics for accomplishing its end ; Make the client purchase something and maintain them satisfied even after the purchase.

As stated before, EA has no shops except for the one online. Therefore the physical grounds is non of their concern, it has become that of retail merchants. The most EA can make is pander their online shop and do fine-looking dawdlers.

Promotional aims

How concern aims & A ; aims translate into selling & A ; promotional aims

Increasing awareness frequently consequences in more gross revenues because clients chiefly search for trade names they are familiar with.

A concern ‘ merchandises and/or services will merely be purchased if the company can separate them. This means holding an border over the competition ‘s merchandises and/or services. The purpose is to give grounds to purchase from them alternatively of the competition ( EA download centre and the ability to buy via ideal ) .

Increasing the market portion of a company has all to make with their competition. If there are no rivals or few non so baleful 1s they own a big portion of the market. This portion decreases as more rivals enter the market and clients make their purchases elsewhere.

Targeting relevant audiences means excepting people from your promotional activity that are most improbable to react to it. This means your attempts will be more cost-efficient.

The attitudes, aspirations, sentiments and involvements of consumers have to be focused on. This is what a company ‘s promotional activities should be based on in order for them to hold a opportunity of being successful.

Demographics divide the mark group ( s ) into classs, which lays down precisely who the marks are and how they can be reached. These marks vary per merchandise, but in general they ‘re split by age, gender, active/passive life style, instruction degree and income. The aged wo n’t be caught watching MTV, so why topographic point an advertizement for them there?

A concern ‘ aims aim to do more net income. They can recognize this via publicity. A recent method used by EA is the money-off publicity or ‘Bioware hebdomad ‘ .

Dividing your audience into classs based on of import differences and individually aiming these have proved to a be more effectual method.


You have come across the 33 subjects and hopefully you now understand them. It is clear that publicity knows different positions and can be executed in an limitless figure of ways. The originative head behind successful runs is ever one or ( largely ) more intellectuals. A concern is by far more than figures, money and statistics.



BTEC Business Book 1 Level 3

J. Bevan – H. Coupland-Smith – R. Dransfield – J. Goymer – C. Richards

Edexcel – 2010

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Search Engine ‘Google ‘ ( for images and the EA-store ) .