Fiction Versus Reality In Criminal Justice System Law Essay

In today ‘s society, we as citizens of the United States of America view our condemnable justness system as a regulation of jurisprudence that allows the territory lawyer to show its instance before a test by jury in a tribunal of jurisprudence. However, in today ‘s society, most telecasting shows processs would wish to do a telecasting shows, based on things that traveling on in today ‘s society, as to offense, household, infirmary, and the military, every bit good. However, within the last 20 old ages, processs had created a really good show called Law & A ; Order with some extra spins off such as Particular Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, and Trial by Jury in demoing how the constabulary and the condemnable justness tribunal system works solves a instance, and tried an suspect within an hr, when in world it can takes the constabulary and the prosecution several months to shut a condemnable instance.

When, I began watching Law & A ; Order and Law & A ; Order Special Victims Unit telecasting show, I truly had position that the show as demoing a true position as to what the constabulary does and how tribunal proceeding are being conducted in a truly tribunal room scene, nevertheless, I was incorrect. For the constabulary to carry on an probe, arrest a suspect and tried a individual for a offense, within a 1 hr span, is non possible at all in existent life. Usually it takes the constabulary 48 to 72 hours to carry on their basic probe of a offense screen before they determined a suspect in most instances. Once the constabulary arrests a suspect and completes their initial determination, the information is bend over to the prosecution, to get down their work within the instance. This procedure of seeking a condemnable instance, takes several months to carry on, the telecasting does demo the general populace a good thought, as to how the condemnable justness system works, but there are ever exclusions in every instance, each instance is different as to how it been solved and prosecuted by the prosecution.

Harmonizing to Internet Movie Database ( 2010 ) , Law & A ; Order is labeled as a play telecasting show, that tries to give the general overview as to how the “ condemnable justness system, the people are represented by two separate yet every bit of import groups ” ( Internet Movie Database, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Internet Movie Database ( 2010 ) , it besides shows “ The constabulary who investigate offense and the territory lawyers who prosecute the wrongdoers ” ( Law & A ; Order, para 1 ) . The fiction world show Law & A ; Order is a show that harmonizing to Internet Movie Database ( 2010 ) , “ show follows a offense, normally adapted from current headlines, from two separate vantage points ” ( Law & A ; Order, para 1 ) . In world, that it is true, that there are two separate vantage points, within the condemnable justness system, the constabulary, and the prosecution. Harmonizing to Internet Movie Database ( 2010 ) , “ The first half of the show concentrates on the probe of the offense by the constabulary, the 2nd half follows the prosecution of the offense in tribunal ” ( Law & A ; Order, para 1 ) . Harmonizing to the Internet Movie Database ( 2010 ) , the show is about “ 60 proceedingss, including commercials ” ( Law & A ; Order, para 1 ) . But, in world a test can last for several months.

We as a general society do acknowledge that most telecasting shows, and films that show a position of the condemnable justness system, do non advert that the minority of the condemnable instances ne’er go to test before a jury. In most world instances, sentences are handed down to guilty supplications, charges being dropped, and supplication deals are issued, before the instance ends up before the jury in tribunal. In Law & A ; Order telecasting shows, shows that the suspects are given lawyers that are will trained and really resourceful, nevertheless, in a true condemnable tribunal instance in world, most suspects are non really good resourceful. The little bulk of the instances in a world tribunal puting truly gets to test, the condemnable justness system do non truly meet the really provocative and punchy gap statements as shown in a fictional tribunal room type scene.

In a fictional telecasting, Law & A ; Order, the show is broken down in portion as to the constabulary, the prosecution and the test portion of the instance. However, in Law & A ; Order processs had failed to place the legal issues at custodies such as the regulations of grounds, and the legal issues environing the instance at custodies. The visual aspect of grounds and both cross-examination and scrutiny of the instance, things are less theatrical than in the fictional courtroom. In world lawyers love visuals humanistic disciplines and photosgraphs, when it comes to grounds and necropsy exposures are a favourite in slaying tests. However, often physical grounds is minimum. Defense advocate, most of whom are public guardians, are peculiarly strapped when it comes to happening or showing utile grounds.

About every instance starts in test tribunals. The test tribunals find out the facts in a instance and make up one’s minding how the jurisprudence applies in their peculiar instances. It is in this tribunal that a test ( and a guilty supplication ) takes topographic point, and the justice imposes a sentence if the suspect is guilty. This tribunal is responsible for finding what happened and what inquiries are relevant. In difference, the map of appellant tribunals is to analyzing claims that the jurisprudence were improperly applied or that legal processs were non right followed by the lawyers ( Meyer & A ; Grant, 2003 ) .

When watching telecasting ‘s portral of a courtroom you do non see some of the cardinal subscribers in the legal procedure such as tribunal decision maker, bailiffs, tribunal clerks, informant and tribunal translators. Court clerks are major participants in the courtroom but yet are ne’er shown or seen in the courtroom telecasting shows. In shows like jurisprudence and order they show informants who are scared and forced to take the base. Witnesss are used in about every courtroom process in the telecasting shows they are frequently shown as frightened and unstable people who are forced into being in a tribunal room when in world it is merely the opposite. Witnesss are use to set up grounds in a instance and are ne’er forced into being a portion of the tribunal suites legal procedure.

The tribunal decision maker staff is primary participants in the courtroom but are seldom seen. They provide administrative support for the Judgess, interact with the populace and make.statistical studies issued from the tribunal. Bailiffs can execute as staff members of the tribunal, sheriff ‘s deputies or constabularies officers depending on the legal power they are in. bailiffs provide security and aid keep order in the courtroom. The clerk is used to help update and inform the justice. The clerk besides prepares all the instance documents for the justice and do certain they are to the full prepared for tribunal. Witnesss are used to give testimony about the facts used in a instance that are in difference. They provide grounds that helps set up what the facts are in a peculiar instance. Court translators are used to interpret for anyone involved in the legal procedure. Court translators can function as transcribers on behalf of deaf participants in the courtroom. They are besides used to pass on with people involved in the legal procedure.

The character informant is an of import informant for the defence and prosecution. The character informant will recognition or discredit the suspect. If the informant posses a good character of the suspect the prosecution will seek and discredit either the informant, suspect, or both to do a better instance against the suspect ( Meyer & A ; Grant, 2003 ) .

The handling of rights refering the suspect and victim falls under the 6th amendment. The 6th amendment is that in all “ condemnable prosecutions. The accused has the right to a speedy and public test by an impartial jury. The victims besides have rights protecting them against domestic maltreatment or even seek in protecting them from person seeking to kill them.

In the fictional courtroom, the Judgess will do stupid determinations and will set the victim in injury ‘s manner. I think in Florida that every domestic difference have to be reported to the province lawyer ‘s for record and so they can do a better determination on the instance in the hereafter. I found that the victim is still really of import in any instance whether on a Television shows or existent life. The jury still holds what the eyewitness has seen and said in tribunal, to come up with a finding of fact. The victim is traveling to be a victim no affair if they are on Television or in existent life.

I believe the fictional courtroom gives a better apprehension of the existent courtroom system. For those who are non an active portion in the courtroom such as jurymans, Television is a half manner descent beginning that represents the courtroom and the processs. I had thought the tribunal proceedings where near to the existent existent life tribunal proceedings, I was incorrectly. To hold person arrested, set on test, and convicted in one hr is non at all possible ( now that ‘s a rapid test ) .

At every measure of the manner in its history, whether on telecasting or world, the Court has found itself influenced in some mode by the citizens of the United States of America. As you can see the tribunal suites on telecasting are similar but non likewise in the eyes of the tribunal system.