Hackers Crackers Phishers And War Drivers Information Technology Essay

In the book The War of the Roses, Warren Adler tells a narrative about Oliver and Barbara Rose and their descent from a happy household life into a life of ghastly suicide. Later, “ The War of the Roses ” film starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner was produced. The fresh introduces us to Oliver and Barbara Rose at the beginning of their relationship. Fast forward a few old ages, they are a happy twosome populating the good life in an up-market Washington, D.C. suburb. They besides have two immature kids ( Eve and Josh ) , and a Canis familiaris and cat. They besides own many old-timers.

Both Oliver and Barbara have successful callings. Oliver has a successful jurisprudence calling and Barbara has a successful epicure concern. She has received a little sum of acclamation for her concern. They had late hired staff to keep their house.

Somewhere along the route they fell out of love and make up one’s mind that their matrimony finished! Despite warnings from both of their lawyers, they decide to do each other miserable. Merely the kids are off bounds. Everything else, from callings to prized ownerships, is just game.

Small onslaughts of sabotage grew into suicide. Their old life together vanished as aggression and battles over territorial rights engulfed Oliver and Barbara. They ended up wholly destructing everything they have ownedaˆ¦ and they destroyed each other!

The book and the film were both named after the original “ The War of the Roses ” . These civil wars were fought in the 15th century between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in mediaeval England. Since so, there have been many other civil wars that have been fought over the issue of disputed ownership!

The War of the Hackers- Who Owns the Internet!

The “ War of the Hackers ” is a civil war presently being fought by two groups of users on the Internet. The war is all about disputed possessionaˆ¦ who controls the Internet!

In this chapter, we look at the participants in this war. This will assist understand the large image, how hackers think, and how you can break protect yourself. You besides play a portion in this cyber-war.

The BlackHat Hackers vs the Whitehat Hackers

The term Hacker was foremost used at the MIT ( Massachusetts Institute Technology ) . This educational establishment offered a class in computing machine scheduling. In 1960, a group of pupils taking a research lab on Artificial Intelligence foremost used the term hacker.

Originally there were no negative intensions with being called a hacker. The hacker was the practical jokester of the group computing machine pupils who like to draw computing machines apart and reconstruct them.

Today, there are several subgroups of computing machine hackers. Each subgroup has different attitudes and purposes. They demarcate themselves from each other and frequently exclude other groups of hackers. There has been an on-going battle for domination among these groups.

Hacker, cracker, cyber-attackeraˆ¦..take your choice. If you ask 100 people for definitions these footings you will likely acquire 200 different replies. What is a hacker? Is there such a thing as a “ typical hacker ” ?

Originally, in the late 1980 ‘s and 90 ‘s, a hacker was defined as a really talented computing machine coder. Today, being called a hacker has negative intensions. Hacking is regarded as a offense in many states. A hacker is a individual who breaks the security codification of a computing machine web or application ; they may besides make malicious viruses and malware!

There is no unequivocal profile for a hacker. Anyone in the right fortunes and motive has the possible to go a hacker. Hackers who view themselves as true hackers holding pure motivations consider themselves to be true “ hackers ” believe that they have pure motivations. On the other manus people with illicit purposes are called “ crackers ” . The facts are that anyone can go a hacker. There are no specific personality traits or physical properties defines a hacker. What creates a hacker is the motive and moralss of the individual more than a profile.

Having said that Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s attempt and depict the participants in this war of the hackers. Let ‘s state that there are two chief groups of participantsaˆ¦.there are the “ Bad Guys ” and the “ Good Guys ” .

The “ Bad Guys ” are the Black Hat hackers and Crackers. These people operate in organized offense packs that operate on the “ dark side of the Internet ” and are backed by anti-western authoritiess. These hackers damage people ‘s belongings and fiscal well-being ; they prey on kids for cyber intimidation ; and they spread pedophilia. Black Hat hackers attack victims with widespread fraud and individuality larceny designed to damage the victim ‘s fiscal wellbeing. They besides threaten authoritiess with cyber terrorist act.

The “ Good Guys ” are the White Hat hackers and Blue Hat hackers who are backed by the mainstream computing machine industry and western authoritiess. The WhiteHats are computing machine experts employed by computing machine security companies, who are trained to prove systems and interrupt them. They are proactively looking for any hole in a computing machine ‘s defence system, which will let a hacking onslaught. Any holes they find, they fix. The Blue Hat hacker are experienced computing machine professionals who are employed outside computing machine security consulting houses but do the exact same occupation as the White Hat hackers. The White chapeau and Blue Hat Hackers are regarded as the “ Good Guys ” on the Internet.

The History of the Hacker Wars

During the 1980 ‘s, a revolution happened in calculating circles where hackers began to be looked upon as felons. This revolution started with Kevin Mitnick. He brought to the table societal technology techniques. These techniques manipulate people into executing actions and to unwraping sensitive personal information. For illustration, Mitnick would feign that he was with a different office within a company, so that he could recover utile information. At the age of 17, Mitnick broke into a major telephone company ‘s database and stole sensitive records deserving 1000000s of dollars.

The release of the “ War Games ” film in 1983 changed the significance of term hacker overnight. Adolescents, who had nil better to make than to check into databases, were all of a sudden being described as “ hackers ” .

Mitnick continued his avocation in grownup life where he chose bigger companies to chop. In 1988, he hacked into the computing machine web of DEC Ltd and copied top-secret package. The constabulary arrested, charged and convicted him and he was held in isolation for a twelvemonth. Governments were so afraid that he could get down an international atomic war from the wage phone that was used by inmates to do cod calls.

Once he was released in 1992, Mitnick instantly started choping phone companies once more. A new warrant was issued for his apprehension and Mitnick fled to Denver where he was employed in a jurisprudence house Eric Wies. Police arrested Mitnick in North Carolina where he was runing under the name Tom Case. In 1994, he was convicted and sentenced to five old ages in prison. On release, he was banned from of all time touching a computing machine system once more.

Kevin Mitnick is doubtless the male parent of modern twenty-four hours blackhat choping & A ; checking. His offenses spawned the phenomenal growing of viruses, malware, spyware and botnets[ 1 ]! Since he was jailed, the BlackHats continued the condemnable work that he started!

The blackhat choping community grew through the usage of computing machine nines. They were at first dismissed as schoolboy buffooneries, because no existent harm was done to the computing machine systems. Some illustrations of these nines were the Chaos Computer Club ( CCC ) , 414 Group, Legion of Doom ( LOD. the Masters of Deception ) and Cult of the Dead Cow ( CDC ) . The nines ‘ dockets may hold been extremist, but their purpose was to come in unprotected systems, non do any existent harm to the computing machines! Their codification was that computing machines should be available to everyone.

In 1981, the “ 414 Group ” hacked into the computing machine systems of 60 outstanding organisations. Governments were alarmed because these establishments stored sensitive national security and medical research informations. The security breach was reported as the screen narrative of Newsweek, titled “ Beware: Hackers at drama ” . It was the first clip the term hacker was used in the context of computing machine security. The group was investigated by the FBI but no charges were laidaˆ¦ It was considered to be a schoolboy buffoonery!

Some other nines get downing printing e-zines and magazines on computing machine hacking. For illustration, the Cult of the Dead Cow ( CDC ) began printing its e-zine and the hacker magazine 2600 began regular publication which provides tips for manque hackers and phone phreakers[ 2 ]every bit good as commentary on the major hacker issues of the twenty-four hours. Today, the magazine 2600 is still being sold in big retail bookshops.

The 1983 film WarGames and the influence of Kevin Mitnick changed the temper to choping community from guiltless to condemnable purposes. The film introduced the construct of computing machine choping to the mainstream community. It created mass paranoia about hackers and their supposed abilities to establish a atomic war between the USA and the Soviet Union. Criminals saw their opportunity to do money out of choping computing machines!

The first recorded condemnable activity in the hacking community was recorded in 1985. The hacker group KILOBAUD re-organized into a new nine called P.H.I.R.M. They began “ sysopping ” or illicitly taking over the disposal control of bulletin boards in western states. “ Sysop ” is a short description for the place of “ system operator ” . The group published a unequivocal usher on how to interrupt security on Bank of America systems and take control of them.

Choping groups besides became more organized and held conferences for “ blackhat hackers ” . The first Chaos Communication Congress was held in Hamburg in 1984. An of import portion of this Congress was the Hack Center which allowed room for 600 people to run their hacking devices. The drudge centre was connected to the Internet with a broadband connexion and was considered the first proving research lab for modern hackers.

The on-line e-zine Phrack was foremost published in November, 1985. This e-zine has frequently been described as “ the best and longest running hacker zine. ” Phrack originally covered topics related to phone phreaking and telephone system hacking, lawlessness and snap[ 3 ]. Now articles cover a much wider scope of subjects including computing machine and physical security, hacking, cryptanalysis[ 4 ]and international intelligence.

The first politically motivated worm[ 5 ]was called WANK and was spread over DECnet in 1989. Masturbate in this context stands for Worms against Nuclear Killers and is believed to hold been created by Australian hackers.

The hacking community besides developed the first computing machine viruses and worms. These plans find and enter unprotected computing machines without the user ‘s cognition or permission. They use the mark computing machines ‘ difficult thrust and memory resources to distribute the virus to other computing machines on the Internet. This pattern makes jurisprudence hatchet mans ‘ work of observing and convicting hackers, really hard.

Ken Thompson, in his Turing Award talk in 1983, foremost described a security feat, the “ Trojan Horse ” . A plan named “ waterfalls.scr ” is a simple illustration of a Trojan Equus caballus. The plan writer claims that it is a free waterfall screensaver. However, when it runs it unloads concealed plans without the user ‘s cognition or consent.

In 1987, the “ Christmas Tree EXE ” worm caused major break to the figure of computing machine webs around the universe. This worm was the first widely riotous plan which paralyzed international computing machine webs. Written by a pupil at the Clausthal University of Technology, the worm drew a petroleum Christmas tree complete with snowflake life. When it was downloaded, the worm sent itself to each entry in the mark ‘s e-mail contact file. The worm spread around the universe and caused monolithic break of computing machine webs.

The Morris Worm was spread in 1988. Robert T. Morris, Jr. of Cornell University launched a worm on the authorities ‘s ARPANET system which was the precursor of the Internet. This worm rapidly spread to six 1000 networked authorities and university systems in the USA. Morris was dismissed from the university, fined $ 10,000 and placed on a three twelvemonth good behavior bond.

Since the late eightiess, computing machine worms and viruses have been used to assail and victimize Bankss. The first recorded bank fraud caused by worm infestation was the First National Bank of Chicago. In 1988, it was defrauded of $ 70-million. In 1994, Russian crackers stole $ 10 million from Citibank and transferred the money to international bank histories. In 1992, the Bulgarian virus author Dark Avenger wrote the virus 1260. This was the first known usage of mutating codification that could be used to besiege the Bankss anti-virus and intrusion sensing systems.

Unfortunately, since 2000 we have seen the detonation of societal technology or spamming ( the conmen of the Internet ) , hackers and crackers. They have used the Internet and the WWW to victimize many guiltless people of both their life nest eggs and their personal individualities! The Internet has besides been used by pedophiles to happen kids they can prepare and sexually mistreat! Web 2.0 has seen the rise of cyber intimidation of kids by other kids! The Internet and the WWW have become really insecure and users need to be really careful when they are on the web!

Social Engineeringaˆ¦The Conmen of the Internet

There is now a 3rd group of hackers called the societal applied scientists. These people use assorted scamming techniques to derive entree or entry into a victim ‘s computing machine system. There are really fleeceable people around and societal applied scientists can happen them really rapidly.

A good site about societal technology is www.kevinmitnick.com. Kevin Mitnick published two books “ The Art of Intrusion ” ; and “ The Art of Deception ” . These books are a must for anyone interested in computing machine security.

Social Engineering is another name for a assurance fast one. The societal applied scientists gain entry into edifices by following another employee and looking confident. This is a technique that has been proven to work in many environments.

Social Engineers are first-class gross revenues people. They gain sensitive information off victims by pressing the emotional buttons that make people “ purchase ” . They use the victim ‘s sensitive information to entree computing machine waiters. They besides obtain names of employees and utilize them for future societal technology onslaughts.

In most instances, the victims do n’t even recognize that they ‘ve been socially hacked. It ‘s likely happened to everyone, some clip in our lives. Do you hold complete trust in the people that you give your recognition card inside informations? What about the people to whom you give your name and reference? Do you believe individuality larceny ca n’t go on to you?

Businesss and authorities bureaus have entree to any information about you, at the chink of a computing machine mouse. How can Bankss or other finance establishments give you an instant loan blessing? How does your recognition evaluation come from? Who knows your reference? We start go forthing footmarks every bit shortly as we are born. Social applied scientists love this and they know how to pull strings other people ‘s sensitive informations to their advantage.

Reformed computing machine condemnable Kevin Mitnick popularized the term “ societal technology ” . He maintained it is much easier to flim-flam person into giving you their computing machine watchword so to check into the system. He claimed that societal technology was the most effectual method in his armory.

In the 1990s, Ramy, Muzher, and Shadde Badir, developed an extended phone and computing machine fraud strategy in Israel. They used societal technology and voice caricature ; and Braille-display computing machines to flim-flam their victims.

Phishing has become the preferable method of the societal applied scientists. The term “ phishing ” was foremost used in the alt.online-service.america-online Usenet newsgroup, on January 2, 1996.

The Warez community was good known for interchanging pirated package between members of the group. They were frequently accused of recognition card fraud and other on-line offenses.

In 1995, AOL adopted steps to forestall the usage of bogus recognition card Numberss. Hackers so resorted to phishing for legitimate recognition card Numberss of existent clients. Phishing requires the usage of custom-written plans like AOHell.

For illustration, a phisher might feign to be an AOL staff member and direct a text message to a possible victim. The phisher might inquire the victim to uncover his watchword. In order to carry a victim into uncovering their sensitive information, the phisher used strong affectional bids like “ delight verify your history ” ; or “ please corroborate your charge information ” in the message. Once the victim had given away the watchword, the phisher accessed the victim ‘s history for deceitful intents.

Phishing was so widespread on AOL that they added this line to all instant messages: “ AOL will ne’er inquire for your watchword or charge information ” . Incredibly, even this warning did n’t do a difference. Some people still revealed their watchwords and personal information.

Finally, AOL forced pirated package off all of their waiters. They at the same time developed an machine-controlled system to deactivate histories that used phishing. When the Warez histories were shut, most phishers left the AOL service.

Hackers realized that phishing onslaughts on on-line payment systems were executable and financially honoring. The first known phishing effort against a payment system was against the website E-gold in June 2001. This drudge onslaught was followed shortly after with a “ post-9/11 Idaho cheque ” onslaught. The lay waste toing 911 World Trade Center Attacks had merely occurred.

Originally, phishing onslaughts were viewed as failures. However, they were early experiments which led to more successful onslaughts against mainstream Bankss. In 2004, phishing was recognized as a successful method of choping. In 2010, phishing has transformed itself into a major planetary operation.

Since 2006, phishers have targeted clients of many Bankss and on-line payment services around the universe. Spam electronic mails have used to steal sensitive informations from taxpayers.

While early illustrations were sent randomly to possible victims, recent research has shown that phishers can now find the existent Bankss possible victims use. The phishers target fake e-mails consequently, which is called spear phishing. Recent phishing onslaughts have targeted senior executives within big concerns. The term whaling has been coined to depict these sorts of onslaughts.

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are now the premier marks of phishers. Unfortunately, many users of societal networking sites give out excessively much personal information that is used in individuality larceny fraud. For illustration, in late 2006 a computing machine worm took over a figure of pages on the MySpace web site. The worm altered the links in the web pages to direct surfboarders to forge web sites, designed to steal the user ‘s login inside informations.

Experiments conducted by internet security company Sophos, have shown a 70 % success rate for phishing onslaughts conducted on societal webs. Sophos set up a profile page for ‘Freddi Staur ‘ ( an anagram of ‘ID Fraudster ‘ ) . The little green plastic toad divulged minimum personal information about himself in a profile. Sophos sent out two 100 friend petitions to random users to detect how many people would react. They wanted to how much personal information the respondents would volunteer. Eighty seven of the two hundred Facebook users responded to Freddiaˆ¦.with 82leaking sensitive information.

In 2009, phishers broke into TD Ameritrade ‘s database which contained 6.3 million clients ‘ the informations they stole included societal security Numberss and history Numberss, electronic mail references, names and references, birthday, phone Numberss and trading activity. The phishers launched a follow-up lance phishing onslaught to obtain the usernames and watchwords from the clients.

Now, phishing is controlled by organized offense groups. About half of phishing larcenies that were committed during 2006 were by offense groups who belonged to the Russian Business Network.

Who the heck are Wardrivers?

Wardriving is the act of seeking for unbarred radio webs ( Wi-Fi ) . This is normally affected by a individual utilizing a personal computing machine fitted with particular package and equitation as a rider in a moving vehicle.

The package Wardrivers usage is freely available on the cyberspace. This includes NetStumbler or inSSIDer for Windows systems ; Kismet or SWScanner for Linux systems ; and FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD for Macintosh systems.

There are besides homebrew Wardriving package applications for handheld radio based game consoles. Popular illustrations are Sniff_jazzbox/wardriver for the Nintendo DS ; and WiFi-Where for iPhone.

Apart from obvious ethical concerns, there are no Torahs that specifically prevent wardriving. Many states have Torahs halting the unauthorised entree of computing machine webs ; and Torahs that protect your personal privateness.

Recently, Google created a privateness storm in Australia after it admitted to in secret garnering WiFi informations from unbarred webs, while they captured picture footage and function informations for its new Street View service.

Where make you suit into the War of the Hackers?

Unfortunately, if you are citizen of a western state so you are the mark of the BlackHat hackers and Crackersaˆ¦.a pawn in a game of Chess! Westerners are perceived to affluent people and who have many assets and an individuality which can be stolen.

Organized offense groups are seeking to steal everything you ownaˆ¦.your bank histories, recognition cards, investings, belongings and your individuality. If you disrespect the cyberspace as Victor in chapter 2, you will most certainly go a victim of the hackers.

Fortunately, the “ Good Guys ” on the cyberspace, the Whitehat & A ; Blue Hat hackers have built an industry aimed at protecting cyberspace users and computing machine users from the “ Bad Guys ” . They have built package and hardware solutions which protects you from the onslaughts of the BlackHat hackers and Crackers. These solutions are really low-cost and will salvage you from losing your assets and salvaging you the clip and emphasis involved in uncluttering your name as an individuality larceny victim.