Incorporating ICT In Distance Learning Program Information Technology Essay

In Nigeria, distance acquisition is a degree plan run by some universities to enable largely the on the job category people to analyze at convenient times. Lectures are held on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes-on Sundays. Campuses where the distance-learning plan is held are normally situated in metropoliss, which give close propinquity to pupils shacking in urban centres than pupils shacking in rural countries. The pupils coming from rural countries come from far distance and are largely famers, school teachers, civil retainers, and authorities workers by business with a comparatively low income. The cost of transit and adjustment is an issue to most of them and as a consequence, some of them drop out or might take longer than necessary to finish their degree plan. The existent purpose for puting the distance-learning plan is to supply those that are limited by distance and clip with an chance of gaining a college grade, and it would be just to state that this end has non been yet attained. This research suggests ways to help these pupils shacking in rural countries by integrating ICT ( Information and Communication Technology ) in this plan to ease and heighten acquisition in a convenient manner for these rural pupils. Therefore, the existent end of distance acquisition would be attained.


The quest for instruction is going permeant all around the Earth, people come from distant topographic points in order to get cognition, and some leave their vicinity where there is entree to educational establishment to others in hunt of better and qualitative instruction. Distance has long been a barrier to instruction. Some people might happen trouble in go toing scheduled talks at universities due to some restraints, which include cost of transit, distance, inconvenient category agenda, cost of adjustment, and some other grounds. As a consequence, assorted universities all around the Earth have seen the demand for supplying instruction to people that are limited by this restraints with a new technique called “ distance instruction ” .

Harmonizing to Wikipedia online Encyclopedia distance instruction can be defined as “ a field of instruction that focuses on the teaching method, engineering, and instructional system designs that purpose to present instruction to pupils who are non physically “ on site ” in a traditional schoolroom or campus ” . In add-on, distance acquisition is a procedure to make and supply entree to larning when clip and distance, or both separate the beginning of information and the scholars. Universities all over the Earth are following the usage of this emerging engineering. Distance acquisition is deriving more acknowledgment in the educational sector entirely because it is the lone method to circulate instruction to people that are unprivileged to go to school.

Distance instruction employs the usage of ICT and serves as an option to classroom larning utilizing on-line talk notes, intelligence groups for collaborative treatment and category proclamation, email correspondence between pupils and teachers, synergistic picture over the cyberspace for distant engagement in categories and treatment, and practical world for researching 3-dimensional scenes. Distance instruction allows a instructor and pupil to be physically separated but able to prosecute in a category session. The construct of distance acquisition is widely deriving credence in universities all over the universe. Most universities in developed and other developing states have incorporated distance acquisition as an option to classroom acquisition. At its most basic degree, distance instruction takes topographic point when a instructor and pupil ( s ) are separated by physical distance, and engineering ( i.e. , voice, picture, informations, and print ) , frequently in concert with face-to-face communicating, is used to bridge the instructional spread.

Problem Statement

In Nigeria, a similar plan to distance instruction exists, which aims to supply grownups with a 2nd opportunity to acquire college instruction, reach those disadvantaged by limited clip, distance or physical disablement, and update the cognition base of workers at their topographic points of employment. However, the chief intent of this plan is non yet been attained because the mark people this plan is meant for are non to the full profiting from it. The end of distance acquisition which is to supply instruction for people from distant topographic points have failed in this enterprise chiefly because campuses where this plan is held are based in metropoliss which gives close propinquity to people in urban centres merely. Therefore, the distance-learning plan serves to maximal capacity people limited by clip, pretermiting those limited by distance. Rural colonists who live far from the metropoliss are non able to maximise the benefits of this plan, and it would be just to state that distance acquisition in Nigeria has non been where it should be.

Rural colonists go toing this degree plan are chiefly civil workers, concern men/women, husbandmans and school teachers with a comparatively low income compared to their opposite numbers in metropoliss. To most of these people, cost of transit is major job, and because categories end tardily, the cost of adjustment have to be considered, which gives rise to another major job. These pupils have to go from distant topographic points before acquiring their manner into category, with much exhaustion after a few hours journey comprehension becomes more hard. It is obvious that these pupils go through a batch than they really supposed to before gaining a university grade. Some might non be able to get by so they dropout, some might be able to get by but are non able to run into deadlines which might ensue to reiterating the class and finally taking longer than necessary to finish their degree plan. What so is the solution to these jobs, how can people in rural Nigeria survey with easiness what has to be done? The reply is non implausible, the purpose of this research is to supply solutions to these jobs.


Gathering Procedure

This research is based on a study carried out in the Distance Learning Center, Adamawa province that is truly under the Federal University of Technology, Yola. As methods of fact-finding techniques, this survey employed the usage of questionnaires, personal interviews, personal observation and on-line articles and diaries. Questionnaires were shared amongst the pupils of Distance Learning Center in order to acquire an penetration of what pupils shacking in the rural countries think about practical schoolrooms as an option to classroom acquisition. I besides happened to cognize a twosome of people both pupils and lectors and was fortunate plenty to hold a one-on-one treatment with them. This research is centered on pupils coming from rural countries who are prosecuting a grade through the distance-learning plan


The consequences of the survey conducted recognize cost of transit and adjustment as the major challenges confronting pupils shacking in rural countries of Adamawa province. Most pupils coming from these rural countries are largely low-income earners and likely with households, hence cost of going to the metropolis every hebdomad is a job, and sometimes they close late so cost of adjustment is considered.


The jobs are obvious, clear and straightforward, as the expression goes “ cognizing a job is half the solution ” , all that is needed now is to supply solutions to these jobs. To rectify this job version of information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) would be an option to see. By using the usage of technological substructures used in distance instruction by assorted universities around the Earth, rural colonists would be able to analyze handily as their urban opposite numbers. ICT can be incorporated into distance larning in two ways asynchronous and synchronal

Asynchronous: this method of communicating provides instructional stuffs to pupils, pupils and teachers are separated by clip and distance. This method communicating involves the usage of recorded stuffs such as picture tapes, audio tapes, educational package and many more.

“ Distance larning plans based on asynchronous methods use recorded instructional stuffs. These types of engineerings allow participants to be separated in clip and distance from the bringing of direction. Therefore, telecommunications systems, such as broadcast telecasting ( including overseas telegram ) , or electronically stored media such as picture, sound, and computing machine package are among the engineerings that utilize asynchronous communicating ” ( Parot 2007 ) .

These besides includes the usage of on-line talk notes, intelligence groups for collaborative treatment and category proclamation, email correspondence between pupils and teachers,

Synchronous: this method of communications offers existent clip interaction such as picture and sound conferencing and instant messaging.

“ Distance instruction plans of a synchronal nature usage engineerings that offer unrecorded synergistic direction. Instructional Television Fixed Service ( ITFS ) and point-to-point microwave are among the most common unrecorded synergistic systems. These systems provide larning schoolrooms that are linked within the regional country environing an establishment. The system is synergistic because the teacher can see and hear the pupils at all of the sites. The pupils are besides able to see and hear one another, every bit good as their teacher. Other illustrations of synchronal communications include audio conferencing and real-time computing machine communications ” . ( Parot 2007 ) .

Synchronous communicating uses “ synergistic picture over the cyberspace for distant engagement in categories and treatment, and practical world for researching 3-dimensional scenes ” ( Quintana ) .


The solutions provided are good solutions. However, it is obvious these rural colonists can non afford the cost of these engineerings, how would these engineerings be made available to them. Since they can non afford the cost of these engineerings, a good thing to make would be proviso of larning centres equipped with these installations. With these, the pupils can come during talk times and take part in category talks via picture conferencing. These larning centres can non be made available in every distant country ( i.e. Village ) . In add-on, supplying larning centres in every distant country is non economical, because it would non be utilized expeditiously due to the limited figure of people that would be really maximising its benefits.


This survey is proposing is the proviso of these larning centres at strategic topographic points i.e. at nucleus of each local authorities where pupils from distant countries would hold easy entree excessively with low cost of transit. In state of affairss where adjustment becomes necessary, the cost is more low-cost because the cost of life in rural countries is lesser than that in urban centres.

Conclusively, if these acquisition centres are provided in every local authorities this would do it much easier for pupils shacking in distant countries to analyze without much disbursals as opposed to traveling to the metropoliss. In add-on, the rate of dropouts of pupils in rural countries would be at its lower limit, and they would non take longer than necessary clip in gaining a grade, which will ensue in high addition in the figure of people prosecuting a college grade.

Education is merely the psyche of a society as it passes from one coevals to another, to go on this tendency instruction demand to be provided to people all around the Earth in order to bridge to a minimal illiteracy and supply a agency of support and a universe where everyone has something to lend.