It Infrastructure Challenges And Issues Information Technology Essay

This study aims to supply the CEO and senior direction of Comcare with an apprehension of the strategic function of Comcare ‘s information systems, and profiles a new method of presenting engineering for consideration in order to run into Comcare strategic concern aims.

A sum-up of Comcare ‘s concern and its concern program is provided. Comcare ‘s Information Technology substructure is described and issues and challenges identified. The study introduces the construct of Cloud calculating including the benefits and concerns presently associated with cloud computer science.

The study so looks at two simple applications in which cloud computer science could be adopted by Comcare in a private cloud environment.

A subject throughout this study is the demand to follow with Government policy and guidelines. These emphasise security and privateness of information as a consideration when sourcing IT solutions, which can restrict options open to Comcare in following cloud solutions. Never-the-less farther geographic expedition of the use of ‘clouds ‘ is recommended along with conformity to authorities policy.


Purpose of this study

This study looks at Comcare ‘s calculating capablenesss in footings of its substructure, issues and challenges, and so makes recommendations for utilizing cloud calculating to decide some of those issues.

Comcare ‘s concern

Comcare, as co-regulator with the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission ( SRCC ) are tasked with lending to a ‘safer, fairer, more productive and socially inclusive Australia ‘ ( SRCC/ Comcare Annual Report 2009-10, pp. 3, 65 ) . Together the SRCC and Comcare modulate federal Occupational Health and Safety and worker ‘s compensation agreements.

There are two primary concern processes as a consequence. Management of workers compensation claims and tracking regulative maps affecting incident presentments and probes. Up until July 2010 both concern procedures used Best Pracsys but now The Regulatory Management System handles the regulative maps.

Comcare falls within the authorities portfolio of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations ( DEEWR ) , and studies to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations, Senator Christopher Evans. Appendix 1 depicts these relationships including the senior executive degree of Comcare.

Harmonizing to the Department ‘s web site, Comcare provides advice to the Minister on issues associating to the disposal of the Commonwealth Occupational Health and Safety and workers compensation model ( & lt ; & gt ; ) .

Comcare has offices located in every capital metropolis ( except Darwin and Hobart ) with an extra office in Newcastle. Canberra is seen as the central office. Harmonizing to one-year study 2009-2010 Comcare had 596 employees at 30 June 2010. Comcare ‘s regulative function limits its operations to Australian district.

Comcare is alone in its operation as it has no rivals in its field of work, nevertheless it was noted throughout organizational ends and aims Comcare wishes to supply ‘best pattern ‘ services and support to the members of its legal power.

Cardinal interactions are with The Minister, the Department, all authorities bureaus, other legal powers and Safe Work Australia.[ 1 ]

The Strategic precedences of the 2015 program, referred to throughout this study, are included at ( Appendix 2 ) .

Approach of study

In fixing this study a web hunt was conducted to obtain current believing on information direction attacks. Information has been gathered from publicly available Comcare paperss, a assortment of internal policies and processs ( intranet ) , authorities policy, and interview with Comcare ‘s Director Technology.

The study reviews Comcare ‘s bing Information Technology ( IT ) Infrastructure, presents an overview of Cloud Computing, and offers a manner forward for Comcare to research cloud solutions further. It is envisaged that this study would promote Comcare to seek farther counsel on specific determinations via audience with its internal IT forces.


As Comcare is a federal authorities bureau, it is capable to overarching authorities policy and processs published by the Australian Government Information Office ( AGIMO ) in the Department of Finance and Deregulation and Defence Signals Directorate ( DSD ) . Biding by these policies and processs besides places restrictions on Comcare ‘s ability to pull off its IT substructure and encompass new engineerings quickly. Refer page six for a list of cardinal policies.

Agencies must guarantee a risk-managed attack taking into consideration value for money: benefits: security demands: and serve degree understandings ( AGIMO bill of exchange 2011 p. 2 ) .


The 2015 program signifies the demand for IT Infrastructure capable of go oning with concern every bit usual every bit good as an ability to spread out to integrate new maps.

A representation of the IT Infrastructure of Comcare with a brief description of each component is provided at Appendix 3. This diagram aims to demo the cardinal elements consisting Comcare ‘s IT Infrastructure having the physical devices ( hardware ) , and package.

Each component needs to be considered and co-ordinated in order for Comcare to efficaciously pull off and use its IT resources efficaciously. Changing one component to accommodate a peculiar concern demand without sing the substructure as a whole, may hold unplanned damaging impacts on another portion of the substructure. For illustration in Comcare this means guaranting that employees are able to pull out informations from both the freshly introduced Regulatory Management System, and the system it replaces, Best Pracsys, in a manner that is easy and extracts all relevant informations. If this consideration has been omitted in presenting RMS, it may be hard for Comcare to utilize historical information to place tendencies and have a complete set of informations when doing determinations.

Pull offing Comcare ‘s IT Infrastructure is a squad of IT specializers who fix jobs through the Help Desk ( see appendix 4 for list of services provided ) , train staff in usage of equipment, develop policies and processs, manage security and entree, and program for future concern demands. This squad provides the frequently disregarded ‘service ‘ component to the IT Infrastructure.

Comcare has no competition as a federal regulator and as such its systems are about service bringing as opposed to crushing the competition. Comcare is really digitally enabled, this nevertheless is limited to internal usage and Comcare has non made the spring to supplying digital services to its clients. This fact is acknowledged in Comcare ‘s Electronic Interaction Strategy ( Comcare 2009-2014, p.20 ) where the decision “ revealed a spread between Comcare ‘s ‘As is ‘ province and the desired ‘To Be ‘ province for back uping Comcare ‘s concern aims through electronic interaction ” .

Comcare is to the full virtualised. Virtualisation means supplying a set of calculating resources so that they can all be accessed in ways that are non restricted by physical constellation or geographical location. Any Comcare employee can log on to any networked computing machine in any of the parts and be able to entree Comcare systems. Mobile research workers are able to entree systems whilst out in the field. This is achieved through set uping a secure Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) and logging in to the Comcare Network through Citrix ( the remote entree package for presenting applications over the cyberspace ) .


Some of the challenges Comcare faces:

Continued system dependability.

Systems integrating.

Data repositing and spread outing its capacity to include other systems.

Conformity to Government policy, although advantages in economic systems of graduated table for authorities buying equipment / package.

Future investing in what and to what degree.

User wellness and Safety. The recent debut of a new system has resulted in ergonomic issues originating for users including sore cervix, back and custodies.

Administration of systems and developing policies and processs for who has duty for what. For illustration, decelerate to take up of utilizing Wiki ‘s as a tool as there is no policy on usage written yet.


Biggest issue for Comcare is the security of client information both for claims and probes.

2nd issue is the heterogenous environment Comcare is presently runing under with three runing systems Linux/Unix/Windows. The writer acknowledges Comcare is turn toing this and traveling to consolidate in to one Windows platform.

3rd issue is maintaining up with concern, peculiarly the 2015 program, which introduces new types of work non supported by systems or procedures, such as proviso of licences ( presently issued by other regulators ) . Although Regulatory Management System ( RMS ) was purchased to supply for entering regulative activity, it is entirely focussed in incident presentment and probe at this phase and does non supply for processing licences.

4th As the Director Technology puts it a ‘single beginning of truth ” is needed. As experienced by employees, there is no manner to reliably happen out who in Comcare has had contact with which bureaus and for what grounds.


Although a figure of definitions exist for Cloud calculating the simplest would be the European Network and Information Security Agency definition, “ cloud computer science is a new manner of presenting calculating resources, non a new engineering ” ( in Department of Finance and Deregulation, January 2011, p.5 )

The more widely used term by the National Institute of Science and Technology ( NIST ) is ‘a theoretical account for enabling omnipresent, convenient on-demand web entree to a shared pool of configurable calculating resources ( e.g. webs, waiters, storage, applications and services ) that can be quickly provisioned and released with minimum direction attempt or service supplier interaction ‘ .

In the cloud the work load displacements from being on the local computing machine to being owned, operated and managed by a 3rd party providing the ‘cloud ‘ . All that is needed to entree the cloud is a computing machine with a web browser.

There are four types of cloud computer science:

Private or internal cloud – cloud services provided entirely for an administration

Community cloud – services shared by several administrations Government or G-Cloud

Public Cloud – services available to public

Hybrid cloud – combines two or more clouds e.g. public and private together

The Australian authorities has adopted the same three bringing theoretical accounts as defined by NIST. The intent of these services is to enable companies the ability to lease package, platforms and substructure over the web at a cheaper rate than buying their ain.

Software as a Service ( SaaS ) – seller provides package applications via the cloud and accessible via the web.

Platform as a Service ( PaaS ) – seller provides substructure ( IaaS ) , runing systems and waiter applications. Customers can develop and deploy their ain in-house web applications and package utilizing a linguistic communication supported by the seller.

Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS ) – seller provides physical computing machine hardware including the proviso of processing, informations storage and web connectivity. The seller controls and maintains the hardware.

Benefits of cloud computer science

Benefits to utilizing cloud calculating are around cost, infinite, clip and power use. Cloud options are popular with start-up concerns for these grounds, but are progressively being explored by big concern and authorities bureaus.


Software is leased on demand at an in agreement rate ( subscription ) alternatively of holding to be purchase outright. It is installed and updated as new versions are released by the seller. No more up front major disbursals for package or licence fees.

Subscription provides options from basic services to more complex to provide for larger more complicated concerns. User pays theoretical account are besides available, where you pay for what you use.

No demand to buy the latest, fastest computing machine with the biggest memory, you merely necessitate something capable of accessing the cloud via the cyberspace.

No demand for experient IT people to put in and keep package. These people can be redeployed to turn toing strategic issues and planning as opposed to day-to-day care.

Appendix 5 provides an illustration of package costs to Comcare.


Available on demand with 24/7 with entree from any computing machine with internet entree ( web browser ) irrespective of location. No demand for nomadic staff to log in via Citrix.

Self service purveying where you can proviso services without traveling through drawn-out direction processes. This is besides linked to scalability where you can increase or diminish your system demands based on extremums and troughs in work.


You no longer necessitate the infinite for big waiters and informations storage devices.

Besides contributes to be nest eggs with decreased office lease infinite, or re-utilizing the office infinite.

Power use:

Electricity to run waiters and maintain them cool is no longer required, cut downing costs for electricity and besides diminishing your C footmark.

Concerns with cloud calculating

Some of the concerns and disadvantages presently associated with cloud calculating include sensed deficiency of security and privateness. DSD recommends against outsourcing information engineering services and maps outside of Australia, unless bureaus are covering with informations that is all publicly available. DSD strongly encourages bureaus to take either a locally owned seller or a foreign owned seller that is located in Australia and shops, procedures and manages sensitive informations merely within Australian boundary lines ( DSD, April 2011 )

Other concerns include system outages ( what degree of service will the seller warrant ) , the sheer figure of services and sellers to take from and what flexibleness is at that place in traveling between sellers. Additionally direction will necessitate to pull off the contract and quality of service being provided by the service supplier, which may be a new accomplishment to larn in some instances.

What to look for when taking a cloud solution

The DSD paper provides inquiries on subjects to let a hazard appraisal to be conducted to find the degree of hazard and covers some of the concerns listed above.

Keeping handiness and Business functionality

Protecting informations from unauthorized entree by 3rd parties

Protecting informations from unauthorized entree by the seller ‘s clients

Protecting informations from unauthorized entree by knave seller employees

Managing security incidents

See appendix 6 for an infusion of sample inquiries.

CLOUD Computer science: Recommendation

Recommendations have taken into history the restrictions of Government policy and counsel viz. :

AGIMO paper on Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper- chances and pertinence for usage by the Australian Government. The scheme states that: bureaus can take cloud-based services if showing value for money, fittingness for intent and are adequately unafraid.

Cloud Computing Security Considerations Initial Guidance. The paper aid bureaus perform a hazard appraisal to find the viability of utilizing cloud computer science services.

Draft: Strategic Vision for the Australian Government ‘s usage of ICT The vision describes to increase authorities productiveness through bringing of better services, prosecute openly and better authorities operations.

These documents efficaciously rule out Comcare utilizing PaaS and IaaS until security and privateness concerns are adequately dealt with. The private cloud is an option and the public cloud can be used for already publicly available paperss such as those located on Comcare ‘s web site.

Making the determination of what to put in and how much money to pass can be hard. It is clear that Comcare already has important investing in its IT Infrastructure, but can this continue and should it go on? The suggestions in this study and appendixes should help with what kind of inquiries Comcare needs to get down inquiring in order to specify what systems can travel to the cloud. Appendix 7 provides a methodological analysis to see the move to overcast engineerings taken from Wyld.

A reappraisal of internal and external forces utilizing a competitory forces theoretical account, will besides help in where to direct resources. As antecedently mentioned there are no competitory forces to talk of and demand for service is limited to the legal power Comcare serves which is presently rather inactive. The chief drivers are internal and focussed on presenting the 2015 program aims. However Comcare ‘s ain policy raises the inquiry as to the ability of the IT program to back up Comcare ‘s concern scheme. It makes no reference of researching the usage of cloud calculating to back up any of the electronic interactions, but does speak of presenting future services in conformity with authorities way ( Comcare 2009-2014, p.5 ) .

Why a private cloud solution should be considered.

Comcare has a nomadic work force and interstate offices which need easy and speedy entree to relevant systems. Although Comcare is virtualised there would be farther advantages to be gained from utilizing a private cloud, as entree to relevant systems would go quicker, being accessible via the web, alternatively of holding to log on to the VPN and delay for the system to react. Response times would besides be improved as communicating is straight to the cloud and non being routed via the LAN and WAN to acquire to the beginning package.

A Private cloud would besides enable more Comcare staff the chance to work from different locations ( including work from place ) , and even complete work during hours that suit their demands if they did non hold to go into the office. This may be an option for some Comcare staff non covering with private information in the claims or regulative environments.

Without competitory external forces driving Comcare to research better ways of making concern, the current IT substructure, whilst able to present current services adequately, is non needfully enabling a high degree of service bringing as is the want of the CEO.


Returning to the peculiar issues raised on page three of this study I now provide recommendations to decide two of those issues based on SaaS. There are many sellers who can supply SaaS, some cardinal 1s include, App Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365. In all instances service flat understandings would necessitate to cover off countries of concern to Comcare including what will be done if something goes incorrect

Issue: Issue four was about maintaining path of bureau interactions. There is a demand to cognize what interaction are taking topographic point between Comcare and authorities bureaus to guarantee multiple contacts are non made unnecessarily.

Solution: A shared tabular array, a dispersed sheet or a wiki, where all staff can entree, position and update their interactions. Standard Fieldss would be provided such as day of the month, contact individual name, what the battle was approximately, Comcare contact individual etc. SaaS provides entree to applications which allow users to work collaboratively through papers and file sharing. Google Docs would do in this case.

Result: A ‘single beginning of truth ‘ will be provided to Comcare employees which will let all staff to see at a glimpse how late and who was contacted and do better determinations about whether to continue with a contact.

Issue three involved being able to present the 2015 program as new work duties and patterns are introduced.

Issue: provide capableness for on-line application of licences provided for under the statute law such as for works. Licenses issued yearly may see an inflow of work at the clip licences autumn due for reclamation.

Solution: an application that can increase capacity when work burden additions and cut down during down times ( scalability ) . Using an on-line signifier that enables Fieldss to be reported on such as type of works, location age etc.

Result: speedy turnaround of applications. Applications are non lost in the mail/fax. Application is already digital for registering in TRIM. The attendant database should let easy retrieval and coverage of information.


The strategic function IT substructure plays in the operation of Comcare ‘s concern should non be underestimated. All elements ( hardware, package and service ) demand to be considered in relation to planned alterations, which will besides be true for traveling to overcast based solutions.

This paper demonstrates that despite restrictions on authorities bureaus such as Comcare, there are still options for geographic expedition with respects to utilizing cloud solutions to better service bringing, enable employees to do better concern determinations and supply flexibleness in work options. The accent still remains on carry oning a thorough and systematic hazard analysis by Comcare IT forces, in alliance with Government and Defence Signals Directorate policy.

Software as a Solution can supply many benefits for Comcare and I have merely touched on two simple utilizations. Comcare already has important investing in its IT substructure for a comparatively little authorities bureau. Using some of the tools and attacks mentioned in this study should help in taking which applications can travel to the cloud environment and what needs to remain put.

Even though there are no competitory forces to drive down costs and better service bringing, Comcare still has the duty to the authorities and the people it serves to utilize financess sagely. Its 2015 program introduces new ways of making concern and bing systems may non be up to the undertaking. It is now an opportune clip to see how to present new services and adapt systems to utilizing a private cloud.

Hopefully this paper has put cloud calculating on Comcare ‘s radio detection and ranging and future investing may see utilizing the cloud to accomplish the CEO aim to hold existent impact on workplaces.

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Appendix 1 Organisational construction

Appendix 2 Extract from 2015 program – our strategic focal point

Appendix 3 Visual representation of IT Infrastructure in Comcare

Appendix 4 Technology Team duties

Appendix 5 Software costs in Comcare

Appendix 6 Cloud Computing – hazard appraisal inquiries

Appendix 7 Cloud migration scheme

Appendix 8 Activity A- Journal

Appendix 1

Organizational construction







The Minister for Education, Employment and

Workplace Relations, and for Social Inclusion

The Honourable Chris Evans MP



Chief Executive Officer

Paul O’Connor



Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission

Peter Henneken


Work Health and Safety

A Neil QuarmbyA


Recovery and Support

A Lesley Morrison


Scheme Integrity

Steve KibbleA ( Deputy CEO )

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Appendix 2

Infusion from 2015 plan- Our strategic focal point

We place workers at the Centre of what we do to guarantee they return safely to their households, friends and communities everyday.

When workers are harmed, we help with their recovery and support. We deliver a sustainable, just, dependable, and high-performing Comcare.

Strategic subjects

Appendix 3

Ocular representation of IT Infrastructure in Comcare.

Modelled on Laudon and Laudon Eleventh edition, p203

The elements briefly explained:

Internet Platforms

Using Squiz My Source matrix – this enables Comcare staff to easy make publish and keep the web site. Users do non necessitate to cognize a specific ‘language ‘ or utilize complicated backend systems to keep the web site. Comcare hosts its ain web site, intending it needs all the hardware and package to run it, which consumes resources, every bit good as pull offing security issues.

Hardware Platforms

Hardware platforms are the physical equipment such as computing machines, nomadic handheld devices, storage devices and telecommunication devices ( phones ) , Blackberry ‘s and Person Digital Assistants ( PDA ‘s ) .

Comcare presently purchases its hardware platforms through the Department of Finance ‘s buying understanding. It uses Sun for waiters and Dell for desktops and laptops. Migrating to Blade Storage Area Network ( SAN ) . Blade waiters allow greater storage capacity and take up less infinite than traditional box-based waiters

Operating Systems

The operating system manages the resources and activities of the computing machine. All Comcare users need to log on in order to utilize the computing machine systems, this is one activity of the operating system. Using Windows XP but traveling to Windows 7 ( Office 2010 ) . Licensing is managed through a multi-user license agreement with the Department of Finance ‘s volume sourcing understanding. Meaning a reconcilliation against estimated figure of users and existent users is undertaken each twelvemonth and Comcare is billed for use.

Networking /Telecommunications

For telecommunications Comcare utilises Voice over Internet Protocol ( VOIP ) which means voice calls are placed digitally over the corporate web, avoiding the telephone webs and associated charges for calls. Video conferencing installations and conference call figure are besides utilised as other agencies of communicating with intestate staff.

In order for this to work over the corporate web the physical devices and package are linked together organizing a figure of Local Area Networks, which links into one Wide Area Network.

System Integrators

Comcare systems are non integrated, and as seen in Appendix 4, there are multiple systems that operate independently of other systems. Additionally there are job associated with old systems non being able to ‘talk ‘ to newer systems.

The lone system integrating Comcare has in topographic point is a information warehouse system ( Oracle based ) designed to suit information supplied by one portion of its client base ( licensees ) .

Data Management and Storage

Business Objects coverage is used by many Comcare staff to pull out studies from a choice list. It takes some clip and attempt to plan a new study if different information is required from the systems.

Back up

To guarantee all the informations captured by Comcare is available for future usage a transcript is made utilizing Avamar Data Store solution.

Enterprise Software Applications

Comcare uses a battalion of package applications. These package applications are normally purchased ‘off the shelf ” to carry through a demand such as the human resource direction package Aurion.

Comcare ‘s Overall System Applications:


What is it used for

Who uses it

Best Pracysy

In- house package system used for Customer Services

Recovery and Support, Customer Services, OHS, Legals

Microsoft suite

Word, Internet Explorer, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

All staff

Intranet and Internet

World Wide Web

All staff

CIS – Customer Information Systems

Reporting system for SRC Claims and non licensees

Pracsys, External bureaus, Operational Managers, Directors, General Managers

CRM – Customer Relationship Maintenance

Update mailing list

Community Engagements, people bespeaking mail outs

Business Objects


All staff


Human Services Management System

All lasting employees entree ESS ( Employee Self Service )


Document direction systems for instances



Recording system


Filemaker Pro

Manages workflow

Phasing out


Record maintaining

All staff


Content Management System

Community Engagement and people responsible for updating internet/intranet


Application Development Platform

Pracsys, State Offices, remote users


Incident / undertaking direction system

All staff


Training direction system

Learning Development Solutions, HRG internal preparation

Desktop Phones ( CISCO ) , including vision package on your Personal computer

Communication tool

All staff

PDA ‘s – Personal Digital Assistant

Pocket computers- being replaced by BlackBerry Smartphones

Comcare Leadership, Senior OHS Research workers

Adobe Acrobat elements

Convert office paperss to PDF

All staff

Sun Financials

Finance Application


Finance One

Finance Application ( to supplant Sun Financials )


RMS- Regulatory direction system

Tracking OHS events and probes

Work Health and Safety Group.

Infusion from Comcare intranet.

Appendix 4

Technology Team duties

The Technology Team has the duty for supplying aid and instruction relating to computing machine and telecommunications environment, known as Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) .

The Help Desk provides aid with

computing machines and desktop support,

any signifier of electronic communicating ( electronic mails ) ,

computing machine package and hardware,

desktop phones,


pressman cartridges, and


The Section besides provides aid with the following

borrowing laptops, projectors, digital cameras

The coders are responsible for developing package to help Comcare ‘s concern demands

The Technical Report Writer are responsible for developing studies for Comcare ‘s concern demands

Host Systems are responsible for keeping and supervising the Pracsys and Pracsys development, Firewall, Internet and Intranet computing machine systems

The undertaking directors are responsible for planning and pull offing IT projetcs.

Infusion from Comcare Internet: Technology viewed 11 May 2011

hypertext transfer protocol: //intranet/organisational_chart/scheme_integrity/chief_operating_officer/technology

Appendix 5

Software costs in Comcare.

In the absence of the writer holding entree to the costs associated with Entire cost of Ownership ( see table below ) , one-year studies were reviewed to set up an mean cost of package per employee.

In 2006/07 mean package cost per employee was $ 683.17, and in 2009/10 this figure grew to a monolithic $ 5,228.19. These figures indicate Comcare has a important investing in computing machine package. David C Wyld suggests that for every $ 1 spent on Personal computer ‘s in the administration, another $ 8 is required for administrative support, care, and ascents. Comcare has important investing in its IT Infrastructure, and back uping constructions based on the above sample figures. One should besides be inquiring the inquiry why the big addition in investing over such a short period of clip and what return will be gained from this.

Entire Cost of Ownership elements: From Laudon and Laudon 11th Edition p224

Infrastructure Component

Cost constituents

Hardware acquisition

Purchase monetary value of computing machine hardware equipment, including computing machines, terminuss, storage and pressmans

Software acquisition

Purchase or licence of package for each user


Cost to put in computing machines and package


Cost to supply preparation for information systems specializers and terminal users


Cost to supply ongoing proficient support


Cost to upgrade the hardware and package


Cost to get, maintain and support related substructure, such as webs and specialised equipment ( including storage backup units )


Cost of lost productiveness if hardware or package failures cause the system to be unavailable for processing and user undertakings

Space and Energy

Real estate and public-service corporation costs for lodging and supplying power for the engineering

Appendix 6

Cloud Computing – Hazard Assessment inquiries ( Extract from Cloud Computing Security Considerations Initial Guidance )

This subdivision provides a non-exhaustive list of cloud calculating security considerations. Puting a cross alternatively of a tick beside any of the undermentioned security considerations does non needfully intend that cloud calculating can non be used, it merely means that the security consideration requires extra contemplation to find if the associated hazard is acceptable. Cloud calculating security considerations include:

* My information or functionality to be moved to the cloud is non concern critical

* I have reviewed the seller ‘s concern continuity and catastrophe recovery program

* I will keep an up to day of the month backup transcript of my informations

* The web connexion between me and the seller ‘s web is equal

* The Service Level Agreement ( SLA ) guarantees equal system handiness

* Scheduled outages are acceptable both in continuance and clip of twenty-four hours

* I would have equal compensation for a breach of the SLA or contract

* If I by chance cancel a file or other informations, the seller can rapidly reconstruct it

* I can easy travel my information to another seller or inhouse

* I can easy travel my standardized application to another seller or inhouse

* My pick of cloud sharing theoretical account aligns with my hazard tolerance

* My information is non excessively sensitive to hive away or treat in the cloud

* I can run into the legislative duties to protect and pull off my informations

* I know and accept the privateness Torahs of states that have entree to my informations

* Strong encoding approved by DSD protects my sensitive informations at all times

* I retain legal ownership of my informations

* The seller has a secure gateway environment

* The seller ‘s security position is supported by direct proficient controls

* Users entree and shop sensitive informations merely via trusted operating environments

* The seller adequately separates me and my informations from other clients

* Using the seller ‘s cloud does non weaken my web security position

* The seller does non cognize the watchword or key used to decode my informations

* The seller performs appropriate forces vetting and employment cheques

* The seller is contactable and provides timely responses and support

* I have reviewed the seller ‘s security incident response program

* The seller ‘s employees are trained to observe and manage security incidents

* The seller will advise me of security incidents

* I can entree scrutinize logs and other grounds to execute a forensic probe

Appendix 7

Cloud migration scheme

Learning – learn about the rudimentss of cloud computer science ( hopefully this paper has aided in this ) . Research who is utilizing the cloud for what and how good that is working for them.

Organizational appraisal – of present IT needs, construction, and capacity use ( your IT baseline ) . Who is utilizing what when, peak tonss on systems etc.

Cloud pilot – ideally a little undertaking ( such as the “ individual beginning of truth ‘ or licencing illustrations above ) . Use lessons learned and best pattern to spread out your cloud activities further.

Cloud – preparedness appraisal – do you hold informations and applications that could readily travel to the cloud. Which cloud environment would accommodate best ( public, private etc. ) . What information is non suited for a cloud environment?

Cloud rollout scheme – demand to acquire ‘buy-in ‘ from all stakeholders including employees who will utilize the cloud. Taking it from a test / pilot phase to going chief watercourse in the administration.

Continuous Cloud betterment – continue to measure and supervise the utility of the cloud, make alterations where necessary, switch more applications to or from the cloud.

From Wyld, DC 2009, Traveling to the cloud: an debut to overcast calculating in Government.