Limited e-business presence

Traditionally Mega Musik has been a “ bricks and howitzer ” house with a limited e-business presence. Its chief merchandises include music Cadmiums, DVDs, books, computing machine games, electronic equipement and other amusement merchandises and ware. In recent months Mega Musik has experienced falling markt portion due to competiton from on-line providers such as and Due to increasing force per unit area on the organisatioin and the menace from other rivals Mega Musik needs to restrategise its operations and concentrate chiefly on the e-business country. Below, with the aid of Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account of competition I will sketch how Mega Musik can be a successful e-business in the amusement industry. I will discourse the three generic competitory schemes availiable to the house, the deductions of a new e-business theoretical account for both the house ‘s providers and its ‘ clients every bit good as the deductions that will originate for new entrants and replacement merchandises. I will reason my study with some advice on how Mega Musik can still take advantage of both their “ bricks and howitzer ” operations in concurrence with their online concern.

Using the three generic schemes within Mega Musik.

The three generic competitory schemes availiable to the house ‘s e-business are Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Focus. Harmonizing to Mellahi et Al ( 2005 ) cost leading scheme is when an administration aims to be the “ lowest-cost manufacturer relation to local or other foreign challengers in the same market ” . Differentiation scheme is when a concern aims to provide alone merchandises or services to clients. Often distinction involves higher costs but the exclusivity of the administrations merchandises attracts clients. Focus scheme is when an administration aims for either low cost leading or distinction within a niche market. In my sentiment, due to the nature of the on-line music and amusement industry and the exceeding size of the market focal point scheme is irrelevant to Mega Musik.

Due to important competitory competition in the on-line amusement industry a cost leading scheme would be a high hazard scheme for the administration. Mega Musik non merely has to vie with other legitimate music concerns both online (, ) and offline ( HMV ) but it besides has to vie with the illegal downloading of music. Harmonizing to and, 95 % of music downloaded in 2008 was illicitly downloaded. Along with this many of the merchandises sold by Mega Musik can be purchased from ‘electronic glade houses ‘ such as ebay or gumtree etc. There is high client dickering power in the on-line music industry due to the huge sum of low cost rivals. Customers can easy and often exchange between practical shopfronts to happen the exact merchandise they are looking for.

My advice to Mega Musik is to follow the distinction scheme. Mega Musik can pull clients to their concern by selling alone merchandises. By following the distinction scheme and merchandising alone merchandises or merchandising merchandises in a alone manner Mega Musik can greatly cut down the menace of replacement merchandises. Customers become attached to alone features in merchandises and this can advance client trueness. Customer trueness can deter new concerns come ining the market every bit good as avert clients from buying from rival concerns. Customer dickering power can be reduced if Mega Musik provides sole merchandises as clients will non be able to buy the merchandises from other sellers.

In 2008 the HMV Group owned concern, “ Waterstones became the sole online beginning for e-books compatible with the Sony Reader. ” ( ) . Potential clients desiring to buy e-books for their Sony Reader had to buy them from Waterstones. This sort of exclusivity eliminates competitory competition, reduces client bargaining power and decreases the menace of new entrants to the market.

The deductions of Mega Musik ‘s e-business scheme. Suppliers to Business ( B2B ) and Business to Customers ( B2C ) .

By spread outing farther in the e-business country Mega Musik can take advantage of strong business-to-customer ( B2C ) relationships. By keeping a practical shopfront on the cyberspace Mega Musik can pull exsisting clients and possible new clients to their merchandises 24 hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad. By utilizing the cyberspace to sell their merchandises online Mega Musik will be able to make a planetary audience. This will let for increased retail chances. Mega Musik ‘s e-business program will let them to impliment a direct selling scheme by selling straight to the clients and cutting out “ the in-between adult male ” . This scheme along with decreased operational costs will besides ensue in cost economy chances for Mega Musik which they in bend can go through on to their clients. The direct nexus between Mega Musik and their clients is an advantage to Mega Musik as they can supply clients with information sing new merchandises, every bit good as supplying clients with a taylored service to run into client demands. Mega Musik can go to to client petitions rapidly and expeditiously. Mega Musik will be able to utilize their practical shopfront as a catalogue for clients who wish to buy goods from the Mega Musik high street shops. This will be of a important influence in pulling clients to their online concern ensuing in greater client trueness. Mega Musik will besides cut order processing costs by leting client orders to travel directly to the order database from their web site.

It is indispensable that Mega Musik takes the following into consideration when spread outing their e-business. Due to the obliteration of geographic limitations Mega Musik will hold more rival concerns to vie against. Customers can merely compare monetary values between assorted sellers and easy exchange to other concerns. Mega Musik will be required to take legal facets into consideration where they might mean to sell merchandises to clients in differing states. The legal systems may change from state to state. Logistics is another factor that Mega Musik will be required to cover with. Mega Musik will be required to acquire physical merchandises to clients within a short clip. Keeping clients satisfied is important to the success of Mega Musik.

Mega Musik and their providers can profit greatly from sharing valuable information. This information is best shared utilizing applications that allow for existent clip analysis of gross revenues, orders and market tendencies. Inventory planning is the procedure where prediction is done based on stock list records. The consequences are shared in existent clip with providers. Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) is another cardinal e-collaboration tool that can profit the nexus between provider and concern. ERP systems would link Mega Musik ‘s order and buying system straight to their providers leting the provider to recieve orders automatically, in bend the providers can invoice Mega Musik instantly.

The deductions of new entrants to the market and the deductions of replacement merchandises.

The menace of new entrants to the on-line music industry is extremely high due to low entry barriers to this industry. The on-line music concern has comparatively low client trueness, clients can easy exchange providers in hunt of cheaper merchandises. “ 63 % of online clients say they ‘ll buy a merchandise in whichever channel has the lowest monetary value. ” ( Johnson, C. Et Al, 2004 ) . Another facet that may promote new entrants into the market is that entree to raw stuffs is readily available as are of import resources such as staff. Intellectual belongings such as patents and licenses will non normally arise as a barrier to entry in the on-line music industry. While some major participants in the music industry may hold close client dealingss.

This industry is invariably germinating and companies need to stay up to rush with the newest and latest engineerings, it is for this ground that the menace of new replacements is comparatively high within this industry. Alternative merchandises which have higher public presentation evaluations can be a changeless menace. These replacements could potentially take a important proportion of market gross revenues from exsisting participants. Similar to the menace of new entrants the menace of replacements is really frequently affected by trade name trueness of clients and close client relationships. As mentioned above, both trade name trueness and close client relationships are comparatively low within the online industry and so Mega Musik need to invariably be cognizant and on the sentinel for new and better replacements.

If Mega Musik chose the distinction scheme as I advised earlier in this study, they will be able to restrict both the menace of new entrants and the menace of replacements. The distinction scheme persuades the house to offer alone merchandises, which will be both hard and dearly-won for other houses to double. This in bend will promote trade name trueness and diminish the menace of new entrants and the menace of replacement merchandises.

Mega Musik as a ‘bricks and howitzer ‘ operation and an e-business.

Mega musik should non ignore their ‘bricks and howitzer ‘ operation. It can easy and successfully congratulate the freshly improved e-business through a multi channel environment. Both channels can run along side each other to raise trade name consciousness and increase gross revenues. The online concern can be used as a powerful selling tool and can be used as a catalog for clients who prefer to see and touch the merchandise before buying it. The e-business will let the consumer to shop and research the merchandise before manus, doing their instore purchase determination easier and quicker. The established provider web can be used for both facets of the concern, therefore fastening and retaining a good provider relationship, guaranting quality merchandises delivered on clip within in agreement budget. Similar to this established distribution channels can be used for both the ‘bricks and howitzer ‘ and the e-business which may ensue in monetary value price reductions and job free bringing. Another advantage of go oning with both facets of the concern is that they will make economic systems of graduated table both in distribution and publicity. Finally the established ‘bricks and howitzer ‘ concern will be seen as more stable and will guarantee greater client trust.


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