Management And Leadership Across Culture British Airways Management Essay

Tourism is one of the most varied, exciting, ambitious, demanding and critical concern in any parts of the universe. In touristry sector, the calling chances are vivacious. In touristry industry we can acquire the opportunity to work with travel agents, circuit operators, air hoses, sail lines, authorities touristry committees, regional touristry associations, hotel ironss tourist attractive forces & A ; particular events company. To work in the touristry sector one should hold the accomplishments and abilities like automated fining & A ; reserve, gross revenues & A ; selling, information & A ; client service, disposal & A ; accounting and strategic planning.

The word touristry includes all actions of individuals like going to and remaining in topographic points outside their normal environment for non more than one back-to-back twelvemonth for leisure, concern and other grounds. These activities make demands for goods and services, and the organisations which provide such services are considered as portion of the touristry industry. The touristry industry besides includes organisations whose merchandises are chiefly sold to visitants, though they do non organize a major portion of tourer use. There are many infrastructure sectors like power, telecommunication, H2O supply, roads and some production sectors like travel points, athleticss equipment, photographic stuffs, medical specialties and cosmetics are included in this class. The substructure for touristry therefore includes basic substructure constituents like airdromes, railroads, roads, waterways ; services like electricity, H2O supply, drainage, sewage, solid waste disposal systems and besides the services and installations like adjustment, eating houses, recreational installations and shopping installations. Planing for keeping the development of touristry, hence, involves the incorporate development of basic substructure and services along with all the touristry installations in a balanced mode.

( 1.1 ) Overview of British Air passages:

This study is about a really good known and outstanding organisation of United Kingdom which is known as British Airways, which is the United Kingdom ‘s largest international air hose, with paths more than 550 finishs towards all over the universe. The British air hose is really well-known for their high criterions and international acknowledgments all over the universe and they besides have being characterized in many reappraisals by air hose critics every bit good as riders. As a portion from merely offering flights, British Airways keeps its place up to the grade within the air hose industry which offers a committedness and outstanding service degrees of work.

British Airways has been developed from many old ages with the air hose industry. This organisation was owned by Comair Limited since 1992. This company was started off with low rate of beginnings as Aircraft Transport and Travel in 1919, with its inaugural flight from Le Bourget to Hounslow in August 1919. Later, with the amalgamation of a few other air hoses due to the bend down of the industry, this British air hose was named Imperial Airways and was the first major British bearer. At that clip, they were working with merely 18 aircrafts and 250 employees.

Soon after their partnership with Qantas to get down the first flight to Australia and with the geting of more aircraft, British Airways Limited was created which was an merger between Imperial Airways and the British Overseas Airways Corporation ( BOAC ) . After World War II, British Airways with more transatlantic flights added, another sister air hose was besides created merely to manage these flights. It was known as the British European Airways ( BEA ) . Through the old ages, British Airways has continued steady growing, integrating newer and more sophisticated aircraft and every bit good as running the Concorde since 1979.

The success of British Airways could largely impute to its uninterrupted add-on of more international flights every bit good as the enlargement of their fleet. Apart from that, the full air hose sings their ain congratulationss which provide their riders with the best valuable comfort service.

( 1.2 ) Leadership and Management functions of British Air passages:

Leadership function of British Air passages:

Operating in an progressively competitory market topographic point, BA is determined to stand out from its rivals by recovering the repute for service leading it enjoyed in the 1990s.

Having launched a strategic selling run ask foring clients to ‘upgrade to BA ‘ and see the difference, BA recognized that the key to presenting this promise in the air lay in the custodies of 4,000 on-board cabin crew directors. If the company could happen a manner to efficaciously re-engage this critical squad of leaders, it knew that the full potency of all cabin crew would be released, thereby enriching the service experience of all BA clients.

Once ‘on-board ‘ with the plan ‘s overall purposes, cabin crew directors were invited to the nucleus component of ‘Leadership Matters ‘ – an engaging and stimulating 2-day workshop.

To guarantee maximal end products from these events, NKD designed a comprehensive ‘pre-work ‘ battalion for all delegates. This involved a 360° tool, a ‘lifeline ‘ diagnostic, and two cardinal articles on Prosecuting Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – all designed to get down the procedure of increased self-awareness and personal effectivity.

The workshops themselves were designed to give leaders clip and infinite to see their leading manner and the impact they have on their squads and clients. The dynamic events aimed to re-ignite the ‘early-career passion ‘ of on-board leaders, and develop their accomplishments as effectual twenty-first Century leaders.

Every facet of the workshop ‘s design – the pick and presentation of the acquisition locale, event invites, the acquisition content itself, movie, event stuffs and the manner of facilitation – was consistent with the BA service promise and the cardinal traits of Modern Leadership. This distinctively originative attack, a trademark of all NKD ‘s work, enhanced the delegates ‘ connexion and battle with the plan.

Early indicants suggest that ‘Leadership Matters ‘ is turn outing a great success. Satisfaction evaluations from delegates average an impressive 5.8 out of 6. The plan is successfully reconnecting leaders with the kernel of their function and supplying them with new accomplishments and assurance to go effectual Modern Leaders. So impressed has BA been with the impact the leading development plan has had to day of the month that NKD has now been commissioned to develop a 3 twenty-four hours version of the workshop as a corporate leading initiation plan for all BA leaders worldwide.

Management Role of British Air passages:

British Airways direction has hit the headlines over the old ages with many high profile determinations and differences. British Airways scheme has sometimes proved controversial and in certain illustrations it has led to industrial action from staff.

Change must get down at the top and during the twelvemonth we reorganised our top direction squad, consisting nine board of directors caputs, led by the Chief

Executive. It is now split into two groups -the Management Board and the Customer and Operations Executive. The Management Board, which meets

hebdomadal, is responsible for the vision and strategic way of the Company.

The Customer and Operations Executive is accountable for daily client

service, operational public presentation and guaranting the highest criterions of safety.

This group besides meets hebdomadal. Legal, manager of safety and security and

manager of investings besides report to the Chief Executive.

2.0 Concept of Leadership, Management and Motivation:

( 1 ) Management:

Management is a planetary demand. It is indispensable to every person, a household, educational establishment, infirmary, spiritual organisations, squad of participants, a authorities, military systems, cultural organic structure, urban Centres and concern endeavors. Everyone comes across some or the other direction maps in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours chases. Management is required to be after, form, coordinated control personal businesss of the concern concern. It brings together all resources and motivates people to accomplish the aims of a concern endeavor.

Harmonizing to Lawerence A. Appley ( 1959 ) – “ Management is the development of people and non the way of things. ”

Harmonizing to Newman, Summer and Warren ( 1959 ) – “ The occupation of direction is to do co-operative enterprise to work decently. A Manager is one who gets things done by working with people and other resources. ”

Management as a Procedure: It involves a series of interconnected maps of acquiring the aims of an organisation and taking stairss to accomplish that aim. The direction procedure includes: planning, forming, staffing, directing, commanding, make up one’s minding and measuring.

( 2 ) Leadership:

Leadership is a agency of directing. It is the ability to act upon a group toward the accomplishment of ends. It is the human factor that helps a group individuality where it is traveling and so motivates it towards its ends.

Harmonizing to Drucker ( 1954 ) , “ Leadership is the lifting of adult male ‘s visions to higher sights, the elevation of adult male ‘s public presentation to a higher criterion, the edifice of adult male ‘s personality beyond its normal restrictions. ”

Harmonizing to George R. Terry ( 1960 ) , “ Leadership is the activity of act uponing people to endeavor volitionally for group aims. ”

( 3 ) Motivation:

There is a common myth about motive that considers motive as a personal trait – that is, some have it and others do non. Motivation is the consequence of interaction of the person and the state of affairs. Harmonizing to Robbins ( 2003 ) motive is “ the procedures that account for an person ‘s strength, way, and continuity of attempt toward achieving a end. ”

The definition of motive is to force to action. To be motivated is a challenge in this twenty-four hours and clip. One must recognize what influences them, whether it is positive or negative. Motivation requires self subject, and a range of self realization.

( 2.1 ) Leadership construct of British Air passages:

We need great leaders to assist us postulate with current trading conditions and accomplish our long-run vision. A taking planetary premium air hose must be bold and extremely effectual in developing present and possible leaders. This is why we introduced our High Performance Leadership ( HPL ) system during the twelvemonth. This is an incorporate system, associating concern scheme, nonsubjective scene, public presentation appraisal, development and wages. Focused ab initio on the senior leaders, HPL has strict appraisal mechanisms to place gifted leaders and to supply them with the right tools and support to go on developing. We have besides defined, communicated and begun to mensurate single public presentation against three capablenesss we think we need in our leaders, in add-on to operational excellence:

aˆ? Communicating a common vision ;

aˆ? Agreeing answerabilities ; and

aˆ? Motivating and animating others.

For each capableness, specific behaviors have been developed so that leaders

understand precisely what is expected of them and we are back uping them with

a scope of development programmes, including executive coaching, webs,

forums and external classs. We are besides utilizing new techniques to mensurate

public presentation. These will let us to supervise single advancement and track our

ain overall success at pull offing endowment.

Among the other leading initiatives we launched were:

aˆ? Behaviours for Success – a leading development programme for the HPL

community, concentrating on apprehension and developing personal leading

public presentation ;

aˆ? Leadership Matters – a strategy to place and develop leaders who have

polar functions in the Customer and Operations countries of our concern ; and

aˆ? A Leadership Development Portfolio that will be introduced this twelvemonth with the

purpose of back uping current and possible leaders at every degree of the concern,

including emerging leaders, those on a fast path to senior places and those

with strategic functions at the really top of our administration.

( 2.2 ) Management theory of British Air passages:

Strategic direction is that set of managerial determinations and actions that determines the long-term public presentation of a corporation, and includes facets such as environmental scanning, scheme preparation, scheme execution, and rating and control ( 2006 ) . Strategic direction is indispensable for every concern, as it determines its success in the market, in its preparation and executing of undertakings. One of the schemes of air hoses is confederations or merges. Alliance in air hose industry seems relentless, as every international air hose is hammering confederations of some signifier, which can be traced as far back as the 1940s ( 2004 ) . From a strategic position, air hose confederations have become an built-in portion of the undertaking environment of air hoses ( 2004 ) . Alliances are good for air hoses in its control and care on the concern. Similarly, this scheme was adopted by the British Airways for better service. On March 31, 1924, Britain ‘s four air hoses, viz. , In-stone, Handley Page, Daimler Airways, and British Air Marine Navigation merged to organize Imperial Airways ( 2006b ) . However, during this clip a figure of smaller UK air hose companies had started their operations, so in 1935, these air hoses merged to organize the original in private owned British Airways Ltd. The British Government in 1939 nationalized the air hoses and after the Second World War, the air hoses were combined to organize the British Air passages in 1974 ( 2006b ) . The drive factor behind confederations is long-run profitableness, and their formation tends to be for strategic grounds, such as accessing larger markets, set uping planetary trade name trueness and edifice hub-to-hub traffic ( 1998 ) . This move is advantageous for the air hose to serve more riders and set up market repute. Alliances or merges are portion their strategic direction program, as being portion of the scheme preparation and execution. Strategy preparation and execution is an ongoing, ceaseless, incorporate procedure necessitating uninterrupted reappraisal and reformation, is dynamic, and involves a complex form of actions and reactions ( 2006 ) . Bing dynamic, air hoses tend to ever introduce and better their actions to farther heighten the quality of their service.

In add-on, another manner for the British Airways to get by with serious competition from other air hoses, it continuously provides itself alterations and invention for better services. Strategic direction, holding its feature of being dynamic and complex, enables the British Airways to suit alteration. This alteration is done by bettering the comfortss of the air hoses and developing new information systems as added services. It remains to be the universe ‘s international air hose and the first air hose to offer jet rider services, the first to run weather-beating car landings, the first to offer supersonic rider services, and the first in the modern epoch to offer fully-flat beds ( 2006c ) . Due to the mentioned services, the British Air passages were able to construct a good repute in the market and derive the trust of many clients. These has widened their industry and made the air hoses to be “ the universe ‘s most favorite air hose ” .

( 2.3 ) Motivation Theory Of British Air passages:

( 3.0 ) Explanation on British Airways manage civilization

Diverseness in their organisation:

In British Airways we are invariably working towards making an inclusive civilization that understands and respects the single differences of our employees. In add-on we seek to present a serviceA which reflects and responds to the diverse scope of client demands. We aim to drive and incorporate diverseness into all facets of our service to guarantee that we remain competitory.

As a companyA which operates globally, we need to pull and retain gifted persons to reflect the diverseness of our client base. Using a mix of people from diverse backgrounds leads to possible new thoughts and invention.

Our scheme is driven through diverseness title-holders stand foring sections across the air hose and employee groups which meet on a regular basis to discourse issues on faith, disablement, flexible working, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

Diversity issues are communicated to employees via our corporate intranet site, diverseness forums, diverseness employee webs, our company newspaper and in our ain monthly newssheets “ Diverse Times ” and “ Religious Festivals ” .

( 3.1 ) Explanation on BA manages culturally diverse work force:

Wayss in which we manage diverseness within our company:



Flexible working

Gender equality

Harassment and intimidation

Racial equality

Supplier diverseness

Religion and belief

Sexual orientation


The Employment Equality ( Age ) Regulations have had a great impact across the air hose. Prior to the statute law, British Airways ran focus groups to measure employees sentiments on the alterations.

ThereA was a wide scope of responses, most people felt that the age statute law was a positive measure and that flexibleness was the key to working for longer.

As a consequence of this audience British Airways has built a robust programme to:

guarantee consistence in enlisting for both external and internal appliers

see flexible working options prior to retirement

guarantee sequence planning is age impersonal

encourage age diverseness in all countries by disputing premises and stereotypes linked to age


Working and going with BA as a handicapped traveler in a wheelchair I get to see at first manus the service offered to extra demands clients and staff, good and bad. In most cases the service degrees are of high criterion but if things have non been right on the twenty-four hours, feedback has been acted upon.

Richard – British Airways Manager, Credit Cards

Our employees

As a company we are committed to guaranting that disabled employees can accomplish their full potency. Reasonable accommodations are made for employees if they are handicapped or go handicapped whilst working for British Airways. We work in partnership with the Employers ‘ Forum on Disability. We besides work with the Disability Rights Commission to back up our disablement scheme.

Flexible working – reconciliation work and household life

“ Flexible working has become an of import portion of the manner we work and represents portion of a go oning alteration of attitude. There are clear benefits for our people and for our concern and we will go on to back up flexible working solutions that are appropriate and run into our demands. ”

Kim – Customer service agent

British Airways support a broad assortment of flexible working optionsA that are aimed to run into different types of work. These solutions assist the employee to equilibrate place and work life whilst lending to the on-going alterations requested by the administration to help cost decrease.

Gender equality:

“ When I started Air Training School in 1991 there were n’t even any showers for the misss as we were such a rareness. There was a existent ‘lads together ‘ type environment. The accomplishments required for choice as a pilot have expanded and changed over the old ages. These yearss interpersonal, state of affairs direction and squad accomplishments ( so called “ Human Factors ” ) are emphasised although of class basic winging accomplishments are still of import. A batch of adult females have natural ability in these countries but merely do n’t gain that it is a big portion of what being a pilot is all about these yearss. These accomplishments can be trained excessively. I think that most immature adult females would n’t see winging for a life merely because it is non something that comes to mind they think about their future calling. I hope that the thought of a possible calling in air power can be suggested much earlier to girls at school than they have clip to be after their surveies consequently, as a good foundation in scientific discipline is ready to hand. You need to be interested in winging and seeking a lesson is the easiest manner to see if it is for you. ”

Karen – Short draw Pilot

British Airways has introduced a figure of flexible working enterprises that have benefited adult females who tend to presume duty for most dependent attention. One aim is to increase the focal point on work-life balance to promote adult females to return to work after pregnancy leave.

We are besides committed to bettering the representation of adult females in non-traditional countries of the concern, such as Flight Crew and Engineering.

Harassment and intimidation

The diverseness squad works with the diverseness title-holders, who represent their ain sections, to guarantee employees are cognizant of our torment and intimidation policy and to raise consciousness of self-respect and regard within the workplace. As a company, we are members of the DTI/Amicus Dignity at Work partnership and work closely with other companies on sharing information and best pattern on eliminating torment and intimidation in the workplace. We besides undertake activities across the company such as route shows, posting runs, journal articles in local publications and seek to make advanced and piquant communicating through the production of a picture and a assortment of preparation activities.

Racial equality:

“ I had no thought when I started at BA that I would work with such a diverse group of people.A I have learnt so much about the civilizations and beliefs of others and I like to believe that they have learnt from me too.A During my calling I ‘ve had a figure of really supportive directors who recognized my possible and encouraged me to seek chances to progress.A I take advantage of all chances available and have enhanced my accomplishments through a combination of preparation, development and besides through experience. I ‘ve ne’er felt that my coloring material or background have held me back.A Now that I ‘m a director myself, I try to go through on my passion for larning and development to others so that they can turn their possible excessively ” .A

Elaine – British Airways Manager, eSolutionsA and Professional Training

It is a precedence of our race equality scheme to listen to our cultural minority employees. We encourage sharing thoughts on how we can work on issues such as calling patterned advance, preparation and development, internal and external enlisting, torment and intimidation.

Our chief aim is to increase the representation of cultural minorities at senior degrees of the administration. We work closely with administrations such as Race for Opportunity and the Commission for Racial Equality which provides advice and counsel to us on race equality issues.

Supplier diverseness:

We have worked closely with our corporate duty and procurement squads to develop responsible procurance criterions on labour rights. We are presently analyzing a provider diverseness scheme to run into the hereafter needs of the concern.

Religion and belief:

British Airways is a planetary and diverse company, which employs persons of all religions. To reflect the drawn-out scope of faiths followed by our employees we provide supplication installations across the concern and we publish a monthly spiritual festivals newssheet on our intranet site with the purpose of raising consciousness on the different civilizations across the company.

Some faiths or beliefs have specific dietetic demands. We provide a scope of dietetic options to guarantee cardinal demands are catered for and nutrients are labelled. In add-on, the British Airways Uniform Committee has adapted the new uniform to guarantee that it upholds the corporate image whilst leting flexibleness to run into cardinal spiritual demands.

Sexual orientation:

British Airways offers an inclusive environment to all ofA our employees, whether homosexual, sapphic, bisexual or transgender. British Airways has for many old ages included sexual orientation in its the diverseness policy. We support our scheme by working closely with administrations suchA as Stonewall ( an administration committed to equality for homosexual, sapphic and bisexual people ) . British Air passages joined the Stonewall title-holder strategy in 2005, where employers can work with Stonewall to advance diverseness in the workplace.

( 3.2 ) British Airways support culturally diverse clients:

Our clients

The squad are continuously looking at bettering site handiness for people with disablements. In add-on, disablement consciousness preparation has been introduced for all customer-facing staff. British Airways is working closely with BAA in the building of Terminal 5 to guarantee all facets of disablement are covered.

( 4.0 ) Effective Management, Leadership and Motivation

Across Culture:

“ The terrorist onslaughts of 11 September 2001 left British Air passages with a major undertaking to reconstitute its administration and cut costs ” ( Computing, 2004 ) . Because of this, BA has undergone a full graduated table organizational restructuring conveying a cultural alteration to the administration. Since 2001, British Airways laid off 15,000 occupations. For certain this determination had a negative impact on the moral and motive of its employees. In order to cut down the negative impact on the efficiency of the administration, BA invested in advanced IT solutions as mentioned earlier conveying even more cultural alterations.

( 5.0 ) Recommendation and Decision: