Management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done


“ Most of what we call direction consists of doing it hard for people to acquire their work done. ”

Peter Drucker.

There are two aims of this study. One is to analyze the working of an SME ( Small and Medium Enterprise ) . The 2nd is to really look back at two old ages spent in the industry by a so novitiate and so critically measure the working environment he was portion of from the position of a pupil.

Equally much as we much dwell on the impression of life in the information age fact remains at the work topographic point it ‘s all about the civilization prevalent at the office. Peoples in places of power. It ‘s about equations at work. Inter departmental competition. All of this culminates into the steering force of today ‘s administration ; Office political relations

The fish unluckily is icky caput up. Today ‘s direction boards are either wholly detached from the remainder of the administration or in worst instances about ever pull off to move against the aims of the administrations as a whole. It is highly rare to see a board of managers whose members are wholly familiar with the full administration. They may/not be cognizing their ain occupation, but as illustrated by this study they sure cognize of ways and means to do work complicated for people below them.

The world of today ‘s administration is that it is run by people at the operational and strategic degree.

Then what aim do the board of managers serve? Apart from ‘figureheads ‘ of the administration non excessively many. They can and ideally should be a batch more proactive and synergistic but assorted factors largely cultural prevent them from being the wise mans that they can be sing the fact that some if non most of them are industry veterans and possibly in some instances so be knowing, such instances are few and far apart.

Of class people at operational degree do n’t assist their cause one spot by acting like a dissatisfied batch that though is a different narrative wholly.

This in sum-up is how today ‘s administration maps.


Dr Rajeev K Bali for giving me the chance to carry through a long term desire to chronicle and more significantly critically measure my experiences in the private sector back place in India.


This study is split into two parts.

The first portion of the study would dwell of an analysis of some of the basic scheme models and analyze them in context to Info Solutions Private Ltd ( hereon ISP ) .

The 2nd portion would dwell of a diagnosing. Diagnosis of how and when the wheels of ISP ‘s ‘corporate re-jig ‘ started coming away to the point where people started tendering their surrenders en-masse. This portion would be based on the experiences of a fresher, ‘Novak ‘ ; His entry into the company. His work experiences both at the corporate office and On-Site. Most significantly what he learnt working at the administration and his suggestions on the improvement of the organisation?


The generation of this concern study is the two old ages of experience gained whilst working at a private package development house in India. Novak started off in 2008 as a trainee coder at ISP and after holding spent two priceless old ages signed away in 2010 as a system analyst.

ISP specializes in the development of package merchandises for Bankss. The merchandises catered to the payment cards division of Bankss. The suite or packages would be developed by the In-house development squad at the company ‘s corporate office located in Mumbai as per proficient specifications provided by Bankss. Once developed the merchandise would undergo strict proving at both the corporate office by the company designated proving squad and at the bank by concerned bank staff. There after the merchandise would be deployed at the Bankss behest by the company designated deployment squad. After obtaining signoff from bank, on site operations would get down.

When Novak started off he was assigned to work with the operations squad at Yes Bank wherein He got to understand the basic work flow of the system. After about three months at that place He was shifted to the development squad at ICICI Bank. In between He besides worked for Knet, Mashreq, Burgan and NI Banks, all of which were gulf based Bankss, on an ad-hoc footing. For his last assignment he was posted On-Site at Axis Bank for a twelvemonth wherein he was appointed On-Site in charge. At Axis Bank He had under him a twenty-member squad runing from operators to developers, stationed both On-Site and at the corporate office.


This portion will dwell of the analysis of some basic scheme models in context to ISP.

The models used for analysis will be as follows:

SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Ansoff Matrix

Porter ‘s Five Forces

BCG Product Portfolio Matrix

McKinsey Seven S ‘s: Scheme, Systems, Structure, Staff, Skills, Style, Shared Values


Figure 1. SWOT ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Strengths: ISP ‘s greatest strength would be its squad of package developers. For Novak It was a privilege to work with them. He loathed the word ‘coding ‘ before he joined this squad. Such was their glare non merely did they do coding expression simple ; it was under their counsel that He developed one of the faculties for the ICICI – Amex tie up. This is the best development squad wherein any newcomers would non merely develop the necessary cryptography accomplishments to last in an IT company he would really larn about assorted facets of teamwork which would be of great aid to him in the long tally. Some of the merchandises developed here are merely outstanding. The user interfaces and simple work flow are trademarks of the merchandises that come from this stable.

Of class this squad is n’t merely about coding. It is more like an drawn-out household. The seniors are ever at manus non merely to steer juniors but besides measure in when the french friess were down. Brilliant wise mans whom one would non happen in any other organisation.

Failings: Whilst the Business Development ( hereon ‘BD ‘ ) does convey the client a sense of complacence has set into this squad. This squad unluckily exists within the administration as a metaphor for averageness and complacence. The merchandises developed by the proficient squad do non necessitate masterminds to market them. The merchandises developed here are compliant with the industry criterions in topographic point. So user-friendly are the merchandises they have earned rave reappraisals from directors at Axis praising it for its user friendliness compared to the merchandises of rivals.

Complacency sets in within this squad one time they get the company concern they tend to rest on their awards. The direction gives them undue importance and their wage is three-four times that of the proficient squad. This is one of the major grounds that complacence is a portion of this team.This and other instability issues will be dealt with at greater length in the 2nd portion of the study.

Opportunities: ISP ‘s USP ( Unique Selling Point ) ; the package merchandise catered to a niche section of the market. They have non more than 4-5 rivals in this market. Their merchandise is the 1 available at the most sensible monetary value as compared to others. Since they deal with merchandises in the payment card industry which still remains at a nascent phase in India their merchandise has huge potency. Continuous betterments viz. by manner of system sweetenings meant single packages and the suite as a whole has ever been technically a measure in front of its equals. Abroad clients mean they besides have a selling base outside of India.

Menaces: Abrasion ; The curse of the Indian IT industry. The proficient squad is perennially underpaid. Therefore ISP has earned the repute of being an ‘academy ‘ where freshers receive their preparation and after a span of 2, maximal 3 old ages leaves the administration to seek greener grazing lands. Talent keeping is something ISP direction demand to work large clip on. Unfortunately they are so detached from the remainder of the organisation that they do non detect the copiousness of endowment within the proficient squad, which can besides be called the engine room of the company as that is where the merchandise is generated. Members of the proficient squad being on a regular basis courted by other ace companies with better chances do n’t assist affairs.


Figure 2. Ansoff Matrix ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Existing Products/Existing Market: This is what ISP tried with SBI and CBI though how successful they were is debatable.SBI and CBI were with ISP ‘s rival FSS ( they are being mentioned here as rivals though their frequent reference in this study merits them to be addressed as arch challengers than mere rivals ) .FSS over the old ages had become really finical over the issue of pricing. Their preference for being sticklers to their ain company processs ( justifiably so ) irrespective of On-Site working environment did n’t assist count one spot. Finally when SBI had had sufficiency of them they came directly to ISP.CBI followed following. Grosss generated through these new ‘acquisitions ‘ are capable affair of intense argument in ISP even today.

The ISP engine room ( read: proficient squad ) besides had a major function to play here. Once the suite was developed, single packages would be sent to the ‘in house ‘ RnD squad. This was the squad which analysed the package yarn bare. They have this regulation of pollex that package which left the proficient squad should ne’er come back. If it does at all come back, it is to develop sweetenings to the merchandise. Ailments sing work were taken really earnestly and the effects were terrible. Continuous merchandise betterment is their slogan. This scheme decidedly helped large clip in cementing their repute as piece-de-resistance of ISP. Of class this was a fact company direction have failed to admit and will be dealt with in the 2nd portion of the study.

Having first-class client dealingss is highly of import. Retaining bing clients is a batch more of import ( and easier ) for concerns than pulling new 1s. A direct effect of this fact was Axis Bank asking approximately and finally buying the ‘Travel Card ‘ package for the EURO ( euro ) , AUD ( Australian dollar ) and CAD ( Canadian dollar ) currencies adding to the already bing package of GBP ( Great British Pound ) , USD ( United States dollar ) and JPY ( Nipponese Yen ) .It was besides during this period that Bank Of Baroda ( hereon BoB ) purchased our DCRS ( Debit Card Reconciliation System ) .

New Product/Existing Market: Another treasure from the Technical Team was the Chargeback Module. The development of this merchandise was a direct effect of feedback from ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank was one of our major clients. Whilst working with them for the Amex faculty they often aired their aggravation of holding to raise chargeback from the package of one seller and deciding the difference through another. Their operational section were holding a agonizing clip because of this. This spot of intelligence somehow got to the ears of one of the ISP developers and within a hebdomad the faculty was ready to be deployed at the Bank.

New Market/Existing Merchandise: A opportunity visit by the so Managing Director of BoB to Burgan Bank in Kuwait led him to urge our CCRS ( Credit Card Reconciliation System ) to him. Burgan Bank was looking at a merchandise which would non merely manage the whole of the Credit Card system but besides come at a sensible monetary value. The so Managing Director instantly got in touch with our manager, had a demo arranged and the remainder as they say is history.

New Market/New Merchandise: One of the disadvantages of being a little company is the fright in the heads of the direction that variegation will ache the company as a whole. Whilst the fright is non wholly baseless as there have been instances galore of variegations acquiring divested. If planned carefully it can take a company into hitherto unchartered district which can be good if a company moves into related markets but if thereon operations become unwieldy so direction could set down in a serious topographic point of fuss.

ISP direction earnestly considered a move into the British and Australian markets. Finally though nil came of these planned ‘forays ‘


Diagram of Porter ‘s 5 Forces



Supplier concentration

Importance of volume to supplier

Differentiation of inputs

Impact of inputs on cost or distinction

Switch overing costs of houses in the industry

Presence of replacement inputs

Menace of forward integrating

Cost relation to entire purchases in industry




Absolute cost advantages

Proprietary acquisition curve

Entree to inputs

Government policy

Economies of graduated table

Capital demands

Brand individuality

Switch overing costs

Entree to distribution

Expected revenge

Proprietary merchandises

Menace OF


-Switching costs

-Buyer disposition to

A replacement


A tradeoff of replacements



Bargaining purchase

Buyer volume

Buyer information

Brand individuality

Price sensitiveness

Menace of backward integrating

Merchandise distinction

Buyer concentration vs. industry

Substitutes available

Buyers ‘ inducements


-Exit barriers

-Industry concentration

-Fixed costs/Value added

-Industry growing

-Intermittent overcapacity

-Product differences

-Switching costs

-Brand individuality

-Diversity of challengers

-Corporate bets

Figure 3. Porter ‘s Five Forces ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Porter ‘s five forces consist of three external and two internal beginnings:

The five forces are as follows:

The menace of the entry of new rivals

The strength of competitory competition

The menace of replacement merchandises or services

The bargaining power of clients ( purchasers )

The bargaining power of providers.

In the context of this study non all of these are applicable. The 5th force is surely non applicable as it is non portion of the concern theoretical account in topographic point at ISP. Besides the 3rd force is non applicable cause as it is the company caters to a niche section of the industry. Therefore this study will merely concentrate on the first, 2nd and 4th forces merely.

The menace of the entry of new rivals: All said and done the banking industry is a profitable though non recession cogent evidence industry. Such a chance is decidedly luring for companies looking for a portion in the pie. Entry into this industry nevertheless is non traveling to be easy. Coming to believe of it Banker would believe really hard before seting critical fiscal informations in the custodies of a new entrant. The lone manner a new entrant makes his manner into this sunlight sector is if another subprime happens thereby doing companies to set about a major retrenchment exercising accordingly to travel out of concern. Still the conditions are n’t feasible as in a subprime environment endurance wo n’t be easy for established participants allow entirely new entrants.

The strength of competitory competition: This one calls for particular reference. In fact it was one of the grounds ISP ‘s purportedly ambitious restructuring programs went bust. If there was one thing to be learnt from this stage it was there are no secrets in an administration. This is where the major re-jig programs started weaving. Management was non able to give a clear image of the hereafter to the Undertaking directors concerned. The confusion merely worsened as yearss went by. Somehow FSS got air current of this. Following thing people were tendering their surrenders left right and centre. There was a twenty-four hours the full testing squad resigned en-masse.

The bargaining power of clients ( purchasers ) : This was where ISP in peculiar ISP direction went weak in the articulatio genuss. Separate it had to make ( ironically ) with their deficiency of assurance in the proficient squad. Separate it had to make with possibly the most unqualified BD squad of all time. Axis bank about held ISP to redeem ( that was till Novak threatened to describe all random procedures being carried out by our On-site staff to his Undertaking Manager ( hereon referred to as ‘PM ‘ ) . ) . Of class non everybody was so lucky. Amex was sold for free to ICICI Bank in exchange for referrals and recommendations of the merchandises to other Bankss which ne’er came by. Whilst BoB did give ISP Burgan though they got DCRS at one-third market monetary value. ISP manager ‘s pet concern was non losing out on clients.This was really unfortunate for the development squad sing it was their merchandise that was acquiring sold for a vocal.


Figure 4. BCG Product Portfolio Matrix ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Here once more non wholly in entireness. Partially cause there were n’t many merchandises. Partially because administrations like ISP can non afford Canis familiariss or inquiry Markss. Never the lupus erythematosus, the hard currency cow and the star remain:

Cash Cow: All the merchandises deployed at BoB. Reason ISP handled their card operations end to stop. A gag that often did the unit of ammunitions of ISP was that there were more On-site ISP employees at BoB than there are existent BoB employees. BoB was their Cash Cow.ISP wages hinged on BoB grosss. When BoB sneezed ISP caught a cold. Whilst it might non look just to name the client a hard currency cow alternatively of the In-House merchandise those merchandises would be of small usage were they non utilized by the client.

Star: The interchange faculty. This was n’t a hard currency cow by any stretch of the imaginativeness but it delivered consequences. It was the pet undertaking of the caput of development squad. Technically it was unrivalled. The BD nevertheless did non understand the value of the work put in by the proficient squad as it involved a batch of specialist proficient cognition foreigner to them and therefore invariably berated it and hence even though it has the possible to go a Cash Cow ( the ONLY faculty non to be wholly deployed at BoB ) internal political relations snuffed any opportunity of that go oning.


Figure 5. McKinsey 7s theoretical account ( http: // )

This is one model ISP direction demands to hold a difficult expression at. It will turn to many issues which are at the nucleus of the issues presently blighting ISP.

Shared Value: This is one country where ISP direction demand to set about serious self-contemplation. The sad portion of ISP corporate construction is that the three major operational degree sections operate more as separate entities than units of one company. They are run like practical fiefdoms. Part of the job stems from the fact that there are many old caputs still within the company since its origin and it is these people who hold the key for Management to seek to instil any sort of values within the company.

Scheme: The ISP direction demand to turn to the issue of employee keeping and interrupt down the company into farther set of functionalities to turn to turning client list. As a effect of more clients come ining into purchase understanding with ISP, the direction did seek to turn to this issue but failed to take into history lifting employee bitterness as there was no lucidity on as to how the restructuring would take topographic point. This deficiency of communicating did the direction ‘s image no good in the eyes of the employees and therefore the full exercising was n’t every bit successful as it was initial idea it would be.

Structure: As a consequence of little size and non many employees ISP does non hold a really good defined construction. There does be a board of managers but below that everything is really fuzzed and more a instance of squads bound by the work delegated than any existent sections per Se

System: Despite being a little endeavor ISP does hold in topographic point really basic work related processs and procedures. Even for the employees there is a really basic system in topographic point for engaging, make up one’s minding on publicities. Appraisal excessively are largely nominal gestures. The company has decided to these issues by outsourcing development of a company intranet where in all of the above mentioned procedures would be done on-line via the company web site. Advisers were roped in to assist the company make up one’s mind on an appropriate construction for the intranet

Staff: Staff strength of between 1000-1500 people. Consist chiefly of developers and people with some experience of gross revenues. A major constituent of the work force is people from the operations section who do non necessitate to hold any specializer accomplishment sets.

Skill: The developers working at ISP are extremely skilled proficient people. They are good verse in high degree proficient linguistic communications such as C, Java, and Oracle and in some instances C # . The BD squad consists of people who are chiefly commerce alumnuss and in some cases ALSs have a graduate student grades in direction


Novak was an technology alumnus who was besides Oracle certified. He joined ISP as a trainee coder. He was a really speedy scholar, had a great attitude and most significantly was a through squad participant. He wanted to research the importance of databases in the field of Banking. He wanted to make a good image of himself in the eyes of his PM. He wanted to hit the land running. Today he is an experient system applied scientist but the period where he learnt the fast ones of the trade were like go throughing through a firestorm.

In sing all of the above he did non cognize and therefore did non take into history amongst other factors that little small thing called office political relations.

It all started in hebdomad three. One all right twenty-four hours of all people the HR director called him to her cabin and told him that the company would be directing him to Burgan Bank, Kuwait to be a portion of the operations squad. He was enraptured. His joy knew no bounds. There were nevertheless two things awry. First the HR director naming him without talking to his PM foremost which was a downright breach of hierarchy and protocol, which but evidently did n’t travel down excessively good with his PM ( At the terminal of the twenty-four hours he was the PM ‘s resource ) . Second she had jumped the gun. Confirmation was yet pending from the mandate squad. The director nevertheless had her ain personal docket. She had killed two birds with one rock. She could now describe back to the manager that ‘the resource is ready ‘ . Besides HR and the proficient squad were perennially at dunces ( their limited to no apprehension of proficient work being the issue ) .She had besides managed to faze the proficient squad by striking at its weakest nexus which was Novak.

What followed hereon was firestorm which made Novak ‘s first month in the occupation eventful to set it mildly. His immatureness did n’t assist one spot. Every passing twenty-four hours he inadvertently kept on adding fuel to the fire. Everything he discussed revolved around the topic Burgan.The stupidest portion of the full episode was to confer with members of the BD squad on this affair, who he figured out subsequently on were hand-in-glove with HR in this full operation. Finally after about a month or so when his PM had had enough his PM called him to his cell and had a quiet ‘word ‘ with him. Over the class of the month at that place had been cases to propose to him that all was non good. Lone thing was he did n’t anticipate it to boil down to this small ‘chat ‘ .

Lesson Learnt: Irrespective of appellation and position in the squad ALWAYS regard hierarchy.

In the interim Novak had been assigned Yes Bank where he did so hit the land running. In three hebdomads clip non merely was he single-handedly carry oning operations, by this phase client interactions had commenced. However, every bit dry as it sounds, there was the small issue of the squad non being able to maintain gait with his work rate. The fact of the affair was with him around work would be done no affair what. In the procedure nevertheless he had accidentally irked his describing officer ( hereon referred to as ‘RO ‘ ) .Next thing he had his PM inquiring him to decelerate down.

Lesson Learnt: It ‘s better to be a squad participant. Draging along squad couples is n’t a manner to work. There ‘s a ground the squad is working the manner it is. It would n’t be in topographic point otherwise would it?

By this clip he had inadvertently become the cause celebre of his squad. The Burgan contention was one ground. The other 1 was rattling his operations squad mates with his work rate. Not a good start to one ‘s professional calling by any stretch of the imaginativeness. Besides he had begun mixing excessively freely with people from other squads for his PM ‘s liking. His Autopsy for one was the most untalkative individual one could of all time come across. Very reserved he ever liked to maintain to himself. He besides expected the same from his squad. This for a fact he realized when on New Year ‘s Eve his PM called him to his cabin and gave him the first of the three ‘doses ‘ of his ‘hair drier intervention ‘ . There was even a veiled menace to fire him.

Lessons Learnt: CULTURE. It ‘s non about cognition. It ‘s non about how good a individual knows his work. It is about how good one gets along with his colleagues. This lesson was learnt from the first hair drier intervention. Novak had inadvertently been on the back pes from minute one. His energetic ego had done my image a great ill service. An image unease is a hard complaint to bring around. Whilst he had impressed his Autopsy with his work, the extravert within him had done far greater injury than good. On fall ining ANY administration estimating the civilization foremost and foremost is an imperative. ‘Test the Waterss ‘ . One can non superpose oneself on the prevailing civilization in the administration no affair which station s/he are appointed to. Throwing one ‘s weight about will merely function to estrange your colleagues.


Three eventful months therefore passed by. Besides the ‘image unease ‘ realisation had more than hit place. Damage control had begun. Novak began acting as if he was in communist China much to the amusement of the clique.

One twenty-four hours it so happened that there was an of import deployment to be done for ICICI Bank. Inclement conditions nevertheless had caused the office to have on a abandoned expression. Team Interchange ( entrusted with the undertaking ) was decimated. Novak was done with Yes Bank operations for the twenty-four hours. Out of nowhere PM cropped up and with his aid what would otherwise hold taken 10 hours took 10 proceedingss. That Novak saved him a dressing down from the manager is a different narrative wholly. As a consequence of this Novak netted ICICI operations.

Novak heaved a suspiration of alleviation. He thought life at ISP had settled into some kind of normality. He was nevertheless mistaken. This was where the traveling got truly tough. He was given work and that was it. No briefing, no one spoke to him, if he approached anybody for aid he was either turned down or reported to his Reporting Officer. Often the assignments He was given had either nil remotely to make with his work or were beyond the range of his capablenesss. Why was he put through all of this? Cultural grounds. The members of the clique did non talk English. They merely spoke their regional linguistic communication and had this feeling that the manner he spoke was an effort on his portion at one-upmanship. As this was the instance of a squad runing like a fiefdom work suffered excessively. The clique did non needfully concentrate on all undertakings in their manus. They merely focused on the ‘technically disputing ‘ 1s much to the humiliation of the Management.

In his RO ( Referred to as ‘JT ‘ throughout ) he had run into a technically really sound individual. JT was besides for all other intents a posting kid for a bad squad worker. He merely gave work and expected consequences. He was merely handed cryptography assignments. That was it. No briefing, no functional specifications nil. He would n’t hear a thing from him the whole twenty-four hours. If fortunately He did acquire clasp of him to inquire uncertainties, all that would pull was a clean stare from him. His point was this ; “ cipher taught me what I know today, why I should trouble oneself learning you what I know. ”

For the following nine months under JT ‘s tuition Novak was to be a victim of the worst instance of office political relations of all time known. Other squads baying for one ‘s blood is still better. One ‘s ain ‘RO ‘ blowing up, sometimes publically for fiddling issues is rather something else. Whenever Novak worked with JT it was like holding a gun to his temple. The fact that his strong suit and JT ‘s Achilles heel were the same, coding, did n’t assist affairs. Neither did them non holding a common linguistic communication ( he could n’t talk English, Novak ( at that point of clip ) could n’t talk Marathi ) .This was a authoritative instance of people non acquiring along because of cultural and cultural grounds.

This went on for about nine months. To state that it was enervating was to set it mildly. Worst was Novak could make nil about it. It came to the point where Novak decided that he had had adequate and would tender his surrender.

The twenty-four hours arrived. His surrender was ready. Merely when he was approximately to snap the send button in his electronic mail client, he received a call. It was from his PM. His PM had pulled a coney out of the chapeau.

He was to be deputed to Axis Bank as Site Manager.

Lesson Learnt: Any administration is like an iceberg 10 % above the surface 90 % beneath. To last in any administration for long one has to bring out the 90 % .The organizational political relations at drama. It ‘s non what one know that affairs it ‘s who one knows that affairs. The Oklahoman one figures out all of this the better. It would decidedly hold helped Novak had he known of all of these factors good in progress.

The foreman may non ever be right, but he ‘s still the foreman. On more than one juncture the intervention meted out to Novak by JT was an embarrassment for JT but such was the personality JT did n’t stir. JT ‘s endowment made him a star, but the individual was profoundly despised by many. Often communication dislocations between him and other squad members led squad Interchange being sitting ducks for our Nemesis, the BD squad. JT really frequently did non acquire along with the PM though they ne’er squabbled publically. Novak survived all of this. Part because he battened down the hatches. Part because him being left idle towards the terminal of his ICICI assignment made his PM expression stupe in the eyes of the Management. To them he was blowing a resource. In all of this nevertheless Novak ‘s committedness to work was unwavering. This factor entirely did two things. It made JT look really stupid in forepart of his foreman. It convinced the PM that Novak was the right adult male to take the On-site squad at Axis Bank.

On-site Experiences

Axis was where Novak had turned a new page in his calling. He was assigned a squad of 20 people onsite. For the first he came face to face with some corporate heavyweights at Axis Bank no less than the Vice President amongst others. HE was to supervise operations, day-to-day studies, trouble-shooting, coding and proving to call a few.

There were nevertheless two others facets to this. First ISP had undertaken a major corporate restructuring exercising. A effect of which was Novak ‘s poster at Axis. Second Axis had a ill-famed repute as a client. In the past whenever anything went incorrect at Axis the incrimination was passed onto ISP. The VP would straight pealing the manager and the site in charge would have a dressing down from the PM.

Lessons Learnt: Management should ne’er try to alter things one-sidedly. Unilaterally non because it has n’t taken of import people into assurance ; one-sidedly because alteration can non go on overnight, more so in a politically entrenched organisation like ISP. If they act like ‘know-it-all ‘ people so they are certain to take the administration to day of reckoning.

At Axis once more things did n’t travel harmonizing to program. This clip the cause was non Novak, it was his Autopsy was the perpetrator. Whilst he had yieldingly initiated his spot of the corporate restructuring exercising, he had handily forgotten to inform the powers That be at Axis. This did n’t travel down really good with the Axis VP.

At Axis more than the VP Novak dealt with the Branch Manager ( hereon ‘MGR ‘ ) .At Axis he was Novak ‘s RO. There was merely one elusive difference between JT and MGR.JT was a modern twenty-four hours bad boss.MGR on the face was an absolute treasure. Behind the back nevertheless he was capable of acquiring Novak fired.

The issue at Axis all the clip was a manifestation of hapless resource scuffling at ISP. Novak ‘s was non the first instance. However Novak ‘s was the first instance of a individual being deputed On-Site without having proper preparation. He was merely thrown to the wolves. For the 1st month at least his work was n’t precisely a instance of fish taking to H2O. In peculiar there were operational inadvertences galore. They could nevertheless hold happened with anybody. Here Novak ‘s Nemesis was the Junior Executive whom In-Site had to subject our studies to.

There was nevertheless one thing that truly made life hard for Novak at Axis. It was the complete absence of any work related processs or protocols. Whilst rather a batch of the studies were system generated, there were a important figure of studies which were manually generated utilizing external tools. Whilst this was non needfully a bad thing it created two operational issues. First there would be no record of the studies generated manually as they would n’t be system generated. Second and critically because of this if by opportunity any mistakes occurred neither would tracking it be possible nor would it be possible to quantify losingss incurred if any. As a effect of these operational mistakes were many and as batch of the work was go oning manually the mistakes were rather frequent. To perplex affairs the BD squad had no representative for Axis Bank. Not merely would Novak acquire a dressing down from the MGR, his PM would non save him either.

Lesson Learnt: The importance of work processs. If the appropriate work processs are in topographic point and protocol is adhered to and purely followed life can be a batch simpler. There will be a record of everything incident to take topographic point and more significantly people will be held accountable. In fact with processs and procedures around non merely is work done a batch more expeditiously, it besides takes minimal attempt.

Both Novak and his Autopsy in the bosom of Black Marias knew the muss at Axis was non Novak ‘s making but there was nil either could make about it. The Axis VP had repeatedly asked the PM for a dedicated and experient Site Manager for Axis. However all the supplications made to the BD squad in this respect fell to deaf ears. The VP had in fact taken the incorrect path. Directly acquiring in touch with ISP managers would hold solved the issue. What nevertheless would he hold known of ISP ‘s deeply entrenched organizational political relations? This individual factor made Novak ‘s stay at Axis an eventful one.

Another external perturbation made life at Axis hard for Novak. Half manner through his poster at Axis intelligence that the corporate restructuring was non traveling wholly as planned started coming through. It was being reported that many people had started tendering their surrenders. Besides this was the exact clip around which the Indian occupation market started picking up after recession. Many of Novak ‘s ‘Offshore ‘ teammates were being courted unrelentingly and some of them had given in and tendered their surrenders. To counter this abrasion the direction present a three month notice period, but non merely was it circumvented most of the clip ; it worsened the already deep rooted bitterness in most of the employees in the company. Employee, morale was at an all clip low. At axis it was no different. Keeping ISP staff engaged in their work was turning out to be a major challenge for Novak.

This was around the clip On-site staff strength had been decimated to four people. One all right twenty-four hours Novak got a call from the PM that on instructions received from Axis VP he was to be recalled back to corporate office. The official version was that there were excessively many operational mistakes happening excessively often On-Site. Fact of the affair was that the work load had increased manifold and four people were merely non plenty to manage all the work. All fingers were pointed at Novak and the direction nem con approved replacing Novak with person more experient.

Lesson Learnt: A serious challenge at work for Novak was to cover with the state of affairs wherein because a batch of work involved operations, the sort of work that does n’t needfully excite tekkis, On-Site proficient staff would fiddle from work. Bank staff would detect this and describe it to corporate office. All they knew was that they were non acquiring their studies on clip. Following thing Novak was at the having terminal of a dressing down from his PM. Techies were non incorrect. It was a corporate restructuring exercising wherein the board had gone by perceptual experience non world. Percept was there were excessively many tekkis who are better off On-site bring forthing grosss than in corporate office making research. World: Forget On-Site or industry these people were best suited to be carry oning research off from Industry. Consequence: Work was traveling for a flip.


Two old ages at ISP imparted priceless lessons in the organizational operation of a company. Unless all divisions of a company work towards a common end with a shared set of ends and the same aim that company ‘s advancement is in serious uncertainty. There is no uncertainty that in today ‘s planetary market place the workplace will be dwelling of people of assorted races and ethnicities. In such an environment it is imperative that cultural differences are kept aside.

ISP is a narrative of two sets of cultural groups, the tekkis who do n’t see things the manner direction saw them and the direction from whom work is all about the client that generated the maximal grosss and justifiably so. Add HR and the affair complicates farther. Neither HR nor direction see things the tekki ‘s point of position which is unfortunate manner. The consequence today is that instead than holding a comprehensive administration construction in topographic point, all that exists is the Senior Management and and non a really good defined construction below.This nevertheless does non deterred the tekkis from running their ain fiefdom ; their ain ‘technical academy ‘ where penchant is given to research oriented activities. Consequence: Management had to engage advisers to seek to acquire the restructuring back on path.

The manner frontward lies in tekkis going people who non merely acquire excited by seeing lines of codification but who interpret those really lines in a mode which best tantrums concern. They must see concern from a client ‘s base point. It ‘s the client functioning who generates the company revenues. No client, no concern. They must ever look at advanced ways at supplying the most effectual solutions to concerns, but the solutions must be such that client is impressed by what he sees and is willing to remain in the concern as an investor. This will function both the involvement of the tekki every bit good as the general intent of concern.

ISP is fortunate in one manner. Gross generated through tech support and care. It is this changeless watercourse of hard currency flow that camouflages direction ‘s follies large clip. Therefore even though the wheels are coming off large clip on the direction ‘s aspirations plans it someway remains adrift even today.