Managing Across Culture Pre Departure Training In Japan Management Essay

Pre-departureA trainingA neededA toA prepare for theA candidatesA to beA moreA adaptable to the civilization, A carry finished mission, A with a highA concentration on cultureA andA larning about otherA civilizations. It ‘s utile to acquire furtherA insight aboutA howA peopleA think, A and offersA benefits to business.A In pattern, theA campaigners will hold several procedures, A such as cultural consciousness, preliminary visit, linguistic communication preparation, practical aid, and mentoring.A First of wholly, the campaigners should larn about cultural norms in Japan. Campaigners must analyze concern civilization of Japan. In theory, Japan has high-context civilization, group-oriented society, and Bolshevism. Because of high-context civilization, Japan has several cultural norms that are prohibited and understood by concern people in Japan. Second, campaigner must see about societal etiquette in Japan. For visual aspect, Due to their group oriented, dressing alike is allowed because it shows harmoniousness. For salutation, the typical Nipponese salutation is a bow with thenars down on the sides of one ‘s thighs. Exchanging concern cards is of import in Nipponese and this card is present with both. For verbal communicating, campaigner must larn about Nipponese linguistic communication because they must understand what people speaking with bash non talk English as their first linguistic communication. Candidate besides learns about gestural communicating ( Facial looks ) . While making concern at that place, it ‘s of import to cognize that Nipponese maintain facial look at lower limit and non demoing their choler in forepart of their client. Workplace behavior offers group office with no dividers in which everyone can be seen meaning the rejection of secret. For the meetings, Nipponese are punctual and take topographic point in office, eating house or saloon. Preparation is really of import before the campaigners go to another state for the international assignment. Candidate besides must larn about the day-to-day life in host state. They are non merely to complete their undertaking, but besides how candidate adjust with day-to-day life. If they ca n’t follow the civilization on host state, they will hold problem on completing assignment. In host state, the campaigner must execute their accomplishments and competences after their finished Pre-departure Training. The preparation will be behavior in three yearss plan preparation and the campaigner will acquire a hebdomad off from their work for readying to come in the PDT. The chief aim of the pre-departure preparation was the voluntaries reflect on their stay in the foreign state, enable to manage challenges, . This preparation created to back up voluntaries to cover with personal, professional and cultural challenges, so that they would confront all state of affairss during the service continuance. The campaigner will be sent to Japan for 3 months. The methods used during the pre going preparation were based on non formal educational attack, largely based on workshop, treatment, and presentation.

Pre-Departure Training

Date August 6, 2911 – August 8, 2011

Location Grand Ballroom Hotel Mulia



Day 1

08.00 – 09.00


Presentation of the plan about purpose and aim

09.00 – 11.00

Geting to cognize each other: interview exercising

Expectation and part

11.00 – 12.00

Presentation: Working more efficaciously together

12.00 – 13.30

Lunch Break

12.30 – 14.00

Presentation: Working and pass oning with Nipponese

14.00 – 15.30

Games Simulation

15.30 – 16.30

Managerial patterns

16.30 – 17.00

Coffee Break

17.00 – 18.00

Summary of twenty-four hours 1


Day 2

08.00 – 09.00

Learning behaviour of Nipponese

09.00 – 11.00

Introduction of Basic Nipponese Language Training

11.00 – 12.00

Practice the linguistic communication in the field

12.00 – 13.30

Lunch Break

12.30 – 15.00

Guest talker from Japan

15.00 – 16.30

Watch picture about Japan

16.30 – 17.00

Coffee interruption

17.00 – 18.00

Summary of twenty-four hours 2


Day 3

08.00 – 10.00

Explanation Daily etiquette in Japan

11.00 – 12.00

Deliver Nipponese linguistic communication in games simulation

12.00 – 13.30

Lunch Break

12.30 – 15.30

Social Interaction pattern

15.30 – 16.00

Coffee Break

16.00 – 17.00

Recommendation for campaigners

17.00 – 18.00

Summary of twenty-four hours 3 and Shutting

Day 1 of Pre-Departure Training

Geting to cognize each other: interview exercising

In this session, participants will be divided into twosomes and will hold undertaking to interview each other with given inquiry. Each participant got 5 proceedingss to interview their spouses and at the terminal session, they will be present their consequence in forepart of the groups.

Expectation and part

The commission expected to acquire information about participants experiencing about the PDT before they begun with preparation session. In this session, they will lend what they do n’t wish desire to go on. At the terminal of session, the participants will show their statements about this PDT.

Working more efficaciously together

The intent of this plan is help Indonesian people could work together by understanding and accommodating cultural differences. In this plan, commission usage methodological analysis of know yourself, cognize them, and be yourself. Know yourself means participants should cognize about place of civilization in international concern and analyze our ain cultural penchants. Know them indicates how far campaigners understand of other ‘s civilization. In this plan, campaigners besides learn about fact behind the civilization including history, geographics, faith, and instruction. Be yourself indicates campaigners could fall in as one group and larn how to accommodate and work together.

Expected Consequences: At the terminal of the preparation, participants will:

Have understanding on Cultural differences in the workplace

Could differences Nipponese and Indonesia civilization and ways of working

Cross-cultural communicating accomplishments and learned to utilize those accomplishments to work across civilizations more expeditiously

Working and pass oning with Nipponese

Designed to be followed by campaigners who work with Nipponese clients, this plan, utile for campaigners because they will larn about what information are needed to understand your spouses and better efficiency in your communicating and day-to-day work.

Inside this plan participants will be given information about

Social features of Japan

Concept of Nipponese civilization ( e.g. group orientation, hierarchy, harmoniousness, )

Nipponese and Indonesia concern etiquette ( meetings, decision-making, dialogue, socialising, publicity )

Case surveies

Q & A ; A

Expected Results: By the terminal of the preparation, the participant will:

Understand of Nipponese civilization and work patterns

Know Nipponese on the job manner looks like

Understand Japanese concern protocol

Managerial patterns

In this plan, the participant will be given patterns about:

Culture of Japan based on promptness is indispensable

Dress officially ( what sort of frock is used by concern work forces in Japan )

Respect to your supervisor

Extra information in twenty-four hours 1

The workplace civilization in Japan

Japan ‘s workplace civilization is affected by the function of workers in society. In Japan, workers will acquire reward when they follow all the regulations. In Nipponese office, people do n’t wish to portion their emotional feeling with colleagues. They could distinguish work clip and day-to-day job. Group work merely happened with Nipponese professionals and considers group ‘s ends as personal ends. If campaigners want to successful in at that place, they must can be trusted because it indispensable to construct good relationship in Japan.

Business Customss in Japan

Do n’t near Nipponese house with direct attack. By and large, you need debut from 3rd parties that person could cognize you and the people you wish to reach. When go toing a meeting, you must fix yourself plentifulness of clip. It ‘s good for you to offer a gift. When covering with Nipponese companies have regard for Nipponese hierarchy and make non travel over caput of the individual you are covering with. Nipponese by and large appreciate it if you have some cognition of their state ‘s history and civilization.

Business Card games in Japan

Proper manner to exchange concern cards is accept a concern card with both custodies with the composing face up, read it, nod and topographic point it in your billfold. Before you offer a concern card, briefly present yourself foremost. Another manner of doing debuts is by interchanging concern cards. Try to hold concern cards printed in English and Nipponese, and you should set your rubric on it because Nipponese like to specify rank in society. After you get concern cards, you should maintain seeable, treated with regard, and do n’t set in on your pocket without reading foremost.

Meeting Customss in Japan

Nipponese business communities often shout “ hai “ at concern meetings. In their meeting, Nipponese like to added a batch of diagrams and chart instead than English. Fun fact about Nipponese people is while run intoing normally work forces close their eyes and expression as if they are kiping but really listening.

Negociating Customss in Japan

Before you negociating with Nipponese concern, they like to speak more inside informations on your life and your old company, because in their civilization personal dealingss more of import. Several tips that could you utilize are praising Nipponese company that you are contradicting with and demo your involvement in forepart of them, but do n’t be excessively aggressive and laugh excessively mush while negociating.

Business Entertaining in Japan

Entertaining is a large portion of concern in Japan. When concern entertaining seems like the best manner to carry on concern, delay for Nipponese contacts to ask for you and do n’t experience obligated to pay them pack. Dinner invitations are the norm. If you go to a Nipponese restaurant allow your host order for you. Nipponese concern dinners tend to be men-only personal businesss with a batch of imbibing. A visit to a karaoke or hostess saloon ( with adult females that flatter clients ) is the norm after dinner is finished.

Day 2 of Pre-Departure Training

Learning behaviour of Nipponese

In this session, the participant will be introduced to the conversation and general behaviour of Nipponese. In conversation portion, the campaigner will be given several illustrations about how to make a good conversation to our supervisor. The stuffs that will be given are:

Avoid first name called, add “ san ” : to the terminal of the last name

Keep a steady tone

Do n’t show your thought excessively straight

Do n’t speak about the sensitive topic for illustration political relations, particularly World War II

For the general behaviour, participant will be introduced by illustration of it

Greet people when being introduced

Avoid traversing your legs when sitting in a meeting

Do non indicate your finger at people in concern

Do n’t disrupt people when they are talking

Introduction of Basic Nipponese Language Training

In this session, the campaigner will acquire basic Nipponese linguistic communication preparation. Learn about foreign linguistic communication can increase your working cognition in workplace.A For Nipponese linguistic communication categories, the commission has divided it into several ways. The campaigner could hold single, A little group and group scenes for their categories. Besides that, commission has another category for high-energy, fast-moving interactive. Unique experiences with an teacher with native Nipponese proficiency are another interesting portion of all of the category. Our instructionA manner is supported byA variousA texts, CD-ROMs and audio stuffs. We besides have a broad assortment of reliable magazines, books and music to do your educational experience stimulating.

Practice the linguistic communication in the field

After the campaigner learned from the categories, their capablenesss will be proven by talking and duologue among the pupil. This activity is utile to derive assurance in both hearing and speech production.

Guest talker from Japan

The campaigner will be given information about the geographics and clime, what to pack ( things you do n’t happen easy in Japan, furniture and contraptions ) , transit in Japan and how to utilize it, basic services ( banking, insurance, medical attention, phone, ID card and driver ‘s licence, schools, shopping, station office, etc. ) , populating as a alien in Nipponese society ( basic etiquette, neighbours, sing person ‘s place, public baths, etc. ) , Discover your new metropolis ( account of the different countries of the metropolis where the campaigner will be relocated. ) . Geography of Japan is an island with coastline runing from long. Japan has a entire land country of about 378,000 sq kilometer. the major characteristic of Japan ‘s clime is the clear-up temperature alteration between the four seasons. From north to south, Japan covers a scope of latitude of some 25 grades and is influenced in the winter by seasonal air currents blowing from Siberia and in the summer by seasonal air currents blowing from the Pacific Ocean.A In malice of its instead little country, Japan is characterized by four different climatic forms. For the transit, Tokyo is covered by a dense web of train, subway and bus lines, which are operated by about a twelve different companies. The train lines operated by JR East and the metro lines are most convenient for traveling about cardinal Tokyo.

Watch picture about Japan

After learn about information about Japan, the campaigner will be given video about concern imposts, concern cards, run intoing usage, negotiate imposts, and concern entertaining in Japan. All of that information already given in twenty-four hours 1 so in this session, the campaigner will watch the patterns about it.

Day 3 of Pre-Departure Training

Explanation Daily etiquette in Japan

Inside the house

When enter Nipponese house, our places ever replaced by slippers at the room access. The slippers are provided by the host. For come ining the room, slippers are removed every bit good. For come ining to toilet, there are particular lavatory slippers for sole use inside the washroom.

Table mode

In Japan, several eating houses are provided with low tabular arraies and shock absorbers on the floor. Before you eating, you must state “ itadakimasu ” means I appreciatively receive and after eating you must state “ gochisosama ( deshita ) ” means thank you for the repast.

Individual versus shared dishes

When eating from shared dishes, travel some nutrient from the shared home bases onto your ain with the opposite terminal of your chopstick or with functioning chopsticks that may be provided for that intent.

Some Table Rules

Do n’t blowing your olfactory organ and belch while dinner, because it consider as bad manners

Try to empty your dishes because it see as good manners

After feeding, seek to travel all your dishes back to the same place they were at the start of the repast. This includes replacing the palpebras on dishes and seting your chopsticks on the chopstick holder or back into their paper faux pas.

Drinking regulations

Pouring your ain alcoholic beverages it ‘s non type of Nipponese civilization. Serving each other is really common and type of Nipponese civilization. You must look into your friend ‘s cup and replenish it when acquiring empty. Likewise, if person wants to function you more intoxicants, you should rapidly empty your glass and keep it towards that individual.

Siting techniques

In Japan sitting upright on the floor is really common. The formal manner of sitting for both genders is kneeling ( seiza ) . Peoples who are non used to sit in seiza manner may go uncomfortable after a few proceedingss. Foreigners are non normally expected to be able to sit in seiza manner for a long clip, and an increasing figure of Nipponese people themselves are non able to make so either. In insouciant state of affairss, work forces normally sit cross-legged, while adult females with both legs to one side. The former posing manner is considered entirely male, while the latter is considered entirely female.


Bowing is Nipponese manner to recognize people. To demo regard to higher societal position, you must longer your bow. However, most Nipponese do non anticipate aliens to cognize proper obeisance regulations. It is besides common to bow to show thanks, to apologise, to do a petition or to inquire person a favour. Shaking custodies is uncommon among the Japanese, but once more, exclusions are made for aliens.

Gift giving

Oseibo and Ochugen

This gift is given every twice a twelvemonth. Oseibo and Ochugen are frequently merely for colleagues and comparative. The gift giving seasons coincide with company employees having a particular fillip in add-on to their monthly wages.

Temiyage and Omiyage

Temiyage are frequently present when Nipponese individual return from a trip, or he convey some keepsakes ( omiyage ) to colleagues and comparative. Candidate will easy to happen this gift because in tourer sites are by and large surrounded by many omiyage stores.

Birthday and Christmas

Candidate must cognize that gift giving on birthday and Christmas is non Nipponese tradition. In gift giving, there are several ways that candidate must cognize. For illustration, received it with both custodies, and do n’t give gifts that believed to do bad fortune.

Social Interaction

In this plan, the campaigner will give some patterns about societal interaction in Japan. This is some patterns that will be given to candidate. If you get invitation from the spouse, do n’t be offended. What you have to make is merely talk and do n’t sharply tease your opposite number when you can acquire together. Entertainment is really of import in Japan, if you do travel out for dinner ; merely accept it because it ‘s some amusement for them. If your host planning to pay for the dinner makes at least a mild effort to pay. And you can offer to pay for his dinner when he visits your place state. Following, Nipponese are improbable to ask for you in their places. Nipponese normally held a dinner to be held in eating house, and for flushing ‘s amusement, they like to ask for you traveling out to coffee store. Nipponese are love to imbibe intoxicant after dinner. You must accept that invitation because it their civilization. Serving other people is their basic civilization. You besides must see tipping is non customary in Japan and you do n’t hold to make it.

Recommendation for campaigners

When going, the possible of civilization daze is minimized and whole experience is more exciting because campaigner visiting at that place to carry through amusement procedure, deriving experience, cognition. To accomplish these ends and effort to make better hereafter, campaigners must make it along their households to set a new civilization. Globalization is doing all companies to hold some connexion to a foreign concern. For international human resource directors must garner information on the civilization of host state. PDT should cover the host state. For the success campaigner, retrieve how to accommodate to foreign state is really of import. For illustration: the campaigner should come in the state with an unfastened head so they are able to pass on in foreign state, follow proper salutation processs is of import because first feeling is needed in foreign state as campaigner. Candidate should concentrate on their assignment to avoid unhappiness from place state. Think about what you will acquire in future when you are in foreign state to avoid from civilization daze.


Learn about able to culturally talk and accommodate of host state can make positiveness in concern dealingss. This relationship is really of import in the hereafter. The benefit from an campaigner who already prepared and have information about civilization before they go to international assignment can make illimitable possibilities. After this preparation, the campaigner will hold basic cognition about the host state, and could make their assignment easy without any jobs related to the civilization.


Indonesia to Japan

Name: Dicki Dwi Abdillah

Company: PT Astra International Tbk

PDT: He assigned to Japan for 3 months. He has PDT in Indonesia. In that preparation, he did n’t include the household. His first plan was basic cognition about Japan, and the 2nd plan was direction accomplishments. The company did n’t give civilization daze preparation. In that preparation, he besides got information about adjustment and life. He said that the PDT plan is really utile. It was suited with her demands in general. What job that he faced in PDT, was no group exercises. Because of that, he did n’t acquire spouses that really utile for Nipponese assignment. He besides learned about Nipponese linguistic communication. Based on his experience, Nipponese people are working as a group. Nipponese like to ask for him for imbibing, dinner, karaoke. It ‘s their concern amusement, different with Indonesia. His suggestion for the following PDT is: providing linguistic communication preparation for 6 months, give inside informations information about host state, and provide people who will ever available to explicate everything related to the exile.

Name: Sarah Risky Noviriana

University: University of Indonesia

she did some research about Japan before she went at that place and she besides learned the Japan linguistic communication. Learned the linguistic communication by herself, she had to fix a batch of money because the life cost in Japan is expensive. These some general cognition about Japan: Nipponese types of people are hardworking, group oriented, love to entertains themselves by imbibing, exchange gift, they love reading, ( wherever, e.g. In the train, coach, etc ) . Several tips from her are learn local civilization is really of import to easy complete the international assignment and day-to-day activities.

Name: Mr. Akinari Adachi

Company: PT Astra Honda Motor

PDT: a hebdomad ( civilization and concern )

He assigned to Indonesia for a twelvemonth. He has PDT in Japan. In that preparation, he included his household. His first plan was direction accomplishments and the 2nd plan was intercultural differences. After he arrived at Indonesia, the company told her about the basic service ( communicating, bank, etc ) , and populating information. In PDT, this information did n’t given, so he did n’t fix good in Indonesia.

Name: Hanako Nagano

University: University of Tokyo

She is the exchange pupil from Japan. Before she went to Indonesia, she learned about basic Indonesia linguistic communication, and Indonesia civilization. She looks at Indonesian people that, they are really hospitable, they like, and she enjoyed her clip in Indonesia. Her chief job in Indonesia is transit. She thinks that train is chief transit of Indonesia like in Japan, but she realizes that auto is their chief transit. Several tips from her are learn before you went to foreign state, you must larn about basic service ( banking, insurance, medical attention, phone ) and transit.