Managing Projects In Voluntary Sector Information Technology Essay


This subject has a big and assortment of infinite to speak about. And besides the undertaking direction construct or undertaking direction topic has batch of country to be covered.

Particularly in voluntary sector there the topographic point where the most project direction theories should use. Because in the voluntary sector it is really much necessary to finish undertaking with existent costs. In the voluntary sector it is of import to make undertakings with tight budgets. So in this essay these of import things are being covered. And besides it is necessary to hold good undertaking direction accomplishments or leading accomplishments as a undertaking director. Actually in the existent universe though the undertaking directors do their work to the best of ability with some existent commitment their can be divergence from the practical scenario versus theoretical scenario. So that the undertaking directors should understand those twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs or rudimentss in undertaking direction. So this analyze is to analyze about pull offing undertakings in the voluntary sector.


For this assignment there are batch of resources are being used. Some are books, articles about voluntary sector, articles about concern sector, articles about undertaking direction, and questionnaires asked from the assorted people and expertness in the voluntary sector and besides the undertaking direction field. Discussion subdivisions with some of the cardinal concern people and undertaking directors. And literature reappraisal via cyberspace and other engineerings.

And the item ‘s of past and current undertakings in the voluntary sector every bit good as the concern sector excessively. And by interviews with such cardinal individuals in the undertaking direction industry we able to derive their tacit and societal complex cognition towards the topic.

Literature reappraisal

Undertaking direction

Harmonizing to the undertaking management-the managerial procedure written by erric.w.larson and Clifford f.gray undertaking direction is a complex, no modus operandi, one clip attempt limited by clip. Budget, resources and public presentation specifications designed to run into client demands. ( erric.w.larson & A ; Clifford f. gray-2005 )

Harmonizing to this theory even though it is voluntary sector or concern sector, project direction is a complex activity which has a starting point and the terminal point. And besides this says that undertaking direction has major three standard ‘s. range, cost and clip are those three. So a good undertaking director should hold to see about those three factors on his head and do the plants harmonizing to that. He should be able to command those three standards ‘s. Success of a undertaking can be measured by utilizing these three standards ‘s even if its voluntary sector.

Main findings

Difference between concern sector and voluntary sector undertakings

Nowadays undertakings chiefly consider about the ternary bottom line. Planet, people, net income is those ternary bottom lines. Undertaking director should foremost believe about these three factors. Actually most voluntary sector undertakings like NGO ‘S and charity undertakings are believe about the planet and the people but non about the net income. But the concern sector undertakings chiefly consider about the net incomes. This is the difference between the voluntary undertakings and the concern undertakings. But in ethical manner a concern sector undertaking director should believe about the planet and peoples perspective. The difference between a undertaking and a plan is, plan has serious of coordinated related. A plan can be contained some few undertakings. It ‘s a combination of undertakings.

In the Publin study D9 On the differences between public and private sector invention Ian Miles and Rannveig Roste argue that there is a important difference between public and the private sector undertakings. The public sector does n’t concentrating on net incomes. But the private sector ‘s chief focal point is net income. this is the important difference between private sector and the populace or voluntary sector. ( Per Koch -December 2005 )

“ One of the symptoms of nearing nervous dislocation is the belief that one ‘s work is awfully of import. “ – Bertrand Russell

Harmonizing to above definition A better undertaking director should esteem to persons. Particularly in charity plants persons play a immense portion on it. So it is the duty of undertaking director to acquire maximal from the squad members and besides give acknowledgment to them. It is of import to actuate your squad members because their the 1 who people work on behalf of you. Most of the voluntary sector there are independent workers. Actually there are people who do n’t acquire salary alternatively of their occupations. It is quiet different from the concern sector. So because of this ground it is really much of import to actuate the squad members utilizing some tactics.

Voluntary undertakings in srilanka

After the 2004 December 26 tsunami catastrophe many undertakings being launched on Sri Lanka. Many of these are voluntary undertakings. Tsunami educational undertaking ( TEP ) is one of them.

This undertaking was a NGO undertaking that was conducted by Germany. Through this undertaking the people who lives in coastal country of Sri Lanka are educated. They were educated about natural catastrophes like tsunami, inundation, Earth temblors, and etcaˆ¦ so they learned how to survival from these catastrophes. ( Tsunami Education Project ( TEP ) in Sri Lanka-2005 )

During the war season in srilanka from 1981-2009 there are immense sum of voluntary undertakings have been launched to assist the victims of war. So many state ‘s NGO organisations came and assist the victims. Norway, India, USA, UK are among those states. They give nutrients, and physique houses, medical interventions, transit installations and etcaˆ¦ to the victims of war.

After the war there are many voluntary undertakings launched in srilanka. “ api wenuwen api ” is one of the celebrated undertakings. This name means aid others by ourselves. This plan chiefly launched to assist the disablements because of war. They give houses, medical installations to the disablements.

A Failure voluntary undertaking

National Highway One Project ( Leakhana/ NGO Forum on ADB ) -this undertaking is failure to counterbalance for land loss. 210 hectares of land affected 5,920 people. Around 37 households in Peam Ro District, Prek Khsay Commune, Neak Leung refused

to be relocated because they were non decently compensated. ( Meeting with NGOs on Resettlement Issues- 8 May 2002 )

Harmonizing to this because of the main road undertaking many people lose their land and places. But the authorities or other voluntary sector organisation failed to counterbalance. so because of this it is a immense failure. The victims of this failure is guiltless peoples in small towns. So that ‘s why it is more of import to somehow complete the voluntary undertakings with this instance analyze it is clearly seen that there are no communicating between authorities and the NGO organisation. In undertaking direction one of the chief construct is good communicating. This can be external or internal. And besides authorities should assist the NGO organisations, if they want legal or ordinance aid and giving them financess.

Governments and the voluntary sector

Like the Canadian authorities most of the other authorities help the voluntary sector by confer withing and funding. There is a good strong relationship between authoritiess and the voluntary organisations such as NGO ‘s. if this is true so it will be really much easy to work with authoritiess for voluntary organisations. As it is srilankan, Norway and other voluntary organisations such as NGO ‘S working together in srilanka. They have a good relationship between them. ( A REPORT ON A JOINT PROJECT OF THE COALITION OF NATIONAL VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONS AND THE ASSOCIATION OF CANADIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGES- JUNE 2003 )

( voluntary sector- Canada-march 2003 )

Harmonizing to the function of the voluntary and community sector in service bringing published by September 2002 in 20 first century all the service undertakings can non been run by the authorities. They need the aid of the voluntary sector. If those two work together with proper communicating and understanding so the community will be finally get benefit.

authorization of the House of Commons- 16 July 2009

This image shows you that how the support should go on between the authoritiess and the NGO organisation. At the same clip anyone can acquire a thought about how the communicating should go on between the voluntary sector and the authorities.

And besides shows the duty of the each an everybody.

Cost factor and the fiscal direction in the voluntary sector

“ the chief tool used in staff motive is voluntarism produced by persuasion ;

– money are merely an instrument for NGOs, non the purpose ;

– Nongovernmental organization tend to roll up more marks, therefore voluntaries and employees are ever exposed

to newer demands ; ” ( – David E. Mason, 1984, )

Harmonizing to this citation it is clearly said that money or the net income is non the purpose or the mark of voluntary sector. Their chief concern is responsibility. Make the work right. They do non desire to do net incomes from the undertakings. As the ternary bottom line at that place chief concern is planet and the people non the net income. It is really much necessary to give right leading to these undertakings because most of these are charity undertakings. If a concern undertaking failed they merely lost net incomes and may be the clip. But it ‘s a catastrophe to neglect a voluntary undertaking. Think about a undertaking in voluntary sector. If they build houses for people and what happened if they loose undertakings. Not merely the cost and clip but besides the people would non hold houses. It ‘s a catastrophe.

Harmonizing to the PUBLIC FUNDING OF LARGE NATIONAL CHARITIES- AUGUST 2007 England authorities spent ?3.34 billion with voluntary and community organisations in England in 2003-04.14 ”

So harmonizing to this it is clear that there can be immense financess for the voluntary sector. Normally voluntary sector undertakings collect there financess by chiefly from contributions. These can be big authoritiess or organisations contributions. United state and the universe wellness organisation are making some valuable voluntary undertakings. They spend immense sum of money on 3rd universe state voluntary undertakings so when working with money it is better to project directors take duties and delegate the duty to others excessively. This can be do by utilizing hazard duty matrix.


( A CROSS CUTTING REVIEW-September 2002 )

( A CROSS CUTTING REVIEW-September 2002 )

This chart shows how the ?3.7 billion, in 2000-01 has been donated by authorities and other organisations.


( A CROSS CUTTING REVIEW-September 2002 )

This chart shows you how the ?1.8 billion has been divided in to each an every field. Sports and lodging get the most of the financess. But the instruction and the environment get merely a little much financess.

( A CROSS CUTTING REVIEW-September 2002 )

This chart shows how the financess are being divided to each an every country.

Key issues to pull off a undertaking in voluntary sector

Choose a good undertaking

Choose undertaking that are similar to organisation civilization and scheme

Recruit employees to the undertaking

Plan a squad

Choose a undertaking director

Select undertaking title-holder and anti title-holder

Specify a undertaking range and charter

Understand the user demands

Make cost and clip appraisals

Get understandings with the client

Choose a undertaking precedence matrix

Plan a duty matrix

Plan a hazard appraisal matrix

Plan eventuality programs

Arrange a WBS

Arrange gannt charts

Arrange web diagrams

Arrange a good communicating program

Implement the undertaking program

Measure the undertaking public presentation

Build effectual squads

Pull off the undertaking portfolio

Give good leading

Outsource some activities

Plan for short term wins

Good consensus direction

motivate employees in the undertaking

manage struggles in the undertakings

usage nimble systems

acquire aid from the expertness when needed

observe the success

( Pull off the PerfectA Project ByA Susan M. Heathfield )

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Choose a good undertaking

Voluntary sector or concern sector it is really much of import to choose a correct undertaking. Organization can acquire two or three undertakings at the same time. So it is of import to choose best undertaking among them. There are three classs of undertakings.

Classs of undertakings

Operational undertakings

Strategic undertakings

Conformity undertakings

Conformity undertakings are must make undertakings in the organisation. So there is no pick, they must make. And operational undertakings are twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours undertakings in the organisation. So a good undertaking director must choose a undertaking from strategic undertakings. When we choosing a undertaking for the organisation first thing is it has to be fit with organisation scheme. In voluntary sector most of the undertakings have been societal service 1s. So it is better to choose those undertakings for a NGO organisation. They are usually making undertakings as edifice houses for poors, provide wellness safety, supply instruction like etcaˆ¦ and besides when a undertaking choosing to the organisation there are many things to look at.

Is it high net nowadays value undertaking ( NPV ) ?

What about the internal rate of return ( IRR ) ?

What about the cost benefit analysis?

Is there any resources need?

How is the engineering?

Is it suited for the organisation civilization and scheme?

Can we make it or non?

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Undertaking precedence matrix of voluntary sector undertakings

Normally voluntary undertakings does non anticipating a immense net income. They get fiscal by contributions and fund elevation activities. So, harmonizing to the our suggestionsaˆ¦




Undertaking monitoring

( The Undertaking Management Life Cycle-17 July 2007 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

Harmonizing to the above graph it is clearly shown that undertaking executing phase is a critical phase in the undertaking. So when in this phase it is really much necessary to supervise the undertaking. Project monitoring can be done easy. If the undertaking is traveling swimmingly to the agenda and the estimations so there is no divergence at all. Normally this is better.

But plus or negative divergence means that you are non traveling harmonizing to the program.

A Cost Variance ( CV ) = Earned Value ( EV ) – Actual Cost ( AC )

CV % = Cost Variance ( CV ) / Earned Value ( EV )

If the cost discrepancy is negative that means the existent cost is excessively high. It means that the undertaking is traveling quiet behind. So this equation is really much of import when we supervising the undertakings.

Hazard direction

Using irreverent chart can acquire the continuance of a undertaking. It is a sort of hazard direction.

It is really much necessary to pull off hazards in the undertakings. Hazard is an unsure thing that can be happen in a undertaking. Undertaking directors must avoid these hazards. ( value of undertaking hazard management-13 January 2011 )


Project direction is a complex and really responsible occupation. Undertaking director must be a good leader and at the same clip must be a good director. There are many issues in the voluntary sector undertakings. Most voluntary sector undertakings are done by through the contributions and the fund elevation activities. Voluntary sector undertakings are non profit oriented. They are chief mark is to make the undertaking in really much efficient and effectual mode. So the range is enhance and the clip is constraint and the cost is accepted harmonizing to the undertaking precedence matrix. In today ‘s universe batch of authoritiess help to the charity undertakings. It is better to hold close relationships with authoritiess for the voluntary sector organisations. Then can derive batch of advantages and benefits from this. If they have a close relationship between authoritiess they can acquire contributions every bit good as the authorities protection excessively. In srilanka after the December 26th tsunami catastrophe and during the war season there are many voluntary undertakings have been arranged. From them some are succeeded and some are failures. The chief grounds for the failure is they are non good concentrate on the agenda and budget every bit good as the loss of communicating between them. And another ground was they are hard currency flows are non late run into. The first thing in undertaking direction is choosing a suited undertakings to the organisation. no affair it is concern sector or the voluntary sector it is really much of import to choose a right sort of undertakings that are match with the organisation ‘s scheme and the civilization. To choose a suited undertakings you can utilize NPV and the IRR methods. Or you can make a cost benefit analysis. The 2nd squad is to develop a squad. To set up a effectual squad undertaking directors must enroll some good talented societal workers to the squad. And so the undertaking directors must come up with undertaking Scopess and undertaking charters, and good communicating programs and besides duty matrix excessively. Communication will play a cardinal function in the undertaking success though it is a voluntary sector undertaking or a concern sector undertaking. If the undertaking directors arrange these things early in the undertaking stages so it will be certainly a successful undertaking. Undertakings success is depend on the few standards ‘s. such as,

How good the undertaking director is?

How effectual the squad is?

How good the appraisals are?

How good the executing and planning of the undertaking?

How good the eventuality programs are?

And another of import point is that hazard appraisal. In any sort of undertakings there are hazards. To avoid these thing undertaking directors must hold programs. In todays universe outsourcing and nimble systems are two different constructs in the undertaking direction. If they can pull off these things good so they can be acquire good consequences. Another theory is that motive. Labor negative stimulation is a immense job in voluntary sector organisations today.

To minimise that the undertaking directors should utilize motive theories such as maslow ‘s theory. For the voluntary sector organisations dedicated squad construction is the best manner to negociate the struggle among the squad. There is non any incorrect with functional and matrix construction excessively. But our sentiment is dedicated squad construction is best suited for the voluntary sector organisations. If a undertaking director can successfully set up these things good so the undertaking will be a successful one. No affair what we have discussed chief things are depend on the undertaking directors custodies.