Potential Impact Of Ipad On Society Information Technology Essay

This study investigates into the possible impact of Apple IPAD on Society, by contracting it into the medical field and wellness attention society..

The survey raises the inquiry, will the IPAD convey a radical alteration into the medical field, by holding an impact of, how doctors work in a medical environment.

Chapter 2. Background of the Apple iPad

“ Steve Jobs so unusual was that he had a history of happening “ opportunity-driven possibilities ” instead than providing. “ demand-driven solutions ” as more traditional concern leaders do. ” ( Kohl, D.F, 2010, p.191 )

In other words, instead than waiting for the clients to state him what they wanted, he used technological possibility to make and offer new possibilities to clients for doing their lives easier, more productive, or merely more interesting. , therefore the Apple iPad is an authoritative illustration of and chance driven possibility.

A The Apple iPad was officially released on the 3rd of April 2010. A

The Apple iPad is a portable tablet signifier of computing machine on spell that is developed by Apple Iraqi National Congress.

The advanced intent and service of the of the multi-tasking device is for optical media such as sound, reading books and diaries, watching films and playing games. Overall Apple has created a leisure media device that consumers can utilize throughout the place

In an fast moving environment today where information engineering dominates the universe, computing machines and cyberspace have an great trade consequence on societies, by act uponing the manner people twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pass on and interact with each other.

Harmonizing to Olga ( 2010 ) the iPad has been classified “ as a digital book reader, picture participant, and bet oning platform, is n’t merely for merriment and games. Many companies and employees are purchasing the iPad to utilize it as a tool for concern -related communications and maintaining employers productive while they are on the spell ” ( p. 10 ) .

Chapter 3 Methodology

In this Chapter the writer will discourse the design of the study and make up one’s mind on a suited position to implement for the methodological analysis. The intent of this subdivision is to analyze the techniques that has been used to garner and construe the information ‘s

The purpose of this study is to find the possible impact of the Apple iPad on the medical field society. Will the iPad alteration the perspective manner, how doctors or physicians work in the medical environment

The literature has been researched exhaustively utilizing a assortment of beginnings such as text editions, diaries from the countries of concern and medical articles, newspapers and the cyberspace.

The standard that has been used to choose the literature is based on the purposes and aims of the study.

Chapter 4 The possible impact on the medical field

Bing a tablet makes the iPad so much more portable than even a netbook. You can take it from room to room and easy watch it at the same clip. In any manner the iPad makes multi-tasking gratifying and utile.

“ If the launch of the iPad has done anything, it has brought legitimacy to the tablet computing machine, a merchandise that has long been considered the redheaded stepchild of calculating ” ( Dollan, P.L, 2010 ) .

In a competitory universe, where consumers are influenced twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours of the rapid alteration in engineering progresss, is the debut of the Apple iPad a radical measure frontward, how the future chances might look like in our universe.

In the medical field the execution of the iPad could move as an influencing device that would hold an immense impact on the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work modus operandis of physicians, nurses or even doctors.

Harmonizing to Berger ( 2010 ) “ is the iPad a high-end plaything for appliance partisans or the vanguard of portable calculating that will one twenty-four hours govern the clinical scene ” ( p.21 ) .

Nowdays in a medical environment, where all of the physicians and doctors works consists of roll uping and sharing information among their squad members, in respects to patient history informations or being up to day of the month with the newest development in the medical field of their pattern field. The iPad as a portable device could be an ideal technological equipment, where alternatively the traditional paper files notes could be transferred in digital signifiers. Not merely will physicians or physicians be able to read journal articles online on their devices, but they besides could utilize them to look at elaborate artworks such as X raies and entree an electronic medical records system immediately, by non traveling up and front to the office.

Berger ( 2010 ) argued that “ with much larger, brightly lit screen, the iPad has the promise of being a more comprehensive device, forcing doctors off from their desktop computing machines, where they may finally be able to execute many of their desktop applications on a nomadic computing machine, everything from sing radiogram to ECGs ” ( p.21 )

Introducing the iPad in a fast moving environment like the medical field, where clip plays an indispensable facet point in sense of endurance, the portable iPad will come really utile. In respects to Hospital environment the iPad brings the portability advantages, by non transporting all the information inside a desktop Personal computer so instead in a portable device that physicians can hold entree instantly and non blowing much clip.

So alternatively of holding one physical patient booklet why non hold a ‘virtual ‘ digital patient booklet which is in the cloud/hospital cardinal web. Anyone with the appropriate clearance can entree it from any of the computing machine terminuss. The iPad would be the perfect portable device for staff to transport around to entree any of your patients digital file from anyplace in the hospital.A

The iPad provides with his tablet signifier boundary, sing personal wellness records from patients much more easy and hive awaying them, which brings most of the doctors off from their desk and giving more clip to patient attention.The screen is big plenty to read and come in notes. You can see ECGs, x-rays or other radiology fillms on it. You can order trial on the tally. You can read through old history notes without holding to look for the physical history booklet. You can update the drug chart digitally where information about drug interactions /dosage can be obtained easy.

Not merely will the iPad cut down the clip and attempt, but could besides move as an educational tool for the patient. The iPad can besides be used as an tool for patient instruction, by demoing and speaking through with the patient what the operation is involved with diagrams and images on the iPad.The “ use the iPad for patient instruction, a doctor might demo patients with an ear infection, for illustration, what is go oning in their organic structure with a picture or in writing and explicate how a intervention will turn to the job ” . ( Berger, 2010, “ The iPad Gadget or Medical Godsend ” , p.21 ) .

Often information is conveyed from physician to patient in a verbal mode which is frequently misunderstood because of the slangs and medical footings use. It is much easier for the patient to understand information when ocular information is besides used.


Harmonizing Iskowitz ( 2010 ) “ Apple ‘s appliance merely has a few of the top “ must hold ” characteristics for health care usage, as identified by respondents: Wi-Fi entree, lightweight hardware ( 1.5 lbs ) and an ergonomic design. IPad “ lacks a big figure of characteristics that healthcare professionals deemed of import, ” ( p.18 ) .A

The iPad, which offers Wi-Fi entree, is relativily lightweight with an arguably easy to portable. But most of the health care professionals argue that it lacks a larger figure of

It lacks a big figure of characteristics that healthcare professionals deemed of import, such as opposition to dust and hospital fluids and germicides ( the iPad does non hold sealed ports ) ; fingerprint entree to the system ( HIPAA conformity ) ; barcode scanning ( patient safety ) ; and an integrated camera ( documenting diagnosing ) . In fact, you could reason that the iPad ‘s trouble in being disinfected or kept clean of hospital fluids is a trade ledgeman for healthcare workers.

Peripherals, such as an RFID reader and barcode scanner, may be available in the hereafter. But because they ‘re non native to the iPad, they ‘re merely more overseas telegrams and cords a busy health care worker has to tote around. That ‘s another negative grade for the iPad.

Besides, as we mentioned before, the iPad does non hold a broad choice of medical package because of interoperability issues with it ‘s runing system. A broad choice of medical package was voted as a must-have characteristic by 70 % of our respondents. Most medical package on the market, EMR package particularly, will merely run in a Windows-based environment. This presents a immense job for the iPad in health care.

The Verdict

Healthcare wants a tablet. Healthcare likes the iPhone. That does non interpret into health care wishing the iPad.

Simply put, the iPad lacks many cardinal characteristics necessary to work in the healthcare field. From the trouble disinfecting the device toA itsA deficiency of interoperability with the bulk of Windows-based health care systems and package, the iPad in its current province suffers from many of the same jobs that old, failed healthcare tablet Personal computers have suffered from.

The iPad may be sleek and simple to use.A But that does n’t interpret into widespread acceptance by the health care industry. In equity, it does n’t look that Apple was aiming the health care perpendicular ; their staff of life and butter market remains the consumer.

Read more: A hypertext transfer protocol: //www.softwareadvice.com/articles/medical/healthcare-wants-a-tablet-but-not-apples-ipad-survey-results-1020410/ # ixzz13xbUrcbV

iPad Healthcare Cons

While the battery life of the iPad is good, the iPad suffers from the fact that the battery is non replaceable. Therefore, if the battery dies during a displacement, it ca n’t be swapped out for another for uninterrupted operation. Once battery life is low, the device must be charged for continued usage. Besides, while portable, the iPad is n’t every bit convenient as its minor smartphone opposite numbers. Several doctors will still prefer smartphones to the iPad for several point of attention applications. Furthermore, unlike other tablet computing machines geared specifically toward the health care market, the iPad is non a rugged device, so it wo n’t defy spills, splashes, beads, and disinfection every bit good as healthcare-specific devices. Finally, the iPad does n’t come equipped with a digital camera, which means doctors ca n’t utilize the device to take exposures of patient conditions ( i.e. skin conditions, injury, etc. ) to upload and attach to the electronic patient record.

All of these characteristics and functionalities aside, the impact of the iPad in health care will most probably be determined by the quality of the device ‘s SDK ( package development kit ) and the hardiness of its AppStore. While healthcare reappraisals for the iPad are mixed at this occasion, we at Healthcare Technology Online are willing to wager that a big per centum of health care professionals will be interested in having Apple ‘s latest bang-up appliance. That ‘s why we in concurrence with our patrons Access, ibml, Kronos, and RES-Q will be giving off an iPad to one lucky victor at this twelvemonth ‘s HIMSS conference. Stop by our booth ( # 2509 ) for your opportunity to win!


The iPad decidedly helps bridge some of the spreads presently present in the nomadic [ device continuum ] . Workflow is the key to acceptance and use in health care. I think the iPad will be a accelerator

the iPad will happen limited acceptance because it is excessively large to be genuinely nomadic and non rather large plenty for intensive medical applications. There is large potency for instruction, nevertheless

I think [ the iPad is large intelligence for health care suppliers and patients ] . Despite its deficiency of a camera, the iPad will force healthcare off from the medical office and off from the

No 1 is proposing that people will set their old desktop Personal computers in lasting storage and replace them with glistening new iPads anytime shortly. It ‘s difficult to conceive of any new device, no affair how slipperiness and compelling, triping that sort of a zero-sum swap-out, particularly given the ubiquitousness and workhorse public-service corporation of desktop computing machines.

The existent issue comes down to deriving portion in that market otherwise known as personal penchant and wont. Could the tablet computing machine become the platform of pick for more mundane undertakings, such as look intoing electronic mail, sharing paperss and accessing the Web, thereby farther cutting into the clip we used to pass slavishly glued to our desktop computing machines