Problems And Limitations Of Current System Information Technology Essay

Nowadays we can happen in every procedure there is a demand for information system. Information System can be either application based package or web based system. With the emerging of e-Business, more and more companies adopted this attack to do advertizement and e-Business. Applications based system are turned towards web based as less resources are required in footings of treating power and can easy cut down cost on web bandwidth.

Background of the Company

Computer-Tech Ltd is a company specialized in reparation of Computers and gross revenues of 2nd manus and refurbished 1s. Located in the South East of the island, Computer-Tech want to spread out its concern island broad and acquire more clients with its attractive monetary values. Since the concern of refurbished 1s is booming and the demand maintain on increasing, hence Computer-Tech attacks me and bespeak to hold an e-Commerce web site for the gross revenues of his Second manus and refurbished computing machines.

Undertaking Initiation

Initiation of a undertaking comprises placing and get downing a new undertaking or undertaking phase. Some constitutions use a pre-initiation stage, while the staying includes materials such as developing a concern instance as portion of the induction. The chief aim is to officially choose and kick off undertaking. [ 1 ]

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Undertaking Specifications

Normally called the ‘terms of mention ‘ , the undertaking specification should be an accurate account of what the undertaking objectives to accomplish, and the criterions and flexiblenesss involved, its restrictions, range, scope, end products, beginnings, subscribers, fiscal program and agendas.

Normally the undertaking director must look into with others and so O.K. the undertaking specification with seniors, or with relevant governments. The specification may consist a figure of bill of exchanges before it is contracted. A undertaking specification is of import as it produces a mensurable liability for any individual who wish, at any clip, measure how the undertaking is being done, and its success on closing. Undertaking footings of mention offer a important subject and construction to maintain the undertaking on path, and are concerned with the initial agreed ends and parametric quantities. [ 2 ]

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Undertaking Scheduling and tracking

Before the creative activity of the undertaking agenda, a undertaking director should usually hold a work dislocation construction ( WBS ) , an energy estimation for every undertaking, and a resource list with handiness for each resource. Despite the inaccessibility of the mentioned points, it may be possible to bring forth something that looks like a program, but it will chiefly be a work of fiction. They can be shaped utilizing a consensus-driven appraisal method like Wideband Delphi. The intent for this is that a agenda itself is an appraisal: each day of the month in the agenda is assessed, and the agenda will be wrong if those periods do non hold the buy-in of the persons who are traveling to make the undertaking. [ 3 ]

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Undertaking Tracking allows rating of current work to past assignments and delivers a measureable indicant of the quality of the work being done. The more quantitative the method to project tracking and control, the more likely troubles can be predicted and dealt with in a practical mode.

Background Study

Application Development is the exercising of utilizing peculiar procedure techniques to better the value of a package development effort. & A ; Acirc ; Concentrating to endless argument and reinforced by patient experience, that a methodical attitude to package development radioactive dusts in fewer defects and, hence, finally offers shorter bringing times and enhanced value. & A ; Acirc ; The standard aggregation of guidelines, procedures and actions used by a development squad to exert package technology is called its package development methodological analysis ( SDM ) . Different methodological analysis exists while developing an application. [ 4 ]

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Many types of package procedure theoretical accounts are available which provide suggestions on how to travel about package development. Below are normally used procedure theoretical accounts or methodological analysiss, adopted while developing system.

Linear Sequential Modeling

Besides known as the waterfall theoretical account, the Linear Sequential Model is the first theoretical account of all time formalised and it is being used by other procedure theoretical accounts to development. It suggests a regular and chronological method to the development of the package. It starts with the analysis of the existent system, assemblage of demands, design, cryptography, proving and care. A stage can non get down until the old 1 is completed. Figure 1 shows a diagrammatic representation of the Linear Sequential Model.

Figure 1


To assist in the apprehension of user demands, the usage of paradigms is adopted. Prototypes are slightly developed package that allows users and developers to analyze characteristics of the proposed system and make up one’s mind if it is counted in in the concluding package merchandise. Prototype is best suited for undertaking where the input, processing and end product are non clearly identified. Figure 2 illustrates the prototyping procedure.

Figure 2


Puting accent on an exceptionally short development rhythm, the Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) theoretical account is like the LSM. It is attained via a modular-based structured attack. Wherever the demands are chiseled and understood, range accurately controlled and holding resources needed, the RAD is best suited for this scenario. In such procedure, the undertaking is defined based on functional dislocation of the package. For system that can non be modularized, the RAD can non be adopted. Figure 3 represents the RAD procedure.

Figure 3

Evolutionary Software Process Model

Software evolves over clip and this is being recognized by the Evolutionary Process Model. It helps in the development of a increasingly more complex version of the package. Precisely evolutionary procedure theoretical accounts are Incremental and Spiral.

Coiling Model

Incremental Model

The Incremental Model is a combination of the elements of additive consecutive theoretical account with the doctrine of prototyping. Sequences are defined where each one produces a growing of the package. Unlike prototyping, the increase is an operational merchandise. The incremental procedure of the Evolutionary theoretical account is shown below in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Formal Methods Model

Methodology Adopted

Linear Sequential Modeling

Feasibility Study

Aims of the Study

Problems and Restrictions of Current System

Measuring the Best Feasible Solution

Operational Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

Human Factor Feasibility

Economic Feasibility

Fiscal Feasibility

Proposed Solution

Buy off-the-shelf

Custom Developed Software


System Analysis

Fact Finding Overview

Requirement Analysis

Functional Requirements

Non Functional Requirements

Context Diagram

Use Cases

Use Case for different Interfaces

Activity Diagram

System Design


User Interface Design

Screen Design


Main Page


Data Dictionary

Stock Table

Buyer Table

System Development

Development Tools: Software

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2008 SP1

SQL Server Enterprise 2008 R2

Development Tools: Hardware


What is Security and Importance?

User Authentication



Database Access

Sample Coding

Quality Assurance


Trial Plan

Trial Cases


User Manual

Administrator Manual