Problems Faced by Harley Davidson



In the concern market there are many different organisations, but those who have good quality, design, and fabricating procedure with low cost and meet market demand they wins like Harley-Davidson.

The chief aim of Harley- Davidson was to concentrate on Just In Time fabrication, Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management in order to vie with other organisations. In this instance analyze the accent is on how they developed the Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship, timed bringing and Quality. How sharing of information help them to implement merely in clip at supplier terminal, its brief history, jobs it had faced in mid 70 ‘s, the redresss, the stairss followed to get the better of the ruin, with accent on Supply Chain Management, and in conclusion it concludes with the findings and larning ‘s from the overall instance survey

Brief History: –

Harley Davidson is an American fabrication motor rhythm company which was built in 1903 by William Harley and writer Davidson. In twelvemonth 1970 the determination taking power was in the manus of cooperate parent company American machine and metalworks at that clip Harley Davidson was exclusive lasting company who were doing heavy weight motor rhythm in united states.AMF wanted to take the advantage of the market so decide to increase the production pretermiting the importance of supply concatenation which made the quality go out of control. In 1981 new direction was appointed by Harley Davidson to acquire out of this issue.Better operations towards better Bikes was their end.

Problems faced by Harley Davidson: –

In the mid 1970 ‘s H-D had tough times, the market portion was diminishing due to the hapless quality of the merchandise. After a elaborate analyzing it became apparent that overrun has resulted in a defocus from the Supply Chain Management. The quality of the H-D merchandise which was the footing for their success did no longer be. The low figure of the Inventory Turns led to a high degree of Stocks. With the demand decreasing and the high stocks the company was hard currency ridden. The recession besides had its impact on low returns of the company. Another job was they had no control over the providers and supplier quality was unpredictable which added to client dissatisfaction.

Remedial Measures Taken: –

In 1980 Harley Davidson truly had bad clip so the direction decided to take action by forming there company with new start, direction launched production agenda which increased stock list turns.Inventory Turns is define as the ratio of cost of goods and mean stock list.

The stock list dropped to 4 million Dollars, with high degree of productions. Inventory bends increased from 16 to 28 million per twelvemonth.

Supplier base was reduced from 320 to 120 it leads to concentrate on provider and better relationship with provider.

Set up times were reduced drastically, it made smaller lifesize executable which increased the production.

Harley Davidson introduced SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMET and JUST IN TIME MANAGEMENT which help to accomplish uninterrupted betterment in quality and bringing services, so there was bead in guarantee cost besides helped to extinguish stock list.

Shift of production focal point from PUSH ( expecting demand ) to PULL ( reacting to orders ) .

Supplier involvement plan was evolved to better the merchandise development efficiencies and effectivity which lead to development cost and decrease of developed clip and cut down the cost and increase merchandise value. Suppliers must put in JIT, Statistical Operator Control, and should work for uninterrupted betterments. Supplier development must increase the public presentation and capableness to run into the long term supply demand.

Wagess and Outcome: –

The chief accomplishment of Harley Davidson is Quality and Delivery, it had established its base in the market.Introduction of merely in clip direction helped them to work harmonizing to client demands which led to client satisfaction. Continuous betterment and bench taging the provider helped them to better the quality of the merchandise.


Supply concatenation direction: -It is an activity which is defined as planning of operations, implementing the operations and commanding the operation of the supply concatenation to fulfill client demand every bit expeditiously as possible. It includes production programming ; Order processing, stock list direction and client services.

Merely in Time or Man: Merely in clip helped Harley Davidson by extinguishing waste by utilizing quality of natural stuff, bring forthing right quality of merchandise in right topographic point at right clip. It besides improves the merchandise quality, increase the productiveness and diminish the cost. Harley Davidson called merely in clip as adult male ( material as needed ) .just in clip aid Harley Davidson to develop trust between providers, it besides helped to increase stock list bends which generate the hard currency flow.

Principles and Technique of merely in clip used by Harley Davidson

Entire quality control: -The intent of entire quality direction is to concentrate on client satisfaction by bettering procedure, high quality of merchandise and services. Entire quality can be achieved by Employee involvement plan and stastical operator control.

Reducing batch size production: -small batch size production helps to cut down stock list, cut down managing cost, smooth production flow and improves quality of the merchandise.

Reduce set up clip: -Reduction of set up clip helps to do smaller and larger size doable. It besides increases the productiveness and quality. Reduces stock list, infinite and clip.

Pull system ( kanban ) : -pull system is a method in which we can command the flow production based on client demand. In this system production is done in little batches in instance if there is any job at any point of operation the whole production line will rapidly come to halt. Execution of pull system can assist you to extinguish waste in handling, optimise the store floor infinite use and improves on clip bringing to client.

Supplier development: -supplier development is long term relationship between client and provider that purpose to profit both. Supplier should non be treated as external beginning but portion of supply concatenation direction. Supplier development is really developing provider in same manner the employer are developed, supplying scheduling information about merchandise and affecting provider in design phase can better the quality of merchandise. Darren docemsolo thin supply concatenation mgnt

Entire employee engagement: -Each and every employee should be committed and dedicated to their work.employeer should be involved in quality circle with in the organisation in order to discourse and develop direction issue. Quality circle to promote employee to take duty of their work which helps to better quality and riddance of waste.

Supplier choice: The best determination taken by the direction of a Harley Davidson was proper choice of provider.In the yesteryear there were batch of providers so quality of the merchandise was unpredictable individual sourcing helped them to look into the defect.selection was done by better questioning the provider and understanding supplier capableness.

Supplier relationship: Another of import measure taken by Harley Davidson was betterment of provider relationship.Their yesteryear relationship with providers was non that good which lead to quality and bringing job, weak relation with provider can impact the organisation and full supply concatenation. Sharing information and conducting job work outing plans like statically operation control and employee engagement plan helped Harley Davidson to better the long term relationship. Working together with the provider in assorted signifiers improves effectivity and efficiency of operations in a company. Good usage of relationship with the provider can heighten the resource and capableness of the company and hence it can better market effectivity. Harley Davidson would carry on meeting twice a twelvemonth and looked for uninterrupted betterment procedure.

Continuous betterment: –

uninterrupted betterment is a direction policy that sees choice betterment as an ongoing procedure, and increasing betterment instead than one time and for all betterment attempts. It helps to better the supply concatenation as a whole.

Future Tendencies: –

Harley Davidson has diversified futuristic programs. Apart from being a leader in the Motorcycle fabrication, they are into Branding of their Son. Supplier preparations, which includes a elaborate survey of their past schemes, jobs and the manner they have approached the solutions. The advanced Supply Chain Management systems which they inculcated in the organisation. Besides their purpose is to be.

Bing universe category client

Make universes profitable motor rhythm

To hold best provider in the universe

To be recognised by client for quality, value of merchandise, services

Cardinal point: –

Key points that we could larn from this layout are



Delivery and demand



Quality is the chief aim of each and every organisation but is should besides be cost effectual. The efficient logistics must guarantee that the bringing is on clip, which in bend increases the demand. Continual betterment of the merchandise is achieved by development of research, preparation and provider relationship. Management must be actively involved in strategically commanding the operations of Supply concatenation.

Decision: –

From the above survey we can reason that how Harley Davidson regained their repute in the market by using Supply Chain Management, merely in clip plan and besides good relation with the provider helped them to better their quality and criterion of the product.Supplier quality was unpredictable in past, sharing information, good programming and learning their provider to accommodate merely in clip plan improved Harley Davidson ‘s quality, bringing and sevices.Thus using supply concatenation direction organisation can better their merchandise scope and do a better manner for their hereafter.