Purpose Of Information Management System Information Technology Essay

All back or internal offices information systems are integrated to step the games for gross and cost. This incorporate system will supply the base for the Olympics games 2012 in London planning for the all cardinal functional operations straight from the work force, locales to feature, witness services, imperativeness operations conveyance and security to all functionaries and non functionaries.

This system is shaped to give the path of Olympics and Paralympics. It provides the program of tickets handiness, reserve of seats and costs.

Data storage from multiple beginnings with easiness will do system more executable and engineering platform.

Resource demands, voluntaries and work force are scheduled voluntarily to do the system to the full in any environment.

This attack will maintain the individual depository of information recorded in these events of the Olympics 2012.

Information and information direction will be in fast and dependable manner that keeps hardware and package integrated thereby it enables to do determination efficaciously and avoids the duplicate of the informations.

Stakeholders will be informed about the current planning position of the of import countries. This can be achieved if individual beginning of information is used to portion the information among many parties involved in Olympics games 2012.

This freshly developed system has capableness to back up the security bureaus to guarantee the security of all participants including the participants, referees, VIPs, Judgess and visitants.

We have detailed the intents of the Information Management System Olympics 2012 with regard to assorted facets of its feasibleness and support.

Types of Management information and their design

Because this system is developed for many grounds particularly for concern procedures, holding different degrees of direction the forming commission of Olympics 2012 has to interact with many systems which are integrated. Not a individual information system provides full information to the direction that needs it.

Each concern procedure needs a separate information system for each concern map. Information system for tickets sale, Information system for paths GIS, Security information direction system and humane resource direction system etc are the chief subsystems for which forming commission is much interested to develop an incorporate system. Independently working information system are the things of past because these can non portion the information to back up the cross-functional concern procedures. The new system replaces the old traditional systems to incorporate the related concern procedure and big units of the Organizing commission.

Tickets Processing Systems

Operational directors need a system which keeps the path record of available tickets, soled tickets, dealing procedure and tickets cancelled orders to raise the gross of the Olympics 2012. Transaction procedures are controlled by the computerized information system to carry on the concern of sale tickets before the start of the Olympics 2012. This TPS will maintain the record of the hotel reserve, air hose, reaching and going clip of the visitant or any other individual whom the ticket is reserved. Typical intent of this TPS is to maintain the flow of minutess and give the replies of the questions of the system utilizing at the distant topographic points. This system will besides supply the location of the hotels reserved to peculiar individual.

Security information System

To guarantee the security of all functionaries and non functionaries this system will be connected to put in security cameras to help the security individuals to observe the exact topographic point of the incidents. Security individuals will be provided the distant systems which will be connected this Information direction system.

Human Resource Management System

HRMS is a cardinal function participant in behavior of Olympic 2012. It enables the direction to maintain the record and responsibility topographic points of the individuals appointed at different topographic points. We can state that individuals are hired for the Olympic 2012 events and can interact the information direction system to inquire any question about their place during the Olympic 2012 events.

Visitor information Ticket coevals with hotel and other information


Visitor database Management study

Visitor #



Ticket #


Date & A ; Time

To direction

Online questions to security bureaus

Fig 1: Ticket Processing System

A TPS for all visitants captures the record of the users and saves the informations entered by the user. System out put includes the ticket # , air hose # and hotel location. This system generates a transcript of study for the concerning director. This TPS is largely cardinal to the direction ; its failure for a few hours makes a large loss.

Like TPS other subsystems are besides designed in same manners, after that all the subsystems are integrated to organize a large Information direction system.

Problems of garnering informations and managing cognition

Knowledge direction is an of import demand for the development of the Information direction system Olympics 2012. Knowledge direction KM has brought many new point of views to the context. We can pull the scheme driven knowledge direction. Knowledge can happen in the Olympics forming 2012 commission at four degrees. Information can be gathered at all four degrees by using the organisation cognition base. Hence organisational information is collected at all degrees is explicit in the signifier of the notes and studies. Global information informations can be managed by utilizing a tool called Collective head as it is developed through informations interactions in endeavors. The usage of the high powered computing machines and webs can assist to an organisation in informations excavation. Problem of reading is still present at that place in really narrow organisations. It has been estimated that due to miss of cognition direction about 500 organisations will lose over 31 billion dollars. Keeping in head this fact our system will decide the job by using the new tools that actively collect, gaining control, manage and connect organisational expertness. A model defines the strategic ends of forming commission of Olympics 2010 to put the place of the targeted clients. This cognition direction helps to decide the four common issues of sweetening, enlargement, extension and issue. Enhancement means to add a new functionality in an bing system. Extension ensures the new countries of the concern procedure based on new concern theoretical accounts. Expansion is an add-on of the new merchandises and services to our visitants in our system. Finally is an issue point that means dropping or go forthing our concern. In our Information direction system a visitant militias the ticket to watch events of the Olympics 2012, but he can non come to see the lucifers and wants to call off his ticket. In this manner he leaves the concern and gets back his payment. Knowledge direction addresses all these issue and ensures the prosperity of information direction system.

Customer Servicess

Knowledge Strategy





Fig 2: Strategy Drive Knowledge Management

Methods of commanding the security of information and managing ethical and societal issues

Todayaa‚¬E?s computing machine age besides has many issues related to information systems. Repeat of the username and watchwords create concerns for the development squad. Every visitant of the Information direction system Olympics 2012 wants to maintain his information really secure. Participants must endeavor to follow the best patterns to advance the system and legalize the security needs for the involvements of others. Information direction system must legalize to protect the autonomies of the visitants. Social issues are concerned with the users of the system. The personal information gathered must non be used with out consent of that individual. Third issue associating to information system is that which director is apt to harm the system? Directors may deduce the information from the information system to help some oppositions or terrorists to harm the Olympics 2012. Directors must guarantee that the system is established for managing the information mistakes. Database directors are responsible to manage the database of the system, directors may take necessary stairss to track the mistakes and take the bugs.

Impact of engineering on concern

In this paper so for we have discussed many facets of the IMS Olympics 2012 and now we will show the impacts of information engineering on the concern. A relationship between the factors of web and factors that facilitate the international concern is established to raise the gross of the United Kingdom and forming commission of Olympics 2012. All the states included in World Economic Forum database are the participants of this trade. This system is non limited to race, community or subcontinents. The marks of gross coevals are set to do webs and international concern more non-vulnerable for the state benefits. The facilitation of trade will make consciousness in subjects to avail the chances of this concern as puting in transit and air hose, making occupation chances and hiking up the economic system of the state. In this manner cost appraisal and gross aggregation can be calculated. Barriers in the concern are removed to acquire maximal benefits of this concern. What are barriers which can cut down the gross aggregation and make other jobs for the organisers of the Olympics 2012? It is clear that really comprehensive system can accomplish the different aims of the organisers. As the figure of visitants will come all around the universe to watch the events, functionaries and participants adjustment, transit and haste hours at venue topographic point, all of these factors are really important for the direction. A big IT undertaking like IMS needs the undermentioned elements.

Investing procedure

Fig 3: Investing Procedure

Investing procedure in IT is a proposed by the squad of IT and Finance directors. A budget for the development of the IMS is allocated and passed through the financial twelvemonth. An extra cost may besides be calculated for its care.

IT architecture: It is a logical and proficient constituent of the proposed system to steer the developments and rating of the other related systems. It provides the information about the maps of the system and flow of the information among the assorted maps.

A paperless Environment: Electronic medium is beginning of this concern and involves the considerations of the populace sector, security bureaus and commercial sectors. It must be focused that big IMS must be developed in such environment where electronic signature, equal electronic audit trails and genuineness is ensured for the behavior of concern.

A system development environment: It is really of import phase of big IT undertakings, because package can non run into the outlooks and forming commission hires its ain staff for package development and continues to develop package in the bounds of the budget and clip.

Problems involved in private and public information engineering undertakings

There exist many jobs in private and public sector undertakings as big size of outgo demand and inefficiency of many procedures in public or private sector undertakings. Decentralization is non given importance to do determinations at lower degree. Centralized determination devising costs much as compared to that decentalisation. Resource direction in public or private undertakings is less concentrated and it affects the proper usage of homo, fiscal and other resources. Market dealingss are besides necessary that can take to bringing of new reforms in private and public sector undertakings. Less investing in public or private sector keeps IT professionals low employed, it affects on the undertakings efficiency and functionality. In other instance the extremely functionaries must be involved in undertakings completion and proficient staff is non responsible for set uping the whole procedure of undertakings ( demands garnering to concluding release ) . Reforms in private or public sector undertakings needs the consciousness of the authorities, caputs of the public and private sectors running IT companies and IT professionals to maintain themselves updated about demands and new tendencies in IT market.


In this paper we have discussed many facets of the Information Management System Olympics 2012. Purpose of the IMS is narrated to foreground the demands of the Olympics 2012 forming commission. In IMS assorted information systems are integrated to do a comprehensive information direction system. Social, ethical and managerial issues are described to do the system free of hazards from the unauthorised individuals. What impacts the information system has on turning concern and our information system is working to run into the demands of the commission during the events. Finally the issues related to public or private sector engineering undertakings are presented.