Several marketing issues surrounding Easyjet airlines

Easyjet is a low cost house and the cardinal rival is RyanAir. Stelios Hadji-Ioannou, the laminitis of Easyjet, was so impressed after winging with Southwest air hoses that he decided to put up his ain European version of the company. The company started from 2 aircrafts and now there are 166. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) This study will lucubrate several selling issues about this advanced company.

2. Selling direction

Selling is the procedure by which companies create client involvement in merchandises or services. It generates the scheme that underlies gross revenues techniques, concern communicating and development. ( Kotler P. , Wong V. , Saunders J. A. and Armostrong G. , 2004 ) .

2.1 Inventions

Baregheh A. , Rowley J. and Sambrook S. ( 2009 ) , defines invention as the multi-stage procedure whereby organisations transform thoughts into new and improved merchandises, service or procedures, in order to progress, vie and distinguish themselves successfully in their market place. Easyjet adheres strongly to the original low-priced theoretical account and it does n’t offer any frills. It bypasses the travel agent manner of distribution and offers a point-to-point service. The ticket engagement is entirely conducted by telephone and online. In 2006, the company adopted an advanced attack, with the debut of a Fatigue Risk Management System ( FRMS ) in order to measure the possible hazards of pilot weariness based on intensive programming patterns. This pioneering work has led to easyJet being at the head of crew public presentation direction, in the chase of operational safety.Top direction provinces in the one-year study of 2009: “ New enterprises are go oning to beef up our place as both a prima air hose and an advanced e-commerce concern ” . ( Annual study and histories, 2009, pp.12 ) .

2.2 Competitive Advantages

Rivals influenced the air hose market. New entrants with aggressive competitory thoughts entered the market with the rigorous end to derive competitory advantage ( Kangis P. and O`Reilly M.D. , 2003 ) . Rostro, F.R. and Grudzewski, R.M. ( 2008 ) basically highlight Porters premises toward competitory advantage which is ensuing from the value a house is able to make for its clients. In order to make competitory three schemes can be chosen ; these are cost leading, distinction and focal point scheme. Lall A. and Gillen D. ( 2004 ) claimed that operational efficiency can be a beginning of competitory advantage.

Easyjet managed to accomplish cost leading and addition sustainable competitory advantage by cut downing cost and offering low monetary value tickets. “ Significant advancement on cost decrease enterprises: 19 expensive aircraft exited from the fleet ; systems implemented ; renegotiation of our care agreements with SRT to present nest eggs of around ?175 million over the 11 twelvemonth life of the contract ” stated in the 2009 study ( pp.1 ) the company ‘s direction. In add-on Easyjet does non supply repasts which cut down complexness of the procedures and cost. The company besides has generated new gross watercourses by advertisement on seatback trays, head restraints and on the outside of some of the aircrafts. Additional accessory beginnings of gross include travel insurance, auto leases and travel reserve services. ( Annual study and histories, 2009 )

2.3 Company ‘s Performance Aims

Easyjet has delivered a resilient public presentation despite the fact that has been one of the most ambitious trading environments for many old ages. Against this background, easyJet is one of the few air hoses anyplace to stay profitable with underlying pre-tax net incomes of ?44 million.

The chief fiscal and non-financial countries that seem to be emphasised are

The capital. The chief step used by easyJet to pull off capital hazard is the pitching ratio of debt to stockholders ‘ financess. Gearing increased at 2009 from 28.8 % to 37.6 % .

Liquidity. The aim of easyJet ‘s liquidness hazard direction is to guarantee sufficient hard currency resources and the handiness of support as required.

Fuel monetary value. The company is exposed to fuel monetary value hazard. The aim of the fuel monetary value hazard direction policy is to supply protection against sudden and important additions in jet fuel monetary values.

Tax return on equity. The “ December 2006 award ” is due to enthrone in December 2009. The award has public presentation marks associating to return on equity achieved in the twelvemonth ended 30 September 2009.

( easyjet plc, Annual study and histories, 2009 )

2.4 Critical Success Factors

Critical/key success factors have several direct and several possible utilizations for any concern unit whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit, big or little, domestic or foreign. In strategic analysis of a concern unit, cardinal success factors frequently ab initio appear as analytical tools for analyzing the character of the industry in which the concern unit competes. They are so of import to future competitory success that all houses in the industry must be competent at executing or accomplishing them. ( Thompson A. , Stricklaland A. and Gamble J. , 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to McCabe R.M ( 1998 ) , air hoses are in portion service concern. In order to be successful, an air hose company ought to be effectual in four general countries:

1. Attracting clients

During the twelvemonth 2009 the company resulted in a 3.4 % addition in rider Numberss to 45.2 million showing a flight to value as easyJet increased market portion by pulling clients from higher menu rivals.

2. Pull offing its fleet

Easyjet recognized the importance of the fleet direction carry oning a fleet program. The Chairman declared in the 2009 one-year study ( pp.4 ) : “ As portion of the one-year scheme procedure, easyJet ‘s Board has agreed a fleet program that will enable company to present growing of around 7.5 % per annum over the following five old ages. This fleet program gives easyJet the ability to take advantage of the significant commercial chances apparent in European short-haul air power. ”

3. Pull offing its people

The main execute of easyjet, Andrew Harisson, states in the 2009 company ‘s study ( pp. 16 ) : “ We have outstanding people, including our front line cabin crew and pilots who are extremely trained and professional. They all make a important part to our success and assist to make an easyJet personality which is an of import. ” The people in easyjet are wholly connected to the effectivity and success.

4. Pull offing its fundss

Since economic conditions remain ambitious, easyJet success is driven by the low cost, the efficient concern theoretical account and strong fiscal place. These will guarantee that it is able to take advantage of the current recessive period by:

driving cost out of the concern

carefully aiming capacity additions and portion additions in valuable markets across Europe guaranting that easyJet is good positioned to work profitable growing chances when economic conditions improve.

( Annual study and histories, 2009 )

2.5 The Experience Curve consequence in EasyJet

The acquisition or experience curve describes an empirical relationship between end product measures and input measures where larning induced betterment is present ( Horngren C. T. , Foster G. and Datar S.M. , 2000 ) . Directors are able to explicate low-priced production schemes taking to increased market portion, or they can utilize it to assist turn to merchandise determinations through right appraisal of larning curves.

Easyjet is severally a new corporate that its forces is extremely experient but largely in other companies. Easyjet ‘s main executive claimed that the exceptionally resilient public presentation of the company the twelvemonth 2009 is the consequence of the strong concern theoretical account, the quality of people and web. All facets of the concern theoretical account are designed around safety and efficiency. He besides stated: “ the operating theoretical account we work every twenty-four hours on bettering the efficiency of our flight, and in the last twelvemonth implemented a figure of fuel salvaging enterprises ” ( Annual study and histories, 2009, pp.34 ) . Learning within the production procedure can besides significantly impact direction determinations related to break-even, puting monetary values, puting criterion costs, and capital budgeting ( Togo F. D. , 2001 ) . In the instance of easyjet, the larning curve consequence was non the lone ground for low cost and good net income borders. Advanced spirit, sustainable competitory advantage, minimising the mediators, no-frill services was of high importance in accomplishing the profitableness aims.

2.6 Positioning and Segmentation

EasyJet entered the market in 1995 with a extremely believable trade name placement, limited European finishs but effectual and low cost. With the coup d’etat of Go, formed by a direction buyout from British Air passages in 2001, EasyJet became the largest low-priced air hose in Europe last twelvemonth. ( Knox S. , 2004 )

Refering these four dimensions ( see Appendix/A ) , easyjet is positioned as:


Fit for intent, few paths

Corporate trade name focused on budget traveler paying for ain trips

Not as portion of the trade name

2.7 Elasticity of Demand for air-transport services

Price snap of demand is a step used in economic sciences to demo the reactivity, or snap, of the measure demanded of a good or service to a alteration in its monetary value. It gives the per centum alteration in measure demanded in response to a one per centum alteration in monetary value. Price snap is lower concern category travelers than economic system category travelers. This is because the lower monetary value sensitiveness in the concern category clients, due to the higher rating of clip among these travelers. ( Brons M. , Pels E. , Nijkamp P. and Rietveld P. , 2002 ) . In the instance of easyjet since monetary value snap of demand is high, directors have to be careful with altering monetary values.

2.8 The BCG matrix in EasyJet

The Growth-Share-Matrix, known as Boston Box, was developed by the Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) in1970 ‘s. It is a tool of portfolio direction ( see Appendix/B ) .

Drummond G. and Ensor J. ( 2004 ) claim that both “ Canis familiariss ” and “ inquiry grade ” are industries with comparative little market portion. Easyjet prefers to apportion its resources and sell its services to air-port markets that are tantamount to “ Canis familiariss ” and “ inquiry Markss ” opposed to “ hard currency cattles ” and “ star ” merchandises. The company operates in popular destinations/ resorts such as London, Athens, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan and others. Easyjet operates besides in less popular airdromes with comparative little market portion, such Luton airdrome in London which is a popular finish but the operating cost is lower and there is non such traffic ( Annual study and histories, 2009 ) .

2.9 Strategic deductions

Easyjet base location is invariably under reappraisal. The company has increased the figure of aircraft based in Italy from 3 to 16 since 2006 and in France from 11 to 14 in the last 12 months. At the same clip, they have reduced capacity at under- executing bases such as Luton. Overall, easyJet ‘s capacity ( measured in seats flown ) grew by 1.8 % during 2009, with an addition of 16 % in mainland Europe, focused on France ( up 30 % ) , Italy ( up 78 % ) and Spain ( up 16 % ) . EasyJet ‘s capacity at Gatwick grew by 12 % , partially driven by the full twelvemonth consequence of the GB Airways acquisition in 2008 ( Annual study and histories, 2009 ) .

Capacity was reduced in weaker executing markets such as Luton and the UK parts. At Gatwick, easyJet is now the taking air hose with 39 based aircraft and a 30 % portion of the airdrome ‘s riders and continues to leverage that place in order absorb competitory force per unit areas. Longer sector paths are executing good and slots acquired with GB Airways were optimised in the period with concern orientated paths being allocated to top out slots and leisure paths moved subsequently in the twenty-four hours. Easyjet is winning the competitory conflict on traditional Sun paths with first-class burden factors, albeit with weaker market pricing. The company has besides benefited from bequest rival backdown on cardinal concern paths. Dortmund, Germany is an underperforming airdrome but there is a stragegic involvement due to its low cost ( Annual study and histories, 2009 ) .

3. Research Proposal

Since the completion of the three liberalization bundles in the European Union, the air conveyance market has become progressively competitory. The low-priced air hoses have focused selling activity chiefly on the leisure market, nevertheless each now report important proportions of their client base as being concern travelers. ( Knox S. , 2004 ) In order to roll up informations so as to assist the company ‘s direction understand better the writer develops a brief research proposal.

3.1 Research Aims

The aims of the research are:

Investigate the clients ‘ perceptual experience and any complains about the company

Understand better the concern travellers

Identify the profile of easyjet clients in order to stipulate the tarket market

Find manner to pull new clients and

Identify any new market section

3.2 Research Methodology

Kogut B. ( 2001 ) , has pointed out that inventions in research methodological analysiss and design strongly influenced and developed the international concern field. Harmonizing to Pedhazur E.J. and Schmelkin L.P. ( 1991 ) , the informations aggregation method has major influence research dependability and cogency. Some often used methods include study either by mail or by questionnaire, experiment, personal or telephone interviews, and secondary informations. Each information aggregation method has its advantages and disadvantages. ( Yang Z. , Wang X. and Su C. , 2006 ) . For illustration, carry oning studies by questionnaires may bring on jobs of vagueness and generalizability.

For these grounds research workers advocate multiple methods of informations aggregation, such as a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, to get the better of individual method prejudice. As Sauders M. , Lewis P. and Thornhill A. ( 2003 ) suggest, the attacks and schemes do n’t be in isolation and therefore can be assorted and matched. Burns A.C. and Bush R.F. ( 2002 ) discussed about the facets significantly impacting dependability and cogency of the findings of a survey. They concluded that are the informations aggregation method, trying techniques, population ( the full group under survey as defined by research aims ) , sample frame ( a maestro list of the full population ) , sample ( a subset of the population ) , sample topics, sample size, and the response rate.

Peoples by different states and countries differ in many ways, like demographic and psychographic features, which could act upon external cogency of the research findings ( Pedhazur E.J. et al. , 1991 ) . So the writer suggests that riders from all the airdromes that the company has bases have to be the trying beginning. Pedhazur E.J et Al. ( 1991 ) , besides claim that the sample size influences truth of appraisal. In general, the larger the sample size the more accurate the research findings in footings of generalizability and sampling mistakes.

. Therefore, the easyjet ‘s directors have to analyze the certain restraints such as clip and fiscal resources holding in head that the bigger the figure of the riders under research, the more helpful the consequence.

In the instance of easyjet the writer pick refering the information aggregation method is mail study, personal interview and a simple questionnaire. Zhilin Y. et Al. ( 2006, pp.606 ) in their findings claimed that “ mail questionnaire study is the most popular method, followed by administered questionnaire study, personal interview, and telephone interview ” . Mail study will be used particularly for concern travellers because they have n’t clip to pass in the airdrome and besides there is high possibility to be familiar with cyberspace. Business people will be requested to go forth their e-mail reference in the “ easyjet study agent ” and with the e-mail questionnaire they get besides publicizing stuff attached.

Refering the personal interviews, the “ easyjet study agents ” are traveling to near travelers after they flight and merely after they take their baggage. They will reply some accurate inquiries make fulling up the questionnaires by themselves. Motivation for replying the inquiries can be given by offering some gifts, such as price reduction on ticket monetary values or engagement in a lottery. This simple contact method has the advantage of immediate consequences and the disadvantage of “ prejudice ” replies due to “ confront to confront contact ” .

Taking in head that the clip of the travelers is limited, particularly for the concern section, the inquiries should be accurate and should necessitate short replies. In add-on, the questionnaires will be designed for the travelers that are in the waiting room before the flight in order to hold the clip to reply them. Then an “ easyjet agent ” will garner them merely before the travelers acquiring on board. The inquiries will be somewhat different taking in head the per centum of people going with easyjet for the first clip.

Harmonizing to Dobruszkes F. ( 2006 ) , EasyJet sells 95 % of its seats through the Internet. A research conducted by Castillo-Manzano J. and Lopez-Valpuesta L. ( 2009, pp.639 ) showed that: “ the profile of a rider who has a greater likeliness of doing engagements online is that of a immature individual, a pupil or educated to a high degree, a accustomed traveler, booking a simple journey and utilizing a low cost air hoses ” . Thus an online questionnaire may convey a batch of utile information in the company.

4. Decisions

The above selling issues and methodological analysis every bit good as clients ‘ perceptual experiences should be taken under consideration in order to establish a successful advertisement run. Easyjet should keep its competitory advantage and preserve clients ‘ trueness.


Annual study and histories 2009

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