Solar industries analysis of training and development and talent management process


The elaborate analysis of preparation and development and talent direction procedure is supplying through human resources direction in solar industries. Harmonizing to this study is based on instance survey of solar industries at talent direction. Planing and development should be proper implemented in the solar industries. The study includes how the preparation and development and endowment direction to be implement. However research found that to go oning competitory advantage people are the lone existent beginning. Prahalad and Hamel ( 1990 )

HRM is considered a logical attack to the direction of an administration ‘s most valued assets. ( Armstrong 2007 ) . The term forces direction has been replaced by human resource direction and human resources. Armstrong, Michael ( 2006 ) .

The directors of an activity province their ends with HRM ‘s techniques, the work force implicit and transport out the activity with its techniques which requires resources to carry through their coursework successfully. The aim of HRM is to assist an administration, keeping employees to congregate strategic ends and besides to pull off them efficaciously.

The forces decision makers ‘ changeless ailment is that they lack position. This proves their inability to do part and to do impact on their direction associates. Their uninterrupted concern is their inability to turn out that they can do impact on their direction associates. Drucker ( 1954 )

Therefore, solar industry is acquiring more and more of import twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours particularly Solar Energy. And this is why solar industry developing quickly in every portion of universe. So the Human Resource besides becomes an of import portion to pull off man-power, engineering, research and development etc.

Human Resource Management Theory:

The aim of HRM is to assist an organisation, keeping employees to congregate strategic ends. The cardinal word here possibly is “ fit ” that is to do certain that there is healthy relationship between the direction of employees and on the whole strategic way of the company. ( Miller, 1989 ) .

However, there are many HR maps which are fighting these yearss to acquire the undertaking of direction and member of staff and they are inconsiderate instead than deliberately practical spouses for the top direction. Further, in the solar industries HR have trouble in turn outing that their activities and procedures are roll uping value to the company. In modern times, HR bookmans and professionals decided to develop theoretical accounts that can mensurate the value. HR. Smit, Martin E.J.H. ( 2006 ) .

Human Resource Strategy:

The scheme of HRM is to implement the specific maps of HRM. Planning, forming, preparation and development is the chief map of the human resources. In order to match with the whole concern scheme HRM needs to correlate assorted countries of HR. This scheme of HR is to be implement in the solar industries.

HRM Activities in Solar Industry

The three cardinal HRM activities in solar industries are

Recruitment of the best employees

Development of Leadership

Development of Management

The chief aim of Solar Industries is to place and depict the wide scope of policies, proficient, fiscal, regulative, and other market related factors that affect of renewable energy engineerings. First, enrolling the right employees with the right competences at the right clip had to suit in the solar industries as there is skills deficit at all degrees in the organisation.

Second, HR director has to develop a leading preparation program to pull off their leading accomplishments to acquire experient people in the industry. Finally, direction development activity is to be fit in the solar industries to pull off organisation. Planning, forming, taking and coordinative resources are the activities included in direction. Therefore, for the above ground enrolling the best employees, leading development and direction development are the three key activities that should be fit into overall corporate aim of the company.

HRM Model in solar industries:

1 ) The Harvard Model

The Harvard theoretical account of HRM had to deploy in the solar industries. To steer all directors in dealingss with employee ‘s soft version of HRM has to dressed ores on the Harvard theoretical account. ( Beer, Spector, Lawrence, Quin Mills and Walton, 1984 ) . It focuses on employee committedness that is non control. ( Wood, 1995 ) The theoretical account is utile to cognize the understanding, capableness and effectivity of cost for employees in the organisation.

Work system

Employee influence

Human resources flow


For enlisting, and choice procedure human resource flows are used in the organisation. They are used in the organisation through arrangement, publicity, out of the organisation as expiration wage. To pull and to maintain employees actuate the wages system is organized. Therefore, employee influence is used to set controlled on authorization and determination devising. The occupations are defined and non based on peculiar undertakings like classical attacks. The employee holding high committedness led to better occupation public presentation is the advantage of this theoretical account. ( Beardwell, Holden and Claydon, 2004 ) . The choice policies were based on competency and it includes the component of suitableness and flexibleness. Therefore, the right employees fit for the right occupations led to effectiveness. The chief purpose of wages system is to pull and actuate held public presentation assessment but it is non a tool for rating.

The Harvard theoretical account is praise in analytic facet as an advantage by Pettigrew and Hendry ( 1990 ) . However, on footing of resource this system is bad form labour point of position. There is an statement that soft facet of HRM has conflict in the Harvard theoretical account sing concern focal point of the organisation and it changes the cost minimisation and net income maximization. ( Armstrong 1987, Legge, 1995 )

2 ) The Michigan theoretical account

The solar industries can besides deploy the Michigan theoretical account because it includes difficult version of HRM. ( Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna, 1984 ) To pull off employees like resources they use resources cheap and carefully to developed and exploited to the full. The theoretical account includes HRM activities as follows.





To obtain organisational public presentation this theoretical account includes choice, assessment, development and wagess policies. The environing thought was ignored for its situational factors, stakeholder involvements and the construct of strategic pick. ( Cusworth and Franks, 1993 ) The theoretical account shows the internal and external factors in the policies of HR along with scheme of concern. The market public presentation and organizational growing is an advantage of this theoretical account. It is utile in cost minimization for employees which is cheap. However, market failures are the disadvantage of this theoretical account. It is due to ignorance of environments. Furthermore, HRM be aftering certifies the hereafter demands of the organisation that are minimum. Further, this theoretical account fails in scope of group and internal struggle. ( Chuang et al, 2004 ) Therefore, it led to organisational public presentation failure. ( Bagshaw,2004 )

Harmonizing to this two theoretical account of HRM solar industries deploys because in the instance survey public presentation of the solar industries are non traveling good, work system, wagess and development & A ; growing, assessment for illustration like deficit of accomplishments ( larning accomplishment, developing & A ; development accomplishment etc ) kind of experience and labour bend over degrees are high. So harmonizing to this above two theoretical account of HRM are conveying in action in the solar industries.

Training and development:

Training refers to attempts that aid heighten employee accomplishments for transporting out the present occupation. To make peculiar occupation the preparation is an act of increasing cognition and accomplishments Edwin B Flippo. Development is a lasting alteration in cognition, accomplishments, attitudes or behavior that comes through experience.

Training is must for every person when he enters into the organisation. Even though the campaigner has experience he besides should acquire preparation. Why because the organisation civilization, values and beliefs are different from one organisation to other. That ‘s why the preparation plan plays a cardinal function in every organisation.

Training plan followed by solar industries is formal appraisal tools for recruiting, structured initiation preparation. Solar industries have non developed an effectual initiation programmed.

New employees employed at solar industry acquire off to a bad start and they do non understand the organisation itself or their function in it. Hence, this has lead to employment turnover which is high-18 % for directors, 17 % for applied scientists, 20 % for gross revenues and selling and 15 % elsewhere. As a consequence, it is progressively hard to happen good replacings, and besides take downing of morale for the staying staff.

In solar industries HR planning and development methods are high engagement patterns, integrated HR patterns and reward attack but in malice of all this, things are clearly non traveling excessively good, so for this they need to see programs as adaptable. A solar industry requires more attending to planning. It is both possible and desirable to be after for uncertainness. The accent in HR planning will be on maximal future flexibleness. The aims of HRP play a utile function in the direction of organisation: enlisting, preparation and development, staff costing, redundancy, corporate bargaining and adjustment.


First, I recommend that board of managers of solar industries could better its scheme towards preparation and development of its direction staff by utilizing formal initiation class. It will salvage inductances and directors clip by covering with a group than covering with persons. It ensures that all new recruits are given a positive message and consistent information.

It can use a scope of communicating techniques including: group treatment and undertakings, presentation, visits and guided Tourss, off-site preparation Sessionss, engagement with providers, clients and contractors. It enables new recruits to socialise with each other and build cross-functional relationships. This procedure of preparation and development is easy to set up.

Second, seek to avoid by supplying excessively much and excessively shortly to the inductee. This will do the process simple and relevant. It will be suited for everyone in the industry and for their functions within the organisation. By this manner the procedure should be shared. Furthermore, initiation programmed will bring forth unreasonable outlooks.

Finally, I recommend that harmonizing to effectual initiation preparation and development programme and proper HR planning solar industries improved its scheme towards preparation and development of its direction staff. Harmonizing to effectual initiation preparation and development is done by formal and informal class. Therefore, industry needed proper acquisition accomplishment, preparation program and developing scheme in the industries direction staff in corporate universe.

Talent Management:

Talent direction is a place of employees with concern precedences to present greater public presentation and consequences. As bureaus strive to run into strategic ends, they must guarantee that they have a uninterrupted procedure for recruiting, preparation, managing, back uping, and counterbalancing their employees.

Emerging engineerings are altering the employee competences needed in organisation. There is demand of betterment in solar industries in countries of planning, growing and development, direction accomplishment by endowment direction system. The specialised merchandises of the solar industries are electronics. Talent direction provides solution to supply better services to administrations like solar industries.

The solar industries should do scheme of endowment direction that give advice to assorted countries of industries. The procedure of endowment direction helps solar industries to enroll, deploy, develop and retained employees in the organisation. Solar industries should concentrate non merely on recruiting and retaining endowment, but besides concentrate on endowment understanding organisation back up their employees on issues they care about most.

Industry has to concentrate on strategic enlisting in the organisation because there are deficit of skill employees at all the degrees. They have to deploy about fiting the right employee to a critical occupation or undertaking. The organisation must concentrate on their critical endowment to accomplish strategic nonsubjective by guaranting their accomplishments, involvement, and capablenesss.

It creates successful work force in the industry to develop a public repute for being a great topographic point for work, which fosters trueness among current employees. The employees will be more interested in working for a company that gives importance to its employees and give them chances for continued success. Talent direction is necessary in the solar industries to retain employees, new skilled workers to be recruited. The war for endowment is the procedure of pulling and retaining employees between houses. ( Article in 1998 David Wilkins of soft range )

In solar industries it is necessary to implement endowment direction system to work into the concern scheme. The company has to implement endowment employees in the solar industries. It should be implemented at all the degrees of the organisation in the industries to pull and retain employees.

The endowment direction is non same in different administration. From talent direction base point, employee ratings has fright of two major of measurement public presentation and potency. The endowment direction is necessary to be practiced in the solar industries and must practise systematically ; Performance direction Leadership development, Work force planning ( placing endowment spreads ) , Recruiting.

The employees in the solar industries should be talented and talent market should be implemented. It is utile for industries and the most productive employee can choose the undertakings and assignments that are most perfect for peculiar employee. Talent direction is sort of human capital direction based on human resources direction field that make work easy in the organisation where the state of affairs is critical.

To pull off employee endowment in the industries they have to develop effectual programs and to implement it in the company. Their duty is to develop accomplishments in all the countries of direction for this they have to develop new concern scheme.


To better the organisational public presentation of the solar industries, I recommend that they should apportion endowment direction in their industries. First, solar industry needs workforce diagnostic capablenesss that enable more effectual strategic determination doing across all constituents of work force planning. For illustration solar industry has high per centum of employees labour turnover at all degrees would be an index that requires attending of senior direction.

Second, a solar industry has experienced expansive growing from around the Earth location play an progressively of import function. The ability to happen persons with peculiar cognition and convey them together in a practical environment can do it easier for employees to portion good patterns.

Third, industries have to develop proper recruiting and development activities to acquire the right employee in right occupation with right accomplishment. Finally, industry has to develop a endowment market place by a standard categorization of employee functions, accomplishments and competences and possible directors can place persons with relevant accomplishments and capablenesss.


Finally, I think that preparation helps people to larn different things in a different ways. Training and development helps in the administration to develop there information, methods in a systematic manner to execute all the activity in the solar industries.

Talent direction is method of assistance in the administration. It helps talented employees to develop their accomplishments and cognition. And besides develop their effectual program to pull off gifted employees in the industries. However, talent direction and preparation is the cardinal function of human resources direction in the solar industries.