Square D Company New Smart Phone Management Essay


Square D Company is now establishing a new merchandise into the market. It is a smart phone which name is RingStar 213. To make it, a promotional squad has to be created. At first, the company has to name the occupation of the undertaking and listed it in the occupation description. Based on this information, the squad members are recruited. After that, the squad will be formed to make the publicity for RingStar. The squad has their ain civilization, working and relationship policy. Square D will authorise the squad to assist them be a self-managed squad. By this, the squad can work better, and the publicity will hold higher consequences.

This study is created with the existent job that Square D can run into during the enlisting or squad working procedure.

Identify features of the individual ( s ) demands and inform possible appliers.

The first thing I have to make is to do a occupation analysis and occupation description. It shows me what precisely each squad member will make in their occupation. Based on this information, I can easy place the needful features of these individuals. ( occupation description – appendix )

The squad will hold 8 individuals with different intents and undertakings. If the squad has fewer members, the undertaking will hold a deficiency of human resources and everything become more hard. In add-on, I besides do n’t desire to hold many people. They will non work with all their forces and many be one of them can take the squad ‘s thought back to person else. Furthermore, the large size squad can hold more struggles and unexpected relationship between squad members.

There are some accomplishments needed for every member in the squad. They include some soft accomplishments as squad working, clip direction, job resolution, prioritization, deputation, composing study, communicating, and motive accomplishments. In add-on, we require some other difficult accomplishments as computing machine, English and professional accomplishments. The campaigners who have experience in establishing new merchandises, particularly nomadic will hold more chances. They need 1 at least one twelvemonth experience in the related occupations and unmarried man grade or more.

After making occupation analysis and occupation description for this undertaking, I find out that there are eight functional places needed. They are recruited by some particular demand.

1 Leaderships

Very strong leading, coaching, direction accomplishments

Goals Puting accomplishments

Strong struggle and job resolution accomplishments

Computer accomplishments in undertakings direction

2 old ages experience as leader in new merchandise launch

Have a good vision in the hereafter and motivate people to follow it.

1 Research

Skills to read and measure studies, experiments and other surveies covering with substantial job in the new merchandise and market research.

Skills to make research while be aftering a survey, analyzing the information, interpretation and generalizing the consequences.

1 Seller

Excellent cognition in gross revenues techniques ; advancing ; merchandise presentation and merchandising merchandises or services.

Skills for prepare gross revenues literature, media kits, and gross revenues contracts utilizing computing machine.

Good presentation accomplishment to pull clients and stakeholders

Broad cognition of gross revenues schemes, planning and ability to put to death it.

1 Resources accountant

Skill for developing proper system of cost analysis for budgeting intents

Master the budgeting and fiscal accomplishments required for better decision-making

Skills for identify beginnings of fiscal and operational informations to back up the budgeting procedure

Accounting and undertaking fiscal accomplishments

1 Technical

Skills to utilize and repair official machines

Computer, cyberspace and LAN, HOC accomplishments

Website direction accomplishments and design accomplishments

Skills for utilizing concern and undertakings package

Professional cognition on nomadic phone


Negotiation accomplishments

Good communicating accomplishments, particularly in unwritten and composing communicating

Very active

2 Selling

Skills for making selling program and scheme

Skills for pull offing the production of selling stuffs, including cusps, postings & A ; circulars etcaˆ¦

Forming and go toing events such as conferences, seminars, responses and exhibitions ;

Marketing new merchandises and services to bing and new clients.

Inform possible appliers

For Square D Company, they can utilize the occupation poster and occupation command methods to enroll the present employees in the company. For the leaders and proficient support place, present employees are more suited because they know more about the company civilization, working environment and information on the RingStar S213.

For the enlisting from exterior of the company, we can utilize a scope of methods to inform possible appliers.


For the advertisement, we can attend in the Television, newspaper and cyberspace. From the experience, in Vietnam, publicizing on Television and cyberspace cost excessively much money but the consequences do non as expected. The appliers from these methods about do non hold plenty accomplishments to the words. The Internet may be better for Square D. ( Than, 2009 )

Recruiter methods

For Microsoft Company, about their best appliers for selling undertaking are fresh calibrated pupils. With this method, Square D will direct the recruiters to pass on with the manager of pupil arrangement, calling resources Centre and calling carnival in the university to happen the possible pupil. In add-on, the university has already divide pupils in different classs that can assist the company easier to take their appliers. ( Mondy, 2007 )

Employment Agencies

At last, the most effectual and fastest method is that we can travel to the employment bureaus, particularly on-line services. Harmonizing to Mr. Chuong- CEO of Phuoc Thinh Training, the two biggest enlisting services are www.vietnamwork.com and www.careerlink.com. For vietnamwork in illustration, they now have more than 370 000 sketch of applier with 57 000 visitants per twenty-four hours.

Methods for choice and the choice procedure for Square D company

After holding all of the information about the demand of the occupations and the accomplishments needed, we are now on the enlisting procedure.

Recruitment procedure

Online application

The first measure in the enlisting procedure is receives the Application signifiers of the campaigners. The human resources section designs the signifier in compared with the occupation description and occupation analysis. It has more power than the CV by happening out the possible campaigner that has the existent ability that meet the demand of the squad. Short list

After comparing information on application signifiers, the Human Resources Department will do a short list of the most suited campaigner. It helps to salvage money ; clip and other resources by traversing out the name of the campaigners who do non hold the needed feature.

General interview

The selected campaigners will be following interviewed. After inquiring about the personality, the campaigners are asked some inquiries about the accomplishments and experience in their professional occupations, particularly related to establish a new smart phone to the market. It helps to hold an overview about the campaigners. This measure is really utile, particularly in long term. The campaigners who are failed in this interview because they are non suited with this occupation but they are goods for the others place can be listed in possible list for the future enlisting. This full measure is done by phone and cyberspace to salvage money and clip.


In this measure, we will utilize three sorts of trials to mensurating accomplishments and personality of the campaigner.

Intelligence trial ( IQ trial ) : Test the general rational ability of the campaigner. It is of import for this undertaking because we will establish a new technological merchandise.

Personality trial ( in combined with EQ trial ) : The MBTI and Bilben trials give us the much richer apprehension of the campaigners ‘ personality and the suitableness with the place they want to use.

Proficiency trial: Measuring the ability of the campaigners to make the plants involved in the occupation analysis.

Group role-play exercisings

As reference before, the recruited employees will work in squad. However, some people will outplace themselves if they see squads coming and they do n’t wish the thought ( HR Magazine, May 1999 ) . Therefore, the group choice method is really utile. However, it needs a long clip and be excessively much. In add-on, we have many other efficiency choice methods.

We merely do a group role-play exercising to research interpersonal accomplishments of the campaigners. This measure reveals more about their public presentations in the squad to take their suited place.

Deep interview

In the general interview measure, the interviewer merely want to cognize if the campaigners have suited personalities for the work but do non concentrate on the professional accomplishment. In this measure, I want to measure once more all of the information that the campaigners give us in the whole enlisting procedure to do certain that they are truly run into the demands and the company civilization. For campaigners, they besides can acquire the information about Square D to make up one’s mind that they truly want to work or non.

The interviewer group include the manager of human resources section, the undertaking manager who the squad has direct duty for and a professional interviewer. They can run into and understand each other.

After this measure, the enlisting procedure for the squad member is ended. Based on the information, a squad will be created and the campaigner will be placed in the suited place.

Leader trials

However, the leader is the most of import individual. He must fall in to a work trying measure. The leader will be put into different state of affairss that he might cover with in the hereafter. It can mensurate how he can execute in the peculiar business. In add-on, after that, he will be interviewed once more about the leading ability. In this clip, the CEO of Square D company will besides be at that place. We want to do him understand clearly about his occupation and our ends. At last, we will desire to happen out if he has adequate experience in new nomadic phone launch to take the squad make the end.

Apply legal, regulative and ethical considerations to the choice procedure

In the enlisting, there are many jobs I have to see. At first, we must follow The Labour Code of The Socialist Republic, anti-racism jurisprudence of Vietnam.

For the work of establishing a new nomadic phone, the employees that we recruit about are work forces. However, we need to give equal chances for adult female. The occupation analysis and the advertizement, certification must be neuter. We focus more about the quality of employees.

In add-on, the young person can rapidly accommodate with the high engineering. We want to enroll them to the undertaking. On the other manus, we besides make chances for the older people who have excessively much experience on the undertakings. In add-on, the parts and nationality are besides traversing out in the enlisting advertizement.

For fresh calibrated pupils, we do n’t necessitate to concentrate excessively much on which school they have learnt. In 2010, we remember that there are many companies do non accept to enroll the pupils who graduated from Tien Giang University ( TR. , 2010 ) . We have to retrieve that “ A mastermind can come from anyplace ” .

The most of import thing in this job is that in Vietnam, many people are recruited by the relationship between them and other people in the company. They can be their relations or friends. It will non go on in Square D. The managers and stakeholders can non utilize governments to consequence on the enlisting consequences.

Identify the mix of cognition, accomplishments and experience necessary

Although we try to enroll the people that already good at squad working, we all know that “ To presume workers have the necessary accomplishments without preparation is a serious mistake ” ( HR magazine, 1999 ) .

Therefore, after the enlisting, we have to develop our squad in many different accomplishments, cognition and experience.

Training cognition on the new Rising Star S213 Touch Phone and new engineering: This Mobile is a trade name new merchandise. The squad has no much cognition on it. To establish this new merchandise into the market, our squad have to understand clearly about the merchandise. In add-on, a present applied scientist in Square D is besides take portion in this squad to guarantee that.

Teamwork preparation: The employees worked for different squads, in different civilization before fall ining to Square D. Therefore, they can be unusual with the company civilization and have troubles to work with the others every bit good as they did. They need to be trained once more to repair it. They will larn “ how to form a meeting, set an docket, determine precedences, assign work, so follow through ” ( HR magazine, 1999 )

Listening experience from the others people about the launching procedure of smart phone is really of import. It is the first clip that the squad work in nomadic launch, so they do n’t hold much experience although they are really good at other merchandises launch. This class can assist them to avoid the failures in their plants.

To make the undertaking, the created squad has to work with other sections. They have to roll up resources, paperss and databases. Therefore, they need to be develop how to link with other sections and acquire aid from Square D. Especially ; they must cognize the company civilization and construction at first. After that is the communicating tools and information direction.

Square D is a engineering company. We use our private tools and package to run our concern to maintain private information. The squad are unusual with our systems. We need to assist them utilize it more efficaciously.

Analyse kineticss within squads, stimulate and advance a squad spirit which helps motivate and provides support to team members and besides clear up outlooks of relationships

Team kineticss

“ Team kineticss relate to the interpersonal and mutualist procedure of work-how things get done by and through people, and how team members relate to their undertaking and to each other. Dynamicss involve procedures of communicating, decision-making, leading and sharing of power. ” ( www.argospress.com, 2009 )

Team ends and undertakings

All of the squad ends and aims are sat up to accomplish the complete mission of Square D. These ends need to be accepted and understand clearly by all of the squad members.

The undertakings given for the squad members are based on their functions. Peoples have to make their full given undertakings. In add-on, squad members have to assist the others to complete undertaking to accomplish the complete end

Office layout

In the office, the layout can alter the think of people. The office is designed to set people together as in their house. For illustration, every people will works around one large tabular array in the center of the room. It can assist team members think that the office is non merely someplace that they go to work to acquire salary but besides their 2nd house. Therefore, they will work with all their force.

Tools and engineering

Peoples in our office will link with the others by utilizing the squad mail system. In add-on, we besides have a squad sharing waiter to interchange file and papers. We use the computing machine for all of our plants.

Particularly, our squad will utilize head function package in the undertakings. All of the squad members must cognize how to utilize it and how to work together with the head map.


During our work, there will be many struggles. We will utilize the constructive struggle position for all of the jobs. They can non merely be constructive but besides destructive. We will seek to work out the struggle by win-win theoretical account.

By experience from the large company, in our undertaking establishing squad, the selling members ever say that they can non set the RingStar S213 in the trust of the clients because the selling ever say “ out of life ” about the merchandises. For the selling, they ever believe that giving 70 % true information is adequate ( Cohen, 2009 ) . To work out this struggle, the proficient individual in the group will give for both the sale and the selling individual a list of new nomadic tools that they can state with the clients. In add-on, the selling and the sale individuals have to run into the other and agree about the things that they will state about Ring Star S3213.

For the other job, we solve it in this manner. The leader needs to believe about the job. After that, he asks the others without stating his solution. At last, leader makes the last determination. It can be his ain solution if we need a fast determination or the truly think that his solution is the best, but he has to explicate with the squad member subsequently. On the other manus, it can be a solution that combines with the others ‘ thoughts.

Team spirit

Promote to construct and develop squad spirit

To do the squad be together, we have to construct a squad spirit.

Team name: “ Wholly ” . ( We ever want to finish every undertakings and every undertaking on clip with a high consequences together )

Team motto “ Together we ‘re stronger.

All for one. One for all. ”

Team linguistic communications: When speaking, we build a squad linguistic communications by non to utilize “ I ” but ever use “ Wholly team ” or “ we ” to speak about our determination. In add-on, the sentence “ Yes, together, we can make it ” is used to accept the given undertaking. When person in the squad have job, the other can state it to actuate them.

The squad needs to construct a healthy environment by advancing temper and amusement session. The office will be decorated with the images, images and awards about squad accomplishment and activities. In add-on, the squad can play feature together, fall in squad constructing event or watching squad spirit films. At the weekend, a barbeque or dinner is celebrated and we have an unfastened treatment, working jobs or working narratives are included.

Open communicating to construct squad spirit

To advance the squad spirit, a squad forum will be created. In this chat country, they can whatever they want to portion such as:

Discuss or present the inquiry of professional or personal nature.

Discuss of the company or squad policy, undertakings and mission

Post their image or picture about their day-to-day life

State about their avocations, favorite eating house, holiday or their household and their success.

In Ford Company, in the early of 80 century, they have to cover with a job that the squads in their company do n’t work together. Particularly the new squad, when people are unusual, they do non desire to portion thoughts and experiencing. They ever keep it and discourse in group outside of the meeting and they want to maintain the mistake of the other in their head ( Dean Tjosvold, 2009 ) .Our squad can hold the same job. In our group, we will direct “ happy missive ” to show our “ felicity ” , “ unhappiness ” , or “ choler ” about each other and say all of their reaction on these job. It can non merely assist to increase the communicating and information systems but besides solve the struggles.

Team spirit consequence: “ Trust ” – motivation and back uping squad members

The unfastened communicating, at first, helps the leader to portion the vision, scheme and mission of the squad. It binds the members together and orients them towards the squad ends. Effective communicating removes the job of members in the plants and avoids the unofficial information by sharing them with the leader. They besides know more about the others members. Therefore, there are no struggles and jobs by misconstruing.

Team spirit gives assurance to people. Assurance that thoughts will be received and jobs will be addressed empowers the squad members at all degrees. It creates a congenial ambiance at the work topographic point. This brings out the best in the squad members, makes them experience more affiliated to each other and helps in edifice squad synergism.

With the squad spirit, people can work together and repair any job. We can hold more thoughts, more effectual scheme with a lower resources used.

Sometime, team leader as a usher individual that have to demo to the squad member who as the blinds a manner to travel. The most of import thing that we need to hold is the “ trust ” . All of the action above is to back up to make the trust between squad members. If the squad hold trust, they can be really strong and impossible to be break. ( See in the chapter 6 )

Expectation of relationship

In our squad, we make our relationship as members in one household. We want to understand clearly and take attention of each others. In add-on, squad members will assist the others with their undertakings, their acquisition, or their development without believing about the others can be better and acquire a higher place than them.

The leader has to make a political of working relationship. In this policy, squad members can hold an unfastened communicating as reference before. In add-on, the leader has besides to construct his authorization to command the group because they can non be a self-managed squad instantly. It is the combine of authorization and heard, be heard between the squad.

We do n’t desire to hold a really strong relationship between the squad members. When there is a close friendly relationship in our squad, the feeling of the others in this relationship will be alteration. In the existent life, the relationship between the manager and the secretary is an illustration. If they fall in love, in a treatment, when the manager decides to utilize the thought of the secretary, the others might believe that he is non just although his determination based on the logic. The others may decline to work with the secretary in the hereafter. As a consequence, the sectarian struggle will go on.

Encourage squad members to develop functions during their squad assignments

In a squad, we need to split people in different squad functions. Teams work best when there is a balance of primary functions and when squad members know their functions, work to their strengths and actively manage failings. The functions are chosen to be suited with the functional functions. To accomplish the best balance for this undertaking squad, there should be:

A co-ordinator for leader.

A proctor judge to keep honestness and lucidity.

Implementer, Resource research worker, Specialist and Completer to do things go on.

Each of them has their ain undertaking in the undertakings to do certain that we will accomplish the ends.




( squad leader )

Clarifying ends, promote decision-making, and depute undertakings to other squad members.

Guaranting that everyone has a utile function and squad plants towards common and in agreement end.

Making clip frame for the plants of other squad members and actuate them to follow it.

Resources research worker ( Resources accountant )

Communicating with squad members who explore chances and develop contacts.

Controling the resources ( money, information, furniture, tools, etc. )

Making certain that all of the resources are ever ready to utilize.


( Selling, marketer )

Making processs stairss to be taken Completely squad reaches ends

Carry throughing squad duties

Implementing thoughts and turn it into action.

Completer ( logistics )

Guaranting squad ‘s work meets necessary deadlines and conforms to highest criterions.

Guaranting no inaccuracies or mistakes.

Solving the job in plants of the squad to acquire it done.


( proficient protagonist, research worker )

Supplying focal point on proficient issues facing squad

Supplying cognition and techniques in short supply

Sharing cognition on the Ring Star 213

Repairing machine in the utilizing procedure

Provide cognition on the market ( client, rival, merchandise )

Monitor judge

( Selling )

Guaranting all worthwhile options are considered

Measuring complete proposals.

Measuring the consequences of specific undertakings.

Empower squads to develop their ain ways of working independently and to trust on their ain capablenesss within pre-set boundaries

Texas Instrument, Xerox and many other companies found out that the squad that works in their ain manner – self-managed squad give those better consequences in their plants ( Dean Tjosvold, 2009 ) . To assist this undertaking squad works with all the squad member ‘s forces, the company has to give them some authorization.

Resources rights

The undertaking squad has been given a figure of resources as money, information, paperss, computing machine, suites and many other tools of plants. They have the right to utilize all of these things for their undertaking but they have to describe it subsequently.

Information, day of the month rights

The squad have the right to acquire the information and information needed if it is non include in the secret information of the company. The other section have to assist them acquire information. However, they have to maintain private all of these.

Supplier rights

The squad have the right to take any provider for their undertaking. They can besides negociate the monetary value with them and pass their money to purchase what they needs for the undertaking. If there is something happen, they can besides de-select providers. In fact, they can take any media to publicize and make event as their program to advance RingStar.

Signature authorization

The undertaking squad has the authorization to subscribe the contract with other company. They can besides enroll more employees or de-select them with their resources. They can besides subscribe in their determination or policy papers with their authorization.

Contact rights

The undertaking squad have the right to reach to the undertaking manager to inquire his aid. They can inquire for more resources ( human, finance ) . They can besides do a basic contact with the stakeholders. For the contracts that relate strongly with the development of the company, they can non subscribe it entirely.

Team control rights

The squad have all of the right to command their work, put their time- frame, their context and boundaries for the plants. They can split the undertaking for their squad members and alter the squad roles if needed. They can absence in some meeting of the company and do n’t hold to compose the day-to-day studies for the undertaking managers.

In fact, directors frequently fear that their occupations will vanish if work squads become autonomous ( Management Review, 1998 ) . Therefore, many directors do non make back up their squad to be self-managed. However, self-managed squad can non be the director of themselves in the administration construction. It merely works independently under the control of their foreman. The director and the squad have to sit together and discourse about the ends, aims that is why the squad is built. After understand clearly, they will do a determination about the resources, authorization and rights. The consequences have to be the win-win state of affairs that helps the director control the squad without authorization and the squad realize they are given all of the ability to success in their plants.


Square D at last recruit really possible employees for the undertaking suited with the occupation description. The squad has been created and become self-management. They can now working really good under the control ( without authorization ) of the undertaking director. Therefore, Rngstar will be launched with the high consequences