Strategic Analysis of PTCL

Strategic Analysis of PTCL

Table of Contentss

Table of Contentss


Executive Summary


Company Information


The Business Vision & A ; Mission

SWOT Analysis of PTCL

TOWS Matrix

Fiscal Ratios

External / Internal Assessment

Strategic Factor Analysis

Strategy Selection

SPACE Matrix

Boston Consulting Group Matrix

Strategy Control & A ; Evaluation

Scheme for PTCL

Proposed Vision and Mission:

Management Scheme

Merchandise Development Strategy


IT audience

ERP/MRP Implementation

ERP/MRP instruction

PTCL Consulting Academy

Smart Link ( Landline app for nomadic phone )




Executive Summary

PTCL holds the leading place in the information and communicating engineering service supplier industry of Pakistan. The nucleus values of PTCL are professional Integrity, teamwork, client satisfaction, and trueness to the company but unluckily PTCL deficiencies in all of them. Harmonizing to the primary informations collected, PTCL has the highest figure of employees with a ratio of 1:3 as compared to the industry and the productiveness of those employees is largely below norm as PTCL is mostly owned by the authorities, PTCL is unable to put off unproductive employees. Coming to the teamwork, after the direction coup d’etat of PTCL by Etisalat, the human resource section known as employee facilitation centre has improved but still there are a batch of direction and strategic issues in the company. Harmonizing to the Strategic Factor Analysis Summary ( SFAS ) extracted from the Internal and External factor analysis sum-up, it is clear that PTCL still holds the monopoly in PSTN and broadband despite of the rivals like Wateen and cellular rivals such as Mobilink, Warid, Telenor and Zong. But PTCL has a menace from cellular companies by the viing 3G and 4G services every bit good as the PSTN has been sharply replaced by cellular phones and they will turn disused by 2020 as good. In this viing technological advanced industry with new up step and alteration every minute, PTCL needs to come up with a corporate scheme holding a trickle-down consequence on all the concern and functional degrees. The new service which I have decided to establish for PTCL as a new concern division is supplying the execution of SAP package to companies and concern through Enterprise Resource Planning. As, engineering has been the past, and will ever stay the hereafter, PTCL needs to be the first mover in telecommunication company to be supplying SAP solutions to the corporations as a portion of unrelated variegation. As portion of already bing portfolio, PTCL can better its client service which is the worst of all by establishing new up to the grade one halt centres every bit good as educated employees and standardisation. Another manner of increasing the client base of land line ( PSTN ) is to establish an application in the nomadic phone through which people can name from nomadic phone through their PTCL figure and the receiving system sees the PTCL figure alternatively of nomadic figure. In the same manner, the measure comes on the PTCL measure alternatively of charges on the nomadic figure. This can increase the client base and generate grosss for PTCL through the landline Numberss.

PTCL follows the undermentioned schemes:

  • Corporate
  • Business
  • Functional


The corporate mark of PTCL for the twelvemonth 2015 is 3+3 which means that by the terminal of twelvemonth 2015, PTCL must hold 3 million broadband every bit good as 3 million PSTN clients.

  • Private
  • Public
  • Hybrid

Boston Consulting Group Matrix



  1. Merchandises as units of analysis

We are choosing different merchandises of ptcl as unit of analysis. That include Evo, DSL, WLL, IPTV AND PSTN.

  1. Market

The market we have selected is urban country. That includes families, corporate sector and institutes. Then harmonizing to demographics and psychographics. Peoples in age group of 18-45, male female both, working, pupil, center, upper center and upper category.

  1. Market Share

Evo 18, DSL 44.5, WLL 0.6, IPTV 1.5 AND PSTN 35 % .

DSL of PTCL is non merely the market leader among PTCL merchandises but besides of industry.

So we will cipher the comparative market portion harmonizing to DSL market portion.

  1. Calculation

Relative market portion of WLL=0.6/44.5

Relative market portion of IPTV=1.5/44.5

Relative market portion of PSTN=35/44.5

Relative market portion of EVO=18/44.5






  1. Industry Growth

Industry growing rate is 5.8 % in Pakistan. That is tele-density growing rate.

Trade name

Market Share

Relative Market portion

Industry growing rate

Digital subscriber line



5.8 %




5.8 %




5.8 %




5.8 %




5.8 %













PTCL falls under the “VII” class that describes that PTCL should utilize the scheme of “Hold & A ; Maintain” which means that they should perforate in the market or should work on the merchandise development. This place is attained by the PTCL as the Entire Average Tonss were calculated by acquiring mean tonss from the EFE matrix and the IFE matrix. The values that were achieved from EFE was 2.555 and from that of IDE was 1.405.

GRAND Strategy Matrix


Business Plan Statement

“PTCL should develop and turn their concern divisions, with that they need to better their client attention and the image of PTCL that it is non a authorities owned company with bossy environment in it.”


  • Management Scheme
  • Merchandise Development Strategy
  • Change Management

PTCL need to concentrate on these three:

Management Scheme

1 ) Internal Management

First PTCL demand to alter the manner it deals with its direction and needs to promote those people who are productive and working candidly in the organisation. Necessitate to give planned or targeted aureate handshakings to acquire rid of those people who are non working and are stick with PTCL from ages. Because these people are with PTCL from a long clip but are non working fruitfully they are merely eating the organisation.

Then a work friendly environment should be developed, direction should be encouraged on the good work done by them. Through interviews we came to cognize that in PTCL work is non been appreciated by the top direction and fillips and wagess are non distributed every bit.

Then PTCL should deconcentrate their determination devising standards, because in PTCL lower degree direction is given no importance and they do non see themselves a portion of this organisation. To promote them and to do them a portion of this organisation they should be given the authorization to do the determinations on smaller degree and to take feedback from them.

2 ) Integration of company

Day by twenty-four hours company’s competition is going more intense and companies are going more incorporate but on the other manus PTCL is non integrated.

PTCL as a company is non on one page, they need to acquire on one page by incorporating the whole organisation, and this could be done by implementing the SAP in the organisation. Through this everyone will be in touch and the whole organisation will be to the full integrated. By this batch of cost could be saved, but at first there will be a batch of investing to be done.

3 ) Customer attention services

PTCL client attention services are hapless. After questioning twosome of executives of PTCL we come to cognize that even PTCL employees acknowledge the fact that their client attention services are hapless and they need to better it be a better organisation and to take the competition.

PTCL need to develop their client attention services up to a standard international degree, because right now they are manner below the line. In that includes after sale services and execution of devices.

4 ) Reformation of Image

PTCL need to reform its image. As when we go to their “One Stop Shops” , they don’t look like a retail store of a large house like PTCL. To acquire the client base back PTCL demand to alter its image in the heads of client, for that they need to alter the manner client sees them and their one halt shops the really first image which client perceives or Judgess about the PTCL.

Merchandise Development Strategy

Landline industry is acquiring boss elated twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, biggest illustration is AT & A ; T they are diversifying and establishing new merchandises as they have forecasted the diminution of land line. So for PTCL to turn and to remain profitable in future they besides need to diversify and to develop new services. The best services that suits portfolio of PTCL are:

  • IT confer withing
  • Mobile land line app

Detailss of the undermentioned merchandises are given as follows.

app for nomadic phone )

PTCL should develop an app, through which PTCL user can name by from their PTCL figure but utilizing their cell phone.

It will be operated that you download app and so do an history on it utilizing your telephone line information e.g. figure, measure figure, proprietor ID card etc. and so you can name from that app and all the charge will be done on your landline figure of PTCL. And your landline figure will look to the receiving system.

These all services are a apparatus of one million millions of rupees and they all are serviced for 1000000s. So PTCL can easy acquire good returns and the payback period will besides be shorter.


  • First PTCL needs to alter its organisation civilization.
  • PTCL needs to open new concern division.
  • Capitalize on INTERNET services.
  • Introduction of new merchandises.
  • Implement the new scheme.
  • Market them with a new start.
  • Get rid of those employees who are non productive.
  • Induct fresh blood with good educational backgrounds.
  • Make a sense of duty in its employees.
  • Appreciate good work done by employees and measure them consequently.
  • Change the image of the company.
  • The point where client get in touch with ( One Stop Shop ) PTCL should be good, because that builds perceptual experience.
  • Concerted client attention employees.
  • Customer attention should be outsourced.
  • After sale services should be up to the criterion.