Tescos Management And Leadership Theories Management Essay

Tesco is a company which was founded in 1919 by a adult male called Jack Cohen, a food market marketer from a stall in London. The Tesco trade name originally foremost appeared after he had brought a cargo of tea from T.E Stockwell and the first Tesco shop was opened in 1929.

It started off as selling the usual nutrient and drink merchandises but since so expanded into countries offering alternate goods such as, vesture, electronics, finance services, nomadic web, auto, alveolar consonant, place and wellness insurance, CD ‘s, DVD ‘s and Games.

Tesco UK shops operate under four streamers which are Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express to run into different client demands. Tesco can besides be found on the London Stock Exchange. Tesco has ?62.54 billion in gross every bit good as ?3.41 billion income from February 2010 and has 4,811 locations around the state ; nevertheless Tesco has become the biggest British retail merchant and is one of the universe ‘s largest retailing mercantile establishment. Mainly its growing is due to the fact that in the workplace, it has a work force of 552,004 employees.

To prolong its growing, Tesco has to do certain that they have the staff who are motivated, flexible and well-trained and who can be cognizant of the client demands. Tesco sustain their employees in a scope of functions and at different degrees in the workplace from client helper to section director and warehouse to logistics staff. Tesco recognise this as they need employee motive to go on their growing.

Motivation is the driving force which set out to accomplish an person ‘s end. There are different theories that have been suggested for actuating employees. The chief factor for actuating employees is Pay, which is considered a primary incentive. Other actuating factors include:

Appreciation of difficult work e.g. inducements

A sense of accomplishment

Duty and authorization

Opportunity for development

A sense of challenge and enjoyment

If Tesco have a motivated work force so they will hold a assortment of employees who will work hard and accomplish their possible in less clip, which will endeavor Tesco to cut down cost in labor and less supervising of their employees. On the other manus this will show their pride to work for Tesco, hence create a better impact on consumers. Encouraged employees are more likely to concentrate better and are less likely to do errors, cause struggles and accidents in the workplace. In general this shows they have greater trueness for the consumer and have fewer absentees.

The antonym of a motivated work force is an unmotivated work force, which are employees in Tesco being dissatisfied in the function they play for the company. This can negatively impact the quality of the work they produce and how professionally they carry out their work and how this will impact Tesco as a concern but besides the merchandises they display on the store floor.

Tesco focal point on two groups, their staff and clients to accomplish motive by offering them wagess to back up stableness in the personal and work life. Such wagess are staff price reduction, flexible working and gym rank.

The theory to actuate shows that Taylor said “ one that is motivated plants strictly for money ” . Tesco has a similar nexus to Taylor ‘s theory as they have an employee wages programme which offers fiscal wages packaging to actuate the workers. On the other manus there are other factors which take into topographic point of actuating a individual ; they are personal and working lives. Tesco go beyond Taylor ‘s theory as they do more than wage increasing, they support the different life styles of each person that works for them by utilizing of import benefits. For illustration in Tesco, staff may want to function people or better their basic apprehension and accomplishments.

To do occupation satisfaction achievable for their staff, Tesco create a good working environment where they want to hold their employees experiencing valued and therefore it increases communicating and employees are asked for their sentiments of how they are experience this. As Tesco are a large administration they invest into preparation and development for its staff which enables them to develop their apprehension, accomplishment and sense of their occupation satisfaction. For illustration in my ain workplace at Sports Direct they create a good working environment as I was trained on the boulder clay and had people assisting me which developed my apprehension of the concern. By utilizing studies, Tesco ask their staff to go to a staff satisfaction study which is done by point of view and gives the staff to acquire across their positions on the occupation they do. From the study it shows Tesco what they need to make in order to maintain their employees motivated and to guarantee that they are accomplishing occupation satisfaction.

The benefits offered to employees the undermentioned Lifestyle interruptions which offer you 4-12 hebdomad off from work but so you are allowed to return after as it guarantees you do n’t lose your occupation, calling interruptions which allows staff working in Tesco between the 6 months and 5 old ages off from work but besides they have the right to return and pension strategy which defies the long term benefits staff can hold when they reach a certain age.

Other ways in which occupation satisfaction is achieved for the staff working in Tesco is the manner they look after their employee. This makes their employees feel that the occupation is unafraid and the company is looking after them and therefore it makes them bring forth work of a high quality. Using Herzberg two-factor theory which outlines the chief two factors hygiene and the satisfiers besides know as incentives.

Hygiene factors are put in topographic point in a concern such as Tesco to avoid what is called unpleasantness in the workplace. If these factors are thought to be deficient by the employees so this would intend that they are dissatisfied by working at that place. Incentive factors are for single people for their personal growing, the incentive side dynamically creates the occupation satisfaction. If they are effectual, so they can actuate the person to make an above-average public presentation every bit good as attempt. “ Herzberg showed that to truly actuate an employee a concern needs to make conditions that make him or her feel fulfilled in the workplace

For illustration Hygiene factors like wage can take to an employee at Tesco being dissatisfied as this will demo the employee is being paid a rate which has non increased from the clip he has spent at Tesco.

However the incentives like publicity chances in Tesco will fulfill the employee as they are traveling up a degree in the section and non remaining in one section from where they started from. This will admit how good they are working for the company.

Hygiene factors:

Pay and benefits

Company policy and Administration

Relationship with colleagues



Job security

Working conditions

Personal life




Work itself




Tesco will seek to actuate its employees by utilizing the two factor theory. For illustration, it can actuate and authorise its employees by utilizing suited and timely communicating to effectiveness, by naming duty and affecting employees in their ain determination devising in cardinal countries of their on the job life. Tesco utilizing forums every twelvemonth in which staff can be portion of the treatments on wage rises if they wish they need to.

This will demo recognition of the work Tesco people do and honor them. For illustration Tesco staff can even act upon what nutrient goes onto its eating house bill of fare. As a consequence of making this the employees hence become motivated to do picks that will increase their usage of the eating houses that Tesco have within the administration. That manner occupation satisfaction accomplishable as it is used to a really high degree in Tesco as they value each and every one of their member of staff so they achieve their possible and the company grows and has a high-quality repute.

I think it is of import for line directors to hold an apprehension of these theories in construct as they need to cognize how to actuate their employees working below them to acquire the best out of them, productiveness wise. However if directors on the forepart line do non hold an impact so this will restrict how they motivate or else non swearing them will cut down their motivational efficiency.

Directors this manner can understand what the employee is working toward such as the ends and aims that they set and how good they are pull offing their clip to acquire the work done for a company like Tesco for illustration.

It gives the director a opportunity to be impress by the employee and the quality of the work therefore shows which member is committed to making good and doing certain the company goes in the right way, On the other manus directors would desire to cognize the pros and cons of which is the best manner of the motivation construct through assorted theories in order to stand out from anyone else and the quality in production and repute it achieves at the terminal by making this.

It gives the director a opportunity to pass on and understand the employee efficaciously, to prosecute the key skills he may hold to offer to him, work wise and how motivated he is in-order to acquire on with what he is asked to make. The best manner to understand this is to interact with your employees to derive cognition otherwise the cardinal efficiency to work at a higher degree and to bring forth the quality you would desire to will non go on, unless you communicate with the director and he communicates with you.

To reason by looking at different theories of motive, how occupation satisfaction is achieved and how of import line directors are, you can happen out assorted ways in which Tesco can actuate their employees to acquire the best out of them by utilizing inducements for difficult workers and wagess every bit good as publicity. On the other manus you can besides see the negative effects this can hold if you have unmotivated employees in the workplace which reduces the morale and that individual quality to bring forth at the highest degree proposed from them. I recommend that by accomplishing an employee ‘s occupation satisfaction and motive but besides conveying into action how the line director should hold a good apprehension of these theories. Tesco get employees who work good in a good environment but besides one where they are valued for the difficult work they produce to run into the purposes and aims of the administration, but besides the ends they set for themselves to better the desire for working in a warm ambiance but besides the thrust that directors have in Tesco for their employee ‘s to accomplish their possible.


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