The Conceptual Framework Of Information System Strategys Information Technology Essay

This paper describes an Information System Strategy to be rolled out by Johnsons plc, a house that specializes in the industry and supply of furniture. The purpose is to better its profitableness through diversified concern operations. The developed scheme is meant to better the corporation ‘s internal operations like the purchase map. The scheme is to be crafted in a mode that it increases the efficiency of the house ‘s operations. The developed scheme is to include strategic direction betterment tactics aimed at bettering profitableness through the inclusion of a carefully designed determination support system.

Information system scheme refers to a scheme that is based on the power of the computing machine and computing machine webs heightening the concern aims of an constitution by agencies of a deep apprehension of information that is important for back uping the concern purposes ( Wilson,1999 ) .This is implemented by agencies of computing machine engineering that is relevant to the specific concern demands. This scheme can hence be regarded as a program that is to be employed in the procedure of developing computing machine systems that are helpful in heightening the concern maps of the concern in inquiry. Another statement postulates that Information system scheme is an of import component in the planning of concern procedures that are otherwise present in the heads of system developers, users and policy shapers likewise. Several studies are generated by agencies of this scheme. These studies are coupled with written programs which are necessary for recognizing the secondary demands of the concern.

Conceptual model

Galliers ( 1993 ) came up with a conceptual model that can be used in implicitly specify the constituents of information system scheme. This model is the 1 we adopt in this paper. The attack has an disposition towards a more holistic stance. The stance besides has component of socio-technicality and is the antonym of the mechanistic and traditional attack that has dominated pattern. The four constituents of an information system scheme as pointed out by Galliers ( 1993 ) are ; information, information direction, alteration and execution scheme.


Analysis of the of the current state of affairs at Johnson plc indicates that there are assorted cardinal concern maps that are non all right tuned to guarantee maximal productiveness. They include ;

The buying map

The buying map is non efficient when it comes to the devising of operational determinations. There are assorted jobs that can be seen in this map. The first on is that the house relies on a manual system in order to hive away the inside informations of the merchandises that they produce. The same manual system is used for hive awaying their provider monetary value lists. The major job with this manual system is that it causes a batch of jobs when it comes to the designation of alternate providers who can function the house. This is as a consequence of the manual system missing a cross-referencing system that uses services or inputs as the standard. This therefore makes their filing system to be deemed hapless. The 2nd job is that the bing system relies on the ability to retain information on specific purchasers through experience of persons at the house. This attack has demerits associated deficiency of handiness of information at the require occasion. The information could be on a certain merchandise or purchaser with an immediate demand of entree. This job gets worse in instance a peculiar employee with mention to certain providers leave the house since it relies on the head as a cross-referencing tool.

The buying map facet of the job is that the procedure of determination devising is feverish due to a deficiency of an efficient and less clip devouring manner of coming to a decision or doing necessary alterations to original purchase orders. The effect of this is the trouble in accommodating provider bills based on the initial purchase orders. In order to extenuate this ( under the current system ) , a batch of clip devouring research has to be carried out in order to place the causes of the purchase order-invoice discrepancy.

Purchase map ( doing of tactical determinations )

Several inefficiencies can be identified to impact the buying map. It is hence non efficient in the timely bringing of merchandises every bit good as the proviso of necessary information needed for originating tactical actions.

Warehousing/Distribution maps

The warehousing map in concurrence with the map for distribution of finished merchandises lacks a proper system to be used for the monitoring of stocks real-time. This jobs lead to a loss of money and clip in storage every bit good as extra industry of otherwise under-demanded goods.

The selling and gross revenues map

This is a really of import map since it acts as a nexus between the organisations and its market base. The bing system is non extremely construction and designed in such a manner that it can function all the stakeholders. This is caused by the fact that it relies on really few options like the system for gross revenues order processing that is generated from the telesales squad.

Issues related to direction.

Samuel johnsons plc is in an high deficiency of an integrative system that can be utilized for the ensuring that quality of merchandises and procedures are improved in a uninterrupted footing.

An overview of information systems ( cyberspace )

The cyberspace has several benefits and restrictions. Management information system for illustration relies in the power of the information systems. In this context, we see that it helps in the facilitation of undertaking and procedure planning which helps in bettering the quality of good produced by houses by supplying them with an update and relevant informations and information that assists them in doing determinations that are strategic to the operation of the house. In order to associate these benefits with our instance survey, we notice that Johnson plc which is a large house with complex maps needs a system that can help it in the coordination of its concern maps. The 2nd virtue associated with the usage of information system is that it reduces efficaciously, the grade of information overload because it converts the mammoth sum of informations into a extremely summarized signifier that is easy to grok. The consequence is a decrease in the sum of confusion at the direction degree. The 3rd virtue is that it creates decentalisation in footings of organisational authorization due to the possibility of information monitoring at the lower organisational degrees. This makes it utile in the monitoring of employee public presentation, a characteristic that is necessary for organisational planning. The 4th virtue is that it helps in organizing organisational maps and AIDSs in sharing information in the organisation. The 5th virtue is that it allows the easiness of commanding a house through heightening the degree of managerial control and organisational planning. This enhances the ability of the house ‘s direction communicate with its clients and stakeholders.


An analysis of the state of affairs at Johnson plc clearly illustrates that there is a desperate demand for the acceptance of a strategic endeavor information systems ( SEIS ) . This is a co-ordinated web of information systems that are integrated in design and operation in order to help in the running of a houses core maps. This is with the purpose of giving Johnson plc a competitory advantage.

The IS scheme

The direction of an organisation ‘s information systems is a really delicate operation that needs to be given a batch of attention and accent ( Porter and Miller,1985 ) .It hence calls for the employment of information systems at all degrees of the house ‘s operation. This is in order to give a competitory distinction to the company which is good for promoting its competitory advantage. An effectual standards must be used when deploying an IS substructure in any given organisation. It was postulated by Earl ( 1998 ) that an effectual information system scheme can be used as a winning tool for accomplishing alone competitory border, betterment of public presentation, betterment of productiveness, development of better concerns and the creative activity of a extremely organized house. The positions do suggest strongly that information scheme can be used for both managerial and strategic purposes. Firms such as Johnson plc nevertheless, can utilize information systems scheme in turn toing its internal and external maps.

Internal value

Information systems scheme can be used by Johnson plc in making an effectual internal value. This is in order to heighten the efficiency of its internal procedures via a procedure of improved internal organisational operations such as ;

Improved buying map

Improved repositing map

Improved direction map

Improved distribution map

In order to better internal maps, techniques like MRP II ( Manufacturing Resource Planning Information ) should be used as portion of the scheme.

In add-on Johnson plc should include Just-In-Time ( JIT ) so as to heighten its internal maps. There is a demand to get ERP package such as SAP in order to command and supervise its internal and external maps. When deploying the ERP system, it is of import that it can be used to seamlessly supervise the procedures within the standard patterns for the operation of strategic information system planning platforms.

The creative activity of external value

Johnson plc should better its external values by agencies of information system strategies that are tailored to its operations. This is so of import because the current concern environment is full of competitions and hence houses that do n’t concentrate on external value creative activity finally lose their competitory advantage ( Spulber,2009 ) . The current concern scene is really competitory significance that each signifier must hold an border so as to win over more clients. The procedure requires that the internal and the external concern procedures be all right tuned utilizing all tools available. The adoptive tools should be able to respond to the alterations in the corporate environment such as new concern theoretical accounts. New engineerings such as direction information system scheme are of import in order to stay competitory through enhance internal and external maps ( Chaffey, 2002 ) .

Johnson plc should put in Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) engineering that would let it to interchange valuable information such as order updates, merchandise monetary values and dealing agendas to their providers and clients. This should be rolled on a value added web ( VAN ) ( Kleinschmidt,2010 ) . The house should incorporate its applications in a individual Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) system ( Haiwook,2001 ) . This should be done by specializer as regulated by industry criterions.

Selling and Gross saless section

Johnson plc should use luxuriant selling and gross revenues techniques in guaranting that it realizes profitableness. As Gerard ( 2008 ) points out, it is of import to organize the selling and the gross revenues maps of an organisation across the whole gross rhythm. The scheme to be included by Johnson plc should be based on information engineering. Internet selling should be included in their selling mix every bit good as e-commerce for making out to a planetary audience.

Adoption of e-commerce into the supply concatenation

In order to better profitableness, Johnson plc should follow e-commerce into its supply concatenation ( Kocakulah, Foroughi & A ; Lannert,2009 ) . This is in order to get a competitory border ( Handfield & A ; .Nichols,1999 ) . They can make this by utilizing the cyberspace, intranet and extranet. Electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) can be use to go through valuable inter-organizational and extra-organizational information to assorted individuals, section, stakeholders and spouses.

An integrating of e-commerce into the supply concatenation Business to Customer ( B 2 C ) and Business to Business ( B 2 B ) ( Kalakota, Ravi and Whinston,1997 )


The most believable attack that must be adopted by Johnson plc must include a good coordinated information direction program that rides on an luxuriant strategic endeavor direction information system. All the maps of the company must be included in the platform and how they relate to each other. This manner, the house is certain of addition efficiency and profitableness