The History Of Food And Diet Health Essay

In this assignment I ‘m traveling to analyze the media representation of nutrient and diet. This assignment besides presents the clear position sing the nutritionary demands at assorted life phases and the impact on nutrient and diet of national and local policies, the media and the nutrient industry. Besides I ‘m traveling to points about the relationship between diet, wellness and a scope of diseases.


The media is the signifier and engineering used to pass on and bringing the information. The communicating channels by which all beginnings of promotional messages are disseminated. It is the fast and most popular method to go through on information.

The media plays critical function on consumers ‘ nutrient purchases. They tend to acquire cognition and information through public media. Furthermore, the consumers get a great impact and influence on nutrient and diet through public media instead than from physicians or dietitians. ( Food selling institute,2008 ) .

Nutritional diet demand at different life phase

Harmonizing to the Taber ‘s Medical, diet is defined as ‘what you eat and drink, and nutrition is the internal processing of nutrients and drink, like digestion, distribution, soaking up ( i.e. metamorphosis ) .

Therefore, nutrition is demands at different life phases: –

New born babes First 6 month

Mother milk is the best diet for the babe and provides the full diet to the 6 months of life. The babe energy demand can be 3 times than the relative demands of the typical grownup in the first 12 months. It can be estimated 3 clip of protein, energy, B vitamins and 4 clip of vitamins A C D and the mineral Ca & A ; Fe.

Toddler and immature kids ( approx 1- 11 old ages )

Children grow faster and have frequent motion. Therefore nutrition demand are greater than grownups.

Adolescence ( approx 11-19 old ages )

Energy demand may be up to 80 % higher than when grownup

Protein demand may be up to 80 % higher than when grownup

May necessitate more vitamin C than when grownup

Females may hold increased demand for Fe

Males may hold increased demand for Ca – for inspissating castanetss


The dietetic demand of normal grownups is typical human dietetic demands.


It the alterations period in the female nutrition. Requirement of 10 % in energy and protein and 100 % addition in Vitamin C, Calcium and folic Acid.

Aged people ( 60 + old ages )

Due to their low degree of energy aged people eat lesser. The consumption of less nutrient make insufficient in vitamin C. Elderly people particularly adult females may be at hazard of osteoporosis and so supplementation of Ca and vitamin D is given. … nutrition/dietary-needs-lifr-stage.php cited 10 November 2012

Relationship between nutrient and diseases

The most celebrated modern definition of wellness was created on Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization as adopted by the International wellness Conference, New York, 19-22 June, 1946 signed on 22 July 1946 by the representative of 61 State ( official records of the universe wellness organisation, no.2, p.100 ) and put into force on 7 april 1948.

‘Health is a province of complete physical, mental and societal wellbeing and non simply the absence of disease or frailty ‘ .

The definition has been amended since 1948.

During the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in 1986, the WHO said

‘a resource for mundane life, non the aim of life. Health is a positive construct stressing societal and personal resources, every bit good as physical capacities. ‘

Physical wellness agencies good wellness with the combination of good nutrition adequate remainder and physical exercising. To hold good wellness better and nutrition nutrient is of import. The bases for active populating the nutrition nutrient have to be taken.

Diet can be define through ABCD

A – learn to organize healthy attitude towards nutrient

B – best pick bad pick better pick will informed to take nutrient and aid to remain healty, lose weight.

C – learn the safe manner to filtrate out larder, roof of the mouth and non tempted to unhealthy nutrient

D – learn to take specific nutrient for the feeding and program dietary so that how body metabolise Calories.

Food is so inter-related with heath and diet. If one has healthy dies he / she is ever off from nutrient borne diseases.

Food with high cholesterin, fatty, sugary, debris nutrient can ever take to disease like bosom onslaught, blood force per unit area, diabetes, fleshiness.

Bad eating mode can set down up fleshy and extra fat can ask for chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes and malignant neoplastic disease. So, it clear that there is a strong relationship between several chronic diseases and nutrition.

‘Saturate fats appeared to excite redness procedure while unsaturated fats did non. They stimulated anti-inflammatory procedures ‘ , says Michael Muller, professor of Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomi

Many nutrient points are known for their side effects. Fatty nutrient get deposited in coronary arterias in the bosom and lead to the devising of coagulum which is stop the circulation of the blood to the portion of the blood musculus taking got bosom disease. ( Walsh, Stephens & A ; Chaloner, 2005 )

Healthy diet depends on the alterations in the nutrient form and disease forestalling benefits. Harmonizing to analyze published in diary of American Medical Association and cited by the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine on 2006 consequence doing echt healthy alterations in the diet lead to minimizing of hazard disease. Low fat works based diet that avoid all carnal merchandises is most good to put on the line of disease. Therefore, even small alterations like commanding ruddy meat, whole fat dairy for one or two yearss in a hebdomad can command your hazard.

Poor diet connect to disease

Unhealthy diet can take to diseases. Some hapless diet like high in concentrated fats, dietetic cholesterin, overall Calories, deficiency of equal sum of fruits and veggies can convey up and wake up chronic diseases like bosom diseases, high blood pressure, type 3 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

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Diet put on the lining malignant neoplastic disease

Our diet contain of 100s of different type of nutrient complied with 1000 foods and chemicals. Some of the diet invite malignant neoplastic disease whereas some prevent malignant neoplastic disease.

A reappraisal of how lifestyle can put on the line of developing malignant neoplastic disease was published in 2011 in which about 1 out of 10 malignant neoplastic disease can be of diet.

Nitrosamines are chemical found in healed meats like bacon, brewery do the nutrient contamination and are hazard of malignant neoplastic disease. Barbecuing and smoke nutrient are burnt nutrient doing chemical called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that cause malignant neoplastic disease. Frying and baking meat at high temperature produce chemical called heterocyclic aminoalkanes doing intestine malignant neoplastic disease.

The survey called European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition are making research on people nutrient consumption, supervising their wellness record and observing the scope of malignant neoplastic disease harmonizing their diet.

Good diet cut down malignant neoplastic disease hazard

Eat less sugar, carnal fat, salty nutrient, intoxicant, Fry nutrient

Eat more fibre, cereal, fruit and veggies and fish ( pink-orange, trout, mackerel )

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Health and scopes of diseases


Fleshiness is the diseases caused by gorging. The decrease of Calories and inordinate exercising is tendency to change by reversal fleshiness. The nutrients we eat reflect how fast we can derive weight. Obesity is consequence of devouring more Calories than organic structure wants. Eating big part of nutrient can be given to increase weight. Fried nutrient may give better gustatory sensation and crunchy texture but it higher the organic structure index.

Heart disease

Eating big parts of high-calorie nutrients will do to derive weight. To cut down weight, scientific discipline has proves that you merely necessitate to eat fewer Calories, irrespective of the content of those Calories. Excessive fat in nutrients is the easiest food to be stored as fat by your organic structure. The major job arises with the fat added by frying oil. Not merely do fried nutrients add Calories, but they add artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterin, which increase hazard of bosom disease.

Type 2 diabetes

The high-fructose maize sirup encourages splanchnic fat, and furthermore in kids it makes fat cells more mature and their organic structures more insulin resistant, doing them susceptible to type 2 diabetes at progressively earlier ages. In the Journal of Clinical Investigation says sweetened with fructose promote belly fat and developed cholesterin by the liver.

Liver diseases

Alcohol and big sum of organic structure fat do a bad blend. The relationship between the two is intricate. Evenly all signifiers of intoxicant can lend to fatness, with the exclusion of vino. Booze can besides percolate up your appetency and cause you to gorge. Over clip, intoxicant and fleshiness together can take to liver disease. Michio Kushi and Alex Jack say in their book ‘The Macrobiotic Path to entire Health ‘ , an surplus of dietetic salt over long period can do high blood force per unit area along with the tighten and overburden of liver. Harmonizing to Christy Parkin, R.N. of the American Diabetes Association says liver regulates and interrupt down to saccharify introduces in the organic structure.

Impact of media on nutrient and diet

Media is the fast and most popular medium to present information. Any sort of advert is seen and listens in the wireless. t.v. , cyberspace, magazine on the stashing board, on the coachs and wherever people can acquire informed. The advertizement exceed $ 15 billion per twelvemonth approx. Largely nutrient advertizements are for fast nutrient, breakfast cereal, bites and confects that are high in sugar, salt, fat, Calories, nutritionally derisory.

Today kids age from 8 to 18 have multiple types of media and pass over more clip 44.5 hr per hebdomad in forepart of computing machine, telecasting, game watching instead than other activities. Research has found advertizement in non nutrition nutrient and rate of fleshiness has increased. The kids from the age 8 can separate advertizement and attraction and persuasive of advert. Advert at this age is simply a natural exploitative. Children have a singular memory to remember content of the ads. Merchandise penchants have been shown to happen with every bit small as a individual commercial exposure and to beef up with perennial exposure. Product penchant affects kids desire and the petition and the petition influence parent to buying determination.

Approx. 20 % of our young person are overweight. Harmonizing to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention the fleshiness ha more than double in kids age 2 to 5 ( 5.0 % to 12.4 % ) and age 6 to 11 ( 6.5 % to 17.0 % ) whereas teens ages 12 to 19 have triple ( 5.0 % to 17.6 % ) . It tempting advert of the unhealthy nutrient associated kids and adolescent with diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some signifier of malignant neoplastic disease.

Sellers are progressively slippery in their encourages to set up trade name trueness. By the agencies of popular telly character to cartoon like Dora the adventurer, fido Dido, spongebob, blues hints, they pull the attractive force from sugary cereal, breakfast nutrient, fatty macaroni etc. Junk nutrient ads is distinguish in signifier of games and playthings like coca Cola, barbies, McDonald ‘s drama ut, books as the m & A ; m trade name numeration book.

Marketer exploits kids by taking advantage of their exposure. Even older kids are spell bounded by different consumer strategy like athletics, music, amusement in the drink like coke, Pepsi and fanta. An emotional connexion to Pepsi trade name is increased by sing their web site which has synergistic maps, including downloads and on-line games.

Ad in nutrient attract all ages. In certain nutrient strategy gift verifier is handed for the purchase of the nutrient. The nutrient advertisement industry seem like an entreaty to people of lack nutrition cognition. It is estimated that kids 12 influences every bit much as $ 500 billion in purchase per twelvemonth.

Food is the most frequent ads merchandise in telecasting. In a reappraisal of over 30 old ages of diary articles, Coon and Tucker concluded ‘children exposed to publicizing take advertised nutrient merchandises are significantly higher rates than do those non exposed ‘ . Research done on 2004 shows Television. adverts found ‘modest direct consequence ‘ on kids nutrient pick.

Harmonizing to the study done on US kids and senior who watch telecasting for more than 4 hr are tend to acquire fleshiness than the lesser spectator.

Every 5 proceedingss nutrient ad is showed in telecasting. The study shows that 34 % of nutrient ads are sing bites and confect and 28 % carries to high sugar and 10 % goes for fast nutrients.

Restricting nutrient advert

Always take echt determination sing telecasting adverts

Watch telecasting ever with your childs and explicate advertizement catchs

Always monitor childs with t.v. and computing machine plans

Always be a good theoretical account for doing healthy nutrient picks.

Make choice of healthy low fat and sugary nutrient

Always read a nutrient label.

Support legislative attempts to better school nutrition and deter media influence on kids ‘s nutrient pick.

Media good points

Media do hold good and bad points. it is one of the best and fast beginnings of information distributer. It media that present thought and knowledge about basic nutrient, nutrient links to diseases.

Media provides us with information like

The best and nutrition nutrients available in the markets

Nutrition addendum and the trade name that offer low fats

Food merchandises available for different age groups

The information about what nutrient should be eaten and process of cooking

National and local policies of nutrient and diet

Food safety policies are formed of public ordinance of the content and composing of nutrient offered on the market. The jurisprudence regulate the additives degree of bacteriums, contaminated is controlled by the governments and meant that consumer can safely eat nutrient and sold in the market. It besides take a signifier of to promote citizen to follow healthy eating wont. The purpose of the policies to advance wellness and prevent diseases such as bosom diseases, malignant neoplastic disease, fleshiness, and diabetes. For old ages action has been taken for the populace to devour diet with low fat, rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral. Despite of contention widespread consensus exist among biomedical expert that these recommendation will to advance general wellness and population.

( Stockely, 2001 )

Consumers have pick about what to eat and most states have ordinance about nutrition labelling be option or mandatary. Consumer are required to read and intake nutrition nutrient. ( Hill and Knowlton, 2000 )

Food Standard Agency ( FST ) is an independent Government section set up by an act of parliament in 2000 to protect the populace ‘s wellness and consumer involvements in relation to nutrient. It has an authorization for nutrient hygiene and nutrient safety over UK. FST who is besides committee research related to nutrient safety articulation with local governments to set into consequence nutrient safety ordinances and staff in UK meant workss to guarantee that the demands of the ordinances are being meet.

The chief intent of the Act is to set up the Food Standards Agency, supply it with maps and powers, and to reassign to it certain maps in relation to nutrient safety and criterions under other Acts. In add-on, it provides powers to set up a strategy for the presentment of the consequences of trials for food-borne diseases.


The Department of Health – nutrition policy, including labelling, in England

Defra – nutrient labelling non related to nutrient safety or nutrition in England.

FSA – labelling policy in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,

FSA – nutrition policy in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The chief focal point of FSA

The green goods in UK is out of injury to eat

The chief focal point of the nutrient manufacturer is to give precedence to consumer involvement about nutrient

The consumers should hold information about picks of nutrient and understanding about nutrient

The ordinance is effectual, hazard based and proportionate, and is evident about the duties of nutrient concern operators, and cognizant consumers and their involvements from fraud and different hazards

The enforcement is effectual, and is focused on bettering public wellness

( hypertext transfer protocol: // , cited on October, 2012 )

An independent beginning of scientific advice called European Food Safety Agency ( EFSA ) set of nutrient concatenation in January 2002. It map with coaction with national governments and unfastened consultancy with its stakeholders. Its remit covers nutrient and provender safety, nutrition, carnal wellness and public assistance, works protection and works wellness. Ti is form to guarantee high degree of consumer protection and restore and maintain assurance in the EU nutrient supply. Food is most of import beginnings of life it is committed and empower to guaranting nutrient safety in Europe.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // , cited on October, 2012 )

Food labelling

There are legion jurisprudence that protect consumers against deceitful labelling and bad description. It is offense to show bogus advertizement, description, exposing of nutrient. Consumer have rights to cognize the nutrient they purchase are harmonizing to the label.

The nutrient labelling ordinances 1996

The nutrient must be manifest and labelled with certain standards

The appropriate lastingness indicant

A name of ingredient available

The name of the industry, reference, bagger and the retail merchant

The topographic point of beginning

The name of the nutrient

The particular storage status and direction to be usage.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // , cited on 14th, May, 2012 )

Laws and ordinance of nutrient and safety

Food and safety act 2006

It is offense to hive away or sale nutrient that is unhygienic to consumer

It is non acceptable content



Advert in that mislead the buyer

It cover the basic ordinance hygiene rules that the concern, authorized staffs should follows

Designation of nutrient jeopardy

Effective major control and monitoring process

Prevent the consumer from any jeopardy

Food hygiene should be followed by all who sale nutrient whether in hotel, train, or ballad by selling tea

Food safety ( temperature control ordinance 1995

It follows the proper temperature of the nutrient should be followed and continue consequently

It cover the temperature controls leting flexibleness and the nutrient that are exempt from specific temperature controls

The nutrient hygiene evaluation

The nutrient criterions bureau in partnership with local governments, is programming the nutrient hygiene strategy in England, Wales, And Northern Ireland and Scotland. It help consumer to give proper thought where to eat giving them information about hygiene. The chief purpose is to cut down the incidence of nutrient borne unwellness.

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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ( HACCP ) : –

This is the standard nutrient safety system which aid to protect nutrient from being contaminated by calculating critical point in the nutrient managing procedure. The possible jeopardy at each phase from bringing of natural merchandises to the helping of to the full prepared nutrient must be identified.

( impact of diet and wellness 2012 )


Health is wealth. But to keep good wellness one should devour proper nutrition nutrient and good diet. Food has to be healthy. Food lies in the Centre of really complex web that extends to every facet of our being, from the province of our life. Food is the indispensable endurance. All found does non incorporate nutrition. But nutrition to the nutrient gives energy.

The nutritionary position, wellness, physical and mental modules depend on the nutrient we eat and how we eat. Some of the debris nutrient, fatty, sugar nutrient gives has chronic complaint like liver, malignant neoplastic disease, fleshiness. Food and diet besides provide energy but in the same clip incorrect pick in the nutrient give nutrient born diseases.

Media plays a good function in advancing the nutrient through adverts. It influence mass to devour healthy nutrient every bit good as unhealthy nutrient. The debris and fizzing drinks are so beautifully advertise that makes the consumer to carry to buy. Media provide information every bit good as gives the consumer to draw towards unhealthy nutrient.

In the same manner nutrient marked as being low in fat and low in Calories tend to advance gorging. It is because one may non let go of how many Calories one is devouring. It wise to read nutrient label and multiply the alimentary Calories by the figure of the helping in the nutrients one eat. It is the easy manner to gauge oneself.

Safety of nutrients is a basic demand of nutrient quality. Food safety implies absence and safe degree of contamination, adulterator, of course happening toxins or other substance that nutrient deleterious to wellness on an ague or chronic footing.