The Organization And Application Information Technology Essay

In my Case Study is base on Monitoring Networking and Service Availability with Open-Source Software. By T. Michael Silver. I have send electronic mail to Silver, he told me it is a existent execution instance on the Parkland Regional Library in Canada. This library provides the dependable services in both concern and non-business hours. By their web page we know their vision is “ Parkland Regional Library is a leader for its members to accomplish excellence in library service.

And they use Nagios Core3 to supervise their web substructure and services. The system decision maker can utilize it to place and decide IT substructure jobs. Nagios Core 3 can advise the system decision maker if the waiter is down and roll up the public presentation statistics on the waiter. It is a Free and powerful tools for the system decision maker.

Chapter 2. What is Nagios and why choose it.

Nagios Core 3 can observe position of the system services such as Web and Mail, resources such as difficult disc infinite and memory and web devices such as switch and router. And Nagios will advise the system decision maker what is traveling incorrect by electronic mail, SMS. So that decision maker can happen out the job before the user complaints the services down clip.

In the market have many web proctor tools, such as Munin, Orion, ExtraHop and WhatsUp Gold. Why choose Nagios, I have 3 major grounds.

Costss of Entire cost of ownership ( TCO ) , the Nagios can put in in the Linux base waiter such as Centos, and the database can utilize MySQL, that means the cost of OS and database is free and the Nagios have 2 version: Nagios XI and Nagios Core 3. The licence of Nagios Core 3 is under the General Public License ( GPL ) . So that the Nagios Core 3 is available free of charge to the user if they non necessitate the support services. That means the package cost of the waiter which run Nagios Core 3 is free.

Easy to larn. A batch of books and web page can assist us how to put in, constellation and usage Nagios. It better than many close beginnings package. Jane ( 2008 ) said that Nagios is a mature systems direction tool whose certification is much better than the other unfastened beginning offerings. ( open_source_mgmt_options )

Expendable, many circuit boards can be download from cyberspace. The circuit boards can supply new maps use on the Nagios system. C. Toland et Al provinces that when demand to supervise the new system or devices, use the prepacked circuit boards can be utilized without a new purchase order and besides can salvage the clip of re-implement the monitoring system. ( Proactively Monitoring Departmental Clinical IT systems with an OpenSource Availability System )

Charter 3. How Nagios plants?

Michael install Nagios Core 3 base on a linux practical machine. It work with Apache Web waiter, Perl, GD development library. And utilize the circuit boards to look into the different services.

In the constellation portion, some file demand to redact for control the Nagios.

cgi.cfg. Micheal ( 2009 ) said that it utilize to command the web interface and its associated CGI plan.

Nagios.cfg. By the “ Nagios Core Version 3.X certification ” , it use for control the log file way, object constellation way, nagios user history and many constellation options. It is the chief constellation file.

Contacts.cfg. It holds the list of contacts. Example: name and electronic mail.

cfg_dir. This directory keeps the constellation file of mark host and services.

In the monitoring portion, Cardenas et Al. provinces that Nagios have a modular design and utilize the plugins to look into web and system services. ( Using Nagios For Intrusion Detection ) For illustration, when demand to supervise a Windowss server. We will utilize check_nt plugins to make that. And in the Windowss server, we need to put in NSClient. After that, we can roll up the CPU, Disk Space, Memory information from the Windowss waiter to the Nagios proctor waiter. Other illustration, proctor switch can be uses Ping. If the device is support SMNP, we can utilize check_snmp plugin. Then we can acquire more information such as port position.

The presentment portion, default will utilize electronic mail to advise the system decision maker. But we besides can utilize some plugins to direct notify message. For illustration, “ SMS Client ” is a bid line tools which can utilize for send SMS to the nomadic phone.

The study portion, we have a web interface for Nagios. In the web page will demo all the device and services position. It is a clear image for the decision maker to cognize the wellness of the whole web. Besides it can supply some intimations to the decision maker for what job demand to repair.

Figure 1 Nagios Core3 architecture

Chapter 4 A critical analysis of Nagios Core 3.

The consequence of Nagios execution in this instance is success. Silver ( 2009 ) said that it can assist IT staff provide quality client service and pull offing systems by this tool.

Some grounds of Nagios can assist the IT staff and organisation:

Costing of Nagios

Implementation Cost- This instance implements the system on practical machine. That means they use less cost for the hardware. And all package base on the GPL that means they non necessitate to pay the package cost. Sliver ( 2009 ) province that the Nagois Core 3 returns on the investing more than justifies the costs.

Runing Cost- The good papers is a critical success factor for Nagios. The Nagios have large market portion in networking proctor country, many book and web site can assist the user to larn. When the organisation have new staff, It let they non necessitate pay a tonss of money for the preparation of Nagios. Some of close beginnings networking monitoring package merely have installing usher and disposal guide. It is non easy to larn for the new staff. Then the organisation possibly needs to pay the preparation fee for them.

Provide better services degree

Use Nagios Core 3 to observe the job before user ailment services download. Before the execution, many jobs find out by user or staff. It will allow the user feel unhappy when the library ca n’t supply the services to them. But Nagios Core 3 can supply the job information to the staff at the first clip, allow them repair it. So that Nagios Core 3 can assist the library a better services degree to the user.

Figure 2 – Different between before and after execution

Fast respond the job with right people- In Nagios can configuration the contact groups, so that the qui vive can direct to different people. For illustration the toner of pressman have been finished, it can direct the qui vive to junior support staff non the system decision maker or IT director. Sliver ( 2009 ) said that the Nagios aid him and the library system seller to repair database disc infinite job. That means the contact groups of this qui vive can direct direct to Silver and the seller. It can supply faster respond to repair the job.

Can to the full supervise systems in both office and non-office hr in a high handiness design- We know that the web monitoring tools is really of import in the web, it become a cardinal direction point for us to cognize the job in the web. Not many sellers provide HA map, but Nagios can make this. So that the system decision maker non necessitate afraid the hardware job in Nagios allow them lose the qui vive.

Many Circuit boards can be use- Max at EL ( 2008 ) ( nagios-3-enterprise-network-monitoring-including-plug-ins-and-hardware-device ) said that Nagios plug-in API is unfastened, easy to utilize, and good documented. Anyone can develop their ain circuit boards so that they can supervise anything which is of import for them. In the internet many circuit boards we can download. This is a great advantage over the close beginnings web monitoring tools. The organisation non needs to pay for the new costs when they need to supervise new device or services. Sliver ( 2009 ) besides said that the circuit boards is straightforward and have provided some information on how to utilize. It let the system decision maker easy to utilize.

Automatically react by Event animal trainer it can salvage the support staff ‘s time- Wolfgang ( 2005 ) ( Nagios_-_System_and_Network_Monitoring ) said that when the province of a host or service is between OK and mistake provinces, we can run any plan automatically by the event animal trainer. It can assist the system decision maker fast respond the job and salvage their clip. For illustration the difficult disc infinite near full, we can compose a book to cancel the temp file or move to other difficult disc. And other illustration, when the print service have job, we can utilize book to re-start it by the event animal trainer.

Better Security- Nagios Core 3 can supply the sensing of handiness for the services and web device. In other paper of usage an older version of Nagios, Montes ( 2004 ) ( USING NAGIOS FOR INTRUSION DETECTION ) said that when Nagios integrating with chkrootkit, it can utilize to look into the binary file, and send the qui vive when the file have been change by other people. That means Nagios non merely supervise the services up or down, it can observe the Integrity of the system. Make certain the waiter will non utilize for hacker. It is really of import. If the web waiter provides a fishing web page for the hacker, it is a really large job of the organisation.

Support mobile client- Up to twenty-four hours the smart phone is really popular. Many system decision makers use it. The nomadic device can supply mobility to the system admin for Nagios Core 3. It can allow the system decision maker can acquire the information of the system in anyplace, non merely have the qui vive when the system have job. When we search Nagios in Apple AppStore, we can happen many Apps for Nagios, some is free and some version need pay money. If the system administrator merely want to utilize nomadic device to see the Nagios information such as system provinces. The free version can make it by the splashboard. If system decision maker wants to utilize nomadic device to pull off to Nagios, they need to pay a few money for this. They can utilize it to alter the scene of Nagios.

Survey of web proctor tools by Ramesh Natarajan on September 2, 2009.

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Figure 3 Top 5 Best System Monitoring Tools by Ramesh Natarajan on September 2, 2009

Chapter 5. Decision.

By the unfastened beginnings package – Nagios Core 3, it can supply a low cost and fast notify system to the organisation. And helps the support staff saves their clip for fix the job. I really agree the return of Nagios much more than the investing.