The Soft Systems Methodology Information Technology Essay

The study states that the writer one of the advisers uses the Soft systems methodological analysis tools and techniques to acquire the analysis and happen the recommendations at the instance survey. As it is known, a SSM IS used at the analysis phase of developing an information system. SSM is an attack for covering with mussy or ill-structured debatable state of affairss that are affecting the human activity. Before get downing the usage a SSM to analysis and patterning the instance survey job state of affairs, it must be known that this instance survey is about the Births, Deaths, and Marriages at the Salford Council. At this instance survey, the SSM can be considered an appropriate methodological analysis to utilize, whose contents ( inside informations are given below ) are that:

An account of the ground that the SSM is used in this instance survey.

A rich image for the context and job state of affairs.

Two root definitions for two different relevant systems.

A conceptual theoretical account for one of the root definition.

A comparing of the rich image and conceptual theoretical accounts.

A set of recommendations for alteration that address the job state of affairs.


There are adequate grounds support that to supply a SSM for this instance survey as an appropriate methodological analysis. Soft Systems Methodology efforts to further acquisition and grasp of the job state of affairs between the group of stakeholders instead than put out to work out a pre-defined job ( ) . First, the instance survey requires the advisers use the information ( given in the instance survey ) to analysis and mold job state of affairs, meanwhile, the SSM refers to job state of affairss instead than jobs. Second, the CATWOE tools can assist the adviser to fix the root definitions of relevant systems. Furthermore, this instance survey is related to the complex homo activity, such the births, deceases and matrimonies. However, a SSM is much harder to pattern human activity systems. Fourthly, SSM aids analysis instead than design and execution, as rich images are mostly designed to be a communicating tools. Last, the seven stairss can assist the analyst to get the hang the instance survey job state of affairss good.

There are besides other grounds for the advisers to take a SSM to make with this instance, for illustration, SSM can work both the existent universe activities and the system thinks about the existent universe, the SSM ‘s backtracking is possible, and so on. These advantages would assist the advisers to analysis and patterning the job state of affairs good for this instance survey.

Rich image for the context and job state of affairs

As it is known that, rich images are mostly designed to be communicating tools, to increase the apprehension of the analyst and job proprietor. The rich images are the first measure in the system design procedure. Rich images used to demo people, their functions, cardinal interactions, jobs and concerns. The rich images of Salford Council Case Study can be shown like holla:

Two different root definitions for two different relevant systems

A root definition is a short textual description that captures the nature of the system, meanwhile root definitions are used in both SSM and Multiview. Before pulling the root definitions, the people must do the cognition of CATWOE, because the CATWOE mnemonic helps bring forth root definitions. The CATWOE can be interpreted as the Client, Actor, Transformation, Weltanschauung, Owner, and the Environment. The holla contents would present two root definitions of two different relevant systems for this instance survey:



ACTOR Staff member

TRANSFORMATION Query or copy the BDM information ( may including the Family History )

WELTANSCHAUUNG I ‘ve pay my revenue enhancements and the payment so I have the right to utilize it

OWNER ‘The system ‘ or the BDM Officer


A BDM Office is a topographic point that I get the authorities service by the Staff member who works at the BDM Office. I have the right to make it because I make the payment for this service. Meanwhile, this system make a possible that I can acquire the accurate and timely BDM information one clip for engage with the authorities service.

The Staff Member

CLIENT Clients


TRANSFORMATION Query or copy the BDM information ( may including the Family History ) ( likely by specialised equipments, public service

WELTANSCHAUUNG It is of import to enable the proviso of authorities services to the client every bit shortly as possible, it is responsible to serve the accurate information

OWNER The BDM Officer


The BDM Office is a system that I can serve adequate BDM or household history information for every bit many as clients every bit shortly as possible. I do the work with the specialised equipment ( electronic equipments, such as the computing machine, pressman, and so n ) . The organisation determinations are made by the BDM Officer of the the Salford Council Officer.

A conceptual theoretical account for one of the root definition

The definition of a conceptual is that descriptive theoretical account of a system based on qualitative premises about its elements, their interrelatednesss, and system boundaries. Conceptual theoretical accounts model the needed activities, every bit good as show activities are related to others and how the activities should be arranged and linked. The conceptual theoretical accounts have four stairss that support to function these three intents:

It is indispensable component in the designers ‘ design activities ;

It is medium of communicating between designers and clients to enable the right design to be selected ;

It is a set of instructions to the builders.

Returning to the instance survey used for the obvious intent in two subdivisions, the chief activities in the BDM would be shown bawling through the conceptual theoretical accounts:



Reception Clients

Make with Clients demands

The Solutions Needs

Meet Clients Needs


Degree 1 Conceptual Model




Recording Clients inside informations

Position Clients ‘ relevant informations

Arrange an assignment for Client

Determining Clients

Degree 2 Conceptual Model

The comparing of the rich image and conceptual theoretical account

The rich image and conceptual theoretical accounts are complementary in a SSM, they plays the of import functions in SSM and Multiview at the same clip. They can supply a completed analysis of a system, meanwhile, they can assist we to pattern the instance survey ‘s job state of affairs.

The common evidences between rich images and conceptual:

They are both a technique and tool for a SSM, and they both use to analysis a instance survey.

They are both concluded in the mold techniques ‘ class – Business mold oriented techniques.

They both show the human activities of the instance survey. For illustration the major people who related to the instance survey.

The differences between the rich images and conceptual theoretical accounts:

Comparing rich images and conceptual theoretical accounts, it can be seen that the rich image is more utile to turn out a manner of acquiring the users to speak about the job state of affairss. The rich images give more inside informations for the instance survey, and provides the clearly relationships among the Staff Members and the Clients and the directors.

Comparing these two things, it can be said that the conceptual give a bare facts for the human activities processes in the instance survey.

The conceptual theoretical accounts come from the root definitions, and the root definitions come from the rich image.

Comparing the rich image and the conceptual manners in this instance survey, we can cognize that if many people get the BDM services non in the peak clip, that will diminish the struggle between the Client and the Staff Members. Besides, if the BDM Office can do a solution for the job of serving the Clients themselves non let their relations or friends merely one sort of information in one clip, which would do the alterations the job state of affairs. In add-on, if the staff members can supply an reply or do an electronic mail for the telephone companies when client s phone to do an assignment with the officer or the visitants ask the household history, which would convey the alterations for the job state of affairs. Finally, if the BDM Office provide the Online Payment for the clients and utilize the current engineering, it would confront the alterations, such as the electronic mail to communicating with the clients. However, there are some other possible alterations for this instance survey.

A set of recommendations for alteration that address the job state of affairs

The BDM Office release from the restricted usage of the current engineering ( online service, etc. ) and absorb the experiences of the Salford Council chief offices.

As the instance survey ‘s proposals said that the clients can prosecute with the authorities merely one clip during this peculiar event ( life event with BDM events ) and the advisers work as a spouse in the subdivisions of the public sectors.

Incensement of email communicating in the call centre to assist the staff member to work out the jobs for the telephone companies. In add-on, the BDM Officer should supply a agenda of the officer for the staffs who can give an reply for a phone company seasonably and make non necessitate to wait the replies of an assignment.

The advisers try their best to carry the two directors who has the conservative positions for the alterations of the BDM Office to accept the alterations by the benefits the alterations bring.

The staff members list some benefits ( non necessitate delay for a lone clip, more inside informations informations, etc. ) of the clients come to the BDM Office to acquire the services for avoiding the peak clip.

Except above recommendations for alteration that address the job state of affairs, a preparation of the staff members to get the hang the new engineering and accommodate the new environment ( alterations ) . Although these alterations would increase the cost, they are suited to cover with the current jobs ( struggle, long waiting lines, staff members ‘ leave, etc. ) and the future benefits are really optimistic for the BDM Office. As we known that the twenty-first century is a engineering society, so the direction of BDM Office to seek the best to acquire accepts the alterations to fulfill the clients ‘ demands in this instance survey.


In general, this study harmonizing to the information that instance survey provides analysis and patterning the job state of affairs by utilizing the SSM techniques and tools. The study ‘s content comprises the account of the grounds of why a SSM is suited for this instance survey, a rich image, two root definitions, a conceptual theoretical account, a comparing of the rich image and conceptual theoretical account, and recommendations for the alterations that address the job state of affairs. Through the usage of SSM in this instance survey, it can be seen that a SSM is utile for a system ‘s analysis. A SSM can assist the system directors to analysis a system good, so that they can develop a system good.