The Star Business Report Marketing Essay

Part 1 of this study analyses the fiscal public presentations of MiX Telematics, Lonrho, ARB Holdins, MBCA Bank, Shoprite Holdings and Truworths South Africa ; and the selling activities or schemes used to accomplish those consequences are besides reported.

The 2nd portion of this study analyses the selling information system of Minova RSA, a company that manufactures roof support merchandises to the excavation and civil industries. The Minova RSA selling information system is compared to the ideal information system.

Gaps between the ideal information system and the Minova RSA selling information systems are identified with reccomendations.


The additions on the grosss of MiX Telematics, Lonrho, ARB Holdins, MBCA Bank, Shoprite Holdings and Truworths South Africa were as the consequences of the undermentioned selling activities: assortment of merchandise and merchandise design, inexpensive and low-cost monetary values, and location.

Minova RSA selling covers the undermentioned countries, internal informations, competitory market intelligence, selling research, client relationships direction CRM, and micro environmental forces.

Business Reports Analysis

3.1 Company name: MiX Telematics

Information beginning: The Star Business Report 12 June 2012

MiX Telematics, a vehicle trailing and recovery company runing in 110 states worldwide, achieved an addition of 14.8 % operating net income growing in 2011/2012 fiscal twelvemonth gross to R1.02 billion. The company analysed the external market by utilizing existent statistics of vehicle larceny. Analysis of the competition proved that other vehicle tracking and recovery companies do non hold tracking devices for motorcycles, minibikes, bikes, dawdlers or containers. The company innovated the Beam-e trailing device which is wireless, less than R90 a unit, easy to put in and cheaper to turn over out.

Selling Activities and Schemes

Merchandise concept – consumers favour merchandises that are convenient, readily available and extremely low-cost.

3.2 Company name: Lonrho

Information beginning: Business Day13 August 2012

Lonrho, an agribusiness and logistics company, runing worldwide introduced a new low cost air hose, called FastJet, to function the travel demands of the turning in-between category on the African continent. Interim consequences to June 2012 showed an addition in grosss by 29.1 % ( excepting enlargement or acquisitions ) .

Selling Activities and Schemes

Capitalised on increased demand for inter-continental ( Africa ) trade.

Low-cost air menus to the turning African in-between category driving economic development in the continent.

3.3 Company name: ARB Retentions

Information beginning: Business Day17 August 2012

ARB retentions, a Durban headquarter electrical jobber active in South Africa, reported a strong trading public presentation in the twelvemonth to June. Revenue jumped 25 % , while operating net income rose to 16 % to R128million. This came chiefly from the nucleus ARB electrical jobber division, which achieved dual figures growing, and grew market portion. 15 % of the overall 25 % gross growing came from jobbers concern. The group has evolved from a individual operation into a focussed group of related electrical concerns providing cardinal economic sectors in South Africa, including fabrication, excavation, big and little electrical contractors, authorities and parastatals and building industry.

“ Our client base and mark market is so diversified, we seldom happen all sectors under force per unit area at the same clip ” said Mr Byron Nichles.

Selling activities and schemes:

Increase merchandise offerings

Market variegation.

3.4 Company name: MBCA Bank

Information beginning: Business Day 17 August 2012

MBCA bank, the Zimbabwean division of Ned bank, has announced $ 2,077million growing in after revenue enhancement net incomes to the six months to June. The after revenue enhancement net income was 344 % stronger than the anterior twelvemonth period and was driven by growing in runing income. Mr Willem Zireva, president of the bank attributed the rush in net incomes to effectual cost containment steps which led to the bank ‘s cost to income ratio worsening to 74 % from 92 % recorded in the half twelvemonth to stop June last twelvemonth.

Selling activities and schemes

Operating capital- hard currency, short term investings

Internal Marketing- motivates and empowers employees at all direction degrees to systematically present fulfilling client experience and optimising resources and competences to change over chances into grosss.

3.5 Company name: Shoprite Retentions

Information beginning: SA Times Business Report 22 August 2012

Shoprite CEO Whitey Basson announced an addition of 14, 3 % turnover in the twelvemonth to June 2012. The company performed good despite inauspicious market conditions as consumers are faced with high degrees of debt, increasing life disbursals, high degree of unemployment and lifting electricity cost. The past 12 months was besides a sweet period that saw the group naming 100, 000th employees, holding created more than 7000 new occupations as a consequence of a successful shop gap programme.

Selling activities and schemes

Opening new shops

3.6 Company name: Truworths South Africa

Information beginning: The New Age August 2012

Truworths South Africa reported an addition of 14 % net income in its first half of the 2011/2012 fiscal twelvemonth. The company retail sale in South Africa jumped 8, 7 % above 6, 5 % growing that the economic experts expected. Fourteen new shops were added during the period in Cape Town which increased gross revenues in that part by 11 % to R4, 8 billion with merchandise rising prices of 8 % . Economic factors such as low involvements ‘ rates and above rising prices pay addition improved consumer disbursement which benefitted the industry.

Selling activities and schemes

Higher Monetary values that increased the net income borders.

Fourteen new shops opened.

Marketing Information System for Minova RSA

4.1 Internal informations

Minova RSA gathers informations utilizing the undermentioned package programmes:

Syspro, to the full integrated package, gives information on the most sold merchandise ; Categorises the clients harmonizing to the purchases made ; the finance section uses this programme to procedure payments, Procurement uses the programme to treat purchase orders and to lade all the sanctioned providers.

PSA is a unrecorded system that tracks all the fiscal minutess in the administration. This system is used by the operations directors, fiscal directors and sale and selling directors.

Excel spreadsheets wherein the company analysis the client satisfaction studies to find the degree of client satisfaction. Any negative feedback received is addressed through the action petition system

Action Request System tracks all the internal and external client ailments. All merchandise public presentation related client ailments are addressed via research and development squad in order to plan the new measure of stuff to accommodate the current application for the client. This system is controlled by the quality confidence section and gives feedback to all directors.

The company uses these beginnings of information to find strengths and failings, in order to place itself in the market.


Minova International expertness

Highly qualified work force

Strong relationship with cardinal industry member

Wide merchandise scope

“ one halt store ”

Willingness to pass on research and development

Good Market portion

Competitive company


Poor client relationships direction ( CRM ) system.

Poor rosin planning and bringing of rosin merchandise in Dec/Jan

Poor follow up and drive to completion

4.2 Competitive selling Intelligence

Minova RSA knows its rivals and the per centum each has in the market per merchandise. See table 1- “ Market portion percentages per client per merchandise ” on appendix.From this information the company determines chances to be explored and menaces that it is faced with in order to strategise.


Growth in Africa export market

Become a major market participant in steel merchandises through steel provider JV

Offer client based a much larger pick of merchandises

Resin gross revenues to the Gold market sector

Capitalised on the Mine Health and Safety Act No. 29 Of 1996, Section 54of the mine safety ordinance

New distribution channel in Steelpoort

To go the universe category fabrication company


Rockbolt and DSI joint venture


Drop in the monetary value of gold, coal diamond, and Pt that might take to closing of some mines.

Strong rand that will impact the monetary value of exports

4.3 Marketing Research

Minova RSA uses the gross revenues grapevine to find the sum of new concern that the company attempts to get in a given clip frame. It is the spreadsheet that tracks all new concern potency or leads that the gross revenues section ( Regional Gross saless, Undertakings and New Business Development ) seeks to prosecute. At the prescribed clip intervals it will track how far the gross revenues chances are in the grapevine for the rosin merchandise merely.

The company gathers information about the possible clients through the rating process in order to section the market and find the countries to aim. The gross revenues director must be able to cognize precisely what the client demands and wants are, how much of the merchandise the client will necessitate, what is the length of clip the concern will go on for, and where the client is situated. The gross revenues director will so be able to find the viable of the proposal.

The proposal papers is so drafted, wherein the client ‘s demands are specified. Both the company and the client will so subscribe and hold to the demands defined in the proposal. Once signed off, the content of this papers will be used to roll up the client acquisition scheme program.

4.4 Customer Relationships Management

4.4.1 Customer Retention

The company offers promotional bundle trades at a discounted rate to its loyal clients. The workshops to make the fixs on the autorock drill rigs have been commissioned underground at all the mines that Minova RSA supplies. Merchandise Demonstrators are besides stationed at all mines to supply preparation and support on application of all Minova RSA merchandises.

4.4.2 Partner Relationship Management

Although conveyance is being outsourced at Minova RSA, all the bringing trucks have been branded with the company ‘s cooperate individuality.

4.5 Micro Environmental forces

4.5.1Marketing Populaces

Minova RSA efficaciously markets the merchandises and services at Mining and Tunnelling conferences and exhibition. Customer in house visits are organised and presentations are done on merchandise application, public presentation and future inventions.

4.5.2 Economic Factors

Since the company exports merchandises to Ghana, Zambia, Brazil, Australia, Poland, and Tanzania, the monetary value of exports is affected by the strength of rand. The weaker the rand the cheaper it is to export the merchandise. The concern is besides affected by the monetary value of Gold, Pt, diamond, and coal. If the monetary values bead, this might do other clients to shut their concerns, therefore no gross revenues to those clients.

4.5.3 Political factors

Labour Issues: Employees are nonionized, any labour agitation will impact negatively on the ability of the company to provide, therefore giving resistance the opportunity to capitalise.

4.5.4 Legal factors

Mine end product degrees are affected by the Mine Health and Safety Act No. 29 of 1996, Section 54.There is a possibility of great demand for Minova merchandises due to the improved excavation criterions.

4.5.5 Technological factors

The company ‘s net income borders will be low due to increased cost of electricity.

Gaps Analysis

Although the company has a extremely qualified work force, gross revenues staff lack proficient accomplishments required to turn to the client ailments at the point of beginning. This causes the hold in deciding the client ailments as the ailments are referred to Technical section with deficient information that will help in identifying, turn toing and rectifying the root cause without any hold.

Minova RSA does non hold the keeping scheme on cardinal places.

There is no centralized CRM system ; information is kept on different databases.

Lack of proper communicating channels between research and development section and gross revenues section leads to high figure of unsold inventions.

Even though the company is ruling the market in both cement, rosin, and autorock drills the gross revenues study show a diminution in concern from 2011 fiscal twelvemonth to 2012 fiscal twelvemonth.

The company is more on the bing merchandises and services it offers, market research should be done by the company to come up with advanced thoughts, understand to the full and non loose-sight of client ‘s implicit in demands.

Poor communicating from gross revenues to production.

Lack of cognition of production procedure that leads to the client being promised a merchandise that takes long to fabricate in a really short period.

Decision and Recommendations

The company should develop employees to be cross-trained, various and flexible ; particularly in cardinal places ( e.g. Gross saless and Marketing, R & A ; D, etc. ) . This will help in sequence planning.

Inter-departmental communicating to be improved through 20 keys mini concern unit.

R & A ; D staff should be exposed to the existent merchandise application environment.


Table 1 Market portion Analysis.