Viability of Tata motors decision on acquiring Jaguar and LandRover

Due to the current downswing, the car industry in UK is presently confronting inauspicious economic fortunes. In thick of this downswing, Tata Motors limited company announced their determination to get Jaguar and Land Rover – based in UK from Ford motors. Jaguar and Land Rover have been accordingly doing losingss for the past decennary. This research study is aimed at analyzing the viability of this determination taken by Tata Motors of geting Jaguar and Land Rover.


Globalization is going progressively important as it helps in turning trade between developing states or outsourcing fabrication or services to other parts by agencies of lesser labor cost. Nowadays, a better characteristic of globalization is “ disputing with each one from the universe over everything ” ( Boston Consulting Group in a new book “ Globality ” ) .

Quickly turning states are contending for clients in developed states. These houses from states like India and China are an first-class illustration of local companies who are capable of covering with lifting measure of consumers in their ain states with goods which are cost-efficient at much lesser monetary values and with quality better so developed states. One illustration for this is the immense outsourcing industry in India, which employs local labor, still offering universe category services to other states, and still is cost effectual. The quickly turning economic systems are progressively more adept to introduce in looks of their company theoretical accounts every bit good as trade goods. In add-on, concerns from energetic economic systems obtain concerns in every bit developed every bit good emerging economic systems, for illustration Tata steel ‘s skill of Corus, a European steel company. Thus the current tendency is of houses from developing states, geting fabricating operations in developed states to procure to their client base.

Global recession has shattered the world-wide car industry with black effects. Among the primary auto makers, planetary makers like Ford and GM were the primary one to register instance of bankruptcy. US gross revenues have dropped down by 32 % which has straight consequence on Indian auto concern where GM gross revenues have been fall by 45 % Ford is 30 % and Chrysler losing by 35 % . ( BBC News online, 2009 )

This coming recession were non forecasted or foreseen by many companies, who invested to a great extent in companies from other states before the recession. One of the biggest coup d’etats to go on during the recession was the taking over of the luxury auto trade names Jaguar and Land Rover by a Indian motor maker – Tata motors. Tata Motors ltd. ( TML ) acquired these two concerns from Ford motor company for a net sum of $ 2.3 billion in an all hard currency dealing. ( TML imperativeness release, 2008 ) The trade is conditional, amongst others, on obtaining merger control blessing under the Merger jurisprudence. Tata Motors is chiefly based in India and fabrication and supplies rider autos, coachs and commercial vehicles, chiefly in India. It records some 89 % of its gross in India and rider autos in a bantam figure of associate States. On the other manus, Jaguar is a manufacturer of chiefly luxury rider autos, which Ford acquired in 1989. Land Rover is a manufacturer of chiefly athleticss public-service corporation vehicles ( SUVs ) , which Ford acquired from BMW in 2000.

History of JLR – Acquisition by Ford:

Ford acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, which is UK based luxury auto manufacturer. This skill was an attempt by Ford to nail into the luxury auto market, which was dominated at the minute by German car manufacturers. In 1998 Ford tried to present new S type theoretical account which was same by name in 1960 followed by another X type theoretical account in 2001. However these theoretical accounts did non do much feeling on consumers and its gross revenues were dropped. As a consequence, Jaguar was doing losingss continuously, and it decided to close down its one of the fabrication works. However Land Rover was doing good repute in the market and it achieved record worldwide gross revenues record in 2006, which increased by 4 % from 2005, and up to 18 % in 2007. On the other manus, gross revenues for Jaguar continued to drop, with about 17 % bead in 2007. ( All concern online, 2009 ) In the interim, Ford was confronting quandary of its ain place. With an increasing monetary value of fuel, health care cost for its aging labour force and US shriveling market portion had lag its economic system which consequence in a weak gross revenues of Sport Utility Vehicles and trucks classs in which Ford was powerful and strong. This made Ford weaker, declining its fiscal place. Besides this, there was a stiff competition from Asiatic car market which was doing little and more fuel efficient autos. All this factors made Ford more vulnerable and it was excessively hard for Ford to remain in the market. Ford made a biggest one-year loss in the history of the company in 2006 of $ 12.7 billion. ( All concern online, 2009 )

Hence on history of such losingss, it decided to sell out its Jaguar and Land Rover operation to TATA Motors in 2008.

Tata had entered the European planetary market through its City Rover theoretical account, but had failed. Hence, it needed established trade names to make its ain trade name individuality in the European market. With this position, it acquired JLR who were good established luxury auto trade names in this sector. TATA is already adept in transit vehicles like coachs and truck by JLR acquisition it wants to come in into luxury rider autos. Land Rover is good known for its SUV ‘s and have achieved a systematic growing in past few old ages. Hence it will return its investing to TATA but the chief job is Jaguar. Ford had already made an investing of $ 12.7 billion in Jaguar, but failed to resuscitate its image. As it was impossible to sell Jaguar entirely, Ford combined the trade with Land Rover which was a net income devising endeavor at the clip. This was the ground why Ford sold its JLR concern to Tata.

Research aims / Hypothesiss:

Prior to this acquisition, Tata was a good known Indian car fabrication trade name that chiefly served the low to mid degree section in India. It did non hold any experience of operating in epicurean auto market. After the acquisition, it has sustained uninterrupted fiscal jobs due to the ailing Jaguar trade name, which resulted in losingss of approximately $ 468 million in 2009. ( Business hebdomad online, 2009 ) Hence, this research study is aimed on analyzing the concern determination taken by Tata motors of geting Jaguar and Land Rover Company. With this aim, the research inquiry would be: “ What were the grounds for Tata motors for taking over of Jaguar and Land wanderer ” ?

Based on the same the undermentioned hypothesis is derived:

Hypothesiss: The determination of taking over of Jaguar and Land wanderer is non feasible.

Datas from secondary beginnings would be collected to turn out the above hypotheses.

Literature Review

Due to economic impact on both the European every bit good as Indian car market, a scope of writers have commented on this acquisition by Tata.

Brown Robin and Fogarty Justin ( 2009 ) have pointed out that Ford was a much experienced participant in the planetary car market as compared to Tata. As per the writers, Ford is good known for bring forthing car theoretical accounts that suit the local conditions and so hold been popular throughout the universe. However, Tata is still a inexpert on such fabrication, which can be seen in its failed acquisition of City Rover. Further, the writers have besides pointed out to the differences in C emanation regulations in India and Europe – a factor that will restrict the usage of Indian car engineerings in European market.

Another research carried out by Paul Newton – HIS planetary penetration suggests that though Land Rover is doing net incomes today, this acquisition will non be good to it in the long tally. The account given by the writer with better trade names in market, American and European people have started avoided SUV ‘s wholly. Tata motors will necessitate a immense investing to alter the image of Land Rover, disbursement in smaller and economical autos.

M Anand ( Outlook Business, 2008 ) has pointed out to the of import fact that Jaguar competes caput on with major participants like Mercedes Benz and Lexus. These trade names are established automobile makers who are considered innovators in luxury auto section. The writer emphasizes that Jaguar can ne’er vie with such major trade names. R Duane ( 2008 ) have researched on the instance survey of this acquisition proposing that Tata can larn to construct higher quality cars from the engineering of Jaguar and Land Rover.

Mike W Peng ( 2008 ) emphasizes that the hereafter of Tata motors – JLR would be decided at Pune, India – the central office of Tata motors. Such a statement suggests that Tata would be sourcing the production of JLR to its place base in India. Such an strategic enterprise, would be helpful to Tata as the fabrication cost in India would be much less as compared to that in England.

Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang ( 2009 ) have pointed out to the grosss generated by JLR in the Chinese market. Due to the presence in Chinese market through JLR, Tata motors now find itself with about $ 2 billion of grosss. Therefore, the writers have suggested a positive impact of acquisition done by Tata, which would be helpful to it in the long tally. Nirmala Kumar et. Al ( 2009 ) has emphasized upon the fiscal power of Indian pudding stones mentioning Tata acquisition of JLR.

Gautam Kumar and Kuldeep Jain ( Business criterion, 2009 ) insists that there is an chance for Tata to better public presentation at Jaguar by puting in merchandise design and stigmatization.

Main Argument:

On analysis of the assorted literatures produced on the topic subject, the undermentioned research statements have been made:

A Ford motor is one of the top car makers of the universe, with an experience of over 50 old ages and holding a much larger planetary presence. Compared to Tata motors, it is proprietor of many reputed trade names and hence experience about the car market in different states. On the other manus, as has been cited by Robin et. Al ( 2009 ) , Tata motors has been a regional participant providing merely to the Indian lower and mid degree section. It does non hold any presence in any major market except India. European market is wholly a new market for it, with Tata motors direction missing the accomplishment and expertness to vie in such a good developed market. If Ford direction were unable to turn around Jaguar, it is difficult to propose that direction of Tata motors would be successful in it. Therefore, Tata motors should non hold entered the market with such a big investing, and alternatively should hold easy grown their ain trade name of cars deriving experience in this industry.

Another aim of this acquisition by Tata motors would be to come in the luxury auto section. The luxury auto section is a ferociously competitory section, with innovators like Mercedes Benz and Lexus already viing with each other. These companies have decennaries of experience in fabricating luxury autos and have perfected the art of its fabrication. Further, the luxury auto trade name – Jaguar has lost its trade name image, prolonging uninterrupted losingss for the past decennaries. Tata motors would foremost hold to mend the trade name image of Jaguar, which would hold a heavy cost related to selling and technological development.

Land Rover is chiefly involved in industry of Sports public-service corporation vehicles. As per the research done by IHS Global penetration, the demand for SUV ‘s is diminishing. Hence in long tally, Tata would hold to diversify its Land Rover concern in fabricating lower category autos, which would farther name for an expensive technological investing.

Some writers like Mike W Peng ( 2008 ) have suggested that Tata would hold planned to switch the fabrication base of Jaguar and Land Rover to India for cheaper cost of production. But the technological demand of Indian market and European market is wholly different. Tata motors would hold to first invest to a great extent in research and development cost at its Pune mill, before doing any such move.

Jaguar and Land Rover are chiefly based in United Kingdom. Though other developed states have started to retrieve from the economic downswing, UK is still in a province of fiscal slack. Analysts have suggested that it would be a minimal 2-3 old ages before the UK market to the full recovers. Until so Tata motors would hold to lodge with Jaguar and Land Rover, prolonging their losingss. Further, governmental and Union force per unit area in UK would defy Tata from closing down any workss. Thus, until the economic system recovers, Tata motors would hold continue financing JLR through the net income generated from its operations in India.

From the above statements, it is clear that Tata motors have made a error in geting Jaguar and Land Rover. Ford had purchased Jaguar at $ 2.5 billion and Land Rover in $ 2.7 billion, while Tata motors got the combined Jaguar and Land Rover for $ 2.3 billion. ( M Anand, 2008 ) Though, financially these figures may sound to be good to Tata, it does’nt include the cost of investings amounting to 1000000s of lbs required to turn these concerns into profitable ventures.

Therefore, it is proved that the determination of geting Jaguar and Land Rover was non a feasible 1. Hence our hypothesis is proved ‘true ‘ .


Tata motors have been posting uninterrupted losingss after their acquisition of JLR. This has been chiefly due to the ill operations of JLR in Europe which has impacted the trade name image of Tata. Tata does non hold the expertness or the experience of running a major epicurean trade name like Jaguar. Tata group needs to make an effectual direction that can successfully change over these ventures into a profitable venture. Further, it besides needs to develop a scheme to cut down the operational costs of Jaguar and Land wanderer. Constructing a new trade name image of JLR besides needs to be a precedence of Tata that would assist it in turning this into a profitable venture. The European market is besides much different compared to Indian market, with much advanced engineering demand. Tata would necessitate to analyze these demands and do a heavy investing for rejuvenating these two ailing companies.

Tata has already started taking remedial stairss to guarantee that its acquisition becomes profitable. It has launched Jaguar and Land Rover in India in 2009. India being a big market, presents an tremendous chance for Tata to win. Tata have besides started apologizing their merchandise portfolio, concentrating on few trade names. Tata has invested about $ 2 billion in operations of Jaguar and Land Rover. Thus, Tata is seting maximal to do this acquisition a profitable venture.