Why Slt Is In Optimizing Level Information Technology Essay

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC is a telecommunication services company in Sri Lanka. It chiefly provides voice, informations, picture and Mobile services and related value added services. SLT has their vision and mission. This research is on usage of IS in client relation sing SLT.

SLT group has a client base of over four million including transnational corporations, big and little corporate, retail and domestic clients and it is the most valuable bluish bit companies with an one-year turnover in surplus of Rs: 40 billion in Sri Lanka. So that this is the best platform to analyse how they use Information systems to develop their concern and increase market portions. Company Infrastructure, schemes and information systems are analyzed utilizing assorted sorts of concern theoretical accounts and there are suggestions for information systems with emerging engineerings and new schemes to hold competitory advantages towards SLT.

SLT has established their vision and mission as follow.

Vision – “ All Sri Lankans seamlessly connected with first information, communicating and amusement services. ”

Mission – “ Your sure and proved spouse for advanced and exciting communicating experiences delivered with passion, quality and commitmentaa‚¬A?

To carry through this vision and mission STL has their values such as client lovingness, trustworthy, advanced, antiphonal, teamwork, excellence, consequences driven.

CMM Level of SLT

SLT can be identified as Optimizing degree of Capability Maturity Model ( CMM ) . SLT is in Optimizing degree where procedure betterment is done as shown in the figure 1.

Figure 1

Why SLT is in Optimizing degree?

SLT owns a good structured substructure and specialised squad and it becomes the nucleus competence of them. SLT is concentrating on continually bettering procedure public presentation through Incremental and advanced technological betterments such as,

Upgrading and replacing their bequest web

Ex- Expansion of the Core IP/MPLS Backbone web,

SLT and BSNL launch Bharat Lanka Submarine Cable System.

Introducing New automated systems

Ex- Clarity Operation Support System was introduced to web planning and constellation, service provisioning, workflow direction, mistake direction, dismay direction, SLA direction etc. ( Just In Time Group, 2009 )

SLT besides establishes quantitative procedure betterment aims such as,

Developments in North and East with new connexions.

Opening more and more SLT centres to make clients.

Introduced monetary value decreases and new bundles into the bing merchandise and service portfolio.

Customer Relationship

SLT owns a immense client base in Sri Lanka as they provide best category service for their clients to hold client trueness and merchandise committedness. SLT has implemented Quality Management System for its call Centre and client service Customer Service Centers which has obtained ISO enfranchisement by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute ( SLSI ) . It would assist SLT to be more clients oriented across the whole organisation. ( V.S. Cusi, 2010 )

SLT provides more client centric services such as

Customer trueness plans

Web self care installation

Bill payment installation over 3000 locations

Provide directory information through Mobile and e- booklets

Provide assorted duty control plans though VTalk

SLT owns a immense client base both in authorities secor and private sector every bit good as place users. Customer base of SLT shows in figure 2.

Figure 2

Business schemes of SLT has become the strength of them to capture the immense market portion in fixed line and broadband as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4.

Figure 3

Figure 4

PESTEL analysis

External factors in the environment and their impacts towards SLT can be identified through PESTEL analysis. These factors straight help for determination devising in betterment of current concern with strategic programs.

Figure 5

Economic Factors

Sri Lanka owns a 6.5 % economic growing in 2010 harmonizing to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka is following consistent economic policies economic has become more stable than past few old ages. Sri Lanka chiefly increase their income though exportation, foreign employments, touristry and new companies. But there is a force per unit area on exchange rate.

However, mean one-year rising prices has been decreased though out past few old ages as shown in the Figure 6.

Figure 6

Political Factors

The authorities type and stableness is of import in any industry. So, authorities coaction towards telecommunication companies such as SLT is of import. There are policies, ordinances and criterions from authorities and other authorised governments.

Ex – Restriction on interconnectedness

Restrictions in operators and new international gateway licensees

Trade and duty controls

Changes in Tax construction from the authorities ( shown in Figure 7 )

Legal Factors

There are international statute laws and some other statute law from regulative organic structures and processors. In Sri Lanka, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority ( TRC ) is responsible for maintain statute law in telecommunication industry.


In 2009, TRC issued a new order under subdivision 69 of Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act No.25 of 1991 for re-registration of SIM and CDMA phones.

Request for applications for prequalification ( RFPQ ) for a National Backbone License and Service Agreement.

Environmental Factors

There are environment statute laws and issues to cover with in any industry. So, in telecommunication industry besides it is of import to plan and develop merchandises that have minimum environment impact. Optimize use of energy is besides needed in the present environment in Sri Lanka. Environmental policies, consciousness of salvaging consciousness, waste direction is needed within the organisation.

Sociological Factors

Sri Lanka has assorted cultural facets to see. Health consciousness of the environment should be understood good in strategic executions specially when utilizing emerging engineering. And besides population growing rate, age distribution of the society is of import factors for SLT in their development. Ethical issues, diverseness, immigration/emigration, ethnic/religious factors besides makes impacts toward the concern. In the society, there are Media positions, jurisprudence alterations impacting societal factors, tendencies, advertizements, promotion which affects behaviour of SLT.

Technological Factors

Adulthood of engineering is of import in the telecommunication industry. Competing technological developments, research support, engineering statute law, new finds in engineering, impacts the growing of SLT. Information engineering, cyberspace, planetary and local communications growing leads SLT to see those emerging engineering. As a bluish bit company development of technological factors is really advantage for SLT to vie in the current market.